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Thursday, January 7, 2016

George is here

Just a very short blog this morning. In a bit we will be picking up our VIV  Very Important Visitor - George from his hotel downtown. He got in last night. For those of you who used to follow his Ms Tioga and George blog - he is still using that blog it is at http://blog.vagabonders-supreme.net/
His blog today is great.
We spent a lot of time yesterday just walking and driving around Mazatlan. There is still a problem with the car but the part is on order.
Will post more later as I need to get ready to go.
A few of the 165 pictures I took yesterday. This is paradise. The hotel across the street. 
 Another picture from the hotel.
 He had a lot of customers buying his cut up fruit. 
 Wonder what he uses the broom for 
 The fountain right before the Malecon. They've been working on it and now it is up and running.
 He carries his table with him where ever he goes. Part of the city in the background. 
More about this area in another blog. It is really pretty. Walking on this is a little weird. It is really flat - just looks wavy.
 Inside one of the art galleries in Centro. 
 This is in the same gallery. 
A private pulmonia - Bill helped him get it out of the street. 
Be back later. 

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