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Friday, January 15, 2016

New area in Olas Altas and grocery shopping

Luis the barber came by the campground yesterday afternoon so I now have very short hair. Very short – won’t need a haircut for quite a while. He also includes a neck, shoulder and back message. US $6.00. He also does regular haircuts for people with nice hair.
Last year when we were here we noticed some construction going on between the highway and the beach in the older district. I wrote about it here. Many years ago there used to be a big structure with a restaurant and bath house and a swimming pool filled with ocean water. Over the years it turned to rubble. This is the architects rendering of what the new area would look like..
We were pleased to discover it completed this year. This is the area that looks over the ocean at street level.
The walk way down from the street to the pool area
The pool – I guess it is open for swimming.

One of my readers asked about the car in front of the candy store in the last post. I had cropped the picture so the car looked really weird – here is most of the car.
I post a lot of pictures of the central market and little grocery stands so I always like to include pictures from the supermarket where we usually shop. This store is a step above Wal*Mart and a step below Mega – the “gringo” market of choice if you are looking for special things. Mega is where I find my ice cream!
This is Soriana - a display of cereal: frosted flakes, corn flakes, fruit loops and coco puffs [just for you Gil.]
The cold deli section: fresh salad makings, flan, macaroni salad, cole slaw and a potato salad. Hard boiled eggs and sliced beets.
And my favorite section to look at cakes and more cakes. Big frosting roses the cake itself is surrounded by a hard piece of decorated chocolate.
Another cake with strawberries, white and dark chocolate covered strawberries  also surrounded with white chocolate decorated. They are 9” layer cakes 199 pesos – less than 12 dollars.

Counters full of different cheese, cold cuts, bacon, wieners, sausage etc.
And crabs in the fish section.
Leaving the market we drove by McDonalds 2 Big Macs for 55 pesos $3.10.
Just a picture of one section of the sidewalk by the used book store. It has glass blocks set in it in a curvy design. No idea why.
How is this for a plant? It is some sort of philodendron - huge. Leaves bigger than toilet seats – It is growing up a pole.
This place is trimming its trees – neat heart.
This used to be Mickey Mouse but it looks more like a squirrel here. Will have to get a better picture of it.
The car is at the mechanics. Just got a text that he has finished one thing and is trying to locate a piece he needs. Hope it doesn’t take too long to locate it. 
We watch the news on TV from Mexico City and Mazatlan. Cannot believe the weather here in Mexico. Snowing in Mexico City and Puebla. They are south of us - but much higher in the mountains. Still...and it get pretty cold here at night down into the low 50s but warms up to about 75 during the day. It is even snowing in some of the lower altitude cities between us and the US border. Wow 
Don't know what we will do today - what ever we do we'll have to take bus. And yesterday they raised the prices of the bus rides from 7 pesos to 7.5 pesos. We're wondering how that will work because we haven't seen any 50 centavo coins. 


  1. Yikes 50 centavos how will you manage??
    Love the new header!! And love photos of grocery stores. we are less than 5 minute walk from Mega's so that will be our choice for the next month.

    1. We asked and there are 50, 20 and 10 centavo coins - just haven't seen one yet.