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Friday, June 29, 2012


If I'm going to be doing any posting I'll have to take my laptop downstairs as it is way too hot to sit up here on the top floor and do anything.
Yesterday we were warmer  - 103 - than LAS VEGAS - and that is without the heat index - with it we were a LOT warmer. Only went down to low 70s last nite. But the AC ran most of the night to cool the house off.
I just saw on-line that the fireworks have been cancelled for the 4th - just going to be too hot, windy and dry to chance them. I think Bill is going to have to give up on the lawn and just try to keep his plants and trees alive.
My plans for today are: sit most of the day in the downstairs under a fan and watch NASCAR.
We got the RackCards we ordered for the business - we'll put some of them at the Visitor's Center and some at Hoosier Artist Gallery. They turned out pretty nice so also worked up and ordered some new business cards (cheaper than printing them ourselves) and some brouchers. These are the RackCards

the front

the back
Bill is way downstairs working on some leather sculptures - real pretty - but he is just learning how to do them.
When we were spending part of the winter in Mazatlan we used to go to the little town of Malpica, about 30 miles away to go to the bakery there - such delicious stuff. Well! I was going through the freezer the other day and found a couple packages of the the rolls that I had frozen. They are still delicious but only have four of them. And guess what - it is cooler in Mazatlan than it is here! - Tempting!!!!!Enough for now my glasses are starting to fog up.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Addison

It's going to be another hot dry day so thought I'd get any computer work done early - Bill's page has been added to the Hoosier Artist Galley site http://www.hoosierartist.net/BillSirimarco.html  and I managed to get some Rack Cards designed and ordered for him. But after doing that I asked for a raise - so I got McDonalds for dinner last night instead of having to cook!   Now I'm working on business cards and then he'll come up with something else. Complain, complain, complain! He is the one who has to work at the Gallery though - two days a month starting in July. Should be interesting.
Discovered yesterday that my new camera doesn't give any warning when the batteries are about to die. It just stops working. Maybe I need to read the instruction manual to see if there is a setting I missed.
It's our great grand daughters 1st birthday today. Happy Birthday Addison. Time flies.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Going to be a hot summer I'm afraid

Just barely one day into summer and we've already had nine days over 90 - and the "average" is only 15 for a year! Yah! Right! Last year we had 42. And I remember every one of them.
But a cold front is passing through now and it will only be in the highh 80s then a few days in the 70s whoopie.
The Studio and Garden Tour for Brown County is going on over this weekend. It's really fun - drive all around the area and visit the different artist's studios and see them work. I've got some good ideas the couple of times we went on it. But this year we'll be staying home 'cause Bill stuck an OPEN Studio sign out front. Wonder if anyone will stop by. Part of me hopes so and the other part of me hopes not. Weird letting strangers into the house. Hum.....just looked at the map and this year there is nobody up near us participating.
I've been WORKING! again. Trying to put together some rack cards and other print stuff for Bill with an on-line printing company - they are about getting on my last nerve. I put on thing on and two disappear. But think I finally have it. Just have to proof the rack card and order it.
Been playing around with the beads lately, made some cute little bracelets - take about 1/2 hour to make and fun to do. Also finished another stained glass sun catcher. Can't work on my 2nd quilt as there is leather stuff all over my work tables. No rush to finish it anyway.
Well time to head way downstairs to the cool part of the house and watch NASCAR practice. Sure hope Kyle's engine lasts this weekend.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ode to a high chair

I’ve been so busy adding to the Fantasy Manor and Beaded Jewelry facebook and web pages sites I forgot about updating my blog. Shame on me.

Where to begin…..
Saturday was our oldest son’s birthday – never mind how old – lets just say it’s really hard for me to believe he is that old. When he was six months old his Grandmother, my Mother, got him a high chair for Christmas. It was a Sears high chair with a padded seat and a white plastic tray. I still have that high chair. The tray disappeared some where after our fifth and youngest son was done using it. Many times through the years I’ve recovered it to match our “décor” and to cover stains and rips. Have also repainted it a few times. All five kids learned to eat “real food” while sitting in it. Glad it can’t talk! Lately it’s mainly been used as a step stool – especially since I expanded too much to sit in it. Here it is in all its glory.
53 1/2 years old
We were supposed to get rain over the weekend but no such luck. Bill really has a job now watering all the plants and lawn. Hate to see our water bill this month. It is surprising to see so many brown lawns here in Indiana – especially since it’s only the middle of June. Farmers are getting worried. We’re also having a string of pretty hot days – mid 90s and getting more humid by the day.
As I said I’ve been adding to the information on the web pages and facebook pages…..have not tweeted lately – still not sure how that works. And I’ve been working on a bio for Bill for the Hoosier Artist Gallery web site – they will add him to their pages in July sometime. Guess he is really “coming up” in the world. A Juried Artist no less……
Finished another jewelry set – necklace and bracelet – it was easy and fun – I might even wear it for the 4th of July.
Of course watched the race over the weekend. Looks like Jeff Gordon’s black cloud is now hanging over my favorite driver Kyle Busch #18 – he has lost his engine in the last three races! And miracle of miracles Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the race. Celebrations all over Sunday night. Good for him, glad for him. Next week a road course.
Fixed corn beef and cabbage the other night – it was sooooo good. Still eating the leftovers. I have to learn how to cook for just two!
Well it’s getting too hot to stay here upstairs – time to head to the basement where it is cool. Till later. Check out the facebook pages www.facebook.com/ann.sirimarco and from there the Fantasy Manor Art and Beaded Jewelry facebook pages. Told you I was keeping busy!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Drive up to Indianapolis - and Bill's good news.

On Wednesday we did go out to enjoy the day. Took the convertible and headed up through the farms towards Indy. Stopping first in Bean Blossom to eat at Brownie’s Bean Blossom Café. Delicious and very inexpensive breakfast. We used to go there a lot but just got out of the habit – shame on us. Now that we remember about it we’ll go more often. This week in Bean Blossom is the Bill Monroe Bluegrass Festivities. The campground is packed.

From Bean Blossom we just go straight north right to the center of Indy. About 30 miles. Just as we neared downtown was this great mural – Don't know anything about it.
Then a couple of blocks almost to downtown this glass walkway.
After asking a policeman we found parking ($7.00 an hour) and walked over to Monument Circle. This is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

Some info about it.
Recognized as one of the world's outstanding monuments, the structure has become the symbol of both Indiana and the city of Indianapolis.This 284-foot limestone monument was dedicated in 1902 and stands as a tribute to the valor of Indiana's soldiers and sailors who served in the Civil and Spanish American Wars. Its total height is 284 ft. 6 in.
(15 ft. shorter than the Statue of Liberty).The monument is considered the largest of its kind in the United States that honors the everyday American soldier and sailor.The Limestone used for the monument is gray oolitic limestone from the Romona quarries of Owen County. If you want to read more
You can go to the top to an observation deck. First sign I saw said the deck was warm and confining. Nope didn't interest me. There is an elevator - small - to go up then three flights of stairs to reach the deck. Also you can walk up!!!! Saw this t-shirt inside.

330 steps - 30 flights of stairs - NOT ME
A closer look at one side of the monument.

We were there around noon and lots and lots of people were out enjoying the lovely day and many were sitting on the steps surrounding the monument eating their lunches.
We were quite impressed at how nice and clean downtown is. Not crowded and old like so many other cities. I love the street lamps – wish we had one.
Walking around we found these pedal cabs – and I do mean pedal – everyone has a set of pedals to propel the vehicle. Everyone – not just the guide.

All in all it was the perfect day to be out and about. Not to warm and no humidity. And a leisurely drive home through lots of corn fields trying to grow with lack of rain.
Yesterday was a very nice day too – and shamefully I spent most of it in front of the TV watching the Burn Notice marathon. Watched all the episodes we missed while in Mexico last winter. And the first one of this years season. Yipee – something to watch at 9:00 at night instead of reality or news.
Just got good news – I think – Bill’s leather work will be displayed for sale at the Hoosier Artist Galley downtown. http://www.hoosierartist.net/  Check it out some neat art stuff there.
His work had to be “juried” what ever that means to be accepted – the other artists displaying their wares there got to judge his work. So now he is a “juried” artist???? Will have to look that up. A juried exhibition,
 has an individual (or group) acting as judge of the submitted artworks, selecting which are to be shown.
Sounds kind of snobby to me. The funny part of the whole thing is no one bothered to call him to let him know he was accepted and when ever he called the gallery no one knew anything - or even where his pieces are.....The the husband of the main lady that runs everything just had bypass surgery so she is a little preoccupied. Eventually I guess we'll learn more.
The bug man comes today - hope he can do something about our flying friends.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lights and Music

Monday evening after a really hot humid day we were sitting outside on the porch enjoying the evening. You notice I didn’t say the “quiet” of the evening. The many different species of birds were chirping, the frogs croaking and the wood peckers ratta tat tating. (How do they not get a head ache?) Then the light show began – both in the sky and on the ground. At the far horizon the sky was brilliant red; just up from the red it was deep blue and closer to us there was a white cloud cover. Looked like someone had painted a flag but got the sequence of the colors mixed up. Then the fire flies came out – it’s the first time this year I’ve seen them. Like twinkling Christmas lights all around.

For so many years we lived in the southwest and didn’t see any I forgot about them. When our son and daughter-in-law came to visit a couple of years ago they were fascinated by them. It was quite warm and so humid out that the chairs we were sitting in felt wet. Around here they call it “muggly weather” or “air you can feel.”
Yesterday the weather changed and the temperatures dropped along with the humidity. A really nice day. But now we are experiencing a lack of rain. 11inches behind last years totals. And none in the forecast. But it sure felt nice to sit outside.
Today is supposed to be almost perfect weather out – high 70s low humidity – we should take the convertible out for a ride.
Believe it or not I am still fighting with the outdoor lights – the automatic ones. I can either get them to come on or go off – but not both….driving me nuts as I’ve programmed them many times in the years we’ve had them. Yesterday I was sure I had it right – but they didn’t come on. And get this – I turned them on finally but about an hour later they were OUT again. Grrrrr. Turned them back on and they went out by themselves this morning. Makes me wonder about my mind……..
AND we are fighting those darn little moths we fought all winter long in the motorhome. They have infested us here – and we have the bug people come in once a month but isn’t anything that gets rid of these things. We still look crazy running around swatting at the air.
Had to chase a raccoon off the back deck this morning – he was heading for the bird seed. Brazen things. But no more snakes inside.
Was looking at some old photos and came across this pic of Monument Valley from a few years ago. Just thought it was peaceful.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunrise - Sunset and all in between

Saturday morning sunrise – this is looking north towards Indianapolis (40 miles away) Bill was up to catch it.

Saturday we kept busy working downstairs – the coolest place in the house. Bill on his leather and me on my necklace.

Five pins and three barrettes
Watched a soccer game in the afternoon – Argentina against Brazil – Argentina won. Messie made 3 goals – amazing player. The ref seemed to be a little biased towards Brazil and after he didn’t call a penalty kick after a foul against Messie – Messie looked at and shook his finger at him. Like saying “Well Okay for now”. About a minute later he made his third goal of the game. Then went over and said something to the ref. After the game we went into our little town and walked around a bit. Some pictures from there.

Carriage rides

made of soda cans

old house a now shop

stuff for sale
Yesterday I watched the NASCAR race – for Pocono it was pretty good. Except Kyle #18 blew his engine half way through the race – second week in a row! What’s with that? But glad Joey Logano won – he worked for it.
Finished my necklace while watching it. Turned out pretty nice.
how necklace looks after finishing it

to wear it is folded in half

better look at the beads and colors
Last nights sunset - it was 9:30 when I took this.
Looks like it rained a little last night with more expected later today.
Went down to take a pic of the necklace and caught her looking in at me.
The septic people were just here - joys of not living in the city.
Guess we're going into town for a bit - so better finish this.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beautiful Saturday so Far

Going to be a blue sky white puffy cloud day today - high 80s and humid air moving in - but right now it is nice. Hopefully we will get the predicted rain on Monday and Tuesday. Grass needs it.
I've already fed the deer, birds and hummingbirds. Bill feeds his fish - when they hear the screen door open they all come swimming to this end of the pond waiting for him. Still have to get rid of the darn raccoons. How can something so cute be such a pain in the drain? - kind of like little kids.
Forgot to mention that while we were down stairs yesterday "working" Bill with his leather  - me beading and watching NASCAR practice I happened to look over towards the fireplace and wondered how the lamp cord managed to get stuck in a small glue trap....took a closer look - it was a little snake about a foot long and the size of my little finger - poor thing. I told Bill he should skin it and use it for decoration on his leather stuff - he didn't seem to take to the idea. Then I poked it and realized it was still alive. Crap I hate to find live things in glue traps - nothing we could do for him but put it outside - maybe he figured out how to get out of it. He was gray with a yellow belly - near as I can figure out a Ringneck. Harmless.
Probably going to finish that necklace today during qualifying. Then I have a lot of pictures to put on the web pages of Bills new stuff.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Don’t know when I’ll be able to get this posted as the Internet is popping in and out this morning. Just about the time a page loads the service goes out again. I think there are ghosts in dem dere clouds in de hills.

Think I finally have both web pages updated, all the items numbered so I have a decent inventory and all the links working right – (now that is wishful thinking if every there was any.) For some reason some of the links even though they were right would bring up the wrong image!!!! How does that happen????
Had a quiet day yesterday – except for computer didn’t do much.
Weather has been wonderful for a while but is heading into high 80s and humidity for the weekend. So if I want to get any chores done I should do it now right? – Have to think about it.
I haven’t worked on my necklace for a week – almost to where I had to rip it out from.
But Bill has been busy with his leather work. Has made some really nice hair barrettes and pins and pendants. Haven't put them on the web site yet.
Went into town this a.m. Had to buy corn for the deer and birdseed. Then of course to Wal*Mart for groceries for us. Got gasoline – managed to actually fill the tank for under $50 this time. Funny how now when gas is under $3.60 we say, “ Oh look gas is cheap today.” Seems like it was not too long ago that it was 35cents AND we got S & H green stamps with it. How’s that for dating myself.
Been reading a new series of books by JD Nixon – all have Heller in the title– that is a person. Kind of cute easy reading about a security providing company and the people who work there.
Racing at Pocono this weekend - that is usually a boring race. Watched The Prelude to the Dream the other night - now that was racing - dirt track style - lots of driving sideways and turning the wheels to the right to go left. And best of all Kyle #18 won!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nice weather, Darn Racoons, and Web WORK

Not much exciting going on around here - unless it's the lovely weather. We had drizzles for a couple of days - but because that brought cooler weather I loved it. Today was beautiful - low 70s, bright blue sky with puffy white clouds.
We are having problems with the darn racoons. They are bold enough to come up on the deck in the middle of the day! When I yell at them they leisurely climb over the rail switching their tail at me. Bill got so disgusted with them he even started talking about getting a dog! NOT!
Maybe we can borrow a friends dog for a few days.
We finished setting up the booth at the Antique Mall so now we are waiting for the sales to begin........
Thinking about putting some of the jewelry I've made over the years over there too. But then we have to get a locking case for it. But in anticipation of doing that I've completely revamped my jewelry web site - giving all the items a number so they will be easier to tag - if and when we put them over there. Also found lots of errors on the web pages so guess it was a good thing I redid them. I've started on a new necklace. Was working on it Sunday while watching the NASCAR race. Had about 1/4 of it done when I saw a mistake right near the begining. UGH.... Now that I'm thinking about really selling the stuff they can't have any mistakes I know about in them. That almost makes it a JOB. So ripped it all out and am almost back to where I was.

While walking around the Antique Mall I saw a lot of stuff for sale that I've thrown away in the past. And a lot of stuff that we have just sitting around the house not used. Like zillions of little different salt and pepper shakers and china and dishes and just stuff.....Hummmmm...
Picked my quilt up from the show Sunday afternoon. Kind of neat to have it there for people to admire. Guess that sounds a little vain - but I enjoyed it. Didn't win any prizes but didn't expect to. Glad to have it back on the bed.
Bill has been teaching one of our friends how to do the wood spirits with the leather around them. He is getting pretty good at it. And B has been working on the leather flowers for pins and necklaces. Has a bunch of them almost finished.

He has run out of one of the colors of the dyes he uses and hasn't been able to find any here in the US - so every few minutes I hear "We have to go back to Mexico to get the dye." Long ways to go to get dye. I'm wondering how Rit dye would work? It used to do a good job of dying clothes. One of my aunts even mixed some up and dyed her living room rug (on her hands and knees yet) with it. Looked pretty good. Looked for some at Wal*Mart today but couldn't find any. Guess we'll have to look on the web for it. Is it still made?
Going to try to remember to watch Design Star on TV tonight - second night of new season. I like to see what they come up with. And tomorrow night is Tony Stewart's Prelude to the Dream dirt race. It is fun to watch. Danica Patrick is going to race in it this year. Some year I'd like to go see it - it's not far from here.
Well back to putting more Wood Spirits on the web pages. Feel like my butt is glued to the chair. Oh crap!!! Bill is looking at his web pages and just found two mistakes....how does that happen????? Evil spirits in the Cloud.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today Bill has his bypass surgery - He pretty much doesn't remember too much of that day - Except when the surgeon told him he would be taking his heart out...he remembers that clearly. I guess you would.
Been busy - the Jeep has his new muffler so he is much quieter now.
We've set up a booth for the Wind Spirits and Masks at an Antique Mall near here. Once we got it set up - yesterday and today - we don't really have to do anything else. It is all taken care of by the Mall. Just have to replace things if/when they sell.

Stopped at the Visitors Center down in the town and joined their group. So now we are listed on their web site  www.browncounty.com  under things to do - art. One more step. This is begining to sound more and more like a JOB!!! 
My quilt is in the show - and wouldn't you know we've had the coldest nights in over two months - with just a thin blanket on the bed. Be glad to get it back tomorrow afternoon. Then it will probably get warm again.
Bill has been busy with his Wood Spirits - he gets involved making them and before you know it a day has passed. I've finished a quilt I was making - now have to get it mailed. Then I have the other one to finish.
And started on a new beading project and did the soldering on another sun catcher.  Soon I'm going to have to make a sign "Need money for hobbies" and stand on the corner with it. 
We are having racoon problems - the darn things won't leave the bird feeders alone. They come up on the deck after them - usually after dark. Last night I was sitting and reading when they started fighting out side the den. About wet my pants thought some one was trying to break in.  Blocked the hole they'd dug under the fence so maybe it will take them a couple of days to get back up here. 
Time to go find something for dinner - probably some of the empanadas we froze - don't feel like cooking.