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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A long walk yesterday

Monday morning was bright and clear, not a cloud in the sky. And the humidity was lower than it has been. Bill had to stay at the RV to be here when the mechanic came to pick up the Jeep. He was taking it to his shop to do some electrical work on it. [a couple of the EXTRA lights in front weren’t working.] Has the tools at his shop, Bill also wanted the fuel filter changed and the brakes checked.
So I decided to take a walk – in fact – for me it was a good day 9,894 steps! So anyway I took off up the sidewalk. It is amazing how much you see when walking that you never notice driving by. Like all the different colors of the plants growing wild in the fields.
And I wonder what was going to be built on this big empty lot. The wall and the embellishments are there, but nothing else.
A couple of chickens crossing the sidewalk.
Heading home towards the restaurant where they must live.  Fresh eggs for breakfast – I know this one is a rooster, but there were hens too. Or maybe grilled chicken for dinner.
Along an area with really high bushes I noticed there was water in the distance.
Found a spot clear of bushes and saw all the birds.
This time my goal was to walk all the way up to the gas station. It didn’t really seem far to get there. It is still closed for business Don’t know what they are doing except sitting around.
I crossed the street there and started heading home. These huge trees grow in the center divider. They are really, really big.
On the beach side of the street are more hotels and gated communities so there are a lot more plants and flowers. This one is pretty. It is only about four inches tall.
One of the communities has these neat inserts in the surrounding wall. Gives it not such an institutional look.
These flowers are just weeds, and none are bigger than a dime – a small morning glory type, the red one and the pink one.

This tree was growing in the center divider – looks like it will bloom soon. Big buds on it. I hope it blooms before we leave.
This is a full sized morning glory plant. They grow wild all over.
Oops - I'd better watch where I am walking. 
And about now I was wishing I’d brought some money along, I’d have hailed a pulmonia or bus to take me back to the RV park. There was no shade and I could feel me turning red and the “dew” was pouring off my head. I’ve got to remember I’m still new to this walking" stuff.
But I kept walking…and saw this hibiscus it was as big as a salad plate.
This is what I mean about the communities and the landscaping. Sure beats the white snow up north.
A pay phone?
I made it home with no problem. But in future walks I will carry some pesos with me. Felt good to sit in the shade and then the AC inside.
I’m now going up to the main office to post my blog [and grind my teeth] and to look things up. I don’t know if it is Windows 8 or just the fancy web sites that are chewing up our GBs. Last year 3 GBs would last us a month – now it is like a week and a half.
Around sunset we walked over to the beach to see if it would be a pretty one. Nope – no clouds, it just sank and turned whole sky orange. But there was a wedding getting ready to happen at the hotel. The canopy and some of the guests. 
The women in their high heels and long dresses didn’t enjoy walking across the lawn.
The bride and groom.
More long dresses.
Then we came home. There is a PBS type channel here in Mazatlan that has some really neat programs. Last night it was about the main road from Mexico City to Santa Fe, New Mexico that the Spanish built. Parts of it are still usable.   


  1. Thanks for the walk, now if only I could also get the points :)) I have that exact same hibiscus here in my garden on the Isla. I love the color and the size of the flowers.

  2. your walking on the beach all the time.

    1. YEs but I only get to just under 10000 steps. Last night I had to walk the final 700 steps at 11PM to get in my 10,000.

  3. Wow, that is a long haull!
    You are definitely feeling better.
    Great that George is visiting.