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Sunday, May 31, 2015


I think I am beginning to kind of like my new laptop. At least figuring it out some. To show how behind the times I am I didn’t realize until a couple days after I got it that it is a touch screen. Dah! That is a neat feature when I remember to use it.
I have all of Office 2013 working but don’t like the way the toolbars are on top, but so far haven’t found a way to get them to look like what I’m used to. I even managed to rip a few CDs to it yesterday.
Had a very muggy day yesterday again with a horrendous downpour in the evening. The electricity blinked but didn’t go out - that’s amazing that it didn’t go out. Here in Brown County if anyone sneezes in the woods either the electricity or water goes out. Won’t miss that. Just as I was going to turn the TV to a local news channel it went off - lost the satellite signal. Took about a half hour till it came back on. Guess we got lucky with just the rain. There was a small tornado in the outskirts of Indianapolis and lots of flash flooding in the middle of the state. Glad we are up on one of the highest hills in Indiana. Today it is really cool out - only getting up to high 60s, last couple of days its been in the mid 80s. 
We did have a moment of excitement though. Went down to the laundry room to cut Bill’s hair and when I picked up the waste basket to put the cut hair in I almost dropped it again. In it was one of the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen. ALIVE. He was brownish and hairy. Almost looked like a small tarantula.  His body was a good inch long with a leg span of over two inches. 

Did not waste time going to get camera, just wrapped him up in the trash bag and put him in trash outside. UGH. I’m not afraid of spiders … but he was BIG. Kind of looked like a wolf spider or trap door spider. Didn’t examine him/her/it real close. But I’m looking where I’m walking now. 
The end of another month already. Time to back up my computer again. And then I'll transfer the up to date data to the new laptop. 
We also found out yesterday that we will be great grandparents AGAIN - that will make six. And another son will become a grandfather! 
We still continue to pack. But it is getting harder to find things we won't be using. Today I think I'll go through my cookbooks - some I've had for almost 60 years - and see which ones I want to keep. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Bill lost to Windows 8

Just a quick post. Today we have “air you can wear” - the humidity is so high we can actually see the moisture in the air. But it isn’t supposed to rain - until tomorrow. And tomorrow the temps are supposed to go way down again. Hope so.
Out did myself in the kitchen today - baked a marble nut two layer cake AND fixed dinner, bbq chicken breast, corn on cob and baked beans. The beans were out of a Bushes can - but I did heat them.
We still need one more wine box to get everything packed. Some one needs to start drinking. Maybe we can have a wine and cheese party for our new neighbors in Vegas.
We also returned to Best Buy - and I do mean returned. Bill wasn’t having the luck I thought he was with his new computer. None of his old games [ChessMaster, Risk, Solitair etc.] worked on Windows 8. Also the Office 2013 I got was only for one computer…so of course he can’t use it either. Any way he got disgusted and returned the whole thing. Then he got an external DVD drive and a new wireless connector for his old computer. Oh Oh, that didn’t work either - the external DVD drive wouldn’t install - not a problem with the drive - a problem with the computer. So he still can’t play his games AND the new wireless connector couldn’t be installed because he doesn’t have a DVD drive! He is fit to be tied. So his solution - connect his laptop to his big monitor, and use his wireless keyboard and mouse with the laptop. Kind of a Rube Goldberg project. For those of you too young to know what a Rube Goldberg project is - here is some info
“A Rube Goldberg machine is a contraption, invention, device, or apparatus that is deliberately over-engineered or overdone to perform a very simple task in a very complicated fashion, usually including a chain reaction. The expression is named after American cartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg. (1883–1970).”
You do what you got to do.
So now we have to return the drive and connector. I really don’t like the fact I am only “renting” Office for one year then have to renew it yearly. I’m going to see if I can find the disks for less then they sell them in the store. At least I did find out that my database built in 2003 Office Access still runs in 2013. PHEW! I sure didn’t want to rebuild it.
Just watched the truck race. Hate it that Erick Jones lost again after leading so many laps. Third race in a row that has happened. Tomorrow is a race and Sunday is a Cup race. And tomorrow is a good soccer game. Barcelona is playing for a championship and it ISN’T going to be on TV.
Realtor called, she is having Open House here on the 7th. Hope someone comes by and loves it. No one has been here yet.
Tomorrow we will have been home four weeks, sure seems longer than that.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Got a new laptop - just what I need more stress!

OMG - I am pulling my hair out. Both Bill and I got new computers today. His PC went berserk and practically everything on it quit working. The disk drive went a week ago and yesterday the wireless connection went. My laptop has been half functioning for the last year. So today we made the mistake of going to Best Buy and he got a new PC and I got a new laptop. Of course they both have Windows 8.1……..I can tell you right now it is smarter than me. I want to put icons of programs on the desktop - so far no deal. I guess what I’ll have to do is set it up next to my PC and go online on the PC and get lots and lots of help in setting up. And wouldn’t you know I just got a notice from Verizon that we’ve used 90% of our data already this month. So can’t do too much on line. But luckily tomorrow is the end of the billing period. So guess I’d better wait until Saturday until I do any more. Maybe I’ll try to load old programs. Already discovered Office 2003 isn’t compatible - so that means getting the new Office - the kind you just RENT per year. I wouldn’t bother but the database I use when we travel is in Access. I’m hoping the data and calculations will transfer - if not I really will be bald and/or in a straight jacket before too long. We have had computers since long long ago. Our first computer was a Texas Instrument and our next was a Commodore 64 - it had 64 bites. So we know a little bit but 8.1 is weird.
Just what we need more stress in our lives.
We went into town to pick up boxes to pack our extensive [maybe I exaggerate a little] wine collection in. Now doesn’t that sound hoity toity. Actually for a long time we bought wine as we traveled. And for some reason we haven’t imbibed lately - so it will be traveling back to Vegas with us.
After picking up the boxes we went for breakfast then to Best Buy. Then to pick up some more moving boxes then home. A beautiful day for a ride. Bill spent a lot of time out in the garage packing up a bunch of his handyman stuff. Three or four boxes of little drawers full of little things - screws, nuts, bolts etc., etc., etc. Small hand tools etc. What do you want to bet that we’ll need something from those drawers before we leave and we’ll have to go to the store to buy a nut, bolt, screw.
Had another mover give us an estimate today. They were going to charge extra to have everything trucked down the hill and then loaded in a semi ‘cause they can’t get one up here. Excuse me! How do they think we got all our stuff here in the first place - it was in a BIG semi. Of course that driver wasn’t too happy - but still.
Bill seems to be doing better than I did - he is setting up his PC and being very quiet about it. Even installing some programs from old disks.

I’m going downstairs where it is cooler and watch TV. Tomorrow is another day. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Almost done with the storage closets.

Slowly but surely we are getting stuff done. The house is starting to look “undecorated.” This closet is done Before
After - all that is left goes to “estate sale”
Another storage closet - every box in here contains Christmas decorations! Need to really get rid of some things.
Went into town to the post office and hardware store this morning. This pure white moth was sitting on the car. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite so white.
When we went to the hardware store I noticed a bird’s nest on top of the carved bear out front. The name of the store is Bear Hardware.
This is the view from our side deck. Way out in the distance, 40 miles, is Indianapolis. On the 4th of July we can see their big fireworks display from here. I'm going to miss it. 
Cannot believe the horrid weather Texas and Oklahoma are having. Again - I am thankful we made it home when we did. We are supposed to get another thunder storm here later tonight, but so far the day has been nice.

Bill’s allergies are going up and down. With him having more not so good days than good days. 
Saw these Morel mushrooms at the market today. Check out the price! only .44 of a pound. $65.99 per pound. Is anything really THAT good?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hard to throw some things away - seems disrespectful.

Started out a beautiful day. Not too humid, lots of sunshine. Now it is 90% humidity, getting hotter, darker  and starting to drizzle. Weather changes quick here. Too sticky to do much packing and/or sorting. Though did get a few things ready to go.
Packed up all the accessories to my embroidery sewing machine. Machine and cabinet are still out in case I need it for something. Discovered my older Kenmore sewing machine. Been lugging it around since moving from California in 2003. Also found a small travel ironing board - where the heck did that come from?
I’ve packed all my embroidery thread but am undecided about the cubbies full of material. Take it or not? When ever I start to make something I always have to buy new/extra material ‘cause I don’t have what I want/need. I did pack the seasonal material and some of the more expensive pieces. Hard to leave it at the cost of buying new.
While going through one storage closet I found another box that was never unpacked since California [2003]. It was full of stuff we collected on our trip to Argentina. Maps, books, ticket stubs, visas etc. Sure would have helped when writing the book. Oh well.
Found another box of my Mom’s stuff. Her marriage license, birth certificate, my Dad’s veteran stuff. Albums full of photos. What to do with it all? I don’t feel right throwing it out. But I don’t think I’ll ever need it. I hate these decisions. As far as the photos go, I am going through them. And pulling out all the ones with the kids in them and making packages to send to them. They can figure out what to do with them.
Yesterday we had a big surprise - got a phone call from our friend George - of the Tioga and George blog. He is doing great - he’d read my blog about us moving and thought he check on us. So neat talking to him.

I forgot to mention - over the weekend there was a big fund raiser here - selling Morel Mushrooms. FOR $50.00 A POUND! Holey moley! And they grow wild all over our hill. We should have gone hunting for them. We could have paid someone to pack for us. 
Just looked up - it is pouring now. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Some interesting things to be seen around Brown County

Bill went to the doctor Friday morning and got an allergy shot. Since then he has continued to feel better and better.* He felt so good Saturday that he washed and waxed Willie! - The shot seems to be working. If only it keeps working. He is so happy now and so energized. If he starts feeling bad again it will really be a downer.
We have the flyers for the house; it sure looks nice in the pictures. Please, please some one fall in love with it and buy it. Another of our friendly neighbors over for dinner. Of course not everyone might like him. Did you know it takes about 40 squirrels to make a stew. 
We’ve been staying home and packing more stuff. Well kind of staying home. Went to Camping World up near Indy to get the electrical plugs for the Alfa - turns out that isn’t the problem…lovely - maybe the big cord - hope not, it costs $250. Came home a different way and passed this beautiful old home.
near Trafalgar, IN
And we’ve gone out to breakfast a couple of times to Brownies - the local restaurant. Never know what we’re going to see there. Notice the knife in the right boot and he was wearing spurs too.
Also met this couple. They were all going to a fire arms expo up in the woods somewhere.
And this was parked out front. YUM! For sale - Owner wants around $30,000. Beautiful inside and out.
Yesterday we had company and I cooked a roast - between races. It is funny we live here in Indiana and the Indy 500 is not on local channels. Luckily we can get it because of the set up we have with Direct TV for the motorhome.  We get east and west coast major channels. So we watched it  - glad to see Montoya win. Then we watched the NASCAR race from Charlotte. My kind of day. And the #18 driver got through the entire race and even came in 11th. Ran 5th or 6th for most of the race. 
Earlier we went to Columbus [22 miles] away to go to what else - breakfast - and to the grocery store. On the way home I managed to snap this picture of a new sculpture in our little town. Need to get a closer look at it when not in a moving car. Looks interesting.
*Bill, in my opinion, overdid it the last couple of days. Because he was feeling so good he washed and waxed all three cars - outside - stirring up all the dust and pollen. So today he is paying for it. Sure hope the effect of the shot hasn’t worn off already.
I’m psyching myself up to tackle another one of our big storage closets. No idea what’s in it.

The weather for the next few days is going to be ugly. Gray skies, rain, temperatures in the 80s and humidity in the 80s. UGH. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Beautiful sunshine today. Rain this weekend.

Finally a day of sunshine. Funny how sunshine improves your mood. Still cool though, which is good for me. 
Bill went to see doctor today. Got a shot that hopefully will help him. Last night again he was so bad I wanted to call 911. The sneezing, runny nose and eyes itching are annoying - but the not being able to get a breath is really scary. 
No one came by today to give us estimates or information. Well I take that back the realtor is coming by later to leave us flyers and put a "take me" box out front. The house went on the MLS pages today. Keeping our fingers crossed. It will not be an easy house to sell. Haven't heard any more from the mobile home park in Vegas, but know we do have the house. Just need to get them the paperwork etc. We've never seen the inside of it - just seen one with same floor plan. So there may be a quick trip to Vegas in our near future. Would sure help with deciding what to keep and want to get rid of. Also if anything needs to be done we'll have them do it so it will be move in ready. 
No packing today - I want to get some slightly smaller boxes for some of the stuff in the basement and for books. Hopefully they won't be quite so heavy to carry upstairs. This getting old crap takes a lot out of a person. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Only 93 boxes more to go!!!

My gosh, we’ve only been home for 18 days. Seems like it been months we’re getting so much done! Been so busy I haven’t thought about doing laundry until this morning when I opened my drawer and didn’t have any more clean clothes in it!!! So guess that will be my first chore today.
So we’ve got a realty company. On to the next step. We’ve ruled out one choice, we don’t want anything to do with auctioning off our belongings. Will stick with estate sales - we think. Still interviewing movers. And the one we waited for this morning was a no show! Hate when people do that.
Went to town to eat lunch [with enough leftovers for dinner tonight - yeah.] Had to get some more packing supplies and FRAGILE stickers - so we remember which boxes to be careful with. It is cold out today, high 50s only and going down to mid 40s again at night. Bill is wearing his beanie in the house.
Was watching the TV show Hoarders the other night. So I don’t feel so bad when I open a drawer or cupboard and see all the stuff we’ve been hauling with us for years. Why are there paper clips in almost every drawer? And I can never find one, where it should be, when I look for one. Found something brown and crumbled in a plastic bag. Took me forever to remember it was a tobacco leaf I got nine years ago when we were traveling in Kentucky. Yes, I threw it out.
Started this yesterday but didn’t get it done obviously. Bill got up around 4:00 - said he couldn’t go back to sleep. Now his eyes are running and itching like crazy. We can’t move soon enough. I got up about 5 and am still up. He went back to bed. Today or tomorrow the house should go on the market. We got a couple more boxes packed yesterday. And need to get some smaller boxes for my knick knacks from all our travels. All small stuff that is in a curio cabinet - we will take the cabinet with us.
No one is supposed to come over today so think we’ll make a trip to Camping World in Indy. The Alfa needs a new power cord - or maybe just new plugs.
Now it is late afternoon and we've been out for breakfast - this morning Bill enjoyed it. Then to Camping World for the plugs - hope they work. Also got a couple more boxes packed. Some knicks knacks from travels and some of my quilting/sewing stuff.
Enough for today.
While packing I've been coming across stuff the boys made in school and been thinking about how different school is now. I've got stuff they made in wood shop, metal shop, ceramic classes and jewelry classes. One of them learned to play the violin while in middle school. One took auto mechanics in high school. Another carpentary. I remember taking cooking and sewing - wasn't very good in either class. Do they teach any of that any more?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Living in beautiful Brown County

Today is a beautiful day here - bright and sunny and 65 degrees as a high. And best of all the humidity is low. As has been the way the past week or so we had people coming today so we decided to start out the day by going to one of the nicest local restaurants. Much to our surprise it has been completely painted and the parking lot is no longer mud. But newly striped asphalt. Doesn't it look neat.
 We really like the inside too. All the wood work and articles was done by the owner. The food is excellent, Filling and inexpensive. Had to laugh coffee in Vegas was 2.89 a cup and we had to practically beg for refills. Here it is 1.39 and we had to tell the waiter "no more coffee." Bill had a western omelet and we both had fried taters. YUM. While we were there he had a hard breathing spell and could barely eat between gulps for air. Now he is feeling a little better and has an appointment with the doctor next week. Though there isn't much they can do for him. 
 Got home after breakfast just in time to meet the realtor and the photographer. Boy did he ever take a lot of pictures. Hope it makes a nice brochure. And here we are with our "For Sale" sign planted. Guess we can't change our minds now. 
 Our peonies are starting to bloom. They are such a pretty plant. 
 A close up of one of the flowers. Wish they would last longer. 
 And the Rose of Sharon bushes are outdoing themselves this year. 
Went looking for the turtle but he heard me first and slipped into the water - I just caught the splash. Did notice all the polliwogs - zillions of them again. From all the noise at night from the frogs there should be even more on the way.  
 The water iris are blooming too. Lots and lots of buds on the plant. 
 It is so pretty here - we are both going to miss it. But what makes it pretty is what makes Bill miserable. 
 If we look at this view too much - we might be tempted to change our minds. NOT -And that place is full of STUFF! 
We've been expecting to hear from the mobile home park in Vegas letting us know when we can start the paper work on the unit we want. Spoke to them last week but their paper work wasn't done yet. Here is the home. I stole the picture off their web page so it isn't really good.
 Imagine our surprise when this was next to the picture! WHAT? SOLD? HOW? See the date? That was yesterday. Of course Bill was right on the phone. Both of us were steaming. How could they? They knew we wanted it. 

Got a hold of one of the people there and he assured us there was no problem. They were holding it for us. They just had got around to calling us yet. Whew! So now were waiting for all the paperwork crap stuff to be sent to us. Now we really can't change our minds. 
Things are maybe moving too quickly...Kind of a big difference isn't it. No grass, just rocks and desert plants. 
Talked to an auction house today - not sure about that.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Talked to moving company today - Wow -

Another busy and drizzly day here in Brown County. The sun has just now come out and it is 7:00 p.m. Today should be the last of the rain but tomorrow the temperatures are really going to drop. Highs will only be in the low 60s. Good for me but Bill will freeze. Today was not a good day for him. He is sneezing, sniffling and having trouble breathing. So except to go to the post office he's been pretty quiet.
We had a moving company come by this morning. Told them what we were planning on taking - furniture wise, only the bedroom set - and they made estimates on the number of boxes we might have. Also asked about the cost of them doing the packing and maybe a month in storage. I think based on their estimate of them packing that we will continue to plug away. Today we got two boxes packed. And a couple more spaces cleared out. But there will be a lot we can't do until we're ready to go. 
We had to go to town to mail a package - had to mail a piece of stained glass that I had for sale on the web page. A Christmas sun catcher. Always surprises me when I sell one. I forget so many of them are on the web page. http://www.fantasymanorartstudio.com/stainedglass.php
Tomorrow the realtor will come with the photographer to take pictures for the sale brochure and the MLS listing. So I have to run around in the morning taking things off counters and walls etc. - just for the pictures. And in the afternoon another "estate sale" person is coming. We are now asking them about selling all the beaded jewelry I've made, the stained glass pieces and Bill's leather art. One guy said "Oh, yes. They will sell." But for what? 2 cents on the dollar? Not that desperate to sell them. 
Going to straighten up my desk some then head back downstairs to read. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Where did all of this STUFF come from?

The weather has taken a change here in Indiana. Yesterday and so far today it is drizzly and gray and HUMID but not cool. Well not hot either - in the mid 80s. Qualifying for the Indy 500 was called off yesterday because the track was flooded. And I just saw that there has already been a wreck this morning.
Speaking of racing - Watched the NASCAR All-Star race yesterday. For his first time back Kyle did pretty good. Except he really screwed up his qualifying - had to start in the back - very unlike him. And sped on pit row during the race so had to go to the back - and had a loose wheel so had to pit. Other than that he did good finishing 6th.
And the truck race Friday night - Erik Jones was robbed. He should have had the win, especially seeings how the wining truck was set up illegally. Erik lost by .005 seconds. That is POINT 005 seconds. That’s racing I guess.
Today there are two soccer games on at the same time. Both important. Bein Sports TV is going to show them simultaneously - that should be interesting. 
We finally got our fixed Tablet back from Verizon and now I'm trying to remember how to set it up. And why do we have one in the first place? 
Around noon today we have another person from one of those “estate sale” companies coming to talk to us and check out our “estate.” We're trying to get answers on if we should sell privately some things - like paintings and all the stained glass and glass equipment. Or if they'll get decent prices for them...
Yesterday Bill was up before 5 o’clock and down in the basement packing up all his hobby stuff for the leather and carving. He says he isn’t going to let the allergies beat him. He worked most of the day. Even fixed the broken mirror in his bathroom. The day before his breathing got so bad I had my finger on the phone for 911 - but once he relaxed it got better. Got to be scary. 
I’m plugging away at sorting stuff in the big storage areas we have. Why or Why did I save a whole box full of cables that go to computers and accessories? Sure save strange things.
Going to tackle another storage area today - stuff I haven’t even looked at since we put it in there. Bunch of suitcases and boxes of collectible tin cans. And other stuff. Then need to go through 30 boxes of Christmas stuff. None of its been out of the boxes in six years. 
On Monday and Wednesday we have moving companies coming to give us estimates. The realtor will be here twice - once to take pictures and then to put up signs and flyers.
The contractor finally found out from where the roof is leaking. So now that has to be torn up and fixed and my bathroom ceiling and wall still has to be fixed. That will be a mess.
I finally caught a picture of our turtle. He/she is a big one.
see him sitting there?
And that’s about it for today. Got to get to work sorting stuff. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Thinking of you John

Our Son
John Richard Sirimarco
May 16, 1965 - December 29, 2006
He would be 50 years old today.

John, Debbie, Robert, Rebecca and Rick   
Rick and Rebecca are now parents themselves. 

Friday, May 15, 2015


Didn't realize it had been so long since I'd posted. We are really keeping busy. Well most of the time. So much to tell. First though a smile. The squirrels are back eating the corn out front. I think they are cute. Love to watch them eat.
 And we have a new neighbor in our pond. Yep that's the pond but not the neighbor. He/she is too quick for me to get a picture. I was out in the side yard the other day and heard a BIG splash, but didn't see anything. Thought it might be a really big frog. Then yesterday I was out on the deck and caught something BIG sliding off the rocks into the water. Much too big to be a frog. Later I looked out the window and saw a huge turtle! About a 12" shell on it. By the time I got outside with the camera - it has sensitive ears - it was gone. So will try later today when it is out sunning. Wonder where he came from.
 We have settled on a realtor. It is an Indiana company with ties to a national relocation company. They seem very professional and do a lot of advertising on TV and in the city papers. Hope they find someone who loves this place. We signed the papers the other day and the realtor walked through the house giving suggestions for the photos and viewings. One thing suggested was to "unclutter my beading area", so lots of the stuff is now boxed. So guess I won't be doing much hobby work for a while.
 Just some of it done. And I managed to fill a whole box. Everyday we pack a little bit. 
We've decided to get rid of just about everything. Had one of those "Estate Sale" companies come over. Sounds like a really good deal. They will sell/auction/donate everything in the house that we don't want to take with us. We could probably get more with Craigs List and garage sales - but don't think it is worth it to us especially living out here in the boonies. So when/if the house sells we'll put what we want to take in a POD or have the movers pick it up. We'll move into the Alfa and the Estate people can come in and take care of the rest of it. He says they even vacuum after the sale and give the keys to the new owner. We get our money and drive away. I know that is simplifying everything - but seems like it will be the best for us. Just the little packing we've done has been tiring. 
Also had the contractor here yesterday. He thinks he found the area of the roof that has been causing all the problems in my bathroom. The roof is only 5 years old but the weather here has been brutal the past couple of years. 
So that's the plan but plans are made to change...
Today and tomorrow I'll be watching NASCAR - and packing up while watching it. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Perfect Day here in Brown County

Today has been a perfect day so far. Bill is feeling much better than yesterday. Guess the rain tamped down the pollen a little and it is much cooler - about 65 - he has on sweats and I have on shorts and a tank top. We need to consolidate for the perfect body temperature. It is gorgeous outside. The kind of day that makes you realize why you live in Indiana. Everything is blooming. Only have one Iris but it is beautiful.
Another Clematis is blooming.
The gardener really worked yesterday. Put mulch all along the front of the house. Always looks so nice when it is new and a deep color. 
As for the perfect day continuing. Barcelona played today and will advancing to the Finals in the Champions League - yippee. AND my driver Kyle Busch who drives the #18 M&Ms NASCAR car will be returning to racing. He’s been out since February when he broke his left foot and right leg in an accident. That is he’ll be back in his car Saturday for the All-Star race UNLESS his wife delivers their baby that night!
I managed to clean out one of our big attic storage closets this morning. We are thinking about having a garage sale in a couple of weeks. Just about everything in that closet was “garage sale” stuff. One box never got opened from the move from Vegas seven years ago. Also straightened two other small closets. Guess if I just keep plugging away at it it will all get done - or not.
Had a contractor here for the repairs that need to be done to my bathroom ceiling AGAIN - he is going to inspect the roof too. Maybe finally find out what the heck is causing the leak.
Choose a realtor - hope we made the right decision. She will be by tomorrow with the paper work and a “To Do” list - hope it isn’t too long or involved. We will also be talking to a company that sells everything in your house. He said, “We’ll even barcode the pencils in the drawer.” We’ll see. Also set up an appointment with a moving company to come and give us an estimate on sending a lot of the furniture BACK to Vegas from whence it came seven years ago. It will be well traveled furniture. Bill wants to for sure keep our bedroom set - the first thing we bought 50 years ago. It is a little worse for the wear - when we had the Northridge earthquake in 1994 - the head board, a solid thick piece of maple got cracked when a hutch came down on it. And when we moved here one of the drawers in the chest of drawers broke its supports. But all in all it still looks good. And has lots of memories.
Got a picture of two of our sons for Mother’s Day - they were golfing. Kind of surprised to see all the gray whiskers.
BTW - does any one want to buy a 1990 Cadillac Allante? Bill doesn’t know I’m putting it in here. 
It has a convertible top too.
Well time to go do something constructive. Like cook dinner. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Picked a realtor - so now to packing.

GGGRRRR! I can’t get used to this keyboard and keep deleting what I don’t want too and not deleting what I want to. Can’t find the end key or the delete key - unless I don’t want it. Why aren’t all keyboards the same?
We haven’t even settled on a realtor yet and I’m already exhausted. All I’ve done is clean the fan blades in the kitchen and pack two boxes! One is full of tiny collected pigs and magnets. Do I really, really want to drag them across country? Yep, I think I do. And one box full of framed pictures of the family that were all hanging on one wall. Got to remove the “personal” stuff for showing the house. Anyway that’s what they say on HGTV. Wish we could get one of those programs to come here and do everything. Now we need to go to town and get some packing supplies - tape for the boxes a magic maker so we know what is in the boxes and some bubble wrap or something similar to protect stuff.
Our gardener was here today and he is going to take one of the big work tables from the garage and one piece of furniture - a cedar chest I bought with my first pay check right out of high school - so you know how old that is. It’s just been sitting in the garage since we moved here - empty. At one time, probably about 15 years ago, I decided I wanted to antique it - got about half way and never finished.
We got some rain overnight so that was good for the new plants outside and a little while ago it was sprinkling out. Now the sun is out but the wind has really come up and we’re supposed to get heavy rain. Good.
Had no sooner written that then it began to pour and thunder. Then the TV beeped with a tornado watch until later this evening. Gotta love Indiana weather.
And we have settled on a realtor. She says she’ll be by on Wednesday with a “To do” list before the pictures of the house are taken. Boy I don’t want to see that list.
It is really going to be hard to decide what to keep and ship and what to get rid of. So many things we’ve collected in our travels. But do we really need it? No. Is it worth shipping it? I guess if we haven’t used it since we’ve been here we can get rid of it. A garage sale? Donate it? Have a company sell everything? I can feel sleepless nights coming up. My big problem is I think stuff is worth a lot more than we’ll get for it if we sell it. I have a big set of Syracuse China that is 70 years old and another set of Franciscan Apple design. Both are on line for quite a bit of money - but they are on-line - because they haven’t sold...

Cleaned out my closet and have two huge bags for Goodwill of clothes I wore to work. Why did I bring them to Indiana? Plus they don’t fit any more...One more thing done. 
Got a Mother's Day picture of two of our sons. Wow - both have gray beards! Am I that old?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Busy days.leath

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. Especially our daughters-in-law and our granddaughters who are mothers. Some flowers for you to enjoy.
growing on the side of the house
We have been keeping unusually busy lately. We’ve finally got our broken tablet on its way to be fixed [had to find a FedEx to mail it!] Of course none in our little town. But one each in the two bigger towns 20 some miles from us. Found one in Columbus, mapped it and went there. Now we wait.
Also weeded the planters out front and bought a bunch of petunias to plant in them. I’m thinking unless these grow fast the planters might need more plants. Also got some hanging baskets and two beautiful ferns for the front porch. They are so pretty.

A lot of the bushes around the house are blooming too.
Still a lot of cleaning up to do. For some reason all our roses died this winter. They lasted through several winters but not this one. So have to get rid of them. Little by little.
We’ve talked to three different realtors so now just have to make up our minds which one to choose. That part is hard. What if the one we choose doesn’t sell it. Would one of the others have sold it? Never know.
Yesterday we planted the flowers then  had company for most of the day. Watched two soccer games and I stayed up to watch most of the NASCAR rain delayed race. Didn’t finish here until after 1:00 - I only stayed up until the #18 car wrecked. Couldn’t keep my eyes open. Also fixed corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots for dinner. Our delayed St Patrick’s Day fix.
Driving into town I noticed that the fields have been planted. They will grow soy beans this year. There are fields scattered through out the forest along the roads. It doesn’t show in this picture but the beans are just barely coming up. 
Think I’ll post this and then go put an apple pie [frozen] in the oven. While it’s cooking I’ll work on the web pages and see if I can update them some. Some of the stuff that’s on our Brown County Art Studio.  It's a day to work on it as the weather is kind of drizzly and very humid. 
leather face mask or wall decoration

carved wood face surrounded by molded leather

leather hair clip 
leather molded leaf on oval plaque
Until I look at the pages I forget how much stuff is on them. Keep me busy for a while cleaning them up and taking off what has been sold. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Some info about the winter trip.

We are soooo busy. Kind of. Weather is still dry, not too humid and getting quite warm. Up to 85 today with predictions of higher 80s tomorrow and next day. Then starting Saturday rain and rain and more rain.
We’ve been watching the weather channels and are sure glad we came across the Midwest a week ago. And that we didn’t stop anywhere for longer than overnight. Or we would be in the middle of the bad weather.
We’ve interviewed two realtors and will see another one on Saturday; then will make up our minds who to go with. So far we’ve been told the market is doing pretty good this spring. Lots of people from the big cities [Indy, Louisville, Chicago, Cincinnati etc] around us buying 2nd homes here. Hope we get lucky as Bill’s allergies are already making him miserable.
We need to get some of the plants out front replaced and put in some flowers to make things perdy. 
Have appointments for a plumber and a contractor to do some needed repairs and Bill has listed [and sold] some of his big carpenter tools on Craigslist.
Watched a great soccer game yesterday and it was so good we watched the rerun today. Barcelona vs Bayer Munich - one of the best games I’ve ever seen.
I’ve been putting some figures together from our winter trip. Only had a couple big repairs. The alternator on the Alfa on our way west in Kansas and new real universal joints in the jeep in Las Vegas. Then in San Carlos, MX we had the basement compartment doors refiberglassed and painted on the Alfa.
No illnesses this year - except for a cold or two. So all in all it was a very good winter. We averaged $15 a day for campgrounds.
Averaged $22 a day for groceries - this included stocking up before going to Mexico and resupplying when coming back into the US.
Eating out cost us an average of $16 a day. We ate out a lot - breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.
The Internet in Mexico cost us $118 for four months.
$646 on toll roads - 99% of that in Mexico. Only toll road in the US was in Oklahoma.
We put about 5200 miles on the jeep - driving it - spending $1052 for gasoline.
And 7380 miles on the Alfa, spending $3106 on Diesel. Averaging about 8.3 miles per gallon. The Driver was busy this year.

We were gone from home for 204 days. I think the longest time we ever spent in the RV. Except for the trip to South America. That was 13 months and 25,000 miles. You can read about that trip in our book “All The Way to Argentina.”
The motorhome we took to South America in 1978