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Sunday, January 17, 2016

More photographs from our walk in Mazatlan

I like this – painted on a wall. Except for me it is photographs.
A couple of years ago we watched the restoration of the interior of this building. There were grand plans for it. A bar and upscale restaurant, events. So we check back on it when we pass it. As far as we can tell it is used for nothing. Maybe an event now and then. It was built in the 1800s and was a sports club of some kind. What a shame.
Just a couple of colorful buildings. Notice the tile decoration in the pink one.
Some information about the Mule Trolleys of old.

We continued walking until we came to the road along the beach. Lots of tile sidewalks here.
And every chance I get I go into the Hotel Belmar. I love the tiles and murals in it. The hotel was built in the 1920s. Here is a fascinating write up about it. 
Especially this section.
Looking into the patio.
One of the murals
More of the walkway into the patio and rooms.
Looking up at some of the rooms.
The tile work is so pretty
.Another mural.
We went past another art gallery but it wasn’t open. This artist specializes in “digital art” which I think means – fools with photos on photoshop. This is what gave me the idea for the picture I posted in the last blog. [taken through the window]
A purple home up on the hill. Bet they have a view.
When we first started coming here this building was in disrepair. Empty and falling apart. It was never lived in. We were told “it was originally built by and Arab who never moved into it. Then bought by someone else who started repairing it and then abandoned it.” Take that info with a grain of salt. A year ago someone bought it. Restored it and opened a restaurant. Check out the stairs.
I also wrote about this section of Olas Altas a couple of blogs ago. This time past we really checked it out. The swirly thing is a water slide.
The pool is continually filled by the waves.
The walk way down to the pool. There is a little restaurant nestled in there at the end. Tables to sit at and eat.

The menu for the restaurant.
And a closer look at the water slide. Those stairs leading up to it look steep and slippery.
Just looking across the street at all the restaurants built into the hill and the homes on top of the hill.
All along the Malecon are statues relevant to the history of the city. This is a famous singer songwriter. In fact, brag brag, we actually met him a couple of years ago when the city had a ceremony to honor him.

And another musician. He formed the original Banda Limon – and again we saw them play and sing once when we were eating lunch at the Plazuela Machado. They just happened to be filming a video that day.
The area by these statues is dedicated to musicians. Around the statue on the ground are stars honoring them.
 Sculpture of  La Mujer Mazatleca
Just a poster advertising Carnaval.
By now we had walked to the area where the divers are – no one was diving and business was slow. What the vendors do when no one is shopping. Playing cards.
And more of these colorful foods – I did recognize cucumbers and coconut and a slice of orange. All covered with chili.
And another statue for Carnaval along the Malecon – taken from the Safari we were riding in.
We got home and did nothing the rest of the day. But yesterday we had a good time too – walking in the old town area. 


  1. Love your post especially as I have taken and posted some of the photos. Intersting about the Hotel Belmar.

  2. ...ooops...taken the same photos myself and posted them on my blog over the years.

  3. I've probably posted some of these a couple of times too. But I try to find something new.