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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jeep is home for a few days.

Oops forgot to write yesterday, just plain lazy I guess. That and the fact that we didn’t do much to write about. All Monday afternoon we waited to hear from the Jeep garage to find out what they found out about Willie. No call. So Bill tried calling them several time. No one answered phone.
Tried calling them yesterday morning – same thing, no answer. So we jumped on a bus – one of the 7 peso buses – and went to town. 
Got off about ½ block from dealership.
Turns out their whole phone system was down – no one can call out, no one can call in. Only in Mexico. Got to talk to the Jefe – head mechanic and he used his computer to show us a diagram of exactly the part that has gone bad. It is part of the thingy magigy that goes from the front differential to the right front wheel – probably a ball bearing. Has to be ordered.
In the mean time we have the Jeep home. They even washed him before giving him back to us. I like this – wrap around the steering wheel so it didn’t get greasy.
We came back to the RV park for the rest of the day. Had a very strange encounter. We were talking to another traveling couple who write a blog. They are from Canada. As we were standing there talking a white pickup truck pulled up next to us and the man hollered out the window. “Are those people Canadians?” He pointed to several rigs in front of us. I said, “What?” and he repeated his question. We didn’t answered him – cause we weren’t sure if they were or not. So then he said, “They’re Canadians because they are rude. All Canadians are rude.” We just stood with our mouths open. He put his truck in gear and drove off. We did notice the Texas plates on his truck. Weird!
While in town we did notice that the Carnaval decorations are going up already.
Later we were watching our neighbors van getting painted so Bill asked them about the paint they were using. He was thinking of paint for his air brush at home. It is very expensive in the US. So they gave him the name and address of a place where it is sold. Guess where we are going today.

Also had a longer sit down visit with Doug andNancy the bloggers.
Watched the news later – all about the capture, again, of El Chapo the drug lord. There is talk about extraditing him to the U.S. this time. 
So today it looks like we will have a busy day running around.

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  1. I mentioned to Nancy and Doug that you were there.