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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Inside chores today ....

Sunday morning - it is 8:30 and still dark out! Guess it is because we are about to get a lot of rain coming from the west. Should rain for a couple of hours. Works for me - will knit, cook and do few last minute inside chores. We've been too efficient packing the Alfa - already had to go out there and bring some stuff back inside! - Brown sugar - I made a pineapple upside down cake yesterday and had to hunt for the brown sugar. Then the just plain regular sugar too - I kept my rice krispies in here but Bill put the sugar out there. And last night had to go get the hair clippers as Bill wants his hair cut today. We are "planning" on a Tuesday departure - but you never know until we actually hit the road. And we're still not sure which route we are going to take.
Cooked spare ribs yesterday - using Famous Dave's Sweet and Zesty sauce - pretty good but nothing compares to the RIBS in Mazatlan. Going to try to get the recipe from them this year.
And today we're having company and I'm going to make paella - I hope. Using some Saffron we bought in Mexico to see how good it is. Also using up stuff so we don't have to take it with us.
Yesterday was "sports" day....two soccer games and two races. Both soccer games had good results, neither race did. Today is the Cup race hope it is better.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Getting busy now.

I am glad to report that either the medication or the thought of leaving within the next week or so has improved Bill’s allergies.  We are slowly loading the Alfa with all the essentials for our journey. Seems like every year we leave earlier. After spending time in Jennie the last year – I can’t remember where anything goes in the Alfa – think there will be a lot of rearranging on the first weeks of the trip. I guess it almost has too much room to put things.
Spent the weekend watching races and cooking. Yes me COOKING! When we went to Jungle Jim’s Market in Cincinnati a couple of weeks ago I found empanada dough – so spent Sunday making six dozen empanadas. They freeze good and make good quick snacks.
They are basically little meat pies. Hamburger and ground pork meat, hard egg, corn, olives and Italian spices all cooked together and then stuffed in the dough. YUM.
As for the races - #18 has come in second in both of the Chase races – giving the #20 and #48 a run for their money.
The weather here remains fall like – turned the heater on one other evening just to take the damp chill off. But the days are beautiful. And lots more of the trees are getting their fall colors.
I got a new Nook yesterday. Actually bought on a couple of days ago – got it home and decided that I didn’t need all the bells and whistles on it – it was more like a tablet set up for lots of on-line stuff. So took it back and got a simple one – the one with the glow light – it lights up for reading at night so I won’t have to use my little reading light. Connected to our internet just fine using the Verizon MiFi – And easy to read at night and during the day in the sunshine. My old nook was getting temperamental [when I turned a page it would turn two or three so I’d have to keep paging back to where I wanted to be – got annoying] and the battery wouldn’t hold a charge for very long.

Well off to Bloomington this morning to see the eye doctor for new prescription for glasses – Bill not me. Then we’ll get them made in Mexico. Soooooo much cheaper there. 
Coming home the other day I had Bill pull over so I could take a couple pictures of these old barns - I know I know - I just like the old falling down ones. I don't think the smaller one will make it through the winter this year. More and more of it has fallen down through the summer. 

I wonder how long ago they were built?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

And he said, "GET OUT OF TOWN!"

We’ve had some interesting days lately. Woke up to heavy rains and lots of thunder and lightening a couple of days ago – and have had rain off and on since then. Temperatures have been fluctuating between low 60s up to high 80s the last couple of days and into the 40s at night. Even had the heater on for a few minutes one day. Got to love Indiana weather.
Before I forget here is a picture of the window hanging up – covering the broken glass – from the inside anyway.
The Alfa still sits in the driveway all we need to do now is load our stuff in it and take off. Bill has been ready to leave since the first time the temperatures dropped into the 40s at night a week or so ago. But I’m holding out till …. I don’t know when. But I think he is going to get his wish. A week or so ago [about the time it got cold the first time] he had a really bad cold. And when he gets a cold it is usually a mega COLD! After about seven days he was more or less over it. Then it got hot again and then cold again. So he was miserable with another cold?! Except this time it didn’t go away, he just stayed miserable. He’s been sniffing, sneezing and his eyes were watering like a water truck so he finally broke down and went to the doctor yesterday. Well I’m telling you by the time we left the office I was ready to slap the doctor. After checking Bill over his diagnosis was allergies. His recommendation QUOTE” Get out of this area.” UNQUOTE! I know my mouth fell open and Bill was grinning from ear to ear. According to the doctor the pollens, dust, leaves, mold and etc. etc. this year in this area are terrible and he will do much better in the southwest. If I didn’t know better I’d swear Bill paid him off. Of course he also gave him some medications which thank heavens are working…but his parting shot was LEAVE as soon as you can.
So I guess we’ll be hitting the road sooner rather than later.
The leaves are falling off the trees and starting to pile up around the house and many of the trees are starting to turn color. Just caught this one on the way home this morning.
And a picture that I thought was pretty passing the gazebo downtown. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Turned on house heater last night.

BRRRR....we are having some pretty cool weather - down in 40s at night and staying in 60s during the day. Even turned the heater on for a bit last night as Bill was freezing (I was pretty cool too but don't tell anyone.) Tomorrow it is supposed to warm back up into high 70s mid 80s for a few days then cool off again. The trees are already losing their leaves and some are starting to turn color.
So of course Bill wants to get on the road - tomorrow if I'd agree. Thank goodness we have to wait for a few things to come in the mail.
Good race weekend for my favorite driver. He won the truck and Nationwide race and missed winning the cup race by 1.5 seconds! One point five seconds quicker and he would have won all three races of the weekend. But it was a good points for the championship for him.
I've been practicing knitting with circular needles - didn't seem too hard until I screwed up the sequence of the stitches. As the beanie got near the end I was supposed to switch to double pointed needles - four of them - what a mess. Got the yarn wound up all around the needles. So I just ended the beanie - except it is more like a yarmulke then a beanie.
Had lots of company over the weekend. A lady RVer who belongs to the women's RV forum we belong to stopped by for the night on her way home to Alabama. Nice meeting her and visiting with her.
Also had a visit from our friend down the hill - Laughing Womyn - she is a very interesting person - love to have her come visit. This is her web site.  http://laughingwomyn.com/
And Tom and his friend came up to watch the race - well tried to watch the race until the rain delay. Forgot to offer them any of the apple pie! Shame on me - now I have to eat it all.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Finished up some Projects - Stained glass and Knitting

Beautiful fall weather has arrived in the low 70s for a few days. But much to Bill’s dislike it is in the high 40s at night. He says it is time to LEAVE – but next week it will be getting warmer again. Already leaves are falling from the trees and some of the trees are starting their color changes.
Watched the NASCAR truck race last night. EXCITING – and Kyle won. He and Keslowski (funny - spell check wants to change Keslowski to slowpoke!) drove at least 30-40 laps door to door at 170 miles per hour. And the track at Chicago is really rough – could see the trucks bounce up and down. Nerves of steel. Today is the Nationwide race. Got to watch it.
We saw this truck in Columbus the other day – neat isn’t it – check out the windshield wipers coming down from the roof.
It is for sale - $20,000 – too bad I kind of liked it but not that much. Besides we’re running out of room to park things.
To change subjects - Here is a picture of the broken front window I want to cover up.
Here is the finished stained glass window just sitting in the window. Bill hung it for me later but forgot to take a “finished” picture.
So my beanie projects – two are finished. This is the first one. Think it is big enough? Ski mask maybe? Don't laugh I'm learning. 
Well here it is rolled up and not looking quite so strange.
And my second one – it is a little better size wise but not so colorful.
Now I’m trying to make one using circular needles and part way through am supposed to switch to three or four double pointed needles – not sure about that. Sounds way beyond confusing to me but will give it a try.
Maybe going to bake a pineapple upside down cake or apple pie today - good day to have the oven on. YUM.  

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lots of heat and lots of rain

I suppose everyone remembers what they were doing 12 years ago this morning. I sure do. We were just pulling into the parking garage at work when the first bulletin came over the radio in the car.
Watched the Moment of Silence at the White House before getting on computer. I wonder if there is going to be a Moment of Silence for Bengazi?

This is an interesting web page - http://www.usmemorialday.org/taps.html
Day is done,
gone the sun,
From the hills,
from the lake,
From the skies.
All is well,
safely rest,
God is nigh.

We had an interesting day yesterday. Very hot all day so we were pretty much staying inside. I’d been working on new business cards for our trip south – redoing the ones with the picture of the Alfa on them. Until it got too hot to stay upstairs. Then I was working on finishing the stained glass window – but it even got hot enough downstairs that my glasses kept fogging up! So anyway we were sitting in the den – me knitting – and both of us watching a soccer game on TV when the outdoors lit up! The house shook! And the sky opened up! We had one of the heaviest rain storms we’ve had all year. Torrential rain – got over two inches – lots of lightening and loud house shaking thunder. Lost the satellite TV reception but not the electricity which is strange – usually if a bird sneezes in the woods the electricity goes out here in Brown County. The storm just sat over us for about an hour and a half. One nice thing about it the temperatures dropped about 20 degrees from the mid 90s to the low 70s! Very unexpected storm – rain chances were forecast at 5% - guess we were in the 5% of the state to get it.

I finished my first beanie – Turned out it can be a face mask and a beanie – but I learned at lot of what not to do and what to do making it. So now I’m making another one. I’m persistent if nothing else. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

End of Jungle Jim's International Market Adventure

AAARRRGGG! The technical gremlin struck again….Bill’s wifi adapter quit working so had to go into big town this a.m. and buy a new one.  But back to our adventure in grocery shopping.
Wandering around the aisles just taking everything in.  Hummmmm…….
Elephants and Hunters and lots and lots of curry.
Now this is a little too fresh for me.
“I’ll take that one right there!”
Umm…won’t they really be stressed out when caught?
Found ourselves back in the produce department – guess we were walking in circles – Will we ever find our way out?  These are called Florida Dragon Fruit. Never seen them before.
Heading back to the deli dept to get some cold cuts walked by lots of aisles of Olive Oil.
Then past the Frozen Food area.
So did we get anything besides lingonberries, beer and cheese. Of course we did. Got some real sopressata, some Dulce de Leche from Argentina and some Lupini beans.
Finally found our way out – through the jungle no less.

Jungle Jim’s started out small in 1971 – sure has grown up and out.
Then Back Home in Indiana. 
We got some much needed rain during the night. So glad as we are headed into another hot hot hot dry spell. Dry as in no rain – not dry as in no humidity. You know it is humid out when you can SEE the air!
Not a good NASCAR weekend for my favorite driver. But at least this year he has made it into the chase so at least has a chance for the big prize.
Here is a pic of my finished scarf and mitts. Now I just have to find someone to give them to.
Now I’m working on a red, white and blue beanie for Bill. How come every time I start something new I have to go out and buy something? Circular needles, double point needles, white yarn – never ending.

And the window – one side is soldered and the edges have framing on them. Lots more work to do though before it can be hung up. 
It will look prettier when the light is shinning through it. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Grocery Shopping at Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati

Going to do a half of a post about our trip to Cincinnati on Thursday. Beautiful day and a fun trip.
We had so much rain in the spring and early summer that the weeds grew bigger than I’ve ever seen them. There is a blue pickup in the weeds – can just barely see it this year.
the hood and cab is all I can see
And the hanging baskets down town are amazing.
But back to our trip to Jungle Jim's International Market. It is about 120 miles from the house – so a long trip just for lingonberry jelly. I had forgotten we could get it at Ikea too – but didn’t make much difference as the closest Ikea is about four miles from Jungle Jim's.
So – here is the entrance to the market. A tram no less [just kidding it is fake]
Tours of the market?
They do give you a couple of maps though. More on that later.
Of course after a long drive a visit to the restroom was necessary. Our friend who went with us wasn’t sure he wanted to go in them.
From the inside looking out. They are real bathrooms and nice.
Here’s one of the maps – and it is just for beer and alcohol!
Just a very small portion of the wine section.
Bill found a couple bottles of Chocolate Wine – a different brand than we usually buy. Putting it in the Alfa for the winter trip. He also found beer from Argentina. Got a couple of six packs of it.
Then on to the cheese section – You name it they have it. Got some chocolate cheese – had some last night tastes kind of like fudge – wish I’d bought more. Check out the shapes of these cheeses.
And the Big Cheese!
A talking Soup Can [I about jumped out of my shoes when he started talking as I passed under him!]and aisles of different soups.
A little bit of the produce department and the S S Minnow with everybody aboard. 
More of the produce department – it was huge. The whole store is over six acres! Some veggies.
what are these green bumpy things?
And some fruit. Lots of things I’d never seen before.
And then the hot sauces – aisles of them – even needed a fire truck on stand by.
On into the International aisles and aisles and aisles.
FINALLY we found the Scandinavian section. Bill checking out the selection.
Just part of the Lingonberry jams, jellys and syrups available. Oh what to buy!
one of each just to be sure.
Also got some Swedish Pancake mix. 
Need to go now - will finish posting about this adventure tomorrow. Is your mouth watering yet?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Road Trip for Groceries

Weather has been perfect again for a few days. Sunny and temps in the high 70s. So tomorrow we are going to take a 228 miles round trip to buy groceries.
We're going to Cincinnati to Jungle Jim's International Market to get Bill some Lingonberry syrup!
We'll probably come home with all sorts of different things. It is an amazing place to visit.