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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Only part of what we did in Mazatlan yesterday

Thought for the day, “If you are lonely when you’re along, you are in bad company.” John-Paul Sartre. I can’t decide if that is sad or funny.
We had an amazing day yesterday, Friday. We actually managed 9,348 steps – my highest ever. By golly one of these days I’ll make 10,000! The weather yesterday was beyond perfect. Low humidity, temperature around 77°. [Goodness I found the symbols -° mark - without any problem today.] Blue sky without a cloud in it. And a very slight breeze. So we could not possibly spend the day in the RV.
The only thing we HAD to do was get some money out of an ATM. So we walked across the street to catch a bus to Centro – the old part of town. One came along in a few minutes. It was one of the “better” buses the 10 peso per person ones so we didn’t find out about the 50 centavo change. The very serious bus driver paying attention to traffic.
As we got to the part of the road they are building the tunnel under we passed by on of the pieces of tunnel. And the workers were putting the dirt back into the hole so I wouldn’t be surprised if the road is open by today or tomorrow. Hum…maybe we should go check on it.
There are a lot of buses in Mazatlan. Lots of traffic on the streets – and the little food and vendor stands make the streets even narrower.
This is the bus we were on. It picked us up right across from the RV park and dropped us right in front of the Central Market. All for 10 pesos! Bill said it would take 10 pesos in gasoline from the RV to the street in the Jeep.
Walking along next to the market the street is full of vendors – food of all kinds.
Just a quick walk through the market – wasn’t very busy in this section. And there was a cruise ship in.
Back outside on the sidewalk this great colorful display of hair bows.
As we walked past the cathedral we heard the bells ringing. See the man pulling the rope to the bell.
Here is a better look at him. It always surprises me to see a real human pulling the rope. I thought the bells were controlled by a computer or something. 
On past the church to the main plaza. Stopped at the bank on the corner for money - we got an exchange of 17.7 to the dollar. Across the street we passed this letter drop box. More and more of them are appearing on the sidewalks.
The open area of the plaza was being set up for a Carnaval event. Stage, seats, lights, sound system. And some Carnaval type decorations on the government building.
We took a roundabout way to go to the Plazuela Machado passing this interesting building. Inside is an art gallery with some really weird stuff, also a bar and small restaurant that has tables out on the sidewalk.
Arrived at the Plazuela Machado and got a little better picture of the statue.
By then we decided we were hungry so we stopped at our favorite restaurant – Beach Burger and shared an Italian Chicken Salad. A whole one is just too big for either of us to eat. Bill had a Fresca and I had ice tea of some sort. I never get the same kind when I order it. But that is part of the adventure. While there we talked to a couple from Missouri who had rented a house near the plaza for the winter – they flew down. And also talked to a couple who were from the cruise ship. Everyone was amazed that we drove to Mazatlan. Interesting people.
After lunch we continued our walk – Bill didn’t know it but I had a certain place in mind that I wanted to visit. An interesting apartment building with a big roof garden.
Guess it might have been built during the mid-20th century. ??
I wonder if they really expected their house to be quite this green when they picked out the color. The yellow fence sets it off nicely don’t you think?
Here is a picture I took of a side street – right out of the camera.
Here is the same picture after I played with it a little using photo shop. I got the idea from something we saw later in our walk.
Ah the art gallery I wanted to visit – Look Vintage and Modern Gallery. And it was open. All along the outside are quotations. I especially liked this one.
A building across the street with an unintentional roof garden. See the tree growing out of the pipe.
Inside the art gallery. It was quite big, lots of different rooms with all kinds of art. Looking from one room through another to an outside room.
Another room with photographs printed on canvas. The big piece above the door is from Guanajuato. See why we want to go there again. So beautiful.
And yet another outside area. Colors are wonderful.
And it is a good thing we don’t have any more space on our walls at home ‘cause I would have got this one.
I am going to end this post now - I have lots more from yesterday and today to add...but there will always be another day to post.
I do have to mention our ride home. We walked to the ocean and the sun was getting pretty hot on the back of our necks so we decided to catch a pulmonia. Well we ended up riding in a new Safari. He was going the other way so we waved him down and he made a U-turn to come back and get us. I guess the guy behind him didn't appreciate the quick slow down and U-turn - cause when the Safari stopped to pick us up the guy blocked it with his car and got out and yelled at the Safari driver. I mean REALLY yelled at him - I was surprised he didn't throw a punch. 
Finally he got back in his car and tailgated us for a while. 
These are a few of the speakers on the inside roof of the Safari - glad they were not on. 
The inside color of the Safari - pretty purple 
Spent the rest of nthe day at home.

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