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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Special Chocolate Cake and Steak dinner

Not too much going on the last couple of days. Forgot to mention that when we were in Centro the other day we took my much beloved, so scratched up I can barely see through them, glasses I wear when reading and using the computer in to get new lenses made. What I like about the glasses is the frame – they are so light weight, comfortable and lets face it big – I was told in the states that they could not replace just the lenses – the frame would have to go too as it was too old to reuse. And all the new style frames have smaller lens [lenses] area – I don’t like them. So anyway I’m getting new lenses with old frame. Hooray!
Also another only in Mexico episode I forgot to mention. You know we like to eat at Beach Burger in Plazuela Machado – it is just a little restaurant but good food. Any way the other night Bill asked for a cup of coffee after dinner. They didn’t have any?!? So Pilar our waiter walked down to another restaurant and got a cup of coffee from them. A day or two later I had ice tea – this time it was not sweet and I expect just made from tea bags. I asked for sugar – Again Pilar had to go to the restaurant next door to get some sugar packets. Last year one time when we went there there was “No Cook.” And another time the owner jumped on his bike and motored to the market for tomatoes for our hamburgers. Gotta love it.
Filled Willie’s tank and this time only 17.5 mpg – not 44. Makes a difference when the engine is running when he is moving.
Made a quick trip to Sam’s Club to get some prosciutto that was supposed to be in. It wasn’t – maybe tomorrow. Mañana. Did find out where to get the parking ticket stamped though. As you leave Sam’s Club there is a roofed concrete area and down at one end of that area is a fast food place. That is where you have to take the ticket to get it stamped – and because we didn’t buy anything it cost us 3 pesos. Go figure.
Just a quick shot of a building being built. Notice the supports for the upper floors.
Bill was craving chocolate cake so we went to Soriana where they usually have some for sale. But yesterday there were no chocolate ones.  Surprise, Bill got talking to the people in the bakery department and what did they do? They made him one special. The baker was a young man. He said he had learned from his father from when he was five years old and has been doing this ever since. He also said he doesn’t eat much cake.
first layer
adding filling
more filling

top layer with start of frosting

frosted adding frosting shells

Here you are
He makes it look so easy - don't watch if you're hungry or if you're a chocolate lover

And last night we went out to dinner – I got my steak. Went to Fat Fish Bill had ribs and I had a rib eye – tasted delicious. Satisfied my craving for a while.
I started another necklace – watched UTube on how to cast stitches on the knitting needle. I’ve decided I just don’t have any coordination when it comes to handling two needles and yarn. Gave up. Then Bill said he’d show me an easier way – and HE DID! Is there anything he can’t do? Will try again later today – maybe….
Got pretty cool here last night – I even thought about turning on the heater this morning, but it is warming up already. Should be around 80 later. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Buying Things Necessary and Not

First thing yesterday morning we had to make a trip to Office Depot to get me a new mouse – can’t be without. The store is just like any in the US. Everything you’d need.
Going into the parking lot we saw a group of vendors getting ready to hit the streets. They sure have a load of cleaning supplies.
One of the carts up close. They are really more like a still life painting – very colorful. This picture doesn’t do it justice.
From Office Depot we headed towards Centro to get a few things needed over there. Got stopped at the light right in front of Valentinos – different building isn’t it? There are cafes and discos in it. We always say we’re going to go in and look around but so far haven’t.
It is the building that changes colors at night.

Once into Centro we parked and walked over towards the shopping. Went to a big yardage store there. Bill needed some braided thread. And I got my knitting needles and one skein of yarn. Now I just have to figure out how to knit. Found some direction on UTube that looked pretty easy.
Then we stopped at Panama – a good restaurant for lunch. Bill had a Monte Cristo but said it tasted kind of sweet and I had a tuna sandwich – all the sandwiches are made with a kind of sweet tasting bread. The restaurant has a lot of stained glass in it. I want to do something like this for one of our living room windows this summer.
Leaving the restaurant we watched this guy. He was serenading the people eating at the roadside stand. No guitar but a big red boom box for accompaniment. The little dog wasn’t enjoying it at all.
Wish you could hear him!
These things – don’t know what they are called – are horrible. They taste rotten. The salesman said they taste better with salt and chili – maybe cause then you can’t taste the thing. I talked Tom into tasting one when he was here – I thought he was going to choke – couldn’t get it out of his mouth fast enough. I thought it was funny.
Just a scene from the beach later in the afternoon.
We stopped at the marina to see if the pizza place was going to be open in the afternoon today so we could go there to watch the soccer game. They don’t open during the week until 5-6 o’clock. But while sitting and waiting for Bill to find out I took this picture. The marina and sunset reflected in a shop window.
We also went out to the north end of town to a little shop and I got a couple more blouses – 100 pesos each – about US$8 – got a white one, a beige one and a beige one with blue trim. The only problem is they are a little see through so I have to wear a tank top or something under them. Kind of defeats the purpose of the loose weave to keep cool. 

Then into town again to the Plazuela Machado for dinner. We were stopped at the light by the statue of Marilyn Monroe –ever wonder what she was wearing under her dress? Couldn’t resist this shot up her skirt.
Nothing exciting going on in the Plazuela – very quiet night. Just ate and visited and came on home. 
After we got home I finished my necklace.
Here is the back of it.
And here is a close up. Lots and lots of nine bead loops of black and white beads. 
Now should I knit or start another necklace????

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dead Mouse - Craving Steak

My mouse died! Oh horrors what will I do without my mouse. Go to WalMart or Office Depot I guess. I got the mouse because the left “enter” or what ever you call it key on my laptop quit working a year or so ago. That’s not quite correct. It works sometimes – when it wants to. The rest of the time it won’t “click.”  Just sits there and laughs at me as I hammer on it. Off to Office Depot to get new mouse. [ Have new mouse so I can post this.]
Yesterday, Monday, we went back to La Noria to see Roberto – the leather shop owner. He was supposed to visit us Saturday night but didn’t show up. Well come to find out he did show up but later in the evening after dark and the manager wouldn't let him in the campground! New policy I guess – wish we’d of known about it.
Here is a saddle in the first stages of being made. The base is carved wood. 
And here is a completed one. Neat huh?
Last Saturday evening Roberto was going to pick Bill up and take him to a person here in Mazatlan who sells cow hides. But instead of taking him there Saturday now he gave us directions on how to find the man. We were pretty sure we understood the directions. A couple of turns and landmarks to look out for. Then a gray building with lots of shoes hanging out front. We did okay until we were to turn right at the second left turn???? – No gray building with shoes. So we went up another block – again no gray building. Time to back track and recount the corners where left turns were allowed. Oops we’d missed one. We turned right – but – not only was there a street going directly right there was another little street angling off kind of right. Of course we took the wrong one. Went around the block to the angle street and there was the gray building with the shoes out front. Didn’t take a picture of the front but this is the inside – lots of shoes.
Another picture of inside – more shoes and hats. I wonder what he sells by weight to need that scale. Shoes by the kilo? Hats by the kilo? Guess I’ll never know. Unless we go back there.
Bill introduced himself and mentioned Roberto and the man in the store was only too glad to take him next door to a warehouse full of – ta da – hides.
Spreading them out on the sidewalk so Bill could look them over and check the color and imperfections.
I’ll take that one and that one and -->…….I stopped counting.
They got rolled up and tied; Bill paid and put them in Willie. While he was doing that I was looking around at some of the other businesses. I think this one sells cleaning supplies at wholesale.
This older man came by loaded up his bike and set off down the street all ready for his day of business. Fuller Brush Man Mexico style.
Notice the shaped trees across the street. 
And across the street was a Dentist office. Lots of little stores of all kinds in the neighborhood.
After getting the hides we went to the grocery store Soriana to pick up a few things. This display of crabs, octopus and octopus filet caught my eye. Sorry just not my cup of tea. 
By the time we got back in Willie who had been sitting out in the sun he was a little odoriferous to say the least. Needed to open those windows.
Then on home. Bill put the hides in one of the outside under coach compartments. Later on I was laying down on the bed reading and suddenly craved MEAT! I wanted to chew meat, eat meat, and devour meat. What the heck? Finally figured out it was the smell of the hides coming up into the bedroom. He is going to have to figure out a way to wrap them so they don’t smell or I’ll be wanting steak all the time.
Come evening a cold front moved in. The winds picked up and it got pretty chilly out. Bill had to put tie downs on the awning to keep it from flapping around.
Before I forget here is the colorful blanket we bought the other day. 
I laughed when I read George's blog this morning. He was talking about the difference between lazy and leisure. Sounds good to me. 
His blog http://blog.vagabonders-supreme.net/

Monday, January 28, 2013

Out and about Mazatlan on a Beautiful Sunday

Yesterday started out as a do nothing day and ended up being really fun. As we were leaving the Las Jaibas RV Park Bill stopped to talk to the manager and I was looking around the pool area. Don’t remember if I posted a picture of the new pool or not. So here it is.
There is also a web bar and a built in bbq. Pretty fancy.
Then we went across the street to the Torres hotel again for breakfast. I had a waffle and Bill had an omelette  Sunday mornings they have soothing entertainment. A sax player – very nice to listen to.
And I took notice of the beach vendors most of them had on white shirts – will have to keep watching. We came home after breakfast and just lazed around. Bill watch a Barcelona soccer game on the Internet – they won 5 – 1. Messi made four goals. He is amazing. I worked on my black and white necklace. And I’m reading a cute book from the library. About a tour group in Mexico called “Paper Moon” by Linda Windsor.
Late afternoon we headed out to the Malecón. It’s an area of divided street, wide sidewalk and beach six miles long. We parked and strolled along the sidewalk. This is another one of the Carnaval decorations. The is the famous Mexican comedian Cantinflas.
Looking north up the beach towards the Golden Zone – tourist area. 
Notice the design in the sidewalk.
Looking south towards the older part of Mazatlan. A lot of beach restaurants along here.
North again along the beach. Some of the Golden Zone hotels in the background. Notice how clean everything is.
Lots of people on the beach and in the water. And lots and lots of people walking, biking and roller skating on the sidewalks.
Back in the car and up to El Clavdista – It was so busy there – took us a while to find parking in the street. This is an area where food and trinket vendors line the street and sidewalk and where the boys/men dive off a platform into the ocean. And zillions of people. Teenagers, families consisting of babies to grandparents. Everyone enjoying themselves. One of the many food carts. The two plates on the right have platanos in them. They are grilled and then a sweet sauce is poured on them. Everything smelled delicious and looked good.
More food – churros in front. Grilled corn and creamed corn kernels.
Grilled Corn – no it doesn’t taste as good as it looks, it isn’t sweet corn like we are used to 
Here's a vendor in for the long haul. We could hear his generator running then noticed the TV set in the upper right corner. He’s selling strawberries with cream and cold water in bottles among other things. And Nachos either small or large portions.
This one is making a snow cone like product. He shaves the ice then adds flavoring.
The bubble seller – I love watching the bubbles and the kids chasing them.
This is not the diver. This is the poser. He stands up there posing while the diver works the crowd for money. When enough money is collected the diver goes up on the platform and dives.
Still posing and a big bubble.
Some of the people waiting to see the diver dive. And bubbles of course. The diver just got up to the platform.
The diver diving – first is a still picture of him then the dive.  They are crazy – no amount of money is worth your life.
In the water.
Some of the people leaving after the dive.
Looking the other direction towards Olas Altas area and the Centro Historico. The lights are Carnaval decorations.
Lots and lots of traffic in this area. We got back in Willie and headed to the Plazuela Machado. We were pretty early 6:30 so there weren’t too many people there but much to our surprise and delight the Sunday night entertainment was back. He is a singer and guitar player. Really enjoyable to listen to. And while he plays people get up and dance to his music.

We ate at the Italian restaurant. Had pepperoni pizza. Very thin crunchy crust, cheese and pepperoni and slices of pepper under the cheese. Notice anything missing there? There was no tomato sauce. Different but very good taste to it. We ate the whole thing.
Around 8:30 we left for home. Turned into a busy eventful day after all. 
Perfect timing, Bill just put my breakfast down on the table.
Until later.......