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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Last post on this blog.

Well this is the last time I'll be posting here. No I'm not stopping blogging - just starting a new blog with a more relevant URL which is 

Still calling it Golden Years but now it is More Golden Years. 
I'm not real happy with the template but it is pretty close to this one. Can't get this one any longer. 
Here is the complete header picture. It was taken a year or so ago while we were driving down Las Vegas Blvd. I cropped it for the header. 
So hope to see you all on the new blog.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Finally time and weather to take a walk again.

A good day for walking yesterday. No wind, no rain and not too hot. Managed 6400 steps. I cheated and took three short cuts on the way back to the house. How quick I get out of shape.
Our friend from Indiana, Tom, went home yesterday. I felt bad that the week he finally made it here was the week we got the new RV - so we were both either working in the RV, shopping for the RV or the weather was bad. So we pretty much just drug him around with us doing errands. No going anywhere fun. 
A big bush next to us that is just beginning to flower.  
A neighbors rose bush that puts out two colors of flowers. I checked under it as good as I could and only saw one bush. 
Lots of the wetlands ended up here in our community from the rains. As we drove by today we saw the groundskeepers cleaning it all up. 
A week or so ago I posted a picture of a "home" that was all ready to be moved. Today they finally got around to moving it. Getting ready to go out the front gates. 
Everyone's cacti are starting to bloom. A bee enjoying this flower. 
Another one with several blooms on it. 
This is our #4 son and daughter-in-law at a golf tournament, they posted this picture with the following caption - " Couples Club Championship/The divorce bowl. - AKA an excuse to wear obnoxious matching outfits." I thought it was funny. They are both golf nuts. 
Watched NASCAR over the weekend - my favorite driver Kyle Busch won both weekend races for the second weekend in a row. Only the 2nd driver ever to do that. Watching a soccer game now - well Bill is I'm just listening - Barcelona HAS to win to have a chance to win the Champion's League title. 
Weather is now beautiful, in the low 80s - but tomorrow the winds pick up again. No sense dusting today. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pictures from Vegas

Still not doing much to write about. Working in RV - well Bill is working, I'm getting in the way. And trying to find stuff we put in boxes from the Alfa and when we do find it trying to figure out if we should keep it, throw it away, save for a garage sale OR find a place to put it. We also have company from Indiana who is staying with us. He is buying a house here in the park and we are dragging him all over with us.
I did notice this new sculpture just up the street from us. It is under the sculpture of the chairs that I posted a picture of a couple of weeks ago. Kind of cute. 
 Some of the work Bill has been doing. Making storage up where we took out the bunk mattress. Still working on it here. 
 Yesterday we had some wind and rain and more rain overnight. So we went out this morning for a ride and to go to the Container Store for ideas. Came home down the strip. You can see the cloudy store - the blue sky between storms. Looking north up Las Vegas Blvd. 
 All kinds of characters out and about for picture taking. These people picked the wrong weekend to visit Vegas. Cold and rain.
 Just a picture of the sky, trees and clouds.
 Yes those building are really crooked. 
 New York in the desert. 
Had been home for about an hour when we got a real gully washer - lots of lightening and thunder. It stopped raining now but think I just heard more thunder. Supposed to be on and off for another couple of days. It has really cooled down. A few days ago it was hot enough to turn on the AC - which didn't work! Called the home warranty company and they sent someone over. Got two new parts for it and now it works fine - now that we don't need it. 
Watched a race last night [on TV] Kyle won. A soccer game this morning - Barcelona lost and waiting for the Cup race later this afternoon. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

No news about any thing

We've been busy working on RV and we have out of town company. So nothing to write about right now.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

A new member of the family

And another new week begins. It will be a busy one as we are having company from Indiana. Our good friend Tom is coming out to visit with us. 
Yesterday we watched the big soccer game - Barcelona lost to Real Madrid. Nuts. We also watched the NASCAR truck race and Kyle #18 won in one of the trucks he owns. First time he has ever won at Martinsville. Got a beautiful Grandfather Clock as the trophy. Also kept busy running errands and getting things done in the RV. 
Happened to look outside at just the right time. Looks like there was a fire behind the mountain. But it was the sunset. 
So I turned around and looked out front. Wow. Lots of color. Should of walked down to the street for a view of the western mountains, but too lazy. 
So any way we have a new family member. A 29' Class C Jayco Grayhawk. Decided it was time to downsize a little. It has three slides. Two in the living/kitchen area and a bump out in the back for the bedroom. Bill already doing something to the outside. [Good thing the house across the street got moved when it did.]
 A look at the other side. We can only keep it in front of the house for a couple days so Bill is trying to get as much done inside as he can. I'll explain that later. 
They did not have one in stock with the entertainment center over the seats - so we got the one with a bunk. It will GO! And we will use that area for storage. Still haven't figured out how to do the transformation yet. The TV swings out - goes back flat for travel. On the passenger side is a sofabed  don't tell anyone - with cupboards above in one slide. On the drivers side another slide with the dinette. I don't know if we'll ever be able to figure out the camera/radio/cd/etc. etc in the dash. 
 These are not in any order - the bathroom lots of storage. Floor to ceiling cabinets on right behind shower. open cabinet by toilet, closed cabinet under sink and three medicine chest cabinets. 
 Another pic of the sofa and refrigerator. The windows have pull down night shades AND pull down sun screen shades. 
 The kitchen three burners, oven and microwave. Big drawer under oven. Also drawers - not so big under both dinette seats. 

Bedroom - cupboards and night stands (?) on each side of bed. That bedspread will have to GO ASAP/
 Back to the living room. Bill has lined the cupboards with indoor/outdoor carpet. For quiet and non slip. He also has added a couple of book cases.
 Getting ready to line the big drawer under the oven. 
 Both book cases by sofa. 
 This is a cupboard just inside the front door. it only had 3 shelves, now has four with carpet lining. Door to bathroom is seen on right. 
 Also has four good sized pantry shelves just behind the above shelves in hallway. Lined and ready for stuff.
 Added some cupboard units to closet. Still plenty of room for hanging clothes.
Still have lots to do, but a little at a time. 
Watched another NASCAR race today and Kyle won again. So now he has two clocks. Bill is calling me I think he wants to take another trip to Lowes for something. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Moving the House

Thursday morning bright and early - about 6 a.m. - came the crew to prepare the house across the street for moving. 
Taking down the carport and the porch. The rippled metal roof was saved, the pieces put into the house. Also the screens off the windows went into the house. 
Carrying one of the axles that went under the house for moving. 
The shed that was behind the porch was cut to pieces with a sawzall.
Taking the piece off the front that covered the middle seam of the house. 
He had the most high tech piece of equipment - a machete. 
The south side [half] of the house. Sure was a lot of debris that was going to be left behind. There used to be a walkway and stairs here. 
Looking at it from the north side. Pulling the towing tongue out from under the house. 
The huge sheet of plastic stapled to the roof. It will be used to cover the open part when they are separated. 
One guy is under the house setting up the axle. See the plastic on the roof. This was taken right around noon. Very fast workers. 
Jacking one side up and starting to separate it. 

Taken about 2:00 House is ready to be moved - all the workers are gone. 
Dumpster was delivered to take all the debris left over. 
OH BOY - this morning around 8:00 a truck showed up. These pics are a little fuzzy 'cause I was taking them through a window. I didn't go outside 'cause I was watching NASCAR on the TV in my sewing/guest room. Bill was watching soccer in the living room. Busy morning. 
 Hooking the truck up.
 Starting to move it. By now it was interesting enough that I abandoned NASCAR
 I was standing in our open garage filming this. 
 Had to back up and reposition. 
 UMM!!! Aren't you getting a little close! That's the back end of my car there. 
 WOW Wait a minute let us move Willie! The truck is up on our driveway. The jeep is parked in the driveway next door as it is an empty house and owners asked us to park there. 
 Willie is moved so there he goes again. 
 Finally made the turn without any damage to anything. 
 Oversized load. No kidding. 
 The gray at the bottom right corner is our garage floor. See the truck tire tracks - the closest one the small one was from his first try.
 And there he goes around the corner. 
 By 10:00 they were back for the other half. It was being moved to another Mobile Home park not too far away. 
 The lot the way it looks now. All cleaned up and empty.
Very interesting the way they did it. Now we wait for the new homes that are supposed to be moved in. 
I took some movies - can't find my program that will splice them together so...