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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fixing the outside storage bay doors

The last day of another month – got to remember to back up the laptop tonight.
I got up a while ago and discovered Bill asleep on the recliner in the living room! Guess I must have had a Loud night and drove him out. When I woke him up – he looked at me said “Um” and went right to the bed. Be interesting what he’ll say when he finally wakes up!
Yesterday was a busy day for us. First off we will be staying here in San Carlos another week! And why is that you ask? Well – it has to do with work on the Alfa. Let me regress a year. When we were in Huatabampito last year we had the bottom of the Alfa painted. The guys worked hard on it sanding all the blisters off the storage doors, treating those areas and painting. Well it didn’t work – the blisters all reappeared and started peeling again. So that brings us to San Carlos – there is a marina here and a lot of guys who work on boats – with the fiberglass and gel coats. Soooo the painter who used to work on boats and now works for the RV park took a look at our blistered paint and thought he could fix the problem. This was last week. He sanded the blisters right down to the fiberglass –see picture.
Put some coating on and repainted. Problem solved right. Nope by the next day the blisters were coming up in the new paint. 
This is a problem a lot of Alfa owners have had. In fact there is a class action suit about it...So now what? Well the painter took one of the compartment doors completely off and apart – the interior insulation was wet!  Soooo he took the door home to dry it out and them refiberglassed it and repainted it. Actually Bill took him and the door to his house as his truck is laid up. Now it looks like that might work. So now all the storage compartment doors are off and gone to workshop.
Friday the painter was supposed to bring that door back, but he didn’t make it here. So yesterday morning he was here bright and early letting Bill know the progress he was making on the one door. It was ready to be painted and if Bill would come to his house/shop in the afternoon it would be ready. As the painter turned to go Bill asked him how did you get here today? “I took the bus.”
“How will you go pick up the paint and get home?
“I’ll take the bus.”
So we ended up taking him to the paint store and home. An interesting trip. Yesterday morning I posted a couple of pictures of the sunrise with all the fog over the hills. As we headed into Guaymas the fog was still around. A thick heavy bank of it. It hung over the Gulf the whole day.
The painter directed us to the paint store – they went inside and I stayed in the car just watching people. At one point the owner, painter and Bill came outside – they were checking the color of the paint chip to match it. 
Found out later the paint was matched and mixed by hand. No computers putting in a drip or drop of colors.
While they were inside I was watching this man sitting on the sidewalk. He has a Christmas ornament tied around his neck and he had several more small ones he was carefully putting into a plastic bag and eventually put in his backpack. Here is looking at some kind of electrical connection. It too went in the backpack.
Across the street the owner of another paint store came out to sweep the street.
After getting the paint we took the painter home with instructions to pick him and the door up at 1:30. Then we promptly got lost coming out of his neighborhood. Took us a while to find the main street – In fact I turned the GPS on to help. Thank you Gertrude.
We got home but turned right around and went out to breakfast.
After breakfast we took a ride heading back towards Guaymas. Passing around the bay we stopped to watch some dolphins playing. Sorry the pictures aren’t better – they are hard to catch. They were only about thirty feet from shore.

Heading into town I saw that a Christmas Tree had been put up in the area where we saw a fountain last week.
By then we’d wasted enough time and so we headed towards the painters again. Lots of automotive stuff hanging on a fence for sale. I think some of them are dash covers, seat covers and floor mats. One stop shopping.
A little further down the highway was a very nasty tope [speed bump on steriods] Everyone has to slow WAY down to go over it. So the vendors get a good chance to show off their wares. These two are selling fresh shrimp. Big ones – bodies about 10 inches long.
On the other side was a man selling fresh fish. They are hanging just to the right.
We found the painter’s house with no problems. Bill went to check on the door and I stayed in the car. Soon a couple of young girls came out of the house next door and started to talk to me. With their limited English and my nonexistent Spanish it was a funny conversation. They were sisters and have three brothers who live in the US. I told them I was from Indiana and tried to explain where that is. Then we talked about the weather – hot here and cold there with snow. We were doing pretty good until I took my sunglasses off and kind of surprised them. For some reason yesterday my hazel eyes were very green. They’d never seen green eyes before so they both had to get a good look – kind of funny – our noses practically touching and them giggling.
About then Bill came out and took me back to the shop to check out the door. Looked good. So we load it and the painter in the car and brought it back to the RV. A lot of discussing going on that I couldn’t follow. But now know that it entailed doing all the doors with blisters. So they all had to come off – and then we took the painter back home. About a hour or so later he came back with a friend and a pickup to pick up the doors – no way they’d fit in Willie. After they got the doors loaded up they noticed the pick up had a flat tire. Bill loaned them his compressor to put air in it and as were doing that we headed out to dinner with friends.
Hopefully it held until they got it home. So here we sit with all the storage compartment doors gone. I sure hope this fixes the problem for good.
So we had a busy day yesterday – driving back and forth – and ate out twice – there goes my plans to start cooking – aw gee.

Today should be interesting too – going to look at a boat our friends are thinking about buying. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sunrise, TelCel and Door Repairs

Good very early morning. Was up this morning way, way before sunrise. When the sky finally began to get light I walked across the street to check out the sunrise. Wasn’t much but did take a few pictures. These are kind of looking inland towards Guaymas. A few birds were up and about but not many.
Pockets of fog in the low areas between the hills.
Since we’ve been here there has only been one nice sunset and not really nice sunrises – mainly not a cloud in the sky.
Yesterday afternoon we went into Guaymas to go to the TelCel service center to get the Banda Ancha (Internet device) paid for and activated. US $ 30 for 3 GBs or 30 days, which ever gets used up first. Also got Bill’s Mexican TelCel phone activated. Luckily both old numbers were still good so we didn’t have to get new sim cards. I’m still using the RV parks Internet but once we leave here will have to use the Banda Ancha.
We also went to Sam’s Club to get more of the frozen/boxed Orange Chicken. It is good and easy to fix. After getting home and trying to stuff it in the freezer we decided we have to stop eating out and start using some of the stuff we brought with us. Guess that means I’ll be cooking more.
We also went to Wal*Mart to get a few things. Aren’t these cookies and cupcakes cute? Getting ready for Christmas.
And I love the fish – swimming in ice!
I discovered yesterday that I could download the Kindle app on Bill’s new tablet and using the park's WiFi I can download some free books that aren’t available on Barnes and Noble. So I’ll still have something to read if my Nook quits working altogether. Ain’t technology grand.
No plans for today, just wait for the guy who is trying to fix the blisters that keep appearing on the outside storage doors. TIM – this is Mexico – he was supposed to come by yesterday but didn’t make it. Hope he comes today as he has one of the doors with him and we are kind of planning on leaving here on Monday – maybe… Well he is here now and there is a lot of talking and hand gesturing going on outside.  All is well. We took him to a paint store and back to his house, will pick him up at 2:00 and the door should be finished. More about that later.

It’s been 52 days and 2800 miles since we left home. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Day in San Carlos

Had a very nice day yesterday. We went out to breakfast with friends. Then went over to the marina just to look around. It is always pretty there - the water, boats and flowers. Love the bougainvillea when it is blooming. 
Saw this guy painting big platters. He makes it look so easy.
He had a display table there too. I love the seahorses - they are in front in the middle, kind of hard to see.
Then we noticed a group of people standing around a sailboat on a trailer - of course had to go see what they were doing. Turned out they were getting it ready to put it in the water. 
The workers put a couple big straps under it. Straps attached to a crane. Then lifted it.
Swing it out towards the water.
Lowering it in the water. It only took a few minutes. Interesting to watch – as long as it wasn’t my boat!
Then we came home – Bill has a guy working on the outside compartment doors – trying to remove the blisters. They showed up again after getting it painted. Come to find out the interior [insulation?] of the doors is wet. So they are trying to dry that out and will go from there.
Then later we went out for Thanksgiving Dinner. Eight of us to El Mar restaurant. Very good dinner – Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, yams, cranberry sauce and green beans. I took a picture of it BUT – didn’t have the memory card in the camera! How could I forget to put it back. Well I did. BUT – the picture is in the camera, in the cameras memory. The only problem is I can’t figure out how to get it out of the camera’s memory into my laptop. There has got to be a way….
All together a very nice day. Good weather, good friends and good food. 
On edit - I learned how to get the picture from memory to memory stick - thank goodness for the internet...

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

We have a lot to be thankful for this year. I was watching Bill yesterday as he walked around the campground stopping and talking to everyone who was outside. He was so animated and happy. For a time during the past year I didn’t think I’d ever see him that way again.
I was looking back through the blog and it was February 25th around nine months ago that he woke up with a fever. And from there it went downhill. The hospitalization and the surgery and the infection. And finally our trip home. Not long after we got home the allergies began. He has had a rough year. It is so good to see him smile, hear him sing and watch him clown around again.
We had orange chicken for dinner last night. Bought frozen from Sam’s Club – brand name Crazy Cuizine – it was very good. One of the best frozen ones we’ve had. Going to pick some more up our next trip to town

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Beautiful Scenery

Our days here at San Carlos are drawing closer to an end. Then we’ll be moving on down south to Mazatlan where many friends are wondering when we’ll get there. Soon, soon.
Yesterday was very windy all day. Nice and warm but windy. Glad we weren't driving. 
We took a drive up to a couple of the really nice view points. This first is a housing development that we first looked at several years ago. The lots are very expensive. – Probably too expensive as there don’t seem to be many houses going up there. On the way out to it we pass through this beautiful desert area – such blue sky too.
Then we come to the Sea of Cortez. I wish the picture could really capture the shimmering of the sun on the water. But this will have to do.
There are two houses behind us built on the side of the mountain and these two nearer the beach. The furthest one has been completed since last year. The round paved areas are roads leading to the lots. The house on the bottom has its own beach.
Looking behind us at lots up the mountain. The mountain in the back ground is the one you see in all my sunset pictures. San Carlos famous landmark. 
From there we went up to El Mirador –spectacular view of desert, mountain and water.
Looking down toward the beach – someone loves someone!
And from there we went into the city of Guaymas again. Bill wanted more Cantimpalo so we went the Ley’s supermarket. Then on to Sam’s club because our friends with us had never been to a Sam’s Club. And we found a bunch of stuff that wasn’t there the other day. Bill got prosciutto, we got some Spanish saffron, and some mushroom/roasted pepper mix in jars. Yum. And a couple of other things that we didn’t need but looked good. And some Orange Chicken all ready to heat and eat.
And last night six of us went out to dinner at El Mar – again good time, good friends and good food. What more could we ask for.
So far no plans for today as we are having someone check out the blisters on the outside cabinet doors to see if he can fix them so they don’t come back.

Lots and lots of RVs coming through here to spend the night before heading further south. Just last night there were eight or nine of them. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bushes into Birds.

Another beautiful day here – but windy. The awning is flapping – might have to pull it in.Yep – Bill just brought it in. No sense taking a chance of it flying over the coach.
Yesterday we did NOTHING! Never left the RV park. But back to the day before when we went to Guaymas. This is the Home Depot – it has these beautiful paintings of flowers on the side of it.
And inside – just like one at home.
When we were in Wal*Mart I saw this stuffed animal and it reminded me of our youngest son. If you read about our trip to South America you know he brought his big stuffed dog Henry with him. Down there and back. This looks a lot like Henry and is about the same size. Do you still have him packed away somewhere Gil?
I was joking with Bill that we need to go somewhere and do something today so I can get some pictures and something to write about as I’ve been reduced to taking pictures of the plants in the RV park. And here they are. Got to love the gardeners – give them a full bush and they turn it into art. A couple of birds? Ducks?

And lollipops.
The manager was saying that this year when that big hurricane hit Baja and then turned this way a lot of this RV park got flooded and the salt water damaged several of the trees. They are hoping they will recover.
My electronic jinx is still going strong. Now the cell phone that I use will not respond to the touch screen! What is with this?! We still have the other cell phone so it’s no big deal but…The phone still works and we can read texts and answer it but cannot make it call when pushing on the call button.
Have a load of laundry in – if I do a small load every other day I can keep up with it.

Oh goody, Bill has his keys in his hand we’re going somewhere as soon as I post this. 
Hey, wait for me! Bye. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

We need to stop eating out!

Feel kind of guilty that I don’t have anything exciting to write about yesterday. Just more sunshine and warm weather. Lots of RVs are coming through the park on their way south. Seems like more than last year. With the price of fuel I’m surprised. But I guess the cold weather is kind of a motivator.
We went out to breakfast again to the El Mar – right on the beach but inside. And discovered Sunday was buffet day. And the restaurant was crowded. Buffet looked beautiful – lots and lots of fresh fruit. I didn’t take any pictures because there were just too many people around it.
After we got home we picked up our friends and went into Guaymas to Home Depot, Wal*Mart and Sam’s Club. Because their RV has been in storage over the summer they needed to resupply lots of things in it. First we went to Home Depot where she was looking for a kitchen sink plug/strainer/drain cover – not sure what they’re called but any way we couldn’t find one. Bill was also looking for a 12V light fixture for the Alfa – good luck with that.
Then to Wal*Mart for more odds and ends. Mostly food stuffs for them. I did get some red and yellow peppers for under US 50 cents each. Nice and crispy ones. Now we just have to eat a meal at home so I can use them. 
Then to Sam’s club to get salmon and they were out of it. Maybe next week. All the stores now are setting up with Christmas items. Mostly toys, beverages and foods. Lots and lots of toys!

Just read and visited during the warm afternoon then later on we all went to the Italian restaurant next door for dinner. 
My Nook is working fine again - so keeping my fingers crossed.
Before I forget - we got our first "royalties" from Amazon for the sale of our book. How exciting - all ten dollars and fifty cents of it. 
We haven't got anything from Barnes and Nobel yet - their policy is we get the money sixty days after the month the book was sold in... 
I need to start on some kind of project to keep me buys during the afternoons. I've got knitting, beads and cleaning reading. Or maybe do a jigsaw puzzle. We'll see. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

All we did was eat out yesterday

Well for some reason the internet here in the park is not available this morning. So I’ll write this and post it when I can. Maybe it is time to get our TelCel stick.
For some reason my Nook worked great all day yesterday…so I guess I’d better read fast before it decides to shut down again and stay shut down. Just like the camera I have another one at home, an older one, and decided not to bring it with us because – why should I? I won’t need it. Grrrrr….
Also one of the over head lights in the living room of the Alfa went out yesterday, not the bulbs but the fixture and it is a 12 volt fixture. Do we have an extra one? Nope. As much as we travel you’d think we’d have a spare one. Oh well. Maybe we can find one in Guaymas.
Our friends from Belize got in yesterday and they need to go to Wal*Mart and Home Depot so that will probably be our adventure for today.
Yesterday we didn’t do much. Did go out to breakfast at a new place for us, El Mar restaurant. It is right on the beach but all inside with a great view. Good food Good prices. We both had coffee, French toast and shared a big platter of fruit. About US $13.

Good French toast and lots of it. with real butter and syrup. 
Lots of delicious fruit
Hung around the RV park most of the day talking to fellow travelers. Later we went back to the same restaurant for dinner – took our friends with us – they’d never been there either. Another really good meal. I had salad, chicken, rice and vegetables and ice tea and Bill had a pulled pork sandwich. Less than US $20. My chicken 
Bill's sandwich I was teasing him because all the restaurants at home in Indiana serve pulled pork sandwiches and he never had one there. Had to come all the way to Mexico to find out he likes them. 
Weather continues to be good. Warm during the day and cool at night. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

San Carlos sunset.

Another day and another beautiful morning – well except for the trash truck and the racket it makes. Up early again, but at least it is light out.
Another butterfly picture from yesterday. I wish they would hold still long enough to get a really good picture. All kinds and colors of them.
We had a rather lazy day yesterday. Did take a ride to the Estuary – but this year most of it is fenced off. We found one road? That got us close to the lagoon. But it got too wet to go to far.
The lagoon – there were a couple of fishermen out there in their boats, but too far away to get a good pic of them. This picture is looking south east away from the Gulf waters.
We got back on the road and headed towards Guaymas along the gulf. Across the bay is San Carlos. Beautiful country: desert, cactus, mountains and blue water and sky.
Did not see many birds this time, just this one – wonder why?
Once we got to the Guaymas area we took a road we’ve never taken before and it eventually led us back towards town. Houses are built close together here.
Back in the business part. Auto Zone, Blockbusters, Dominoes, Home Depot, Mcdonalds. Did we take a wrong turn and end up back in the US?
By the time we got back to San Carlos we were hungry so went to Jax Snax for lunch. Haven’t been here before – we were missing out on their good food. Both had hamburgers for lunch – one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever had – including in the US. Nice little place, we will go back. US $13.50 Hamburger and Cheeseburger, fries and cokes.
This seems to be the year of electronic break downs for me. First my camera went now my Nook is giving me problems. I can get another camera here IF I want to pay the price, but can’t get a nook…and my laptop is getting fussy about recognizing the memory card from the camera…..AARRGG!
Looked like it might be a nice sunset so we walked across the street to the beach. Doesn’t the little rock on the right look like an old ship under full sail coming around the rock.
Some pictures from the sunset – wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be. But pretty anyway.
 Just a rock that I thought was pretty. And lots of shells on the beach this year. All kinds and shapes and sizes. Usually there aren't any. 
 A couple of fishermen.

 Looking inland - almost looked like they were getting some rain.
  And that's all folks.