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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Living in the Alfa in Brown County

Movers finally finished at 9:30. Just before they moved their truck from the front of the house to the garage the heavens opened up. Heavy, heavy rain and some small hail. Poured for about ½ hour then just drizzled until they finished. They really earned their money this trip. We will keep everything in storage until time to bring it to the house in Vegas.
They did an excellent job of wrapping stuff up – even our rolling chairs…
And the curio cabinet – didn’t charge extra for it either.
The garage before

And after.
what's left goes to sale
When they left we grabbed most of the stuff out of the refrigerator, threw it in the car and headed to the Alfa. Oh boy, the Alfa was sitting in the middle of a huge puddle. Bill pulled right up to the steps – I went inside and he stood in the water and handed me all the bags. By 10:15 we had most of the stuff we’ve brought over put away. It is now 11 o’clock and Bill is eating a sandwich and I’m not at all hungry.
[Now it is today.] Last night, or I should say, this morning I stayed up till 2:00 to watch a TV program. Am I nuts or not? I enjoyed every minute of it though. It was NACAR Race Hub and it was mostly about Kyle Busch and his win Sunday in Sonoma. Just 16 weeks after he broke his leg and foot. So I slept in this morning till 10 o’clock.
When I got up we went out for breakfast and then to the house to do a little cleaning and to meet the Estate Sale person so he could take his photos. Now we’re back at the RV with the AC on and Bill is enjoying yesterday’s soccer game and I’m playing around with Word 2013 – grrr…And it is NOT raining – but there is wind and the sky is getting gray.
In two days we will have been home for two months. Seems like we just moved out of the Alfa and now we’re back in it for who knows how long. The furniture being moved can be in storage for at least two months – paid for.  
Since we’ve been home we’ve:
1. listed the house for sale
2. arranged for an Estate Sale
3. packed up and had movers pick up everything else
4. bought new laptop with Windows 8 and office 2013 – big learning curve here
5. watched NASCAR, watched Copa America soccer games and FIFA Women’s games.
6. moved back into RV

No wonder we are tired and don’t want to do anything more today. I wonder how many things that we are getting rid of we’ll miss in the future. Or what is at movers we will wish we kept out. 
The ground is so wet from all the rain the levelers for the Alfa just sank deep into the ground. No leveling there. Have put wood under them but the wood is sinking too. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

2nd post today - and the fun just keeps rolling on

OMG!!! The movers got lost – told them not to follow the GPS. They ended up in the forest on a gravel road way out of the way. So they weren’t happy when they got here about 3:15 – they came from Cincinnati. Then their list didn’t match our list of stuff to be picked up. So of course the price went way up. And wouldn’t you know it all the information Bill had from the company’s e-mail was already in the Alfa – our fault – I can buy new ones for that amount. Good Grief Charlie Brown! So back and forth with movers, company etc. Finally at 5:00 they are starting to load. And silly me I’d hoped they’d be done by 6:00 so I could watch a NASCAR program on TV. Ha – so guess I’ll have to stay up till 2:00 a.m. to watch the rerun! Who knows maybe we’ll just be getting to the Alfa then.
Just got a call from the Estate Sale representative confirming that the movers had picked up everything – “well kind of” as he wants to come tomorrow to take pictures of the stuff for his web site. So we’ll meet him here about noon.
Luckily the rain is holding off – more or less – it sprinkles a few minutes then stops, but it supposed to really start up in an hour or so. Hurry, hurry, hurry…
Am I stressed? Kind of – for the first time in a long, long, time I wanted a cup of coffee this late in the day. So glad I had put some in a thermos and actually left it here with a cup. So staying out of the way and enjoying the coffee. When they finally leave we have to unload the refrigerator [everything is already in bags] put it in the car and go to the Alfa – where we have to put everything away.
Lovely new world – when we asked about getting copies of everything the mover looked at us funny – and said “just take a picture of it with your phone.” Okay so we’re old folks, never thought of that.
I AM NEVER GOING TO MOVE AGAIN! And today is a very humid day so Bill is not a happy breather. Why couldn’t today be like yesterday’s weather?

I am going through all kinds of emotions the last few days. Happy, depressed, excited, fearful. Full of energy and then suddenly bone tired. Neither of us are sleeping well – I stay up very late and he gets up around 4:30 – will be so glad when this is over. 

Waiting for movers

It's 1:30 and the movers just called - they should be here in an hour! So in the mean time we just sit here and wait.
At least it is not raining and the sun is trying to come out. We both got up way before light did the last of the packing and then went back to sleep. Took one load to the Alfa, went to lunch and then stopped at the bank and picked up our new bank cards.
So next  blog should be from the Alfa. We'll be staying here in the area for at least a week, probably longer. Maybe we'll get to do some sightseeing we've always planned on doing around this area. If it is not raining

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A beautiful day

Hum…the actual name of this blog is “Life in Brown County” now that we won’t be living in Brown County anymore I really should change the name. But don’t think I will – it is just the URL – I think of the blog as “The Golden Years” which is still appropriate.
And every one is used to where it is.
I am so happy today – my favorite driver the #18 M&Ms NASCAR car won the race in CA today. After breaking his right leg and left foot in a crash in February!
We just got home from going out to dinner at McDonalds. All our food is already in the Alfa and the Alfa is at the RV park. The movers are supposed to come tomorrow between two and six. And of course tomorrow it is supposed to rain all day.
Today was a perfect day. 75°, no rain, no wind and best of all no humidity. Bill actually felt human all day.
Taking the Alfa to the RV park, its last journey down the road from the house.
And through the little town.
Parked and waiting for us to move in. The beginning of something new. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

My car is taking a trip without me.

An unusual day today - the sun has been out most of the day and the temperatures are down into the low 80s. There is a nice breeze out but unfortunately the breeze stirs up all the pollen and mold in the air and Bill had a very uncomfortable day.
Things are really moving along here. My car is on a carrier on its way to Vegas via California! It has to take a detour because it has to be delivered to Vegas on a weekday when our son is at work as it has to be delivered to his office. Carrier can’t make it into his neighborhood and our son usually spends the weekend out of town. Luckily the truck driver lives in Vegas so he didn’t mind dropping another car off in CA first. It got picked up last night. In the rain and the fog and in the little town just north of us as the carrier couldn’t make it up to our house with cars on the top of it. Too many low hanging trees. And of course when they finally got here, from Michigan driving all day in the rain storm, it was just at the end of the soccer game we were watching. Well not at the end but just before the penalty kicks that would determine the winner of the game. So missed the kicks. But Argentina did win. As did the US Women. Good for both of them.

Tomorrow we move into the Alfa. Did laundry today and will pack up my computer etc. tomorrow morning. Get to use the laptop from now on. And Monday the movers come to pick up our stuff that is going with us. [And it is supposed to RAIN Monday, of course.] It will stay in storage until we get our new home ready for it. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Imagine that It's Raining in Indiana

Woke up to thunder and lightening and pouring rain AGAIN. Supposed to clear up a little during the day then another storm is moving in tonight. 
Glad Bill insisted we partially load the Alfa yesterday. We'll finish loading it and take it to the RV park sometime Saturday and actually move into it after the movers leave - Sunday? Monday? Tuesday?...no for sure date yet. 
Talked to our realtor today, reduced the price on the house and she is going to have another Open House over the 4th. She is really working hard to sell it. 
This morning between rain drops we went to our local restaurant for breakfast, then to the bank as we realized my bank cards would be expiring just after we leave here. Oh, oh. So that is taken care of and had to stop at the small jeweler in town to get a battery for my watch. Didn't realize how many times I looked at my watch until it quit telling time. 
I just hope that when it is time to get on the road the weather is better than it has been. Seems like all the roads west are having some kind of miserable weather. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Why we moved here in the first place

While living here in Brown County we've had a kind of love/hate relationship with the place. I hate that within the last week we've only had one day when the power didn't go out at least once and a couple of times twice a day. I'm surprised our computers have lived through it. And the TV. I won't miss that. The love part is easy to explain but the town paper put it wonderfully in this weeks edition I quote  -
"The hills, the hollers; the artists, the scoundrels: the bright colors of fall and spring; the lush, hushed green sanctuary of the woods in summer. Brown County has laid claim to the hearts and imaginations of generations with all that it has and is."
Coming home from breakfast we took the road going through the Beanblossom Covered Bridge. Built in the late 1800's.Watch for the little turtle crossing the road. 
Our time to leave is getting closer and closer. Went into the bank this morning to close one of our accounts and it turned into an emotional event. We got hugs all around when we left. That wouldn't happen in a big town. 
Bill went out to feed the fishies some bread yesterday and surprised to discover the turtle likes bread too. 

He is a big sucker. While out there I took a picture of our view. I will miss that. But won't miss the flies and mosquitoes. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blue Sky

Yes, we are actually having some blue sky and sunshine. The last few days it has only rained at night so that's been nice. If only the humidity would go down. But according to the weatherman by this afternoon it will be going down - how far? Who knows but every little bit counts.
Here was our first peek of blue sky in over a week.
And YES, we got very excited about it. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be dry and it will start raining again Thursday and Friday. Guess what days we have to load the Alfa...a hint...we have to take it to the RV park on Saturday. 
Took this movie of the road up to the house one cloudy day so it doesn't look as pretty a drive as it really is. But we will be leaving this forest to live in  the desert. Quite a change. 

Saw these bicyclists the other day. This is only one small group of them. Couldn't get a good look at them to see what they were bicycling for. All their shirts were red, white, and blue. At least it wasn't raining. 
Had to go to town to buy a thumb drive for the computer - yep, already packed the one we had. Was looking at a FitBit wondering if I should get one. Once we move I've really got to start loosing weight and getting some exercise. Both of us do. But I wonder if it is worth the investment - in other words will I really use it? Good question.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Did I mention that it rains here?

It has finally stopped raining for a few minutes. It sounds like it is still raining, but that is just the water dripping/pouring off the trees in the forest. As you can see the pond water is still.
The pond has been overflowing down the hill. According to our neighbor who has a rain gauge it has rained EIGHT inches in the last six days. No kidding! Here is what it was like yesterday evening - we are at the black X. Lots of flood warnings around here.
And tonight the remnants of TS Bill will go through here. Hopefully today we can make a run into town between downpours and go to the store. It also makes Bill - the person not the storm - feel better to get out of the house for a while. Our weather forecast is for rain every day for the next seven days. With temperatures of 90°. Glad most of our packing is done. Just hope we have a dry day or two at the end of the week so we can load the Alfa.
I see the weather in Vegas has been HOT - 111° - but dry. I think I prefer the 111° to our 90° + 90% humidity. (Does anyone know where the little degree symbol is located - never mind I found it.)
I still continue to have good and bad moments about the move. Here is our living room - everything in it will go to the sale [except for the rug rolled up on the left.] 
The only furniture we’re taking with us is our bedroom set which we bought over 50 years ago and a high chair that was bought for my oldest son - it is 56 ½ years old. And my big beading table. And one of the sets of outdoor furniture. So we’ll have a place to sleep, sit, and eat until we get new furniture. Daunting task. We have completely different tastes. We're already having a discussion about flooring. I hate carpet - prefer wood or laminate with smaller rugs. The home we are getting has laminate. He hates wood, laminate and tile - wants carpet everywhere. Says without carpet it is noisy and cold. COLD? in Vegas...[but he is maybe going to luck out because the laminate in the house is dark and I don't like the dark.] But it sure would be better for his allergies. 
Bill has taken to getting up about 4 - 4:30 - 5:00 in the morning. Don’t know if it is the breathing, my snoring, or anxiety. He says he just wakes up and gets up so he doesn’t disturb me. So right now he is back in bed - AND MISSING THE FACT THAT IT ISN’T RAINING.
Fixed a roast and potatoes for dinner last night as it was a little cooler and I need to use stuff up. Managed to get it done between Soccer games and NASCAR. Today more of both - at least it is something to do unless of course we lose our satellite signal because of RAIN!

Just checked - we got home May 2nd. No wonder we’re tired, we’ve got all this done in 50 days. I’m craving brownies but I think I let Bill pack all the cake pans - will have to go look. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Beyond Muggly into down right WET

AND EVEN MORE RAIN! Our neighbor posted that his rain gauge shows we’ve had over 5 inches of rain the last few days. And that is only the beginning. Today it is supposed to rain ALL DAY and then by tomorrow the end of Tropical Storm Bill should be in this area so we’ll get MORE RAIN - maybe severe weather. So do I mind leaving Indiana for the southwest? You’d think not but I know I’ll miss the GREEN - all the flowers and trees and deer. But I won’t miss the HUMIDITY - been 90% the last three or four days with more of that the whole coming week. And the temperatures will be up in the 90s with the lovely “feels like” 100! Thank goodness we live on top of the hill. Lots of flooded fields and roads around us.
We are about done with what we can do until it is time to move all of our daily use stuff into the Alfa. Thank goodness today there is NASCAR and Copa America on TV. I’ve been going through old paperwork and shredding it - in fact broke the shredder - luckily we had found a brand new one we’d bought sometime - it was in the “sell” pile. Now I’m using it. I found stuff from 2007 that I didn’t need to keep then and sure don’t need to now.
Been calling and cancelling services and saying good bye to the really nice people who provide them. One thing about a small town you know the people who do things for you. Finally got an appointment for Bill to see his cardiologist before we leave - but not until July 6th. So guess we’ll be living in a campground in the Alfa for a couple of weeks. [a couple of HOT and wet weeks] The movers are supposed to be here on June 28th [a Sunday?] So by then we have to have the Alfa loaded and ready to move into. We’ve made reservations at a local campground for two weeks and/or maybe longer. The same company is supposed to pick up my car, the Mustang, and take it to Las Vegas. It will be dropped off with our son there. All our “stuff” will be held in storage until we get to Vegas and get our new home ready for it…and when will that be you ask? Who knows I reply!
The company doing the Estate Sale will be here the day after the movers to take pictures and get info for the sale. It will take place over the weekend of July 10, 11 and 12. Don’t know if we’ll stay here for that or not.
The last few days have been really hard on Bill. He absolutely cannot breathe comfortably. Sometimes it is so bad he has trouble talking or eating and breathing at the same time. So we have no choice but to Get Out of Here. IF I can convince him to stay in the house with all the doors and windows closed and the AC running he feels somewhat better physically but mentally and emotionally he gets worse. He says he feels “useless.” So he wanders around in here looking for things to do - I’m afraid if I sit still too long I’ll be in a box ready for shipping.
About the house. No, we have not sold it. We are having a meeting with the Realtor next week. We will leave it in her hands. Going to reduce the price and hope that generates some interest. Bill just cannot stay here any longer then necessary.

Some days I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders - other days - like I’m stuck in quick sand. Sure will be glad when we can sit down in our new home and put our feet up and start a new segment of our life. (If we don’t do bodily harm to each other first. Wonder how I’d look in an orange jumpsuit?)
Ugh it is thundering out now. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rain, packing, Rain, soccer, Rain...well you get the idea - RAIN

Another day, more packing and more rain. This is the one thing that it is bothering me to get rid of. I love my books. But have read most of them twice so...
 The continual rain has everything blooming. Took some pictures out in the yard during the few minutes it was dry out. These are so pretty, I wish they lasted longer. 
 Looking up into one of the flowers. 
 And all over the county the lilies are blooming. These are all wild. The ones I planted the deer ate before they could bloom. And before I remembered to put "Deer Off" on them. 
 A closer look at one. They are so pretty. I'll miss them. 
 And just another bush that is blooming. 
 And daisies by the mail box. Before I could do any more wandering around the sky opened up again. 
By now almost everything is packed. I'm almost afraid to sit still for fear Bill will box me up. I'm not kidding. He walks around the house looking for more things to box. Now we are going to have a couple of boring weeks with nothing to do before the movers and the sale. We have packed so many things I'm having to go out in the Alfa and bring things in so we can function. 
Now we're making last minute appointments with doctors etc and calling some services and giving them cancellation dates.  
We've been watching a lot of soccer - the Copa America - the South American countries, Mexico and the US. Just in the first knockout stages. Been some upsets already. Also watching the Women's World Cup. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Rain, rain go away

And this is the weather we've been having the last few days. When it isn't raining it feels like it is the humidity is so high.
This video doesn't do the storm justice. Didn't have the camera out when the wind came up and the rain was blowing sideways! And it thundered without stop for a solid half hour. The rain is making too much noise for the camera to pick up the thunder.
Today the humidity was over 77% - just plain miserable. Sure don't want to move around a lot. But we did get a few things done...and really wasn't thinking when we did them. Packed all the dishes but forgot to go out to the Alfa and bring in the dishes from there. So will do that first thing in the a.m. And I actually fixed a dinner - ate on paper plates, which was okay, but didn't have any serving dishes or bowls. So will have to bring a few bowls and serving plates in too. 
Another sports watching day today. NASCAR - and my favorite driver WON - the first time he'd been back in the#54 Xfinity car, the one he had the bad wreck in, and he won! Also watched Women's soccer and men's Copa America soccer. And now I'm waiting for the truck race to start - It's almost 9:30 and the track isn't dry enough to race yet so it will be a late night. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Getting closer and closer to leaving.

The boxes keep piling up and the house looks emptier and emptier. 
Today I've been going through my clothes - getting rid of stuff I'll never wear again. Was there a reason to save the pants three sizes too small? Or the really dressy dress I wore to one sons's wedding. [He is a grandfather twice over now.] And why do I save things with big stains on them? Out darn spot! along with the whole shirt its on. 
Also starting to go through the Christmas closet. That will take a couple of days. So far more has been to save than to sell. 
Been getting quotes on having my car shipped back to Vegas. I don't think we've put 2000 miles on it the seven years we've been here. Probably even less than that. But in Vegas I will drive it. I hate driving here in the hills on the narrow roads. Only time I drove it was when Bill was in the hospital. 
Had rain a couple days and nights. And heavy fog this morning so now it is pretty humid again. With higher temperatures and more humidity for the next few days. Really bothers Bill. Yesterday was a bad day for him - He says he has to keep busy but then his breathing gets worse and worse. Sure not a fun way to live. 
I started this a day or so ago and didn't finish - so will do so now.
Bill got the electrical problem in the Alfa fixed so now we can move into it when we get to that point. And we've made a date for transporting my car back to Nevada. Our son will receive it and store it for us. It leaves here within the week. 
Also made a date to meet with the Estate Sale person again to set up the date etc. for that. And have contacted a moving company. 
So things are moving right along. 
Because of the high temperatures and high humidity let along the pollen count Bill has had a few really bad days. He tries to keep doing things but eventually he has to give up. I've even been bothered the last couple of days. Find myself all of a sudden out of breath and energy. Except for the food and a few things we'll be using and/or putting in the Alfa the kitchen is empty except for the things we are getting rid of: a huge slicer, an electric meat grinder [what ever prompted that purchase], an espresso machine etc. etc. 
Have not used any of them while living here. 
I'm still packing up my hobbies and going through the last of my clothes. And have even almost finished the Christmas stuff. Little by little. Now if only a good fairy would unpack and put everything away in Vegas. Dream on. 
Time to get busy again.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Muggly day and not so good open house.

Bill is out in the garage trying to figure out how to pack our big set of hand painted Mexican dinner ware. Besides very carefully. I thought we'd agreed on "no packing today" but guess I misunderstood what no means. Makes me feel guilty - like I should go get a box and start putting things in it - NOT.
Day started out great - cool and not real humid. Lots of sunshine. So we went out to Sunday breakfast then came home to get ready for the Open House. Straightened up, put things away,  dusted, vacuumed, turned on lights, opened blinds and soon it was 1:00. Wow a couple was at the door at 1:05. Hum...an older couple - about our age - looking at this big three story house??? I have a feeling that is how they spend their Sundays. And that was all folks. NO ONE ELSE came. 
So I watched the NASCAR race - so glad Truex Jr won - he really deserved to win. Kyle came in 9th and moved up one position in points. 
Right now it is so humid and warm I am glowing just sitting here at the computer. MUGGLY weather. Supposed to get heavy rain sometime tonight or tomorrow. At least the beans and corn will be happy. 
Bill seems to be on a mission with the packing, soon we'll be eating take out on paper plates if I let him have his way. I guess I shouldn't have a problem with that. 
I heard this quote the other day and thought it made good sense. 
"On the plains of hesitation lie the bleached bones who when within the grasp of victory sat and waited, and waiting, died."

Saturday, June 6, 2015

A sports watching day

Had a quiet day today. NO PACKING! 
Went into town for breakfast and to go to grocery store. Stopped at Sam';s Club where we got stuff we didn't know we needed - I guess I should rephrase that - not stuff - food.
Then to WalMart because I wanted to get some fresh flowers for the table tomorrow for the open house. For the first time ever they didn't have any decent bouquets. 
Once home I watched NASCAR practice, then we watched Barcelona soccer team win the UEFA Champions League title. They won all three championships they were eligible for this year. 
Then watched the new Triple Crown winner win. Beautiful horse. 
Bill fixed pizza for dinner and that was about it today. Felt good to do nothing. And he felt good today too. No humidity and no wind and it wasn't hot out. 
He did spend a good part of the day loading all his programs and data into his new computer. So far it is working good. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Bought some Moonshine

Yesterday was a very nice day here in Brown County. So we quit packing for a while and went to Brownie's for breakfast/lunch then down into town and to the new Distillery just outside of town. It is the first legal still in Brown County and makes Hidden Holler Moonshine. The moonshine is like the old whiskey that was made in southern Indiana illegally since the 1700s. All Indiana ingredients are used to make it. The name of it is Bear Wallow, Hidden Holler Distillery.Just over Bill's shoulder you can make out the head of the owner. She gave us a nice welcome and told us to go inside and look around. 
Just inside at the counter. They weren't "cookin" but there was the distinctive smell of whiskey in the air. 
A very nice lady inside told us what we were looking at and explained the process of making moonshine and whiskey. The first round tank is the cooker. These tanks are in another room behind a big glass wall.
This is where the fermentation takes place. . 
And last but not least is the copper still! 
The names of the products they sell. They have moonshine, corn whiskey, rye whiskey - aged and not aged and bourbon.
Telling us all about them. We could have tasted some but didn't want to. The moonshine is on the right, next the unaged rye whiskey, then the aged rye whiskey, then the whiskey unaged and finally the bourbon. 
They aren't cheap - anyway I don't think so. A little bottle of moonshine was $16.99 - and no I'm not going to open it. Not yet anyway. Maybe after we get settled in Vegas. 
Of course there are lots of thing besides moonshine and whiskey for sale. Like this Poor Man's Bourbon Kit.
Their wall of fame - some of the write ups about them and some of the package deals with other vendors in town. One deal was with the operators of the ZipLine. I might need the whiskey first to do that. 
More stuff for sale.
A tour offered when they are "cookin" We got our information for free. 
Morel mushroom trinkets - another product of the town. 
And maple syrup. In the spring there is a maple syrup festival here in the hills. We missed it cause we were still on the road. 
Here is a link to their web site. It is pretty interesting. Because of state law they are not allowed to sell any whiskey on Sunday. Here is a really interesting article about the hoops they had to jump through to open the distillery in this state. And what they plan for the future here in Indiana. 
Today we packed more and more things. But pretty much have to stop for a while - at least until after the Open House Sunday. We are starting to look kind of bare. Also what is still unpacked is what we use daily. Like kitchen stuff and clothes. 
This has been a long day. Bill got up at 4:30 - I woke up then and couldn't get really back to sleep. So I got up at 6:30. Did laundry and some cleaning and packing. They watched NASCAR - and plan on watching the truck race tonight - it doesn't start until after 9:00. 
Bill got his new computer delivered today. It is running Windows 7 - so he is busy installing all his old programs on it. Sure hope they all work. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A couple of interesting signs in town.

Thursday already. Our days have been full of deciding, wondering, making up our minds and then changing them and packing. Sunday we are having an open house. The realty company has 12 homes in Brown County so they are having a blitz of open houses. And, of course, Sunday it is supposed to rain! Yesterday was gray and cold, today the sun is out and it is supposed to get to 83. I just hope the rain holds off until late in the day Sunday. We went out for a while - just some pretty country here in the county.

We have packed boxes stacked in the garage and the furnace room.
The garage - our son Randy made the book case when he was in middle school. When they still taught wood shop. So it will travel with us again. 
The furnace room is mostly hobby stuff. We’ve packed up so much that the house is starting to look bare and unfriendly. So we’ve been moving knick knacks [that we won't be taking with us] around to give a more lived in look. After Sunday a lot of what is still out will be boxed. I am having a really hard time about all my hardcover collection of books. I love them. But will not have a place for them in Vegas so I know they have to go. Also they are heavier then heck to ship.
We’re also having a time deciding on the living room furniture. Should we take it or sell it. ? …
While out we went to the market here in our little town. Got a kick out of the eggs for sale. Chicks from the Sticks. 
We used to get some eggs from our neighbor across the street down in the holler - but during the winter a big eagle got all his chickens. 
And then past McDonalds - WOW the price of egg McGriddles has really gone up - 2 for 350!
One of the pretty buildings in the town. Days like this we hate to have to leave it.
And we went by the craft beer brewery - I see they’ve added something to the outside of it. Looks like a grain container. Will have to check and see if they are giving tours yet. They just moved into the building over the winter. 
We also visited the craft whiskey distillery here in town. Will write about it tomorrow. 
Now I have to do some vacuuming and packing way downstairs. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Rain, lizards and geese today

Another few busy days. And the weather remains ugly. Highs today 55 and it hasn’t stopped raining for 24 hours. Luckily it is just a slow steady rain, not a flooding rain. All the fields of beans and corn are happy.
Watched Barcelona soccer team win another championship on Saturday - we finally found it was going to be telivised on ESPN2 - din’t even know we had that channel. A Spanish championship. The game was okay but Lionel Messi was spectacular. He made one goal that will talked about for a long time. If you’re at all interested in soccer go to this link and watch it.  Even if you're not a soccer fan - watch it. 
I’ve been complaining about how much STUFF we have to pack. Here is a link to George Carlin’s bit on STUFF. Scroll down to video at bottom it is funny - but a little racy at the end.
A couple of quotes from it. "A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff."  "Have you ever noticed that their stuff is sh!t and your sh!t is stuff?"
And I was in hog heaven as there were three NASCAR races over the weekend. Only thing wrong none of my favorite drivers won! The #18 Cup car with Kyle Busch driving was doing really well until 25 laps from the end when he got in a wreck. Glad to see him get out of the car and walk. Only his second race back since he broke both legs. 
Another new neighbor - he was out front on the stairs. Don’t think I’ve seen a red headed lizard before.
Went into town this morning to return the stuff Bill had bought for his old computer that really isn’t working any more [see prior blogs.] Had to return it at Best Buy and while there got talking to another sales person who really knew his business. The result is Bill is getting a new PC that is running Windows 7 - it had to be ordered and will be delivered to the house in about a week. He is so happy. Why didn’t anyone else tell us it was possible. It just had to be ordered from their warehouse.
 Coming out of the stores parking lot onto one of the really busy streets in Columbus. All traffic was at a standstill at the traffic light - they were letting this mother goose and her many babies cross the street. The picture isn't good cause of the rain but...
One adult and all the rest were little ones. They made it across six lanes of traffic.