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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy First Day of 2016

Happy New Year


Strange weather here too. Had a few, very few, sprinkles here yesterday afternoon. Today it is overcast again. With 50% chance of rain tomorrow. And it rained part of today topped off with gusts of wind.
The New Year’s party across the street at the hotel set off fireworks at midnight – lots and lots of fireworks – the kind the just go BOOM.
We were watching the news on TV last night, we get about 4 channels from here. First off we had a big surprise all the programming switched yesterday from analog to digital. What a difference it made in the reception. No more snow and flicking and bright, bright colors. We even picked up a few more channels than before. But back to the news. One segment was on the red and yellow underwear. Most stores are completely sold out of those two colors.
We went out to breakfast at the hotel yesterday morning. The staff was busy setting up tables, tents and wood flooring on the sand getting ready for last night’s party.
Amazing how quickly they were accomplishing things. 

Then we picked up John and Jackie with the thought of going to Malpica – the little town with the bakery – but changed our minds and just went a ways up the road to the Cerritos area. Lots of shops there, restaurants and fisherman. We were most interested in the fishermen. Someone had brought in a lot of shells to sell. 

This boat had just come in. They are putting a dolly under it to bring it up on the sand. Their catch is sitting up on the sand in the blue cooler. 

They have to lift the boat some to get the dolly under it.
 Bringing it up on the sand out of the way of the high tide. 

Just some nets. 

Part of their catch – a bucket of lobsters. They are really colorful. I felt like it was staring at me. Ick. 

Selling the catch. The driver of the white truck was buying fish to take to the market. Another man was buying some for the restaurant. The boy unload the fish was about 13 years old. One of the things they caught. A small sting ray? Can you eat them? 

This one for the market, that one for the restaurant – until the cooler was empty. There are chunks of ice in the cooler to preserve the fish.
 This is a big flat guy.
 The other side of the big flat guy. Technical term for don’t know what it is. 

Waiting for a mistake – or left overs. 

Then we toured the shops. I found another of my favorite kinds of blouses in blue and white so now have a new one. 100 pesos about six dollars.
Followed this truck for a while – full of black garbage bags – kind of looked like they were full of balloons.
This little guy came to visit the campground yesterday. A dash of bright color. 
Our 51st anniversary today. And we have no plans. The city is really busy. Don’t remember if I mentioned it but the hotels are 100% occupied. And the traffic through town is crazy. License plates from states all over Mexico.
It has been quite cool and drizzling here most of the day.


  1. Could that flat fish be a Flounder? Your photos are always interesting.

  2. Flounder came to mind,but not sure.

  3. Chris and Juan mentioned to us that sting ray tacos are the best of the best, especially in Culiacan.