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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Quilt is finally done

Saturday late afternoon
Closer view


It is finished and on the bed. Been working on it since last summer. Now I need new curtains. It is a California King size and goes clear to floor on three sides.

That's it for now. Just wanted to share

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Very nice week

Thursday p.m
Well I think I can safely say that Bill is feeling almost himself. The last three days he has been up and around more than he was down and out. Thank goodness! Still not overdoing it though as doc says if it comes back it will be worse?!?! Sure glad I never got it.
And the Alfa is now home too. All of its innards and outards fixed. The big slide works better than it ever did before. So it is parked out front waiting for us to take a short trip. Still have to get the satellite fixed and we can do that in northern Indiana. And then maybe swing up into Michigan for a look see. (We need to fill in that blank on our map.)
Not sewing on my quilt for a while – only have a very little to finish but I put a little too much of myself into it the other day. Sewed my finger to it – OUCH that hurt.
The weather has been wonderful the last few days – in the 80s with low humidity. Makes you want to go out and do something. Instead of just sit and drip. Hummm maybe I should try that 5 hour energy stuff and paint the laundry room. Naw…. We did get one little rain shower but not enough to do any good for the plants and lawn. Lots of fields of dry corn around here now. And no rain in forecast for at least a week.
While visiting on the back porch earlier today the mama deer and her two fawns came by. They are getting so big. Unfortunately the light was bad so my pictures aren’t too good.

Had a good NASCAR weekend last weekend. My favorite driver Kyle Busch won all three races, Truck, Nationwide and Cup at the Bristol track. First ever driver to manage that.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Interesting Week -

Wednesday p.m.
The last few days have been gorgeous! Not hot, not humid – just perfect.
Sunday we went into town for groceries, stopped at Wal*Mart and bought them. Bill picked up a bottle of wine and added it to the cart. We got to the check stand and first the cashier asked for my ID – they have to input the buyer’s birth date into the register to ring up any alcohol purchases! Then she said “Oh, you can’t buy it today any way. It’s Sunday.” Lord I love living here.
Our telephone – land line- is finally fixed – Took two weeks. The story the phone company fed us about it being a widespread cable problem was just that a story. It was the broken cable out in front of our house. The tech fixed it in a couple of minutes. He says two months ago there were 37 repair men in this area (several counties) now there are 6! 31 got laid off – so all repairs etc take forever to get taken care of. And there is no different service available here in the toolies.
Saturday morning
Thank Goodness. Woke up to rain this morning. Our poor lawn and flowers are probably already beyond saving – but the weeds should flourish again. Only supposed to rain off and on today and then no rain and high temps for the next week or more.
The repairs are finished on the Alfa – saved quite a bit of money by ordering and delivering the parts ourselves. If the RV place had ordered them they would have cost us double the amount we paid for them. Let’s have a 100% mark up! So it now has a new big slide motor and a new step. The rest of it is in great shape. Except for the satellite –
This has been an interesting week – Got the phone fixed, it finally rained for a little bit this morning and oh yes, Bill has been in the hospital…yep. Have mentioned before that he wasn’t feeling good. Went to doc who said it was a sinus infection – lungs were clear etc. etc. So gave him shots and put him on antibiotics – which made him so sick he couldn’t take them.
After going to doc he felt a little better for a couple of days then got really bad. Was having trouble breathing. So bad in fact I called 911 – so this week we’ll be an item in the Sheriff’s Log – They took him to the hospital in Columbus where the docs were afraid he was having heart problems. Spent the night there and had all kinds of tests – which showed that his heart is in fantastic condition – has a young man’s heart. No problems with his blood, cholesterol, blood pressure, lungs, heart or anything else they could check. Then they sent him home. Still don’t know what is wrong – their best idea is a nasty flue like virus that is going around and that will take a couple more weeks to run its course. He is still very tired, but cough is better and he can breathe fine.
I’ve been working on putting some of the pictures from last years Mexico trip into slide shows. Glad I watched the first one before I made any more. For some reason I set the duration for each picture at 3 seconds – Let me tell you that was one fast slide show….Couldn’t bore anyone with it that’s for sure. Zip Zip Zip. Have done a couple more since and redone that one.
Also been working on quilting my quilt – everything else on it is done. Can only work on it for a little while at a time – just gets too hot.
This section has already been quilted
This section hasn't
Have about 20 more sections to do to finish it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dead Crops and Road Stripes

Thursday a.m.
We are still in the midst of the heat wave. Got a brief respite yesterday when a small thunderstorm passed over and the temps dropped 21 degrees in 15 minutes. Then rose 22 degrees in the next hour. We could see the steam rising off the street. Outside was like a steam bath!
We still have no land line telephone – the wire outside is still hanging in the street. Guess the Company doesn’t think it is important enough to check out and/or fix. Tried to find another phone company but no one services this area - so guess ATT can do as they please. When they please.
Talked to a friend of ours yesterday who is a farmer (makes his living from the farm) and he said his corn crop is gone – even if it starts raining now it won’t help. But his soy beans can still be saved if it starts to rain soon. But only if it rains soon and long.
Took the parts up to the RV place yesterday and passed by field after field of dried corn stalks. It’s really bad. Everyone’s lawn is brown instead of green.
Bill finally went to the doctor for his cold that turned out to be more serious than that. Got a couple of shots and antibiotics and seems to be on the mend.
Sunday p.m
No change in weather…..the hottest July and August in 22 years. And still no rain for this area of the state. Other parts up north are flooding!
Did I mention that the leaves are falling off the trees already! At this rate there won't be any left to change colors in the fall.

Had to go to Bloomington, town 20 miles west of us to pick up Bill’s new glasses. We went the back way – the shortest way- cause I’d read in the paper that the county had repaved the potholes. And that they stripped the road. Well most of the pot holes were re paved so the ride was nicer than it has been. And they did restripe the road – only the part they repaved……Only in Brown County.

Reminds me of a joke I saw a long time ago entitled "Not my job."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Country Life Strikes Again

Friday p.m.
Bought a couple of bottles of “5-Hour Energy Drink” but since I bought it I haven’t wanted 5 hours of energy so it is still sitting in the kitchen waiting. Actually the past few 100 plus days neither of us has done anything more strenuous then choose a new book to read. When we walk out side it feels like our weight has doubled and it is hard to take a breath. And Bill has managed to catch a summer cold – so he is doubly miserable.
Todays “You Might be a Redneck” calendar page says “The oil stain in your driveway is bigger than your car.” See that a lot around here. Last weeks newspaper had an article about the guys who do some of the road work around here. Especially the ones who clear the brush and ditches along the sides of the roads. Seems like a lot of the owners of the properties around here come after them with guns to make them stop their work.
Saturday p.m.
Hummmm we are without a telephone Guess the “if it’s mechanical it will stop working” curse is still at it. Called the phone company – got recorded selections only – last one was “Your problem will be fixed by 8 p.m. Tuesday August 17th.” That’s 2 ½ weeks away – what the heck!
Monday p.m.
We had three really nice days in a row – temps livable and low humidity- for here that is. Bill didn’t get to enjoy any of them as he is still sick with his cold. I mean in bed sick. Now I’m wishing I’d bought the Nook e-reader. At least I could download some new books. Finally finished the one I downloaded to my computer – don’t like reading that way.
Finally got a hold of a live person with the phone company – They say it is a big problem with a cable and a large area is affected and they are working on it. Sunday they said it would be fixed that night, Monday they said it would be fixed that night.
Tuesday a.m.
Still no phone so called phone company again – now they are saying the 17th again. BUT we discovered a broken line in front of our house – so called and told them. They might come out and check…….
The weather has turned again – heat index up to 110 with the humidity. At least Bill is feeling somewhat better today – We talked to a friend yesterday who has the same thing and he went to the doctor – doc told him it is taking about 15 days to run its course. Here’s an interesting piece of info that was on the news last night. The state fair is in progress in Indy this week. Yesterday several people needed emergency help because of the heat. This year the whole theme of the fair is Pigs – Pork. Well it seems that pigs don’t have sweat glands and they are housed in an unairconditioned building so they are really suffering from the heat…..The fair people are starting to worry that the poor piggys might start dying on them. No one seemed to have an idea about what to do for them. .. Will have to keep watching the news for more info.
As for the Alfa – the slide motor is shot so had to order a new one from California – still waiting for it to be delivered.
Not much else going on around here. It’s been so hot even the animals aren’t coming out of the woods to eat. And it’s been so dry the leaves are already starting to fall off the trees. Wonder if that will affect the colors this year?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Not Much Going On - Too Hot

Monday p.m.
Already almost two weeks since I wrote last. Where does the time go? And it is August already. We‘ve had a couple of nice days – low humidity and cooler weather, but can’t get used to it as we are headed back into the 90s today or tomorrow. The grass is getting brown and all the flowers in the planters are looking pretty sad. Bill waters them everyday but doesn’t seem to help. Guess I shouldn’t have been bad mouthing the rain.
Let’s see what’s been going on? Oh yes, another tornado in the same area as the one I mentioned last time. Northing up around us – and no rain since then. But it has been very hot and humid. Stay inside days for sure – for me anyway.
Bill got the pump for the pond fixed – the lightening strike burned it up. So that is working and the fish are happy again. Lately it seems like “if it can stop working it will.” Got my new printer all hooked up and working and my scanner stopped working – luckily I just had to reload the driver for it. Bill got the satellite dish on the Alfa to go up and down (the RV place connected the wires wrong!) but then the big slide wouldn’t go in. So had to take it to the RV place – after manually pushing the slide in……It might be a cable or it might be the slide motor. CRAP And to take the Alfa in Bill had to drive it down the little, narrow country road full of over hanging trees and pot holes that we use to go into town. The nice wide straight road we usually leave and come back on is closed until October – bridge work. But as usual The Driver had no problem with it. But glad he didn’t meet anything big coming the other way.

He wasn't happy until he got around it.
Said I’d got my sewing machine back, well when I tried to use it another part of it didn’t work – a part that was working when I took it in! So had to take it back and got it fixed, for free, while we waited. Thank goodness. Now there is no excuse for not finishing the quilt.
The dog is gone. He stayed here a little over a week and then disappeared – He went out one afternoon and never came back. Hopefully he went home.
Oh yah, we did get the Droid phone – probably will never be able to figure out how to use all its features – but we have it. Did manage to use the GPS and put in some phone numbers. And somehow without realizing it we took a video! – got to watch out for those buttons on the side.
Think I mentioned we looked at the Kindle and the Nook. So out of curiosity I downloaded a free book to my laptop. DON’T like reading from it. I wiggle around too much when I’m reading to be comfortable with the laptop. Also it gets hard on the eyes after a while. Maybe the other things would be easier as you can hold them in your hands. Wish I could borrow one for a couple of days.