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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rest of shopping walk in Mazatlan Centro

Had a really good night’s sleep last night so am ready to go today. But I guess Bill got up at the crack of dawn ‘cause as soon as I got up he went back to bed to “read.”
Yesterday we pretty much did nothing. Took a short trip to the grocery store for tangerines, honey dew melon, bread and a couple of muffins – about 3 dollars. Then came right back home. I read most of the day. It was just one of those – I don’t want to do nothing days.
Weather continues to be unseasonably cool – about 78 -79. Usually it is around 85-86. So I’ve been loving it. However the last couple of days the humidity has sky rocketed – over 80% - that I don’t like at all.
So because we didn’t do anything yesterday I’ll continue pictures from our walk through the shopping area the day before.
This is a store devoted to little kids – any kind of costume you could think of. And not the cheesy almost tissue paper kind we buy for Halloween – these are nicely made. Also lots of ball gowns for little girls.
The next shop was for big girls and little girls. 15th birthday dresses, conformation dresses etc. They are so gorgeous – it’s got to be hard if you have a girl not to splurge on them.
A vendor and his cart walking down the street to “his spot somewhere ahead.” Notice most of the stores are small and the whole front is open.
This vendor is selling skinned sugar cane for 10 pesos a plastic bag. He skins it and cuts it into about 1 inch chunks. Tempting.
Going through my pictures I wondered why I took this one – finally figured it out. Athletic shoe store – Converse, Vans, Nike and Jeep??? Is there a Jeep brand of tennis shoe?
More vendor carts that aren’t open yet line the street. In this area all the streets are one way traffic.
A cart with a bag of some kind of frozen fish? or something in it. The sun was just in the wrong place to get a good picture.
It was right next to the next lady selling shrimp. This lady is selling shrimp. There are chunks of ice in the buckets with the shrimp to keep them cold. So much per liter – see the scale. That’s a newspaper rack on the other side of the pole.
A traffic jam of pulmonias.
Further along we passed one of favorite shopping store in the Central Market. Bill and the owner are good friends. The man always seems to be having a snack when we go in there so Bill has taken to buying a sweet roll of some kind when we know we are going there. It is kind of a joke with them now.
Just a set of doors I noticed.
We dropped off our packages in the Jeep and continued on to the Plazuela Machado to have lunch at Beach Burger. Nothing interesting going on in the Plazuela. Then on home. Pablo the mechanic texted us to say he has most of the ordered parts for the Jeep but is still waiting on one piece. Manana maybe.

No plans yet for today. Maybe paint hunting. Or maybe checking out the new little restaurant that just opened right next to the campground. 

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