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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Went to doctor here

So here we are in Arizona and what was our first problem? The electric breaker keeps flipping off if we run the AC – shades of Mexico. The first night we got here it did not improve either of our dispositions when we were tired and hot. Bill particularly didn’t enjoy going out in the dark to reset it. There are new owners of the park and I think they might want to update their breakers soon.
Our first morning in the US we headed out to have breakfast at Denny’s – I had to get a bacon fix. [Yes there is bacon in Mexico but it’s not the same.] Then went to WalMart in Green Valley. Had a long list of things we wanted and needed. And again we saw the man who carries his gun strapped to his hip. What is with that? Got some carrot cake – just a piece. Some of Bill’s favorite drink orange Zero. Big bag of M & Ms, Banana Bread Bagels…haven’t tried them yet but don’t they sound good? And lots of other things. The total came to around 90 dollars, which is a lot, but after totals of 600 for groceries in Mexico [pesos of course] or more it seemed cheap. Have to rearrange my thinking again Pesos to Dollars – Kilos to pounds, liters to gallons etc.
By then Bill was dragging a little so came home and kind of relaxed the rest of the day. First we had to get the Direct TV back on again – 20 minutes with tech support - and the Verizon MiFi working- plugged it in and it came on - whoopee. Oh yeah! I am even enjoying some of the infomercials – I have to admit I miss mindless TV. And got to watch NASCAR – qualifying and the Nationwide race. Yes! Sat last night after Bill went to bed flipping through the channels trying to remember the channel numbers I like to watch. HGTV yah.
Did you ever wonder where and when red and green traffic signals were first used? Probably not, but I did when we were going through Navojoa and Obregon - so I looked it up. Lifted from Wikipedia.
On 10 December 1868, the first traffic lights were installed outside the British Houses of Parliament in London to control the traffic in Bridge Street, Great George Street and Parliament Street. They were promoted by a railway engineer and constructed by the railway signal engineers. The design combined three semaphore arms with red and green gas lamps for night-time use, on a pillar, operated by a police constable. The gas lantern was turned with a lever at its base so that the appropriate light faced traffic. Was discontinued when it blew up and killed the constable.
The first electric traffic light was developed in 1912 by an American policeman of Salt Lake City, who also used red-green lights. On 5 August 1914, the American Traffic Signal Company installed a traffic signal system on the corner of East 105th Street and in Cleveland, Ohio. It had two colors, red and green, and a buzzer to provide a warning for color changes. This design allowed police and fire stations to control the signals in case of emergency.
Up early today as it gets light out around 6:00. Today we want to see if we can find a walk-in clinic of some sort where Bill can get his bacteria counts checked. Want to make sure there are no problems still hanging around. He has been feeling good, just gets tired easy.
Surprisingly enough the crack in the windshield that we had repaired in Mazatlan held even over the rough roads. Thank goodness. And the refrigerator is still working. We haven’t decided what route we’ll take home yet – kind of depends on the weather and if we want to get home quickly or take our time.
We went to a clinic – Bill gave a sample and results were – there is still infection and inflammation. So clinic sent sample out for culture. Will get results Monday. So will stay here for a few more days at least. Good news is he hasn’t got any worse since last Saturday – we took that paper work with us. Things have reached a certain level and are staying there. So prescriptions are keeping things under control but not curing. Doc will decide after culture results if meds should change or keep on same meds until we get home and he can see doctor at home. The doctor was surprised when we said it would take us two weeks to get to Indiana.

TV watching day today – two soccer games – Barcelona lost – and a Cup Race later. Pig out! 


  1. It just doesn't seem to end for you lately. Get home safe

  2. You must of had a strong tail wind to drive 500 miles. I did not read your Friday post until I came back from Amado this morning(Saturday). I have a 50 amp surge protector you can borrow if you need it. Maybe he would help the breaker from tripping.

  3. Been a tough grind for you guys. Wishing all is well with Bill and safe travels home.