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Friday, January 8, 2016

George's RIBS

Our friend George is in town. Yesterday morning we all went to breakfast at the hotel across the street. A we were leaving we stopped to watch some children in the pool playing a game.  

For dinner we went to Fat Fish for RIBS - one of the reasons George made this trip to Mazatlan. Today the peso is 18 to 1 US dollar so a complete dinner for two costs US 11.00.
George waiting for dinner - ribs of course. 

 Getting ready to take a picture of his plate - think he has enough ribs? Also get a salad, baked potato, garlic bread and coleslaw with the meal. 
 He had to stand up to get all the ribs in the picture. And he ate them all. 
We had a great time at dinner. Lots of fun and laughter. It is so nice to be with him again here in Mexico. After dinner we took a ride along the Malecon to watch the people and the setting sun. 
Tonight we are going to the Plazuela Machado to eat and listen to music. 
But back a couple of days - more pictures I took while walking and riding around town. I love the old doors on the older buildings. 
 This is the entrance to another very old building that is now an art school and gallery owned by the person who taught Bill how to make the leather masks. The border art work is part of what remains from the early 1800s. 
 Just one of the many shoe repairmen around the main plaza. He is putting a new sole/tip on the bottom of a high heel 
 This day there were two cruise ships in town. When the town is full of tourists there are more people in need out on the streets. I wonder how old she is?
 And we are seeing more and more of this man. He doesn't beg - he always seems to be on his way somewhere. Maybe next time we see him I'll ask Bill to talk to him. 

 In one of the shops in the Central Market. This pigeon thought he found a home. Took about 20 minutes of nudging him to get him out the front of the shop which is open to the street. Don't think I'd want to buy that blouse.  
 I saw this then took a closer look at it. It is a Barbie Doll someone made a new outfit for. I didn't think to look at the price. All hand made and embroidered. 
 Thought this was funny. It is nice to be in a country where they can still make fun of themselves without it causing a PC disaster. This is a tee shirt. Oops - there is a Y at the end of the bottom word, didn't notice I missed it when taking the picture. 
 Just one of the lovely old ornate building in downtown.
 Another person with her baby selling some small items to the tourists and town people alike. 
It was January 6th when we were walking around town. The day of the Kings - the three wise men. This is in the cathedrals patio. Three men dressed up as the Magi selling the King's Day bread that is tradition here. 
 All the students wear school uniforms. 

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