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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Been having a good time with George

Starting to write this early morning, but will probably not post it until later today. We plan on picking up George this morning and going to El Quelite for breakfast. Then just having a quiet rest of the day. Our friends John and Jackie will be on a first class bus heading to Guadalajara today. After a week there they will be touring more of the interior of Mexico – her blog is at Junk Boat Travels
Last night we all went to the Plazuela Machado to listen to music and have dinner. It was pretty cool here at the RV park but really nice in the plaza. And for those of you who read the Mexico bloggers. We met up with Contessa and Colin there – so we had quite a lovely time. Friends, dinner and music. Her blog is here http://www.contessajewall.com/
And would you believe that I FORGOT both my camera and cell phone so could not talk any pictures. Both Jackie and Contessa said they would send me some of theirs, Hope they got one of George up and dancing with the break dancers! Great evening.
So for pictures I have to go back to the other day when Bill and I were wandering around town.
This is the parking lot where we always park in Centro. The young man who washes Willie. Notice the chain above the ALTO sign. It is one of the chains that holds the wall up – trying to keep the whole thing from falling down.
Coming back to the lot. The Jeep is nice and clean and waiting for us.
On the way home we stopped at the area where the divers are – always something going on there. This is a vendor who sells Raspados. Kind of like a snow cone. There is a big block of ice that the vendor shaves pieces off of. The pieces go in a cup then fruit juice and pieces of fresh fruit are poured over the ice. Really good.
When we were there the tide was really out. There is a “poser” up on the diver’s platform. He does not dive, he just attracts attention so the diver can collect pesos before he takes his life in his hands and dives.
Not really sure about this. I know it is a pineapple carved out and stuffed with ??? At first I thought maybe crab – then decided it is coconut with chili – next time I’ll ask.
Just a map of the Centro Historico where we spend so much time walking around. This area is about 10 miles south of the RV park where we stay.
Here is a rough map. We are at #1. Centro is around #2. Contessa stays at #3. But when she comes into town. She just takes a small ferry across the water into Centro. – going straight across from #3 to #2 the red line.  When they leave at the end of the winter they have to take the long road back to the city.
A great monument – The couple, the dolphins and the fountain. Pictures from several angles.

Saw these guys wandering around the RV park – at first I thought they were female turkeys – but then realized they are the Chakalakas that live in the marsh and make so much noise. Kind of ugly things.
And we had another beautiful sunset. Drove over to a good viewing site. And took lots of pictures.

 This one is with camera set on watercolor effect.
 This one is oil paint
More about today in next blog. – We will be kind of stationary for a while. The mechanic told us he can’t get the part we need so after letting George off this afternoon we went to the Jeep dealers service center. Guess we’ll be using pulmonias and buses for a while. But I kind of enjoy that – and Bill will get to see the scenery not just drive through it watching the road.