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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Great video shared by proud Mom

Another nice day here - not too hot.
Bill went to doctor again yesterday and is off the shots and on an inhaler and nasal sprays. Sure hope they work. He has been miserable.
The kitchen got its second coat of paint and we bought the knobs this morning. The cupboard doors are ready to be installed...
I’ve got more cars/vehicles done for the quilt. So continue working on it.
But the reason for this post is...Our son Paul and his soon to be wife Tina have made a couple of music videos for the hearing impaired. I think they are a blast so I wanted to share them. Here is their youtube url:

She is a certified interpreter for the deaf. And taught Paul the signs needed for the songs. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

No Water in the Hills

Ah - another wonderful Fall night - oh, but wait - isn’t it still summer? Temps in the high 40s again this morning when we got up. And yesterday’s high was a low 70. No rain though and lower humidity.
Spent some time in the basement sewing area working on the quilt. Amazing how much better the embroidery goes when using the proper stabilizer. An of course after I bought some I found what I already had here. So now have four of the nine or twelve squares done.

As I was working down there, but in the glass room working on my angel I heard a dripping, clacking sound...unusual sound...went into the laundry room and the washing machine was going nuts. Making all kinds of noises - it was not being used - like it was trying to fill the tub. What the? Poked at it moved the dial - couldn’t shut it up. Then I realized there was the sound of water going through pipes over near the water heater too. No water was running any where in the house. Turned on the faucet in the laundry room sink - NO water. Oh! Oh! Called Bill down - he listened, looked and poked - couldn’t figure out what was going on. He finally decided we didn’t have any water coming into the house - that’s air in the lines. Oh Come On! Upstairs we went - he was right no water up there either. Now the question - was it the water company OR our problem. After about an hour I called the water company. At least their phone number was in the phone book, unlike the power company. Very nice lady on phone. “Where do you live?” I told her. “Oh, yes we have a main line break but we’re working on it. Once we fix it you’ll have to boil your water until Friday.” Thank you.
Crap usually we have cases of bottled water but of course, only about six bottles now. Thought about fixing dinner but decided with no water to up with we’d just go to McDonalds in our little town. By then it was about 7:00 and the few restaurants in town close around 6.
So we got to McDonalds and discovered they too had a water problem - surprisingly enough unrelated to our problem. They had a boil water problem too so the only drinks available were bottled water or juice or milk shakes.
When we got home the water was back on but it is now a kind of pale brownish color. And we didn't buy any water in town. Went to the market and the 24 case of water was $5.44. Rip off. They should be ashamed of themselves. 
You gotta love living in the country. Never know what will be going on.
Bill goes to the doc this afternoon for his shots (3) At least this time they've  worked a little longer - about 4 weeks. I should clarify that - they stopped the sneezing, eyes and nose running stuff but didn’t do much for the breathing in humidity thing.
Still no bites on the house - BUT today the cupboard guy said he’d be up here this afternoon - for sure! If that ever gets done the Realtor wants to do an open house.  
If we do sell we don’t have a clue where we want to live - most likely around the Nevada, AZ or So Cal area. But for a while we’ll hang out in the motorhome and move around. But first we’ll have to get rid of a LOT of stuff.

Back downstairs to make more cars. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sweat shirt weather here.

Well it is a little humid the last day or so. And much cooler. Only 48 outside this morning when we got up. And Bill’s internal heater seems to have gone away as he was cold. Even with the humidity somewhat lower he is still having problems. Goes to doc again the end of this week - for another set of shots. Hope something helps.
We are still without kitchen cupboards and no one else has come by the house to look at it. So everything is kind of on hold. Don’t want to start getting rid of stuff and then not selling.
An okay race on Sunday - Indy is usually boring - everyone just gets in a long line and turns left for 400 miles! The only good parts are the restarts when everyone is bunched up. At least #18 came in second and his team mates were 3rd and 4th. Hopefully they’re getting their cars better for the rest of the season.
Went to yardage shop yesterday and got more material for my embroidered cars and got the right stabilizer finally. Also found some more colorful plaid flannel. I was given a suggestion by one of my readers about making the border and lattice between squares look like roads. Thank you! Think I’m going to try that.
Still working on proof reading The Book - this is the last time through then I’m asking a friend to do the final proofing and then get the thing published as an e-book and maybe some hardback copies for us.
Today with it being so cool would be a perfect day to paint the bathroom, but I just don’t feel motivated today. 

I was dreaming about traveling in the RV in Mexico last night. I know when we came home last year we said we weren’t going back this coming winter. But I hear different sounds coming from Bill now. And his friends keep emailing him asking him when he’ll be there. We’ll see what happens I guess. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rain, rain go away and take the humidity with you.

Saturday - Rain, rain, rain - slept late ‘cause I thought it was still middle of night - very dark out at 8:30 a.m. It is pour with lightening and thunder in Indianapolis where they are supposed to practice, qualify and race today. Good Luck.
Sunday - As you can see I started this yesterday and then didn’t finish it.
The weather cleared up in Indy and they did get in some practice and all the qualifying and the Nationwide race. Kyle came in 2nd (or as he calls it - The first loser.) Takes his racing seriously.
Most of the day was okay but extremely humid. Really, really affected Bill - he has so much trouble breathing when it is humid - it just saps all his energy. Most of the day he spent laying down reading...not good. We need to get out of here I guess. But the weather in the rest of the US doesn’t look too good either.
Did have some sun shine though and I saw this guy out on the marigolds. He was very nice and posed for me.
Then I worked on the quilt some - still using the wrong stabilizer for the embroidery. It just gums up the needle and then the thread breaks! Pulling hair out. So need to go to the store, get right stabilizer, more embroidery needles and more background yardage. The kid will be a man before I get this done at this rate. This is kind of what it will look like. I have nine different vehicles to make into squares.
Woke up this a.m. to loud thunder and lightening. Shake the house kind. This whole area is under flash flood warnings. Glad we live up here on the hill. Lasted about a half hour then the sun tried to pop out so I came up here to write this...pop...the electricity went out accompanied by more thunder, rain and lightening. Geeze. Bill is not doing well today either. Humidity is 93 percent - do ya think, since it IS raining.
The TV is searching for satellite - so don’t know what’s going on in Indy whether they’ll be able to race or not. Even Verizon internet keeps popping in and out.
No cabinetmaker and no one else looking at the house. Life in Brown County. 
I see my SiteMeter has hit 100,010 visits - of course, about 80,000 of those are probably me...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Need to engage brain when sewing!

It was beautiful this morning. The sun was shining through the windows letting me know they really need washing...yah right. The sky was bright blue and the temperature was a perfect 55 out on the porch. Supposed to be in low 80s today. And the dew point is low - so very little humidity. LOVE IT.
AND there is racing on most of the day - just practice but I enjoy that.
Going to go down stairs and do some embroidering and watch TV down there
I figured out how to make the sewing machine work and how to get the patterns from the laptop to the machine but then forgot to put stabilizer on the material before embroidering. So I ruined one small piece of fabric already.  - Got one complete car square embroidered and a lot of the material cut into strips ready for sewing. Screwed up one more embroidered car square - I put the stabilizer on but forgot to pull the backing off the ironed on stabilizer and got the needle all gummed up. Good grief where is my mind? I’ll probably have to end up buying more material for the embroidered pieces as fast as I’m wasting it.
Sure glad we weren’t in the Virginia campground yesterday. What a disaster. That always scares me when we’re traveling and run into bad weather.
Bill drove down into the hollow and talked to the cabinetmaker - he is waiting for the new hinges. But has the doors and all the new crown molding done - and will be up in the next day or two to finish the painting.

It stayed pretty cool all day today - I finally ate the last of the cinnabons - thank goodness - at the cost and time it took to make them I wasn’t going to throw them away. Way too sweet. We gave half of them away. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

It was raining inside yesterday - too humid!

Nice day today after a miserable day yesterday. I swear it was so humid that water was dripping off the ceiling fans in the house. I really not kidding - it was terrible. A cold front came in last night and the humidity and temps dropped to livable again.
Yesterday morning, just before it rained, we took the Alfa into Columbus to get its new tires. Left it there overnight which turned out to be good planning on our part.  We had company yesterday - one of the women from the Women’s RV forum I belong to came by on her way further east. She has a Class C motorhome and a tow car so with Alfie gone there was plenty of room for her to park. Had a real nice visit and went out to dinner and took her for a quick tour of our little town. A picture of her taking a picture of the Bean Blossom covered bridge.
Then we drove around town a little. Another new sculpture downtown. This was a high school project. The kids went to a junk yard and were told to pick up pieces that could be fashioned into faces. I think they did a pretty good job. It is hard to get a good picture of though.

We’ve had one couple come through the house - but we're pretty sure they were “just looking”. Of course no cupboard doors in the kitchen kind of gives it a real rustic [or uncared for] look! No sign of the cabinetmaker for a few days. Hope we see him tomorrow.
Brought the Alfa with his new shoes home this a.m. Bill says these tires ride much softer. And that driving with the new windshield was really weird. He kept expecting the wind to hit his face.

Lots of racing this weekend - maybe I’ll sit down at the sewing machine and watch it. Get something constructive done. 
Fixed a good dinner tonight - Au Gratin potatoes, asparagus and chicken breasts smothered in a wine/lemon sauce with sauteed green pepper, onion, pimentos and artichokes. I ate too much!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Lots of news about Alfa and House and Cooking

 Lets see - where to begin...
With the sweet stuff first. I made some Cinnabons - well that is - I bought a kit and made the rolls. Wish they’d put the directions on the outside of the box instead of inside. The first direction was to use a large table mixer with the dough hook. Um - problem there. I no longer have a table mixer. Haven’t had one in years. And believe me the little hand mixer DID NOT work. So had to knead by hand. No big deal. To make them had to add 1 large egg, 1 cup buttermilk - oops - no buttermilk - so used regular milk [it was an option] and 1 ¼ sticks of unsalted butter. So of course, had to buy the butter too. Add stuff, mix, knead, roll out to 16 x 16 - couldn’t get it that big. Then roll it and cut into sections - 8 of them. Looking good.
Then let rise 1 hour then bake. Oops left in oven too long - got a little brown.
Then add the frosting. They smelled delicious and tasted good [except overcooked] Would I make them again? No - I will drive 30 miles to the Mall to buy them. The kit [box] is too expensive, too much trouble. And one goes a long way - and we had eight. Still have five left!
Weather is starting to warm and humidity up again. We had a little over a week of wonderful 70 degree weather, but supposed to get low 80s and dry weather back in another week. So for sure will paint bathroom then. I promise.
The woodworker came over on Saturday and pulled all the kitchen cupboard doors off. Filled and sanded the facing. Kitchen looks strange without doors.
I'm glad I straightened out the stuff inside a couple of weeks ago. 
 Don’t know when we’ll see him again...hopefully today or tomorrow.
Into town this morning to see about new tires for the Alfa. Bill was checking them out yesterday and noticed the sidewalls have lots of little wrinkles and cracks in them. The ones we have are six years old - only 25,000 miles on them, tread is like new - but sitting in the sun in storage really wasn’t good for them. Oh well.
We have planters on the deck out of our bedroom and we usually put potted geraniums in them but didn’t buy any this year. Who cares? 
Well we put the house up for sale last weekend so the flowers make things look nicer. Anyway we went into Menards [home improvement store] and they had some sorry looking baskets of yellow marigolds for $2.00 each - we bought the 7 best looking. Brought them home, watered and fed them and they are beautiful now. Lots and lots of flowers and buds.  
About the house for sale. It is getting to be just too much to take care of - it isn’t fun anymore. Especially for Bill. The humidity and allergies are sapping his energy and being outside out of the AC really bothers him. So we’ll see what will happen. We are talking about getting rid of everything and living in the Alfa full-time for a while. And just traveling. Maybe have one of those “estate sale” places come in and get rid of everything in one mass sweep. Well see what happens. Personally - I don’t think the house will sell. It is kind of unique. But we did have a couple come by to look at it Saturday - with no doors on the cupboards in the kitchen!

So that’s my news for today. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Roaming around Columbus, IN

Yippee! Finished the furnace room cleaning and painting this morning bright and early.  What a difference - the last before and after pictures - I promise.

The weather is still wonderful - cool and not horribly humid. Another couple days of coolness then back up into the 80s. So need to get the bathroom trim painted quickly.
This weekend we are supposed to get our new cupboard doors in the kitchen. So today I took everything off the walls and all the knick knacks down - When it is done I’ll clean everything and put them back up. Until then the kitchen looks so uninviting - unfriendly - amazing what a few pictures and some color does for a room.
Yesterday we went into Columbus to get a few things done - one thing being a new sign for Willie’s rear window - the old one we got in Mexico a couple of years ago was too faded to read. So here’s his new sign - colorful and bright.
Columbus is a pretty little town. Especially the downtown area. Mostly old buildings and a lot of flowers - a few of the streets are still brick.
One of the older buildings with the old type sign on a jewelry store.
And this sculpture - one of many in town - it is beautiful from the front but I only could get a back of it shot - we were on a one way street. It is a woman with the sleeves of her dress blowing in the wind.
While waiting for the sign to be made I was outside enjoying the weather and colors in the field next door. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cool weather and painting.

Painting, painting, and painting and enjoying the cool weather. How can such a small room take so long to paint? I should have Bill take a picture of me after I’ve been painting - I have more paint on me than the room does. Probably ‘cause it involves crawling under and over shelving. I seem to always manage to put some part of my body on something I just painted.
The worse part is it doesn’t look much better as the shelves were built out of scrap wood that was all beat up to begin with and the ceiling is not finished - all kinds of pipes and wires hanging out.
after - didn't dare paint the wires
When I got up this a.m. I put on my painting clothes so that I would get to it. If we go anywhere or if I get on the computer - my motivation seems to just disappear too.
After I get all the painting done I’m going to start going through closets etc and getting rid of stuff. I’ve already done the kitchen - still waiting for the new cupboards...he was supposed to be here to measure over the weekend, but didn’t show up. Oh well - eventually they’ll be done. Country living you know.
Got a whole closet full of old, old, old computer stuff - must have 10 phone to computer lines and the old Ethernet lines. And all kinds of connections - maybe if I sort them out I’ll be able to find the one I need to an old external hard drive. Why do we save junk?  I have program disks that haven’t worked in years. Something for another day.
Remember that George Carlin skit about “stuff” expanding to fit the area you have. Sure seems to work that way with us. 
It was another one of our son’s birthdays yesterday - boy are they getting on up in years. Doesn’t seem possible. They range from 44 to 56 now.

Doing some stained glass work. Making a 3-D angel for a friend.
yellow is finished - blue one in progress. 
Also want to do a Saint Patrick’s Hat. Just fun stuff. I find if I keep busy I don’t snack so much - I really need to lose some pounds so that might be the way to do it. God forbid I get up and exercise! 
Now back to the book - correcting mistakes. Hard to believe I missed so many on the last read through!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Soaring leaves

OMG - I can feel the little bit of painting I did yesterday. I should really have done more today but - Monday is paying bills and laundry day. Can’t change the routine [that is how you can tell you’re getting old - you have routines.] So that’s what I did first. But then we had to go down to our little town to go to the bank. Headed out, but first went for breakfast to a little cafe in Bean Blossom called Brownie’s. Good home cooking and mostly home town people there.
Then into town, while there we walked around a little bit. Did I mention that our little town [population 900] is a quaint and historic town. We have over 100 historic buildings in and around the town. This is one of them. The courthouse built in the late 1800s. We parked behind it.
The building itself has become a problem to the town as it needs to be updated - too small and no handicap access. Part of the town wants to remodel it and part of the town wants to build a new court house. So of course nothing is getting done.
Walking around it towards the front. Funny [and I don’t mean to be disrespectful] but I never thought of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ having conventions.
Also walked past the broom maker - glad to see he is still in business. I wrote about him last year I think.
And finally found the yarn shop I’d been looking for. I went in and said “Hi” to the girl there - she didn’t even look up. What is with that? Anyway wandered around some and looked at the yarns - nice selection.
But a little pricey for my pockets. I'm not that good of a knitter. 
I asked about the classes they give but the girl didn’t know anything about them, said she’d have the owner get in touch with me. Hummmm...
Then we went to the Visitor Center to get a good look at the new sculpture. Magnificent - especially up close. Some info about it. It is named “Soaring.”
Some info about it.
A couple more pictures of it. I love it and it is perfect for the town.

On the way back to the car we stopped in another shop. It used to be further out of town but moved in town during the winter.
Interesting place. Sells lots of “stuff” you can buy anywhere but is cute inside.
One thing that was beautiful was this table. Made out of one piece of maple wood. The table and four benches. Really nice.
Then headed for home. I did remember to ask Bill to stop so I could get a shot of this rusting old tractor. I just like the way it looks. Wouldn't it look great in our front yard?
Finished the laundry and worked on book again - implementing some of the suggestions and corrections our friend suggested. Seems strange there are no sports we need to watch today. But tonight at 10 the new season of Ice Road Truckers starts - I know! But I like to watch it anyway.

Tomorrow I return to painting. It should only be in the low 70s, perfect painting day.  

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hurry Polar Vortex!

There is no joy in Mudville - I mean our home - tonight - Mighty Argentina blew it. Bill says the better team did win. But we were hoping. Germany made a goal in the 117th minute of a 90 minute game. Well there should have only been 90 minutes of it, but at the end of 90 it was 0 to 0 so they went into 30 minutes of OT.  At least it wasn't penalty kicks. I spent part of the game flicking back and forth on the TV watching the race and the game during race commercials. So many commercials I didn't miss much of the game. 
And in the NASCAR race Kyle, #18, came in 2nd and was lucky to do that. He ran out of gas as he crossed the finish line. At least his car was a lot better than it's been the last month or so.
I sure wish our forecast Polar Vortex would get here - for some reason today it went up to the high 80s but "felt like" 94. We can see the air the humidity is so high. Going outside is like walking into a sauna. Of course it is bothering Bill again - at least now that he is warm all the time we can have the AC on all day. Works for me. 
Even though it was warm I did start painting! Yes, really! I started in the basement furnace room where it is almost always cool. What a freaking mess - little bitty tiny spiders all over - I still feel like my skin is crawling. And mouse turds - all over the place on the high shelves ICK!!!ICK!!! They were probably there when we bought the place. Got all the cleaning done and about 1/4 of the room painted. Looks better already - at least to me it does. It will never look nice but at least it will look and smell clean.
We have a good friend, who is very smart and has published a couple of books, reading our "book" She finished it this weekend and has sent me a bunch of suggestions for improving it. So guess back to the computer - when I get too tired to paint.
Yesterday I got the embroidery sewing machine set up so I can start embroidering my quilt pieces. Took me awhile to remember how to get the patterns from the laptop to the card that goes into the sewing machine. It's been so long since I've used it I had to reload the program. Could not remember where I'd put the disk. After much digging I found it right where it should be. With the instruction manual! Then the machine didn't want to recognize the card - forgot the embroidery attachment had to be attached for it to recognize it. But it is all ready to go now. Have six designs ready to go. 
Best post and go fix something for dinner - Some kind of chicken probably. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Moths and Phones and Wonderful Weather

An absolute gorgeous day here in Brown County. Looking out towards Indianapolis.
Blue sky, puffy white clouds, slight breeze not too hot and lower humidity. Perfect. And we are getting another "Polar Vortex" next week - High temperatures will be in high 60s low 70s! Loving it. And for some strange reason, whether it is the combination of new antihistamine meds or just a change in his metabolism - Bill is no longer cold all the time. He even turns the fans and AC on now.
Just watched qualifying for the NASCAR race Sunday - Kyle #18 has the pole - now if he can just win the race. He was also pretty fast in the Nationwide practice.  And tonight is a truck race - two of his trucks are pretty fast. No soccer games until tomorrow afternoon and the final on Sunday. Busy TV sports weekend for us.
Saw this guy on the porch today. Isn't he pretty. About the size of my hand.
And a close up of his wing "eye." He looks like he has fur.
Mother Nature is amazing. 
Been going into town - the big town - every morning so haven't started painting yet. But have all the stuff gathered up and ready to go. And the weather will cooperate next week. I WILL get it done! One of those "cannot believe we did it" things. We went into Verizon to see if we could change our plan - lower the monthly price -  as we rarely use the cell phone if we're not traveling. And we came out with a new phone! Not just a new phone but it is a second phone with a different number. So now we have two cell phones that we can't figure out how to answer and a land line! But we can talk to the new phone and it will answer us! Another learning curve. I'm keeping the Old phone and Bill will play with the new one. 
For the 4th of July I dug out my red, white and blue place mats. Did the embroidery on the sewing machine. It is fun to do.
Probably will start on the embroidered cars for the quilt tomorrow - if I can remember how to set everything up to make the machine do it. 
Almost time for truck race - time to go back downstairs

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cooler Weather here in Indiana

I am LOVIN' the weather here now. Not getting any hotter than 80 - and will last into next week!!!  In fact next Monday will be high of 75 - guess what I'm finally going to do - PAINT. Yep for sure this time. Need to get it done and off my list.
We are getting itchy feet to take a short trip in Alfie - maybe to Dayton, OH to go to the Air Museum there. Been there before but Bill wants to go back. And we want to be out of here when the new cupboards etc. in the kitchen are getting put in.
Humidity is down too so Bill is feeling almost himself. Amazing how it bothers him.
As for the World Cup - Argentina will be in the final - against Germany. Wow that was some game between Germany and Brazil - could not believe how fast the Germans scored and scored and scored. Poor Brazil they didn't have a chance. The game yesterday with Argentina went the whole game and 30 minutes overtime without a goal. Argentina won it on penalty kicks. That's a horrible way to win or lose. Final game is Sunday afternoon at the same time as the NASCAR race. Guess I'll be running back and forth watching both.

Have started working on a new stained glass piece - but no knitting yet. Got more material for my baby quilt so I can start on it. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Upside down car - not us!

Well our nice weather lasted three days, now we're back to the humidity and heat. Heat to me anyway - Bill loves the warm days. But the humidity is already bothering him again.
Since we're not feeding the deer anymore we had the gardener mow the lot out back - so now it looks more like a lawn instead of a meadow. Kind of nice but probably not worth keeping up 'cause the weeds here grow like they're on steroids - so won't be long before it looks the same. This is just a pretty flower outside the restaurant down town. Love the color. 
Made more banana nut muffins yesterday morning. Should be enough for a few days. 
Then watched the race - the one that was supposed to be Saturday night but got rained out. The driver I like was doing fine - working his way to the front when there was a BIG wreck - this is how he ended up. Not one part of it that #18 isn't wrecked. Check out the front wheel.
Joked about it though - said he was "just hanging around waiting for the wrecker" It's amazing how the cars can be so banged up and the drivers just walk away. Of the 43 cars that started the race only 21 finished because of the two big wrecks - Daytona is such a crap shoot of a race.
Tomorrow and the next day are soccer games - the semi finals. Hope Argentina makes it through. The final game is next Sunday. Will be interesting to see what countries are the final two and who wins.
We took the big white truck to town this morning - it needed gasoline and a battery. I wish someone would buy it.
Going to do more work on the book - finish setting it up for ebook publishing. The formatting is driving me nuts - can only work on it in spurts - no patience with my mistakes. Also have to see about getting it an ID number...glad we have a friend who will help us with some of this. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Quiet life here in Brown County

Cloudy and cool today - chance of showers later and for the next two days. Good baking weather - made some banana nut muffins. Smells so good.
Also fresh coffee using some of the coffee we got in Atacama Mexico a couple of winters ago (I keep it in the freezer until I want to use it)
Going to watch the rain delayed race later [at 11:00 if it isn't still raining in Daytona] and having company for lunch/supper - just fixing hamburgers no big deal.
Watched the soccer games the last couple of days - some good - some boring. Glad Argentina is moving to the next set. Who knows maybe they'll win this year.
Forgot to watch the fireworks from Indy - was watching the Nationwide debacle - race? These restrictor plate races are becoming a joke. And the qualifying is weird! No one can pass - not even with help for a couple other cars. Hope today's Cup race is better. Lots of good racers starting way in the back.
That darn raccoon is brazen - he was up on the porch in broad daylight standing on the rail hanging onto the bird feeder trying to get in it. Makes me mad that we can't keep feeding the birds and deer because of him. Life in the country!
Bill has the big truck up for sale - sure hope someone buys it - I don't like it. It is just too big.
The little truck was bartered for new kitchen cabinets. Our neighbor needed a four wheel drive truck and we wanted new cabinets and he is a magnificent wood worker. He brought up a sample door for us to check - love it. It is a lot like what we have now but without all the banged up pieces. Will take before and after when it is done.

Bill is feeling much better - I hope it's because of the shots and not just because we are having a couple of days without gosh awful humidity. We ran into one of the nurses from the doc's office yesterday at Wal*Mart and she could tell just by looking at him that he was feeling much better. 
After the race I might work on some stained glass - making an angel like this in a different color. Or a turkey sun-catcher. Or maybe not... 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Every day the train leaves faster

AT LAST a cool day - in fact three cool days in a row. The highs for the next couple of days will not reach 80! And the humidity is down - Almost Heaven! So I should paint shouldn't I…but don't want to. My get up and go got up and went. Speaking of things going - saw this on a Maxine cartoon. She says, "Now that I'm older I find that my train of thought leaves the station with out me a lot." Oh yes.
Only a few more soccer games to go. Mexico was robbed of a win by the referee giving the opposing team a penalty kick that was not a penalty. And the U.S. was just outclassed. But what a goal keeper the Tim Howard is. Wow! Argentina is still in the finals.
This weekends NASCAR is a Daytona - that is a crap shoot.
Went into our little town this morning and the sculpture has been unveiled - it is all - well almost all painted - guys are still working on it. Turned out nice. Entirely built by veterans. 

We had to go in 'cause Bill had to go to the doctor again - those damn allergies are really knocking him down. And with all the humidity he is having problems catching his breath - and it is just all weather caused. Today doc says the mold levels in the air are really high. So he should "stay inside, close all windows and doors and turn on AC" [then he'll be so cold maybe he'll forget about his runny eyes and sneezing etc.] and when ever he comes in from outside he needs to take a shower shower. Also gave him more shots and added to the allergy meds. Never had any idea allergies could be debilitating - took me a while to figure out how to spell that one. -
Had a spectacular sunset here a couple nights ago - just before a big storm. No clouds in the sky - it was just bright red. Picture doesn't do it justice.
Just finished a good chick book called "The Life List" by Lori Nelson Spielman. How different did your life turn out to be from when you were 14?
Did I post a picture of this when I made it? A necklace using one of the tiny little carved faces.
Yesterday picked up some material for my quilt to be and found all the embroidery patterns for it. And am already hunting through patterns for something to knit.

We for sure have another raccoon - I saw him on the back porch the other night. So guess we'll quit feeding the birds and deer and hope he moves away.