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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Quiet day at home

Not a whole lot to write about yesterday. The mechanic still had the car working on it. Didn’t get Willie home until around 7:00p.m. But he has new brakes, all the lights work again and a new sensor and fuel filter. US $325.00. And the mechanic finally found the problem with the rear end stuttering. But he has to order the part. Will get that fixed next week sometime. Bill told me what the part is – some kind of ball bearing.
We did meet John and Jackie across the street for breakfast at Torres. Nice calm sea and perfect weather for eating on the beach.
I took the laptop up to the office to use their Internet to post the blog and look up a few things online. Wanted to check the tolls from here to Guanajuato IF we take the Alfa and the car – it is about 600 miles - US $182 one way! Nice chunk of change. But the road is good. And wanted to find the telephone numbers for the campground in Guadalajara and Guanajuato to make sure they are still operating. Last year the one in Guadalajara was but…never know. So we are kind of planning a trip further south.
Our friend from California gets here tonight. For those of you who followed Ms Tioga and George for so many years – It is George who is coming for a visit – and for RIBS at FatFish. Will be great to see him again and catch up with all that is going on with him.
Only walking I did yesterday was from here to office. Shame on me. Didn’t even wear my FitBit.

I keep getting the pop up to upgrade to Windows 10 – wonder if it is so tied to “the cloud” seems like every time I do something in Windows 8 it wants to go online.
Got out and about today - took 165 pictures - need to sort them for tomorrow.

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