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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Getting ready for Carnaval in Mazatlan

Wednesday we had a busy day. Starting out with breakfast at Torres. But this time we sat inside. It was kind of cool out and there was a table with a big meeting going on in the beach side part of the restaurant. I amused myself watching the pigeons taking a bath in the water feature. 
 Our view today of the rooms,grounds and pool. I had a Belgium  waffle. They make the best waffles I've ever had anywhere. 
After eating we took a drive up the Malecon to see the decorations going up for Carnaval. The theme this year is "Mazatlantida – The story that emerged from the waves"
This is the road. A week ago it was announced a new hotel was being built and part of the construction would include a tunnel under the road from the hotel to the beach. And the next day they tore up the north bound lanes along the Malecon. They also promised the road work would be done before Carnaval. By golly I think they will get it done. Last week the lanes on the left were the torn up lanes. 
 Now the beach side lanes are torn up. The big concrete blocks are the tunnel. 
Lifting a piece of the tunnel up to put it under the street. They are working 24/7 - Carnaval is early this year. Starting February 4th.
 Most of the pieces under the road. 
And back to some of the decorations along the beach side of the road. 

 This one is in the Plazuela Machado. 
 The break dancers were busy entertaining the lunch crowd. A cruise ship was in so there were a lot of people in the plaza. We didn't stop, just drove through.
 Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever cooks at home here. There are a million little restaurants set up.
 This is a candy store right near the main plaza. They make sugar coated peanuts as you watch. They are delicious. 
 I don't really know what is going on here. There are a bunch of silver forms sitting in the street. Looks like a big puzzle. Will be interested to see what finally appears. 
This is a mail man. He is delivering mail. Riding his scooter on the sidewalk. The mail is in the box and the saddle bags. 
 We stopped at a bunch of vendor stalls on the Malecon because I want a t-shirt for this years Carnaval. But didn't find one. Bill however did find the polo shirts he likes - he wants the kind that has a pocket and they are really hard to find anymore. See the pocket in the one he is wearing. He puts his sun glasses in the pocket. 
And then we stopped at a used book store. Their prices are 60 pesos if you don't bring in a book for them or 29 pesos if you do bring in a book. So we took 12 in and got 12 different ones. I even found two John D MacDonald books - they are really hard to find.
We did a few more things but will write about them tomorrow. 


  1. I can't figure out the white car in front of the candy store. It looks like it has no engine compartment. There is almost no hood in front. Is it a rear engine, like my Corvair?

  2. That is actually the headlight of the car that makes it look like the hood is open. I looked at the original picture before I cropped it.

  3. Thanks Carol for the pictures in this post. We will be down the 23rd of January and the preview of the decorations is great as we have never been there for Carnaval.

  4. The statues are very colorful this year, or maybe it just seems so to me. Thanks for the photos and the update re the tunnel.