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Monday, January 18, 2016

A Great Life

How is this for a heading? It says “A Great Life.”
Very weird. I write this blog in word then copy and paste it to Blogger. This morning I clicked on the Word icon, it came up, I clicked on the blog title and got a completely blank page. [It said page 1- 0 words] WHAT? The writing had disappeared off my laptop. Tried it again. Same results – but then I went to My Documents, Blog and clicked on title and up it came. As I said very weird.
So it is Monday again, another week. We’ve been in Mazatlan for a few days over a month. And this year has had the most perfect weather as far as I’m concerned – only a couple of days in the mid-80s the rest around 77 – 82. Perfect. With really cool nights.
Yesterday, Sunday, we did absolutely nothing. Never left the campground. So no steps – something like 1000 only. I did go up to the office to post the blog.
But never fear, I still can write about Saturday’s outing. Saturday morning we still didn’t have the Jeep so we took yet another bus into Centro. This bus had a TV in it. Don’t know if it worked or not as it wasn’t turned on. It was mounted right behind the driver. Maybe it just works with DVD? Thought it was interesting, but couldn’t get a pic of it.
And about half way through our ride a couple of guys got on with cardboard boxes of snacks. When the bus started up again they started their pitch. Buy a snack and the money would go to some – as near as I could understand - drug program. A couple of blocks later the bus driver told them to get off. Don’t know if they sold anything or not.
Again arrived right downtown by the market. We walked a couple of blocks to the watchmaker as Bill’s watch band had broken. Left it off to be fixed.
Walking past this building near the Plazuela Machado we noticed some work going on in the second floor - the whole 2nd floor has been empty as long as we’ve been going by it for years. Looks like they built a trash shoot out of oil drums.
Again playing with my camera this time not Photoshop. Regular picture.
Camera set on oil painting.
We kept walking towards the beach and passed on of the parking lots we use a lot at night. Every year the graffiti on the walls changes. People are invited to do the paintings. Looking into the lot through the fence. Yep new paintings.
On one wall. The upper floors went to ruin a long time ago.
Looking at the very back wall. To the left of the painting is a brick oven for La Mona’s Pizza- behind the stack of wood. We were headed there for lunch.
Just some more pictures of the graffiti. Some of it is amazing.  
 The Birth of Music

 I like this one.
 Even the tattoos on the fingers.
Looking up at what used to be the second floor. Original roof beams. Must have been quite the place at one time.
We walked around the corner to La Mona and it was CLOSED – oh, not to worry. It didn’t open until 1:00 and it was 15 to 1:00. This is some unsponsored graffiti on the walls next to La Mona. The building it is on only has exterior walls. No roof just weeds growing in side of it.
The street in front of the restaurant has been getting repaved – as are several other street in Centro. Sometimes it makes it hard to get where you want to go. As all the streets are one way! We stood and contemplated for a while then turned to go back towards the Plazuela Machado. 
One of the buildings on the end of the Plazuela was having some painting done. This is info about the building.

The painter working. Actually there were several painters working.
Time to go back to the restaurant. Forgot to take a picture of the outside. But lots of the inside. A big Moose head? The art work under the TV – showing a soccer game – is really neat. Very bright and clever.
Another wall has more art. A large sketch of a mural with the scaffolding hanging in front of it. The painting will never be finished – the whole thing is the art.
The back wall – those are all tequila bottles up the wall.
Our pizza, pepperoni and pineapple – served on a wood plater. Very good. Sat and enjoyed our lunch and watched soccer – two Italian teams.
Speaking of soccer. Barcelona won a game yesterday – 6 to 0 Luis Suarez got a hat trick. He is GOOD.
After lunch we caught a real pulmonia for the ride home. Street performers at a red light.
Looking out the NO DOOR side of the pulmonia. Hang on to something when riding. And he was a fast driver who liked to talk.
How many people can fit into one of those red pickups? More than I could count as we went past.
And on to home. 

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  1. the more I see of your posts of Mazatlan , the more I want to retire there. JUst so many things to see and do. Again, I love your posts.
    Glad you are enjoying the weather.