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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Didn’t do much of anything yesterday – we did try the hamburgers and fries at the little restaurant next door. They were better than McDonalds, not as good as Burger King – but a lot cheaper. Their sign. It means the Healthy Iguana.
Spent quite a bit of time watching the birds in the tree out the window. We’ve put up apples, they eat them first, grapefruit – only a couple like it and bread – everyone likes it. This little guy, he is just a little bit bigger than a hummingbird – like the grapefruit.
I was surprised to see the chakalaka up in the tree. There were four of them eating the apples. They are ugly birds.

Back to our walk the other day. Finally I managed to go into the Hotel Machado and got a tour of it. It is a hotel in the Plazuela Machado. I tried going on line to get some information about it but couldn’t find any. Did find some on the Plaza though. Pretty interesting. Check it out here.
The tile floors are all original to the building.
Going upstairs to see the lounge and rooms.
The hallway heading towards the lounge – notice the floor tiles in the hall.
This is the lounge in the front of the hotel. The shuttered windows are on the left. The big windows look out on the Plazuela Machado.
My guide opened the shutters for me to look out. Each window has a little wrought iron balcony. I didn’t venture out on the balcony, just leaned out the window. Nice views.

More of the lounge with the distinctive flooring.
A piece of furniture in the lounge.
Then I got to see one of the rooms. They are small by US standards but very nice. Queen sized black wrought iron beds. A couple night stands with lamps, a cupboard with a small microwave. Again the beautiful tile floors. Nice bathroom with according to the guide “hot water.” Also Wi-Fi available.
This room had a door that opened to a tiny balcony. As I was looking out it I saw feet coming down towards the balcony. A workman was climbing down. Then he walked across a narrow ledge.
More of the floor – that is the bathroom door on the left.
I was surprised at the prices – pretty darn high. And different prices for different days of the week and for longer stays. 1 day is 950 pesos or US 58 dollars a day. During Carnaval it goes up to 2500 pesos a day or US 140 dollars a day!!!!
We went out looking for tile today - more about that tomorrow and Bill bought me this neat truck - It is about 18" long. Has two people inside it.