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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Simple things amuse simple minds.

Yesterday, the 1st and our anniversary turned out to be a very stay at home quiet day. 
Thank goodness for spell check, my fingers just do not go where I want them to go anymore – they have a mind of their own.
We got an interesting e-mail – a very good friend of ours from California is coming here to Mazatlan to visit and have RIBS. He’ll be here for four days. So we walked up to the office to talk to the manager of the RV Park. He has a 5th wheel here in the park that he rents out and he also has a hotel downtown. He let us look in the RV. Hum…think we’ll check out the hotel today.
After we got home from talking to him I started to not feel too good. My new pills have even more side effects. So anyway we weren’t going to go anywhere for a while.
By the time I got feeling better it was RAINING, getting cooler and windy. According to the weather site I check it was supposed to rain today, but the sun is out and lots of the sky is blue.
Our whole excitement for the day were these visitors. The little red bird came back.

And later in the day, just at dusk so of course pictures aren’t that good. These two guys came to call. They like to pick at the RV. They are BIG birds about 3 feet from beak to end of tail. 

I also backed up my laptop to the external hard drive. Usually do it at the end of every month.

And that was our exciting day. 


  1. Get well soon. I like your neighbors, Vermilion Flycatcher and Black-throated Magpie Jays.

  2. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year. I saw the Vermilion Flycatcher in Texas just the once, would love to see it again.

  3. Thank you. Several of them around campground.

  4. Happy anniversary and love the bird photos - do you have any humming birds?