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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lots of projects in the works.

Another beautiful fall day. Tomorrow afternoon it is supposed to start raining again and rain for a couple of days. Not many of the trees around us have changed their colors yet, but a few have. Across the street from us.

And the poison oak is now bright red as it climbs up the trunks of the trees.
The Alfa sitting out in front of the house in the drive way.
Good thing we have a BIG driveway! We have two pads with electricity where we could park it but it is easier to work in when it's closer to the garage. One of the things Bill wanted to do in it was change out the old TV for a new flat screen. What the old TV looked like (minus its frame)
It was a devil to take out without destroying the surrounding area. Luckily we have really good friends and neighbors who are handy with their hands. Just the beginning of building support for the new one.
Okay the new TV stays up there but still a lot of work to do. This is one of those ideas you kind of wish you hadn’t started but now have to finish.
That is kind of where I am with this quilt too.

It started with the embroidered pieces – the girls. All done just after I got my sewing machine when we still lived in Vegas.
And the embroidered sayings
Then progressed to the fans. They can be arranged in any number of patterns...
So I am at the “now what?” stage.  I think I need more of the background color material………
I also have some larger girls that I was intrigued with when I started to appliqué them. Thought I'd use one of them as a center piece of the quilt. Didn’t get too far.
There’s always next summer – or this winter if we do end up staying home.
I think I mentioned that Bill ordered some lollipops from the Internet cause we couldn’t find any of the kind he likes around here. Well he got them – lots and lots of them. Here he is sorting them by color – he only likes one or two of the colors guess I’ll have to eat the rest of them.
Today is a Cup race, a soccer game with Real de Madrid and we are having company for dinner. So it will be a busy last day of September.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A beautiful day here in Indiana. Sunny blue sky with puffy white clouds. The trees are turning beautiful bright colors and the little town is full of tourists.

We picked up the Alfa this morning and Bill and a neighbor are outside working in it right now. They have already taken out the old TV and are working on how the new one will be installed. Turning into quite a project!
Finished my job and went to mail it and discovered the post office here closes at noon on Saturday.....grrr......So have to do that first thing Monday morning.
Busy weekend planned, races, soccer games and company coming for dinner.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I have a JOB!!!

OMG – I have to go to WORK today. But first we have to go in to Columbus to Hobby Lobby to buy a new glass cutter. Mine is no longer scoring the glass smoothly. Skips off and on so glass will break weirdly – no good. My job - a person ordered some sun catchers off of the web site!!!!! The only problem is she ordered five of the same one and I only make one of each. I talked to her and she is willing to wait a couple of days while I make four more. So now I really need the new glass cutter. Don’t want to screw up a JOB.

And I got my delivery from Glass Crafters so I can make a couple of 3-D angels – they are fun to make and make great gifts. And I’ve also decided I need more background material for the quilt I’m working on – bought the original material over two years ago, hope I can match it. It is just a plain color so I think I’ll be okay.
Right now it is pouring out but at least quite a bit warmer. So far in September we’ve had seven inches of rain where three inches is normal. Also having way below normal temps. What a screwed up year this has been. Dry and too hot in summer and now wet and cold. Makes me wonder what winter will be like?????
The freezer is finally fixed. Glad the guy who came yesterday really knew his job as he found another problem caused by the first problem. And he was able to fix everything.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cold and Raining

Frost on the ground yesterday morning when we got up!!!! But by mid-week it is supposed to be back up into the mid 70s during the day. Today, Tuesday, it is supposed to start raining around noon and keep raining until Friday – off and on. Oops its just 8:20 and Bill just looked out the window and said “its raining.”

So yesterday we did not go pick up the Alfa – no sense having it here and not wanting to go out to it because of the rain. Well actually that wasn’t the real reason. A soccer game that was to be on Sunday got postponed until 1:00 Monday - had to be home to watch it. Madrid won – poop.
Don’t know what was the matter with me yesterday, I couldn’t stay awake. Took a long nap and went to bed early and slept until 7 this a.m. Being on the far west end of the Eastern time zone it doesn’t get light here in the morning till around 7:15 so it is easy to sleep in. Lots of weird dreams throughout the night though. The kind that leave you uneasy when you wake up.
Waiting for a delivery from Glass Crafters – stained glass suppliers – to finish a couple of sun catchers I’ve made. Ordered a copper patina to stain the solder. And a good day to work on my quilt. Just have to do some “stitch in the ditch” stuff on each block.
I have mixed feelings about the Internet – sometimes think it does more harm than good what with all the misinformation out there. But sometimes I wonder what we would do without it. Yesterday ordered a case of lollipops and a case of Earl Grey for Bill. Couldn’t find the lollipops any where around here and wanted a large amount of tea for the winter trip. Black tea is one of the things very hard to find in Mexico.
And today the refrigerator repairman is supposed to come to fix our blizzard. Glad he is coming as the freezer and refrigerator sections are starting to get really cold. Have turned the freezer way down and almost have to cut the ice cream with a saw it is so hard.
All but two of the hummingbirds have already left us. So guess I won’t have to be cooking any more nectar for them. Now the crows are coming back. They don’t like the hummingbirds and don’t come around when the little guys are here.
Found a TV at Sam's Club that we will probably get to put in the Alfa. Take the original big bulky one out. Haven't set a "leave" date yet but will probably be around the 1st of November. Our friend from Columbus will stay at the house again this year. So we don't have that worry all winter. In the mean time we are making lists of what we need to take with us.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

TA DA it is done.

Autumn has arrived with a BANG! All of a sudden last evening we started seeing lightening and hearing thunder – then lost the TV signal! Got up to look outside and it was pouring. Then the noise got really loud and it started to hail. Just little sized hail but the first time since we’ve lived here that this area got hail. Lots of wind too. And the temps dropped into the 40s. Luckily no damage around here and it didn’t last very long. But it stayed cold! Woke up this morning to the furnace running. Not supposed to get any warmer than low 60s today and tomorrow. But then back up into the mid 70s.

We plan on taking Jennie, the class C, back to storage and picking up the Alfa Monday – Hope the diesel prices stay below $4.00 as we think it is close to empty. Near the storage place we saw one station at $3.999….
Noticed yesterday coming home from town that more and more of the trees are starting to turn. After this weekend of cold nights they should be really pretty.

THE TRUCK now called Rambo is just about finished. Got the graphics put on it Thursday. Pretty nice. I think it is all done. This was when we just got it.
 Here it is now. New wheels, fenders, lower part painted with gravel proof paint - kind of like Rhino Lining - and the graphics.
A closer look at the front of the graphic. It is a Rams head and flag.
The back end - something is going to go in the middle but I don't know what    yet. Before graphics added. And after.
UGGHHHH the Internet is driving me crazy - very slow and coming and going. So will finish this now when I can. Oops I was not fast enough..... 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getting cold here

Turned the furnace on for a few minutes this morning just to take the chill off. Since Bill started taking all the medication to thin his blood etc. he gets really cold. Really, really cold. Hopefully one of these days he can stop taking some of it.

Well we made up our minds. We are going to return to Mexico for the winter and we’ll be taking the Alfa – so much more comfortable to live in. So now we need to take Jennie back to storage – Bill finished doing the fixes in her – and pick up the Alfa. It too needs some minor work on it before starting out again. Also want to replace the huge TV with a flat screen. And take out all the HughesNet boxes. We’ll still have the satellite dish for the TV though.
Only have a couple hummingbirds left – guess they are already heading for warmer weather. And for some reason the deer haven’t been around the last few days. Wonder what happened to them. Not hunting season yet – I don’t think. With all the rain we’ve been getting lately all the flowers and grasses are going crazy. Just beautiful. And some of the trees are already starting to turn.
Later this afternoon we go to get the graphics put on the Truck. I’m almost afraid to see them……Will post pictures when we get home.
Well I see Blogger has changed their format again!!! Why can't they leave things alone when they work fine.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hobbies keeping me busy - truck keeping him busy.

We’ve had more rain, in fact a small shower just passed through and more expected later tonight. But the biggest news is the temperatures. Very cool out. Might have to turn the furnace on later today. And it is supposed to get even cooler in a few days. Might go down into the 30s at night. That should start the trees turning color.

I’ve been keeping busy with hobbies. Finished my Koi fish suncatcher – turned out pretty. Now starting a fall one to put up for the season.
Also finished a necklace I started a while ago and made another one. It turned out really nice.

These are both prettier than the pictures look.
Also cooked up a batch of Chauvinist Chili. Yum yum. Made enough to freeze some for another day.
Well the second refrigerator repair man came this morning. He finally figured out what was wrong. A piece that transfers the cold air from the freezer to the refrigerator was stuck open and letting in air from the refrigerator and that was making it snow in the freezer. And of course the part had to be ordered. So won’t have it really fixed until NEXT Tuesday. Sure glad it wasn’t serious – like not working or something. Just a thought - this all started happening right after Willie got mad - wonder if he talked to the refrigerator.......?
Spent a lot of the weekend watching TV – a couple of races and soccer games. Our favorite soccer team Barcelona won and our unfavorite team Real de Madrid – lost. And my favorite driver came in 2nd in the Nationwide series and 4th in the cup race. So maybe his luck is turning around. Sure hope so. Looks like Jeff Gordon's luck is continuing to be rotten. Kind of wish he'd had problems last weekend so my driver could have been in the chase instead of Gordon. Oh well -
This was an expensive month for the cars. Everything had to be renewed this month. Including registering the new truck. Doing most of it online or by telephone. That always makes me nervous. I like to have something I’ve paid for put right into my hand – not wait for it. Here in Indiana the registrations for your cars comes due on your birthday (or in our case Bill's birthday) no matter when you first registered them. Weird.
Boy you’d think I was really efficient – multi tasking here. I have the laptop running trying to update my virus protection. Have the scanner running to get pics of the suncatcher and necklaces to put on line and doing this blog updating. And ordering some stained glass supplies. Can't buy them around here anywhere. Busy busy.
Bill is still working on his truck – by tomorrow afternoon it should be completely finished. I don't think there is anything else he can add to it after that.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Still snowing in the Freezer

Refrigerator man showed up yesterday afternoon. Looked inside the freezer, scratched his head and said, “I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s like it is snowing in there. I thought you meant you had ice building up inside.” Well nope. Poked here prodded there – checked the gaskets, ice maker and little flap where the ice comes out. “The problem is air is getting in there somehow. That’s why it’s doing that. But the door closes fine. Maybe the ice container was pushed out and keeping the door open a little. Make sure it is pushed all the way in and that the flap on door where the ice comes out is completely closed. That’ll be $85.” And off he went. Well opened the freezer to check this a.m. and it is still snowing inside! Glad I didn’t cancel the appointment with the company the home warranty had us call. So maybe by next Monday between 8 – 5 we’ll know what is wrong. In the mean time we can have a snowball fight.

To keep Willie happy I’m posting a picture of his repaired graphics. See Willie we still love you.
And now sneaking in some pics of the truck – before and after ones. And he is still doing stuff to it. The front end - before and after

New grill, lights, guard and bug catcher.

Rhino lining on lower part of truck, bumpers, fender flares, chorme door handles and gas cover, new running board/step. 

Dash cover, steering wheel cover, floor mats, faux wood dash, and faux sheep skin seat covers. He's been a busy boy. And this is only part of it.
My quilt is finished and ready to be mailed. Did some machine embroidery of butterflies on it. Forgot how fun it was to do that. Maybe I'll do some Christmas stuff. Have pleanty of material.
By next week we are supposed to have some really cool weather – not going over high 60s during the day. Bill will have a fit.
Internet is popping on and off again this morning. Why don't we live somewhere where we can have DSL.......

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another installment in Country Living

The joys of living in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! Yah, I’m back at it again – comparing life in L.A or Vegas to life in Brown County. Don’t know if I mentioned it or not but we are having problems with our side by side refrigerator/freezer. The one we use every day in the kitchen – bought it new when we moved here. What was that? Five years ago. All of a sudden it started to snow inside the upper portion of the freezer. Not really a frost build up more like snow. Nothing I’ve been able to do has solved the problem. This started to happen BEFORE Labor Day weekend. So Tuesday Sept 4th I called our home warranty service and they gave me a company to call to come fix it. I called them. The first day they could get someone out here to fix it was Sept 11th – yesterday – between 8:00 and 5:00!!!! Sure glad the thing was working okay, just snowing. So yesterday morning I called them to see if they could pinpoint the time a little better. Good thing I called them. Whoever I talked to first FORGOT to enter it in the system……No one was coming! And the first day they could give me would be Sept 17th – another week away. So called warranty people back and they told me to find someone else and just call them back. So we have someone from near (the operative word – near) here coming this afternoon – I hope. Took a few calls to find someone who would come out here in the hills. “Nashville? Oh I don’t go to Nashville.”

So instead spent most of yesterday with Bill and the truck in Columbus getting things done. Windows tinted, alarm and remote start installed. Such fun. Did find a good restaurant though. While waiting for the alarm we went across the street to a Sirloin Stockade. First time we’ve ever been in one. Pleasant surprise. Very nice buffet – lots and lots of choices and food was good and service was excellent. Funny thing is we’ve seen Sirloin Stockade near the campground in Guadalajara, MX and have always said we were going to go there to eat but never did. I wonder if they are the same?
No comments about the NASCAR race Saturday evening. Did not enjoy that race at all. Rotten to miss the Chase by three points.
Weather is perfect at least. Very cool nights and nice days. Rain expected by Friday. I am in short sleeved shirt and Bill was wearing his sweat shirt. I’d love to give him some of my heat.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Snap, Crackle, and Pop I say.

Really really cool morning. Only in the low 50s. But just beautiful out. Went out to breakfast and everyone in the restaurant was talking about the weather – how nice it was.

Took Willie over to a shop in Columbus to get the graphics on the drivers side redone. They were beginning to crack and peel. So now that is done. And while he was kissing up Bill also bought a new steering wheel cover for Willie. Hope that keeps him happy for a while.

Don’t even want to talk about the race last night. The #18 missed getting into the Chase by four points. Bad call by his crew chief. Now I hope he goes out and wins a bunch of the next ten races……..It won’t get him the cup but sure would make his fans feel better.
Remember the Rice Krispies box with the little characters on it. Snap, Crackle and Pop. When I was just a little kid my Grandmother ordered me a set of the figures. They had to be sewn together and stuffed. Pretty neat. Why did that come to mind now? Well every time I get out of a chair that is what my bones somewhere in my body say, “Snap, crackle, pop.” If not my foot, my ankle, if not that my knees and so on. Lordy I am falling apart one joint at a time.
Also my hands are now shaking most of the time and it is starting to interfere with my beading. Makes me mad. Also when using the mouse for the computer I have to really concentrate to click on what I want to click on instead of something on the other part of the screen. Mouse seems to have a mind of its own lately. It is nothing serious just aggravating. I don’t even try writing any more. Can’t read anything I write. If I do write the grocery list we have to guess when we get to the store. Hummmm what do you suppose ZZssT/\YHX means….
Saw a deer in the flowers out front this morning so had to run out there and spray that stinky stuff around before they munched on anything. At least I managed to stay upwind of it this time.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A nice cool day at last.

Even more rain here. It poured here for a couple of hours last night. At least we only lost the TV for a short time. And miracle of miracles the lights didn’t go out. Really expected them to. Today is down right cool. No AC or fans needed. And for the next week temps should stay at 85 or lower. My kind of weather!

Everything is so green now. And all the flowers in the woods are blooming their little hearts out. And so are our flowers and new plants. Guess they all made it through the drought thank goodness. Got to remember to go out and spray the stinky stuff so the deer leave the plants alone. They are trying to come back from their last munching – the plants that is.
Bill was down at the mechanics again this morning checking out all the bling that is being put on Billy the Ram. I’m not sure that he should go there and let Willie watch what is going on. But we did have the graphics on the side of Willie repaired so he now looks really spiffy too. Hope that satisfies him for a while.
Had to go into town a couple of times. Visiting, eating and shopping. Exciting life. Did have to buy a new shredder as our not so old one gave up the ghost. Guess cheapest isn’t always best idea.
Going down to the sewing room later and work some more on my quilt. Need to do the actual quilting and add a label then it will be done. And I’ll have to start a new project. Though come to think about it I have two quilts already started and stuck away. Should finish one of them I guess. Also have a necklace I’m working on. And a pattern for a stained glass Koi fish cut out. It should be pretty when done.
Watched the Nationwide race – between outages of the TV. Not to bad. Wondering if tonight’s Cup race will be rained out. Hope not. My driver #18 will know by the end of the race if he made the Chase or not. Probably will come down to the very last lap. My fingers are crossed for him.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Willie is mad at us

I was going to write a whole blog on all the work Bill has been doing on his “new” old truck. But now I’m afraid too.

The truck is back from the mechanic where it got new brakes a new exhaust system. A K & N filter

and dual exhaust pipes.
Bill is thinking of naming the truck Billy because it is a Ram. Right now the truck is in our garage – only two inches of clearance from the bottom of the garage opening when putting it inside. Guess that eliminates putting lights on top of it.
So now Bill is busy adding shinny parts to it. New door handles
New gas tank cover etc. etc.
Just some of the pieces and parts waiting to be put on.
Why am I scared to write about this? Well Willie is jealous. How do I know this? Yesterday Willie was acting up – didn’t want to go into third gear. And this morning Bill had Willie’s hood up checking his fluids and Willie, in a snit, dropped the hood on Bills hands. OUCH! And now third gear seems to be working fine.
So Bill has had a long talk with Willie and told him we love him very much and would never think of replacing him with the truck. (Unless he does something else mean [that is me talking not Bill].)
And Willie gets to go with us when we travel - not the truck.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rainy Day Today - and Hot too.

The remnants of Isaac are finally here. Guess it is going to rain off and on all day today. It doesn’t need to rain the humidity is so high everything feels wet any way. My mouse is sticking to the mouse pad. Going to be like this for a few days. ICK! Even my clothes felt wet when I put them on this morning. And it is pretty warm out too to add to the muggly feel. (Muggly = muggy and ugly – favorite word of the weathermen here.)

Weird – all of a sudden my keyboard wanted to type all in caps. But just in Word so had to go into format and change case and check uppercase instead of lower case. Now it is working fine. Gremlins at work again.
We had an interesting experience the other day – at least interesting for us city folks. Went into the BMV – same as DMV other places to ask about what we needed to license the new truck. We had the title. We got there at 9:05 and left at 9:15 with everything done and the temp plate in hand. Something that in L.A. or Vegas would have probably taken two trips of three hours each. Guess there is some advantage of living in the country.
Before it got too hot yesterday morning I vacuumed then steam mopped the kitchen, bathroom and the den floors. Sure like that steam mopping. But today I can feel it in my back. Maybe I should do it more often……
Of course watched the races, truck on Friday eve and Nationwide last nite. Kyle led most of the truck race then got passed in the last few laps and didn’t win. And last nite one driver lead almost the whole race and got passed right at the end by another driver who won. Got to be disappointing. Tonight is the Sprint Cup race. Kyle #18 either has to win or finish in the top five to maintain his points position with only one race to go to the Chase.
While watching the races I worked on a new fleece throw that will be for me. M & M is the sponsor of the #18 car. It will be nice and cozy if we ever get cooler weather.
Also did some of the hand work - putting on the binding of the "real" quilt I'm trying to get finished.
Should have it done by tonight between the soccer games and tonight's race.
Took a few pictures of the work that has been done on the “new” old truck. It is home from the mechanics and in the garage. Will save them for another post.