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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another neat Vegas Art Project

The weather has finally settled down. Getting warmer and less windy. I actually managed to get a short walk in today. about 1 1/2 miles in 30 minutes. Some more weather related pictures. Rain storm over the desert behind us. We didn't get any rain but it was all around us by the mountains. 
 Just a picture of one of the hills/mountains we can see from the back yard, the sun was going down and lighting it up. 
There is a new art project in town. Five women artists had their work selected to be put on billboards. This one is just a few blocks from our house. Hopefully we can find the other four before they are taken down. 
Some information about the project - "It’s one of five in the new ArtPop Street Gallery series placing work by Las Vegas artists on available billboards in town as a way to promote the arts. Las Vegas is among seven states featuring the program, launched by ArtPop founder Wendy Hickey of Charlotte, North Carolina, and brought to Southern Nevada by artist Dale Sprague, a former American Institute of Graphic Arts president. About 40 artists submitted works. In addition to Burkart, the Las Vegans selected are JK Russ, Diane Bush, Melissa McGill and Cheryl Hobbs, each working in different media and subject matter, but tapping into the area's landscapes and character, natural or fabricated."
Just a cute mural inside a building we were in. 
 Willie seems to be following some one new. 
Going to meet friends for lunch tomorrow and maybe try to get to the DMV. NOT. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

About to blow away!

No walking except around inside today. The weather was fierce. There were wind gusts up to 78 mph with sustained winds over 30 mph. Gusts were strong enough to move the car almost to the next lane.
 You can see the weather moving in. Didn't get cold but lots of damaging wind and dust in the air.
 I've been noticing that some of the utility boxes on the corners have been repainted. This is a neat one. 
 Really like this one. Looks more like a photograph than a painting.
 We had to get some work done on Willie. I think I mentioned that the thick metal tongues on the car that attach to the tow bar were getting fatigued. Well they were beyond fatigued into down right dangerous. So a friend sent us to see Rick at his welding shop - Weld Rite. Very interesting. 
 Here is Rick getting ready to take the old ones off and put new ones on. 
 He and Bill discussing things. [the white spot on Bill's shirt is a bug on the windshield - didn't notice it until after I took the picture.]
 The old ones had to be cut off.
 Lots of sparks flying around. One down. 
 One to go. 
 It put up a fight. 
 Putting the new ones on. 
 One of the new tongues. It is a double one for the new hitch. 
 Taken at 3:58 - the sky is dark from the dust, can barely see the mountains. 
 At 4:41 - sky is lighter but dust is still bad. And in the next hour or so it is supposed to get worse for a while. Tomorrow it will be less windy but colder - low 60s. 
Some more weather pictures.

Hum...not weather. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter to All

We want to wish those of you who celebrate Easter a very nice day and those of you who don't we're hoping you have a beautiful Spring day. An that you all have good food and friends and family to enjoy it with. 
The scene in the mall yesterday. The Bunny sure had a lot of patience. I would be fired quickly from a job like his. 
 I took my walk early this morning. Did over 7000 steps or 2.7 miles. Just around the corner from the house I caught the bunny on his way home. I'm assuming he was heading home as he didn't have any more baskets or candy to deliver. He is just resting here. 
 There he goes hippity hopping along. 
 This is the main club house of our community. There is a pool, gym, big TV area and tennis courts. Always well kept up. 
 Spring is in bloom around here. I always like hollyhocks. 
 Another blooming bush.
 And this one has attracted a hummingbird. 
 The second clubhouse near the back of the community. It also has a lot of things to do. And they always have something going on. Classes, variety shows, events for holidays.
 A cactus in bloom. More and more flowers on it every time I go by.
This is a dwarf bottle brush plant. I think it's really pretty. I am checking out plants that grow good here as we need to add some landscaping eventually. 
After coming home we took off again and went to Lowe's to check out things. All we got was another hummingbird feeder. Bill was looking at wood for a couple of his projects but hasn't bought any yet. 
Also stopped to pick up a prescription - WOW - sure don't like the new medication program our insurance put us on. Today's pills went from $30 to $60 for 90 days. And one of mine has gone from $20 to $100 for 90 days. What a crock. 
Weather today is nice but tomorrow the wind is coming again. Predicted gusts up to 60 mph! Until Tuesday and then the temps will drop to high of 60 and low of 48. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Morning Walk

The day started out pretty cool, but warmed up quickly after the sun rose. I put on my tennis shoes and a light weight jacket and started out for a walk. I walked around the community where we live. Managed 2 1/4 miles! At kind of a slow pace though as it took me almost an hour. Need to pick up a little speed. I did waste some time stopping to watch this bunny. I gave up and moved first. He just sat there without moving. Forgot to mention a couple of nights ago during the full moon the coyotes in the desert were in full yip and howl mode. 
On my walk I also stopped to check this out. It isn't the one across the street from us but another one getting ready to be moved. It is up on wheeled dollies and the center parts are all sealed off. I sure would like that rose bush. Wonder if they'll try to save it or just knock it down. Wish I knew when they were going to move it. But I guess I'll get to watch when they take the one across from us. 
We are finally getting our mail delivered to our house again after having it sent to the mail box place. So this afternoon we went to the mail box place and picked up what was there and closed the box. Stopped on the way home to check out some Class C's in an RV lot. Just looking. 
Then stopped at Denny's for a late lunch. I told Bill he better get filled up cause all that was for supper is leftovers and he doesn't like leftovers. I tried their new salmon skillet. It was pretty good. My heart healthy meal for the day. Fish and vegetables. 
My we were young then! January 1978 Dennis, Paul and John, who passed away almost 9 years ago, are all grandfathers. Randy never married and Gil has a 14 year old son. And Bill and I are superannuated. Well I agree with part of the definition, but not all of it. [1. retired because of age or infirmity. 2. too old for use, work, service, or a position. 3. antiquated or obsolete]

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring's full moon. And 1978 memories.

I am so sick of all the political stuff on TV - and we still have six more months of it. 
Didn't do anything today, walked up to the clubhouse for some information and to get the stickers for our cars and the RV. New security measure I guess. As I was leaving I saw a man in an official park golf cart taking measurements of one of the lots across the street. So maybe something will start going on over there. Will seem strange to have homes there instead of empty lots. 
Our new house numbers.- he changed it some from yesterdays pictures. Gives it more depth. And I took the tags off the tiles. 
 Went out last evening and discovered the full moon over the desert. Yesterday the wind blew hard all day so there was a lot of dust in the air. It kind of gave the moon a yellowish tint.  [And it looks like my camera has more dust on the lense]

Pretty isn't it. 
A picture from a long time ago - 1978 -  a bridge somewhere in Central America. Yes we drove across it. 
 On the Sea of Cortez around Guaymas.
There are more pictures in our book. "All The Way To Argentina"

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Doing some walking again

Guess I forgot to post yesterday. Didn't really do too much to write about. I did go for a short walk in the morning. This is our street with two vacant lots and the house they are supposed to move and replace with a new one - manana - or someday. 
 See the three helicopters up there. Every morning between 9 and 9:15 they fly over. We figure they are on their way to the Grand Canyon. I don't expect to see them today as the wind is stead around 25mph with gusts up to 40/45mph. 
I had my fit bit on yesterday - it motivates me - except I forgot to turn it on. It hasn't been used for so long it had turned off. I was almost home before I thought of it. Oh well. It was just a short walk anyway. This morning I did a little over a mile and a half. But it is only 9:15 - so I still have more time to step, step, step.
Went to Hobby Lobby for a while yesterday. Love that store so many neat things there to look at. Only bought a couple of dish towels with Easter and Spring themes. 
Bill put my hummingbird feeder up out back yesterday. Sure hope some find it. This morning on my walk I did spy one flying around. I told him to go over to our house but he flew the wrong. Surprised a bunny too. Or rather I should say the bunny surprised me when he ran out from under a bush right in front of me. 
Nothing planned for today. Bill is planning out his window box planters. They are going to be pretty. And he has almost finished our house numbers - he made the frame we bought the tiles in Mazatlan. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

I can't prove where I live, but I can prove who I am.

Boy I think I'm going to have a problem getting a Nevada driver's license. Because all  my utility bills, credit cards and bank statements are paperless. I need two proofs of residence. They won't take a medical bill - have lots of them. And they won't take a copy downloaded from the Internet. Going to have to think about this. Both of us are going to have a problem. What a crock. Guess I'm going to have to try to call the DMV - ugh - for help on this. 
Went out this morning to pick a few things up from the store,. I had to get my Peeps for the year. Got a couple of boxes. But I don't like them soft so have to open them and let them get hard before I can bite their little heads off. 
Not a good sports day. Barcelona tied their game - they should have won. And Kyle was 2nd a few laps from the end when he blew a tire - sounds like yesterday. But this time he was too far from the end to keep going. Had to go change it. Ended up 25th I think. 
Cooking the corned beef today. Just sounded good and I picked up two more at the store 'cause they were on sale. Like $5 cheaper than the one I bought the other day. Turned out very good. We both over ate. 
 Happened to go outside at just the right time. Looking out toward the south
 Looking out back over the desert. See the moon. 
 Looking out front towards the west. Unusual cloud formation. It was so still and quiet out it was eerie. 
 Looking south west - a jet was going somewhere.