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Monday, August 31, 2015

Talked to mover - furniture might be here soon

Well we talked to the driver who will deliver the rest of our furniture. The only problem is he is in Chicago and our furniture is still in Indiana. But he says in a day or two he’ll know when he’ll get here. Hopefully by this weekend. And I got an e-mail from the moving company saying in writing that we don’t owe the driver any money when he gets here. I hope they told him that.
It is finally starting to cool down here some. Barely over 100 - well 102- but that’s better than 112. And nights it is getting into the low 80's. By next week it will be high of 99!!! and lows of 74/75. Bill is still going out into the garage every morning to get it set up. He works out there until it gets too hot. But I think he is almost finished. Then what is he going to do? I’m afraid to ask. But by then we should have all our stuff.
Boy the antibiotics I’m taking are messing with me. Making me feel lousy. All I want to do is lay around all day. They best be working.
The contractor guy’s worker is here now putting the knobbies on the kitchen cabinets. And I think he is also supposed to put the screen door on the front. [later - neither job got finished today.]
The cabinet is done and standing in the dining area. 
Probably will move it a couple of times before I decide where I want it.  Looks really nice. Our son came by yesterday and helped Bill stand it up - sure glad he did the thing is very heavy.

It’s 8:00 p.m. and Bill is back out in the garage. 

He says he is trying to get everything done before the rest of the stuff gets here. Also we are supposed to get our shed on Wednesday. Will believe it when I see it. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

It is getting cooler here

And the days continue to  pass with no news on when we'll get our furniture. It will be so nice when it is all here and everything is put away. Now I put something away and know I'll have to change where it is when we get the rest of the stuff. 
We - I didn't get much done yesterday. Watched some racing and a couple of soccer games on TV. The cabinet is still on the floor partly put together. When we do get it finished I don't know if we'll be able to stand it up. It is HEAVY.Then have to decide where to put it. I've changed my mind a couple of times already.  
We've got an electrician coming Tuesday to see what can be done about the electric. Don't know if it is just a bad breaker or the whole panel. And I want to look into getting screens for all the windows. I like fresh air. If we'd realized there were no screens we would have had the park put them on before we bought. Just never noticed. 
According to the TV weather people we should be in for a break in the heat. Today and tomorrow only 102 - then down into the high 90's for a while. With lows of mid to high 70's at night. Bill says we'll need to get out the electric blanked - but there is a problem with that - the blanket is here but the controls are with the furniture...somewhere...It is funny but even 102 feels quite a bit cooler than 110.
I fixed dinner again last night - told Bill not to expect it all the time but it is kind of fun to cook again. We had eggplant, asparagus and salmon. [had to remember to turn the lights off when I put the asparagus in the microwave!] Even thinking about making cupcakes today...getting so domestic. Oops, just went and looked - don't have my cupcake pans! Oh well. 
One of these days when we get the house together we have to go to the poor Alfa and put everything away and give him a good cleaning. But it will have to be a whole lot cooler to work in him. 
Not much to write about. Maybe today we'll do something interesting. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Full moon rising.over The Wetlands

I started writing this this morning but will finish it now in the evening. I want to share the moon rise with everyone.
Funny how the little, insignificant things in life can irritate you. Now that I’m using my PC again instead of the laptop I’m having to learn both the keyboard and the programs all over again. The keys like delete and end are in different places and I’m back using Windows 7 instead of Windows 8. something and my old version of Office. So another relearning process going on. Surprisingly I’ve discovered I like a couple of the functions of Windows 8.? and miss them in 7. I think I have everything transferred off the laptop on to the PC, but will wait a couple of days before putting the laptop in the cupboard.
It is really nice to have the Internet - unlimited data I can just browse and browse looking for things I think I want or need. And it is much faster than the MiFi. Though not as fast as I wanted. We don’t live in a “really fast Internet” area. Maybe someday.
I had a different experience the other day - one that kind of made me mad. Went to Bed, Bath and Beyond in Henderson, NV to do some shopping. Bought a couple of storage baskets for the freezer, a bath mat and a set of sheets for our bed - if we ever get it. The sheets were not cheap but I had a coupon so figured I’d use it. When I got to the check out the clerk unzipped the plastic around the sheets and stuck her hand in the package and felt around for quite a while - making sure there was nothing hidden in the package. REALLY! Kind of insulted me. In a Bed, Bath and Beyond in Henderson? I questioned her and she said, “Well you never know. Sometimes kids stick things in there.” Kids? Did she see any kids with me? Kind of left a sour taste.
Kind of makes one wonder what society is coming to.
Bill was working in his garage again this morning while it was still relatively cool out there. He is getting a lot done. Has shelves and counters on three sides. And still has wood left.
While he was working out there I was putting some of my piggy collection out in the kitchen.
We had to go to “the other side” of town today. To pick up some mail from our son’s office and Bill wanted to go to his favorite store “Harbor Freight.” So off we went. He found what he was looking for at the tool store, we got our mail and then ran a couple more errands. Later in the afternoon we started putting “the cabinet” together. Got it about half done. The sucker is heavy - don’t know if we’ll be able to stand it up.
I also got a call from the doctor’s office. They discovered I have an infection so am now on antibiotics. Funny, I asked them yesterday if anything showed up from Monday. They said no, so I was surprised when they called today. Oh well.

On the way home from the pharmacy noticed the full moon rising and the pretty sunset. Just some pictures of the moon and the sunset. 
looking west towards the front of our house

looking east over our back fence

beautiful desert evening

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Up with the sun

Sunrise this morning. Yep we were both up before the sun. Bill was out working in the garage while it was still cool.
Went to doctor’s office for test this morning. I was really dreading the testing, turns out all my worry was for nothing. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. But I still don’t see the doctor until Sept 28th unless someone else cancels.
Got home and hooked up my PC. So that is now up and running. Everything but the speakers. I’ll do them later when I feel like climbing under the desk again.

Bill did more work in garage and I’m sorting paper work and trying to put it where I can find it if I need it. Good luck with that. 
We are supposed to get a new electrical panel installed. Sure hope they hurry with it. At night if we have the kitchen lights on and run the microwave the breaker goes off. Makes me wonder if it did that to the other people who lived here. Or didn't they use the microwave or the lights? 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Busy getting nothing done

Time goes by quickly when you're having fun, or not having fun what ever the case might be. As you can imagine we are busy putting things away. And then moving them to a different place. We have most of the boxes we got unpacked - except for the ones that have things that go into or on the stuff we don't have yet. Nope we don't know when it will be showing up.
Today the weather will be cool - under 100 degrees - well relatively cool. It "might" rain today and/or tomorrow so there is lots of cloud cover keeping us a little cooler.
Bill was up early, as was I, and he is out working in the garage. Building counters, shelves and setting up his tools.
it is so good to see him busy and active and being able to breathe easy. 
We are hoping we'll get the promised shed today so we can get some of the boxes - the Christmas stuff - out there and out of the way. Weren't we lucky, we got six boxes of Christmas decorations but no pots and pans or underwear! I've been trying to get stuff out of the living/dining room and into a closet. Not any help really, just looks better in the living area that way.
I am finding some of my knick knacks and getting them out on the entertainment center. Just adding some color to the room. 
Sunday we watched a couple of soccer games between doing things. It is so much easier to just sit and stare at the TV then to open and sort things and wonder where to put them.
Yesterday I had a doctors appointment with a specialist I'd been to when we lived here before. Didn't get to see him but was poked and prodded and tested. Have to go back again next Thursday for another test AND THEN on September 28th I'll get to see THE DOCTOR and he will let me know if he can do anything for me. Now isn't he special! Actually he is so that is why I'm willing to wait. Nothing serious just uncomfortable.
Just talked to the movers - they are trying to locate a truck to bring the rest of our stuff...hope it is soon. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

WTH - such is life.

For a day that started out so good...
We got up early and folded up the futon. Then went out to breakfast so we'd have energy for the day. Right on time the movers called and said they were 20 minutes out. Whoppie! We met them at the gate - and COULDN"T GET THE GATE TO OPEN. Bill had to go to main office to get someone to open the gate from there.
The truck in front of the house.
Four guys and the driver. First he wanted his money, of course. No problem it has been waiting for him. He asked for exactly the amount he was due. Then they started unloading. And unloading etc. Boxes after boxes. Unfortunately the shed we were promised isn't here yet so there are now lots of boxes in the garage too. They're waiting for a crane to move it.
Some of the boxes. The bottom one on left, the green one, is the cabinet that isn't together yet. 
Some of the stuff in the bedroom. 
And lots of stuff in computer room. 
A couple of hours later the guys said, "that's it the truck is empty." "WHAT?"
"Where is our bed, our dressers, my sewing machine etc. etc.?" OOPS. Quick call. "Oh, well there is another whole crate still in Columbus." Quite a bit of discussion followed. We were assured the company would expedite the rest of the delivery. We would hear from them on Monday and Yes, The delivery was paid in full. There is nothing I can think of to say that is printable.
And so continues my post for today...Some where the moving gremlins are laughing. Our furniture - including our BED is still in Columbus, IN. All our boxes are here though. Oops - there was a full big crate that didn't get loaded into the truck.
Oh well, it will give us time to get some things put away. We did get our mattress  -  so we can get off the futon. Of course once down on the mattress on the floor we may never be able to get back up
off the floor. I did find sheets and pillows and the pillow shams. So did a load of laundry and we will sleep on the mattress tonight.
Spent most of the rest of the day unpacking our stuff. Bill has his computer all set up. Mine is still in the box. Tomorrow is another day.
Under all the pictures is my beading table. Guess it will go in the "small" room.
Cooked some Italian Sausage to snack on and watched the NASCAR race in the afternoon. I think #18 led the most laps but he finished 8th - had a speeding penalty on pit row. Shouldn't make that kind of mistake.
Tomorrow we'll keep unpacking and trying to figure out where to put things. Especially in the kitchen. I've already re re arranged the cupboards three times. So far only 2 broken glasses, 1 broken dish and a piece of pottery.
I bid the gremlins a good night. May they smile on us Monday.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Our stuff will be here tomorrow

I've kept busy today with watching racing. From 6:30 this morning till now. Well not quite all that time. But there was practice and qualifying and a race, which Kyle won in the next to last lap. 
Here is our patio set. Not fancy but just something to go and sit on and maybe eat a few meals out there too when it cools down some. Speaking of which, today was cooler than it has been. Thank goodness. 
And here is how our drapes look. Really like them. We just have five more windows that need finishing touches. I have a blanket over the couch until we finish all the stuff around here. I like to sit with my feet curled up under me - so trying to keep it clean until I become a lady again. 
 While I was watching TV Bill was busy in the garage starting to set it up the way he wants it. It was cool enough out there this morning for him to work. 
 At least a few things are off the floor where he can use them easier. 
And bright and early this morning the Internet installer came. So we are now off the MiFi and on to unlimited and I hope faster Internet service. Between racing I finished using up that horrid contact paper by lining some more shelves. 
But the best part of today was the call from the movers. Our stuff will be here tomorrow morning between 8 and 12. Probably around 8:30! So we will be busy busy for a few days until we get some kind of order around here. 
Will try to post but might not get it done. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

First meal in new home.

Another beautiful morning here in Vegas – supposed to be cooler today. Only 106 instead of 111. Every little bit helps. At least it should cool down to the low 80s tonight. I really dread our first electric bill here. What with the $250 deposit! The hot, hot weather and all the construction work and workers in and out all day – I might have to take out a “pay day” loan to pay it. I plan on being sitting down when I open it. 
No pictures of anything today. Didn’t do anything but get deliveries and TV working yesterday. The Direct TV is up and running – and we did lose that nice MeTV channel with all the old 60s and 70s series on it. Shoot. And we have to have the installer come back when we get our furniture delivery with the other TVs and all the receiver boxes. At a price of course.
I did get to watch the NASCAR truck race. Well part of it anyway, it got halted because of rain and I didn’t think they would finish it so never checked back. Guess they got the track dried and did finish it. My driver came in 2nd.
All our deliveries got here as scheduled yesterday so we now have a table and chairs for the patio, a new screen door and an extra cabinet for the laundry. Wanted something I could put brooms, mops, and etc. in. Bill got all his lumber and can’t wait to get started on his garage shelving. Right now we have an electrician here – not sure what he is doing – the other night we had two lights on in the kitchen and I turned on the microwave – shades of Brown County – everything went dark. I think we have a problem. Went out and checked, we will be getting a whole new electrical panel – compliments of the park company. They repair or replace things that go out/wrong the first 30 days. They will also replace one of the ceiling fans that isn’t working. Within the next hour or so the furniture store should bring the other part of the cabinet…And this afternoon we should get high speed Internet! – Which is good ‘cause we are almost out of our GBs for this month with Verizon.
This morning early we brought the Alfa over here to its storage place. Tight squeeze but it is in there. 
I’m getting really antsy for our furniture to get here. Get things unpacked and see what we still need. Get all my “stuff” back out where I can see it.
The other box of the cabinet got here right on time, now we just have to put it together!
The Internet guy came but left again, will be back sometime tomorrow. Seems like lines have to be run to the house from the street. So we have the computer room all messed up waiting for a new telephone jack. Tomorrow, tomorrow…
Bill put together the patio table, just had to put the legs on it. So it is set up out back. Maybe someday it will cool down enough to go out there and sit at it.
We also got the living room curtains and drapes up. What a difference they make.
AND I did cook dinner tonight. We had chicken breasts in an artichoke, lemon sauce. Angel hair pasta with olive oil and garlic. And yellow squash, zucchini, onion and tomato sautéed in wine. Our first meal in our new house. Only I forgot we didn’t have anything but paper plates and no serving dishes. But we made do. And now we’re trying out the dishwasher for the pots, pans and silverware. Want to make sure it is working.

And another day has passed. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Our furniture is coming!

Up before light again this morning. I look at the window and think it is getting light but it turns out to just be the street lights that shine through. Got up at 4:30 it is now 6:00 and the sun is starting to come up over the desert.
Yesterday was amazing. So many things came together for us. First we got a call from the moving company. They gave us a contact number for the driver who will bring our stuff. We called him and he said he will “probably” be here Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Most likely early Sunday. Whoppie! We have to call him on Friday and he’ll be able to give us a more accurate day and time. He also told us the amount of money we have to have on hand for him and it agrees with what we still owe for delivery. Also got an email from the moving company with the amount in writing. Why that’s important is that a lot of moving companies are notorious for demanding more money on delivery. So things are looking good.
Bill put the last piece of the entertainment center together – so that is done. Can’t wait until we get our stuff so I can put my collections on it.
Then the guys showed up to put up the patio cover and the awning over the front sidewalk. We’d been told the day before that they wouldn’t be here until next week. Well they came and it is all done. The patio cover
The awning in front going up.
Come spring we'll do some planting in the front to add some color.
While the workers were putting up the awning and patio cover we left to go to breakfast and to the furniture store about the cabinet. I was all ready to put up a fight. But they agreed right away we should get the second box – for no more money – and it was already scheduled for delivery on Thursday. My faith in the store has been restored.
Then on to Office Max for plastic pads to put under our desk chairs and to Wal*Mart for a bathroom cabinet for Bill and some storage solutions for the kitchen for me. Found exactly what I wanted. Expandable shelving – the wire kind coated in white rubbery stuff.
Then home. I got a couple of the kitchen cabinets rearranged. Bill put together his cabinet and we relaxed. There is a great TV channel here in Vegas called MeTv – it shows all old series – Emergency – CHIPS -Perry Mason - Carol Burnet – Happy Days – Donna Reed Show etc. When life was simpler. And fun to watch. I hope we can still get it with Direct TV – I think it is a local Vegas channel so we should.
This morning the Direct TV installer is supposed to come, between 8 – 12. We decided to go ahead and get the new TV connected and we’ll worry about the rest of them when they get here. Will probably cost us another installation fee but it is worth it. This afternoon is the NASCAR Bristol Truck Race – can’t miss that.
And yesterday evening we went out to dinner – I thought about cooking but didn’t. Also went to the Alfa to grab a few more things out of it that we’d forgotten or didn’t think about. Got a couple of things that we will have to put back in it later. I wanted to get the printer so I’d have a written record from the moving company and the Direct TV schedule, etc.
Tomorrow we are supposed to get Internet. The MiFi is working but so slow only on 3G here. Also we’ve already used up most of our GBs for this month already. Looking on line for furniture and tools and etc.
Today we’re also supposed to get a big delivery from Lowes Home Improvement store. Lots of lumber for Bill’s garage project, a patio set, a new set of blinds for the patio doors, a screen door and another cabinet for the laundry room. So once that gets here we should be busy for a while. Guess I'll have to move my baby out of the garage while he is working.
It is supposed to start cooling down here too – by tomorrow ONLY 106, but back to normal? of 101, 103 after that. Why would anyone in their right mind move to Vegas in August? Maybe ‘cause they needed to be able to breathe. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A half a cabinet?

Good very early morning. We spent the first night in the house last night. Both on the futon – actually it was pretty comfortable. 
I woke up before the crack of dawn and got up. Bill is still sleeping. We had a busy day yesterday and I just forgot to post though I spent half of the day on the laptop and/or the phone.
It has been a scorcher here the last few days. So we have almost completely moved out of the Alfa. Just keep going back there to get things we’ve forgotten. Will probably put it in storage Thursday.
Night before last I happened to look out the window as it neared sundown. Not spectacular but kind of pretty.

The big rain storm that passed through here late last week did more damage than we knew about until we’ve been able to watch some local news. In Henderson it took down 24 power poles which left a lot of people without electricity. Also did some damage near Sam Boyd Stadium – that is not far from us. But now we are wishing for rain. It was up over 111 yesterday and low for the night 86 set a record for the highest low for the day ever. All I can say is I’m sure glad Bill is feeling so much better here – no signs of allergies or breathing problems at all. But now it is too hot for him to go out in the garage and work. It is driving him nuts.
Yesterday was a day to catch up on all things important. Getting the new bank accounts up and running, paying bills and changing credit card info, call for installation appointments for Internet and Direct TV.  
We were also waiting for two deliveries. One from a local furniture store of a really nice cabinet for the dining room. When it got here there was only one box, though it was clearly labeled “1 of 2” Driver didn’t have box 2. Called the store. The clerk who answered my call looked everything up and said – No there is only supposed to be one box, That is all that is on the manifest. “But there are two boxes. We only got the shelving and doors. The tall side and back pieces that make up the cabinet aren’t here.” She said she’d call us back. After waiting a couple of hours I called them. She said – get this – “that is all we paid for. She’d send the other box but we would have to be charged for it.” “WHAT! We did not just buy half a cabinet. We bought the whole cabinet. We paid the price that was on the cabinet.”
Well that was the wrong price. She’d tracked down the salesperson and he had marked the cabinet wrong and only charged us for one box. Excuse me? We paid the marked price and want the whole thing. Or they can come pick it up. We hung up on that. I called back a little while later and was told the clerk was trying to talk to the store manager. So guess we’ll go over there today and see what can be done. We like the cabinet but we think we should get it for the priced it was marked. Fun and games.
The cabinet as it should look. We did not get the sides or back....
Later in the day our entertainment set was delivered. All three pieces of it thank goodness. We – Bill – got two of the pieces together.
It will have another tall piece on the other side – maybe by later today.
The patio cover and awning I thought were supposed to be done today in fact will be put up next Tuesday. The shed we are supposed to get is waiting for a crane to deliver it…and the kitchen cabinet knobs are still waiting to be delivered. And we haven’t heard from the trucker about our furniture – they said Monday or Tuesday…It’s too hot to do any work anyway.
I lined most of the cabinets in the kitchen with Rubbermaid. Nice and easy and pretty. But decided to do the linen and laundry room cabinets with contact paper. Now I remember why I started using Rubbermaid. I HATE contact paper. It won’t stick to the new paint but sticks to everything else. Especially itself. Remembered some words I’d forgotten.

Here is the sun coming up over the mountains behind us this morning. 

Maybe I'll actually cook dinner tonight. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tis rather Warm today

I’m writing this this morning from the Alfa. About 8:30 last night we decided we didn’t want to spend the night at the house so we loaded up [laptop, mifi and phones] and came back to the RV. After the sun goes done it does cool off a little so we can sleep here. Why did we leave the house? Our choices were sleeping on the small futon together or one of us sleep on the couch and the other on the futon. Hum… Back to the Alfa.
We did a silly thing yesterday. The house was so quiet and we didn’t really have anything to keep us busy so we headed out to Best Buy and bought a TV and a digital antenna. With the antenna we get the local major channels and lots of Spanish channels and some really strange channels. So at least we can waste some time with it. 
this wall is where the entertainment center we got will go - when it gets put together
I’m going to call Direct TV tomorrow and see how we can arrange to get our service working. All our receiver boxes are with our furniture so not sure how we can do it. Today we had to stay in the RV until early afternoon so I could watch the NASCAR race. #18 came in 11th after starting dead last. Not bad. [later in the day] Here is Bill in the RV during the race. He figured out how to get the breeze from the fan to blow right under his shirt.
his belly isn't really that big  - it is the camera angle - he made me say that
And it is supposed to be 110 here today. But it got hotter than that. Taken in the Jeep when we left the RV to go to the house. I think the weather got carried away a little. 
Something else we saw on the way to the house. Notice that his suspenders disappear under him. Poor little bike. Before the light changed the bike quit running and he had to push it out of the street. I don't blame it for quitting. 
It is so nice to have the blinds up on the windows. They sure look nice. Now we just have to get some window dressings. We have the curtains and drapes for the living room, just haven’t put them up yet.
the small room
And our computer desks. I am using mine right now. We are bringing stuff from the Alfa here to the house every trip we make.

this one is mine
I was asked about where the house is. We are right on the outskirts of Las Vegas not far from Henderson. In fact Henderson is where we go to do our shopping etc.

Our house backs up to the Wetlands – a protected preserve. And behind it is the desert and the mountains. Unobstructed view for us.

We will go back to the Alfa again tonight to sleep but have to be back here early in the morning for a couple of deliveries. Enjoying the AC here in the house while I can. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Have a computer desk, just need my computer.

I wrote the beginning this yesterday [Friday] afternoon to post today. Yes, I was bored. We spent a good part of the day at the house – just way too hot and steamy to be in the Alfa. I even missed Cup qualifying – no TV at house. But we have coffee and new curtains – what more could I ask for.
This was part of the sunrise on Friday. For some reason I woke up at 2:30, after going to bed at ll:00 and couldn’t go back to sleep. It is a long dark time from 2:30 till sunrise.
We gathered up a bunch of stuff from the Alfa's freezer and refrigerator etc. and got to the house before 9:00. We had to be there to get a FedEx delivery that needed a signature. They came by Thursday but we weren’t here. Also had an electrician coming to see if he can install a 30amp plug for the RV when we are loading and unloading.
Also the contractor’s men were going to install our blinds and put together the computer desks for us. But that’s another story. Well the Fed Ex guy got here and whatever it was he had to deliver was for the people who sold the house. Grrrrr. Oh well. So we jumped into the convertible to run errands. The first of which was to put gas in it. Again the lines at Costco were unbelievable. [Notice how blue the sky was.]
And the price of their gasoline had gone up since the other day. Still cheaper than anywhere else. The Mustang has a 15 gallon tank and it took 13.99 gallons. Guess we could have gone a couple of blocks further.
From there we went to eat, on our way to the café the worker called and wanted to know when we’d be home. Oops. Told him about an hour, he said OK. While we were hurrying eating he called again. They were running late and would it be okay to come Friday at 8:00 a.m. and do everything. Quickly agreed. So by tonight we should have blinds over the windows and our computer desks. On Monday we will get a delivery of a piece of furniture for the dining room. And the entertainment center. Of course everything comes in pieces...
AND we talked to the moving company Friday – we should hear from the driver Monday or Tuesday to schedule delivery. So maybe…we’ll have our stuff by the end of next week. Keeping my fingers crossed. When we left the restaurant we were surprised to see the sky, not so blue anymore.
By the time we got home it was raining again. Is this Nevada or Indiana? Seems more like Indiana the last few days.
More lightening, thunder and rain for about three hours. Looking out back around 4:00.
At 6:30 it was still drizzling with black sky and wind.
While I was fooling with the laptop Bill was working on putting together some of his new tools. Lots of new toys to keep him busy. 
On Wednesday he’ll get a delivery of a big load of lumber to build shelves in the garage. Sure hope it cools down some before then.
It cooled down quite a bit after the rain so we decided to go back to the Alfa for the evening/night.
This morning...So now we’re back at the house at 8:00 a.m.…waiting. We were supposed to get a delivery of a shed yesterday. Unless it is invisible it isn’t here. We are kind of planning on staying here tonight – if the blinds are up. But I’ll have to go back to the RV to watch the race tomorrow.
After the workers got here we took off to run errands. Had to get new blinds to go over the patio doors, a ladder so we can reach the ceiling fans to change the light bulbs and a screen door. All will be delivered on Wednesday with Bill’s lumber.
No rain today so it is a scorcher. Last I looked 107.
Didn’t get to watch NASCAR today but I see Kyle wrecked his cup car and has to go to a backup for tomorrow’s race. But he did win the truck race – coming from the back.
Tomorrow if it is still so hot I’ll go up to the clubhouse to see if I can watch the race there.
Pictures of blinds and desks tomorrow. Little by little we're getting there.