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Monday, January 11, 2016

A cake for everyone

The header is now a picture taken in El Quelite. It is just so cheerful.
Last winter I made a list of things I wanted to do while in Mazatlan that year. I happened to run across the list while looking for some old blog material. I got about half of the list checked off – so I still have some things I want to do before we leave here this year. I still want to try parasailing. But not sure if I have the nerve or not. This is the original list:
 Raspado ü      Cotton candy ü      Eat shrimp  P        Go see church  P (Saint Mary of the Americas)
Get a pedicure      Visit houses on hill on art walk      Eat at Ponchos  P  Go parasailing       Go to Mexican night at El Cid
Sunset cruise      Drinks at Hotel Freeman at sunset  P
The ones with check marks I did last year. Except for revisit the church, we did that this year.
We saw these cake mixes in Wal*Mart the other day. Something for everyone.
The hunter

The hippie
The music lover  And those of us with a sweet tooth. There was even watermelon frosting.

There are some really good pictures of our Friday night out in the Plazuela Machado on Contessa’s blog. A good one of George dancing. 5C’s Que Pasa
And this picture I took when we ate at the new restaurant in El Quelite – the propane tank is all dressed up.
And this is one of guys that hangs out on the rocks across the street at the Torres Hotel.
We were at the Jeep dealership this morning – nope no prognosis for Willie yet –
One of the sales persons…Come back here Bill!
Then we watched this guy come down the street and turn into this driveway. Hum…don’t think he is going anywhere soon.
One of the big multi screen movie theaters here in Mazatlan.
We walked from the dealership to the Panama restaurant for breakfast. And where was my FitBit - home on the table of course. I took it off to charge  
Then continued on down the street until we caught the right bus back to the RV park.
Weather is perfect today, didn’t have to use the AC – 75 degrees with a breeze. 


  1. I had to walk off 1800 steps last nite in the RV to get my 10,000. Tonight I am down 4000 steps, sigh!

    1. Now with the car in the garage I hope to get more waking in. Especially with the weather not so hot

  2. Hi Carol and Bill. I just love todays header. In fact, I love all the pics you post. Mazatlan is such a colorful place. Just a question, since you have been to Mazatlan and to PV, which one would you like to retire and live there long term.
    Thanks, and sure appreciate your blog.
    Jan D

    1. Mazatlan for sure. Can't give you a real reason we just like the city - new and old parts. It seems more relaxed and more open spaces. But that is just us. We feel really comfortable here.

  3. O.K., which cake are you going to try?

  4. From the pics you have posted and general info you have posted about Mazatlan, that's what I was thinking also.