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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mazatlan City of Contrasts

We took another walk in the Centro Historico the other day. Absolutely love walking in this town. We headed in a direction we haven't walked in for a while. Saw lots of new things, remodeled things and old things. So that is mostly what this blog will be about. 
However this picture is of a mango tree in the campground that is starting to bloom. There will be zillions of mangos on this. The caretaker says there is no way to eat them all when they ripen. 
Just a pretty flower that is in bloom now. So delicate looking  
And this is the bud thing that is at the end of a banana stalk I've never noticed the stamens under the petals when they open.
Driving through town on our way to Centro. There continues to be work on the sidewalks. All the old is being jackhammered out and the new colorful ones will be put in. Everyone will be glad when the work is done.
 This area already has the new sidewalks and curbs. Repainting the curbs yellow with a bucket and roller. 
Because of all the road construction in Centro and also the preparation for Carnaval we enter now on the street named Angel Flores. It is one of the most photographed streets in Mazatlan because of the colorful restored homes on the left.
Our first stop was at the watchmaker he is trying to find a new band for one of Bill's older watches. His shop is on a very narrow one way street. So we are parked in a driveway that crossed the sidewalk. The watch makers sign can be seen in front of us. Also notice the wires coming out of the electrical meter on the blue post. New meters are still being installed all over the city. We park in a lot about two blocks further down this street. 
 After parking we started our aimless walk. This building right across from the parking lot is beautiful. There used to be a high end jewelry store in it, but it has closed so the building is now empty. 
 Another beautiful old building. There is tile around each window and door. It luckily has several different occupants. 
One of them being a bakery, restaurant, grocery store. It runs all the way through the building and every year they add more and amenities to it. 
More outside tables, chairs, and shade.

The bread is displayed in a couple of different section inside.
They've added a little produce store.
And to the right of the fence is a grocery store with canned and dried goods. The ceiling is original to the building as are the tile floors.
Walking a couple more blocks we came to another beautiful old building that was in the process of being restored. The outside is all done. And then work seemed to stop. Nothing has been done in quite a while. There is an arched arcade in the front. This is one set of doors that have had the wood restored. The etched glass windows are really nice.
The arched arcade part. The original ceiling again. See this pretty door with the half round window above it. 
Looking in through one of the windows. But all the doors are bolted. 
Another door in the front.
The outside of the building on the side street. It is a very pretty old building. 
And this monstrosity is across the street. It got built before the new laws about keeping the exterior of the old buildings intact was passed. 
Just another old restored and occupied - at least on the ground floor - building we passed in our walk.
Looking in the window of an old building. It looks like someone at some time cleaned it up some. And it still has a roof. Lots of layers of paint on those walls
The outside of the building I was looking in the window of. Wouldn't you just love to be able to restore it?
When walking around this area it is a good idea to keep looking down at where you are going. 
 A couple of colorful buildings across the street. The pink on is for sale.
 One restored, one not. Most of the street here in Centro are one way. But sometimes it is hard to figure out which is the way. At least it is easy to see the arrow here. 
And I'm going to stop here and post this. Tomorrow I'll post more from our walk the other day. 

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  1. Reading your posts and all the wonderful pics you put on your blog, just make me want to hurry up and plan my trip to Mazatlan. You have shown me so many great things about the city. I am hoping to retire there before too long.