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Friday, January 22, 2016

Bill's Pastry Chef and New Restaurant next to RV Park

I had planned on writing a completely different blog about the contrasts that can be found in Mazatlan. But there were so many pictures that it will take several postings. So instead I thought I'd write about Bill's private pastry chef in the supermarket Soriana. This young man, he is around his mid thirties, has been working in pastry since he was 12 years old. His father was a pastry chef and Emilio worked with him to learn the trade. 
Bill likes his cakes a special way so he asks Emilio to make them for him. The cake itself has been prepared in the Soriana bakery. It is just put together to suit Bill. It will be a layer cake with one white layer and one chocolate layer with dulce de leche in the middle and chocolate frosting. Here the white layer is being cut from a big pan. 
The dulce de leche - caramelized milk - is being spread on the bottom layer. 
 The chocolate layer is carefully removed from the pan and placed on top of the dulce de leche.
The layers are ready for frosting. 
 Spreading the  chocolate frosting covering the cake
 Carefully spreading it all around. 
 Piping the swirls of frosting all around it.
Top and bottom. It is a real light frosting almost like a chocolate mousse.
 Shaving off chocolate pieces for the topping.
 Delivering the finished cake. 75 pesos about $4.25.
 The size of the cake - compared to some regular sized paper towels. We had some with friends last night - delicious!
 This morning we went to the new little restaurant that opened right next to the campground for breakfast. Very good decision. 
 Just decorations in the main room. The white thing on top is an air conditioner. They really work good. 
The outside but undercover eating area. The decorations are neat. 
Bill talking to the owner - he and his family own and run the place. All the white cups on the right hold different ingredients for smoothies I've been told they are delicious. 
Looking across the street from the outside eating area. 
Looking at the back wall and the ceiling. 
My breakfast. Coffee, scrambled eggs with bacon chopped up and scrambled with the eggs. Potatoes and refried beans. Also wheat toast. And one of the few restaurants in Mazatlan that has pepper on the table. Bill had scrambled eggs with bites of ham and french fries, coffee and toast. The bill? 150 pesos US $8.30 total. 
Another look inside. The owners wife at the cash register - computerized. 
And that is it for today. Tonight we are going to Plazuela Machado and yesterday we took a long walk around Centro. So have lots of things to write about. 

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  1. Carol & Bill,
    Wow! A cake that good looking and sooooo big for only $4.25US. What a bargain!