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Sunday, January 10, 2016

A very lazy Sunday

Sunny Sunday morning. The sun is bright and hot but there is a great breeze keeping things cool. Today’s blog will be about a lot of unconnected things and our breakfast in El Quelite with George yesterday. Things I’ve been meaning to write about but was saving for a quiet day.
While we were driving and walking around Mazatlan the other day I took a couple of pictures that are interesting to me. This is while we were getting gasoline. The signs next to the gas pump. No Smoking – Shut off your motor – Make sure the pump has been set to zeros – No cell phones. All good advice.
These pictures of a very old road that was built for sightseeing. Two pictures of it now.

A picture of it when it was in use. I wrote about it in a previous blog several years ago. You can read about it here.
Here are George and Bill walking out of the restaurant at Torres across the street the other day. Looks like they are discussing deep things.
Later that night we went to the Plazuela Machado to listen to music and eat. 
Some of us did more than eat and listen. George got up to dance with the break dancers. He had the audience clapping and encouraging him. Sorry the picture is blurry but everyone was moving too much.
George and Contessa also had a dance. (thank you Jackie for sending me these pictures.) Can’t believe I forgot my camera that night.
Some pictures from our El Quelite breakfast yesterday. These turkeys are still at it. Fluffing up and circling each other. .
It’s this amazing – gotta love nature.
And this guy was begging in the restaurant. I’d love to see him with his tail spread – but I guess he only does that to impress a lady.
Looking out the restaurant door. A motorcycle, a horse, a mule and a burro. Take your pick of transportation.
Us at breakfast.
A typical El Quelite picture. I think I’m going to print it on canvas and frame it when we get home. 
John and Jackie left yesterday for Guadalajara. And George left today for his home in California. Bill and I slept in late and took naps in the afternoon. Been a busy three weeks. 


  1. Enjoy your quiet time, who knows how long it will last.

  2. Whew, you folks have been busy having a good time!