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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Follow us as we travel in Mexico for the Winter

To continue to follow our adventures as we travel in Mexico for the winter go to

Last Day in the U S - Tuesday

Monday afternoon

Well thought I’d be saying “Hi from Mexico” instead I’m saying “we’re still in Arizona.” No problems just a slight delay.

Had a little excitement last evening. I’d just stepped out the door and there was a big BANG! What the?? I asked, “What the heck was that?”
“Don’t know.”
“How come I can smell beer? Wine? What is that?”
“Oh, oh. I know what it was,” The Driver said as he got up out of his chair.
By then we both knew – the first clue – the overpowering, by then, smell of champagne AND the copious amount of pink liquid running down the kitchen cupboards, microwave, stove, wall etc.

Yep the opened, sealed with a clip on cork, bottle of champagne that was stored on its side in an upper cupboard had popped it cork and blown itself all over the place. I will say it works really good cleaning the vinyl floor. There were only a couple of swallows left in the bottle. Oh well guess we won’t toast being on the beach in Mexico.

But to why we are still in Arizona. Mentioned that we had a “soft” tire – by this a.m. it was a flat tire. The closest place we could get a replacement was Nogales – 35 miles away. Started towards there then decided it wouldn’t be a good idea. So went to a tire place just across the freeway from us. Next to the Cow Palace. Well wouldn’t you know it closed sometime in October.

So we called our Camping World road service. They said they would have someone out to us with a new tire in 90 minutes. So we went over to the restaurant and had breakfast. No problem.

About an hour the guy showed up. He had the new tire but no way to balance it and no way to put air in it…..Okay. So we paid for the tire and drove back over the freeway to a garage that could balance it and put air in it. By then it was noon so we just went back to the campground and spent the night. Planning on an early start Tuesday morning.

My next blog update will be here Winter in Mexico in the RV as we will be in Mexico before I update again.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Have to spend another day in Arizona

Saturday p.m.

Definitely went to bed way too early. I got up at 4:30 – had been wide awake for some time. EGAD! Then I had to take a nap this afternoon so will be up until late tonight. We are also in another time zone again. Mountain Time now.

Today we didn’t do too much. Pulled out all the paperwork we need for our Tourist Cards and Vehicle Permits and put it in one place. I still wonder how much of a problem it is going to be that we didn’t turn in our Tourist Cards last year. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.
Then moved a bunch of stuff that was stored under the bed and seats to make it more available when wanted. Now if we just remember where everything is.

Later we drove into Nogales and checked out the way we will go into Mexico. Wanted to make sure nothing has changed from last year. Taking the I-19 to Exit 4, Mariposa Rd - Route 189 to cross the border. It is the Truck Route so saves us going through the town of Nogales and puts us right on the Toll Road 15D. If I remember correctly within ten miles there is a toll booth. Hope they take US or that it is under 120P.
We were going to exchange some money too but decided to do it at an ATM at Migration after crossing the border. The exchange rate is much better through the ATM. Also we’ll put gas in Jennie in Mexico - $2.60 per gallon there as opposed to $2.90 here.
Went to WalMart and got lettuce and a couple of minor things we forgot to put back in Jennie. So we should be set now.

They have a nice used book exchange in the RV park office so we changed some books we’ve already read for ones we haven’t. I’m saving my books on my Nook until I really need them.
Bill is outside now cleaning the windshield – and checking on tires etc. Crap! He says we have a “soft tire” on Jennie – inside right rear. Next to the one we just had replaced in Indiana.
Quite a change in the weather. Really warm today but still get cold here in the desert at night.

Well guess we won’t be leaving tomorrow – have to get a tire and nothing is open on Sunday. At least we will then have six new tires.

Went to dinner at Cow Palace again. Very good meal.

On the road Vegas to Amado, AZ

Saturday a.m. and I do mean a.m.

This is the pits – it is dark and cold out – couldn’t sleep any more so got up and made coffee. Its 4:30 – that’s what I get for going to sleep at 9:30.
Yesterday, Friday, morning we left Las Vegas after gassing up. Hit the road around 8.

Lake Mead
Didn’t stop except for lunch and more gas until we got to Amado, AZ. Amado is about 40 miles south of Tucson – exit 48 off the I-19. It was just dark as we pulled into the Mountain View RV Park. We’ve stayed at this park the last two years in a row and it’s never been any near full. This time there were only a few spaces available. Lucky we even got one. They are really nice people here so we’re really glad they are busy.

The drive down was pretty uneventful. Good roads all the way. Took the 93 from Vegas all the way to Wickenburg. The scenery was pretty much what this sign says.
Sign says it all
Then even more of the same.
Nice view
With the exception of some rock jumbles.

Then the 60 to the I-10 in Phoenix. The only busy part was from Wickenburg to south of Phoenix. Right through Sun City West! And commuter traffic. Did see one quite, to me any way, interesting thing. We got passed by a motorhome – 40 footer – towing a full sized bright yellow Hummer that in turn was towing a motorboat – the boat had to be at least a 20 footer. Didn’t get the camera up in time to take a picture. Seems like that shouldn’t be legal.
All the construction on the freeway through Tucson is finished so even with the 5:30 traffic it wasn’t too bad. After checking in and getting everything set up [Whoppie – satellite went up and locked on with no problems] we headed for our favorite restaurant in the area the Cow Palace. It is just across the freeway. Food is delicious and service is great. They had “all you can eat fish and chips” Yum……
After eating neither of us could stay awake – so to bed way to early.

Friday, December 3, 2010

More Fun at the Las Vegas Speedway and a Wedding

Wrote this Wednesday p.m.

Don’t know what was wrong but it took me hours to get the last post done. First couldn’t get on AOL at all. Then IE kept telling me “error on page” and Firefox said it needed to download something to make page work. GRRRR – pulled out what little hair I have left. But as The Driver says I’m nothing if not persistent. Finally got it done – but will wait to post this one. (Waited until Friday evening - more about that later.)
After taking my ride we walked over to the Neon Garage area where there was a big “FanFest” going on.

They gave out a really nice poster of the Chase Drivers. Several of the cars were there. The 48, 99 and the 11 to mention a few.

Then we found out that the Chase Drivers were going to be there. So hung around for a couple of hours – I really, really have to thank The Driver for his patience ‘cause he can’t stand crowds or loud music and there was plenty of both there.
Got lots of pictures. Here are a few.

Carl Edwards

J Johnson - The Champ

Jeff Gordon
Denny Hamlin
And last but not least KYLE!!!
Kyle Busch the #18 M & M Car
To complete our exciting day – our oldest son got married. And his daughter, who we haven’t seen in years was here too.

A really good day!
Tomorrow I'll catch up to today.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A ride at 165 Miles Per Hour - WOW

Wednesday p.m

Today was a great day. This will be more pictures than writing.
Went out to the Las Vegas Speedway and took a ride in a race car.
The Richard Petty Experience. Three laps in a car at 165 mph

Signing up to take the ride.

Putting on my shoes after putting on the fire suit.

All suited up – helmet and Hans device around my neck.

Heading towards the car

Getting in the car. “Just swing your left leg up and over the door then put your other leg in.” Yah easy for them to say.

In the car getting the seat belts fastened.

Time to go.

There I am.

It was over way too fast.
Getting out – much worse than getting in. Couldn’t even get my head out the window. This old body just doesn’t bend that way.

Oh Yah – that was great. Finished too soon. I loved it.

Taking the suit off.

Strutting my stuff.

My Plaque – will go in a place of honor at home.

Next sky diving and parasailing! Oh Yah!