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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Work, work, work -

The weather continues to be warm – high 80s – and MUGGLY – believe it or not you can actually see the moisture in the air. And definitely feel it.
We’ve had spurts of rain and far off thunder almost every day with more to come.
As always watching the soccer games. The USA managed to advance into the next step – but will have to win on Tuesday or they go home. Also watching Argentina and Leo Messi play. Hopefully they’ll advance to the finals. But you never know.
We’ve been into town a couple of time. As we’ve gone through our little town I noticed they must be painting the new leaf sculpture as it is covered in a big tarp with lots of exhaust fans. Can’t wait to see it finished.
We’ve started to get visits from
The turkeys are coming around again, seen them out back almost every afternoon. But they move to fast to get a picture of. And I have a feeling we have another raccoon or possum as my hummingbird feeder has been knocked of the porch and is downstairs in the weeds. Need to put on shoes and go get it – sometime.
Watched the NASCAR races the last three nights. Kyle won the truck race Thursday, but might get a fine because after the race the front end of his truck was too low. If it passed inspection before the race why wouldn’t it after??? Then on Friday in the last laps of the Nationwide race he was leading and a caution came out. No reason for it! No debris and no one was wrecking….He ended up finishing 3rd. Last night he was 2nd in the Cup race. Not a bad weekend.
Bill is watching soccer right now – these are the “if you lose you are gone” games. I’ve watched so many games I’ve started to dream about them…
We have finally finished…the book…well kind of – I hope – if we’re going to e-publish it all the formatting has to be changed. If we’re going to try to get it published in hard back it needs to be sent to an agent/publishing company. So that is Monday’s chore. We also have a friend of ours who has published a couple e-books proof reading it for us. She also knows how to go about getting it on Barnes and Nobel and Amazon as an e-book and will help us with that.
This morning I finally finished with the web pages – changing prices, checking all the links and pictures etc. I think everything works now. If I EVER build another web page I sure know what NOT to do.
We picked up the welded parts for the Alfa’s hitch so if we want to go somewhere we’re ready to leave.
Also became great-grandparents for the fifth time a couple of days ago. Now have 2 boys and 3 girls. Time to get started on the new baby boy’s quilt. Thinking about making it with embroidered cars and using flannel. No knitting for a while – though I miss it when I’m sitting and watching TV.
My next chore is going to be paint the downstairs furnace room – again I’ll have to take the paint back to the store to get it shaken – at least it is cool down stairs – don’t know when I’ll ever get the upstairs bathroom trim done – just too hot. Neither chore will take more than a day to finish – just get really lazy with the heat.

Bill just called to me – Mexico is doing really good today in their game so I’m going down to watch it.
No pictures of anything today! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lots of computer work going on here.

Today was a beautiful day – not too hot and even the humidity was down a little – one of those “enjoy it while it lasts” kind of day. Tomorrow will be warmer and more humid again.
Yesterday there was a tornado on the outskirts of Indy about 35 miles from us. Too close for comfort for me.  All we got was some heavy rain for about 15 minutes.
We’re still watching the World Cup games. Was so glad to see Mexico win and make it into the next round. The U.S. got a tie in their last game. The other team got a goal in the last 15 seconds of the game. They play again tomorrow – and unless something goes horribly wrong they should make it into the next round too.  Argentina won all three games that they’ve played.
Today the people came to put the new windshields in the Alfa. Wow what a clear view we have now. Took them about three hours and they came to the house.
Now we're just waiting for some welding to be done on the hitch connections. 
Still have to mail my baby blanket – haven’t gone anywhere for a few days. I’ve been plugging away on “the book” – hope to send it out to an agent by the end of the week. Then I’ll start trying to figure out how to format it for e-book style. Hair pulling time.
Also been working on the web pages for the art stuff. Changing prices etc. Sure would be easier if when I originally put it together I’d put things in numerical order! Worked on these little guys today. Leather pins about 2 - 3 inches high - repricing them and updating page. Fantasy Manor stuff.

This weekend – starting tomorrow are three NASCAR races, but they are all night races, usually by evening I’m ready to not do any things else but sit and veg. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Leaves, chickens, quilts and "was and were"

About my new header. Taken on the road up to our home. The pile of debris on the right was also a barn. It was there when we left in the fall but didn't make it through the winter. 
Good afternoon – just got back from running errands in town. Sooo hot out and sooo humid out – you can see the moisture in the air. Rest of day will be spent inside in AC.
I have been trying to get a decent picture of the new sculpture downtown but never seem to be at the right angle. It is metal, 21 feet high and represents fallen leaves being caught in the wind and rising into the air. It will eventually be painted in autumn colors. In fact today we noticed that it has been primed. It was built entirely by Veterans.
Brown County is known for its beautiful autumn colors. 
Had the whole back end and back seat of Willie filled with “stuff” for GoodWill. Lots from the kitchen cleaning, sorting out of double stuff from the RVs and clothes we haven’t worn since quitting work. Why on earth did we ship them from Las Angeles to Las Vegas and then here!
Also took three big bags of book to the Library. And there are more books to clean out and lots of closets left too. I feel like a hoarder. [is that spelled right?]
Lovely the power went out again this morning – twice! At least I hadn’t reset the clocks yet. But sure not good on the electrical gadgets.
Still waiting on hearing from the windshield for Alfa people. Guess they have to order it.
We had more company in the yard yesterday afternoon. The neighbors chickens have discovered the corn the squirrels drop on the ground. The pretty rooster discovered it first and now he brings his harem with him.
Yesterday – in the heat no less – I baked a pineapple upside down cake – my favorite and cooked spareribs. So today no cooking. Then watched the soccer games and part of the NASCAR race. Cannot believe the U.S. soccer team lost in THE LAST 15 SECONDS. What a heartbreaker. But they still have a chance to make it through to the next round.
And guess what. I finally finished my afghan – baby blanket – gift. 
Started it in March when Bill was in the hospital in Mazatlan. And Ivory Rose [ I love that name] one of our great granddaughters is only two months old now.  Now to find a box and pack and ship it. Next project will be a sewn quilt for the great grandson on the way.

Need to go back downstairs where it is cooler – might go way downstairs to basement and do some mending…it is really cool down there. 
Still plugging away on the book when it is cool enough to be up here in the computer room. I thought it was pretty much done until I ran it through an editing program - used the free part that only edited 500 words - and discovered that I'd used was and were about 50 times in 500 words. EEEKKKK Hard not to when you are writing ab out things that happened many years ago. But getting some of it fixed. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

What happened to Spain?

WHAT Happened to Spain’s soccer team? Everyone thought they would be in the final game playing for the World Cut – and they are OUT in the second game they played – or didn’t play. What an upset.
More heat and humidity here – going to have three or four more days of it.  If we want to get anything done it has to be first thing in the morning. By soccer game time – 12:00 it is time to sit down and be still. Sounds like a good excuse to me.
I guess I inspired Bill when I cleaned the kitchen cupboards. He’s out in the garage – making all kinds of noises as he moves things around and fills a trash barrel – today is trash pick up day…
I got my knitting fixed and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It should be done by the weekend! Been working on it since March.
Yesterday the Alfa got a lot of little problems fixed. All the electrical plugs are working again. And the inverter is fixed. So now he is like brand new – time to go somewhere.
About 10 minutes before the last soccer game ended yesterday our power went off! It wasn’t that good of a game anyway – but the AC and fans went off too. It always makes me wonder is it just us or is it the area. Went off about 10 to 8. It stays light here now till about 9:30. Anyway – nothing else to do so we went out and sat on the front porch and watched the wildlife go by. There were five of these guys munching away but by the time I thought to go get the camera only he was left.
Then across the street we saw this little guy – there were two of them but the other one was shy and stayed hidden in the bushes.  The pic is fuzzy ‘cause he was so far away and I can’t hold the camera still when it is on full zoom.
And then she strolled by – again across the street.
Just like living in "Bambi"
By then it was 8:30 so I thought I’d call the power company to see what was going on. We get our power bill over the internet so I don’t have any paperwork with the account # or their phone number on it. (Next time I get a bill I’m going to print out a copy) So I pulled the phone book and a flashlight – note to self – get better flashlight! Finally found a number for the company. Called it – actually after pushing several buttons I got a real person. Told them our problem – power is out. According to the gentleman there had been no reports of any power outages in the area. Oh Oh! Where was I calling from? I told him. Oh that was the problem – he was in a different area – a long ways away. Lovely – that was the only phone number in the book. Okay he would try to help me get the right phone number. Was I in Jackson? No Was I in Bloomfield? No
Well where are you?  Brown CountyBrown County?  Yes. Hummmm? What town? Nashville. I don’t have that listed, are you sure? Of course I’m sure. Okay he had three other REMC (the power company) areas listed – see if I recognized any. He read them off – Oh yes that’s the one. He gave me their number. [ I was calling on our land line because wouldn’t you know it – the cell phone was discharged,. So I’m in the kitchen trying to write down the number and dial the phone in the dark.
Got it dialed - #1 for power outage. Okay. Put in your phone number. Okay ********** - that number isn’t recognized as one of our customers. Hum? Maybe I dialed wrong. ********** the number you entered isn’t recognized. WHAT??? Hung up and redialed and pushed lots of buttons finally reaching one that worked. Got a recorded message “There is a power outage in your area – 62 residents were affected.”  Well at least it wasn’t just us.
I went back out front to sit in the rocker and enjoy the rest of the evening. Power finally came back on about 9:20. Gotta love Brown County – someone sneezes in the forest and a tree falls down.

And I noticed in our towns on line page that half the county is under a boil water notice – not us though. If boiled it was fine to drink – but don’t wash clothes in it. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Watching Soccer

A very HOT day today – with a “feels like” temperature of 97! Glad we got out and did our errands early.          
Watched the USA win a World Cup game!! Yippee!  The best part was before the game when our national anthem was played - remember the games are in Brazil – and even over the TV we could hear the spectators singing it. Every word was clear. Very inspiring.
And today Mexico held Brazil to a 0 to 0 tie. Brazil is supposed to be the best team in the world. Good for Mexico.
After all my work yesterday I’m taking it easy today. Every part of me feels every single year. Just some of the mess I had going on – where did all of that stuff come from? 50 years of accumulating I guess. Glad it is done.
I’m almost to the end of my knitting project and have spent most of the day playing frog – ripit ripit!  Made one mistake and have ripped and ripped and can’t get it corrected. Every time I think it is okay I either end up the next row with one too many or short one stitch. Not going to touch it until tomorrow…
I mentioned that years ago I made a quilt for the Alfa I made it using photos I’d taken on our trips. Over the years the photos have faded away so I’m trying to figure out how I can add new photos (or the same ones if I can find them) without remaking the quilt or making a completely new one. There are 38 photos on it. Thinking maybe I can reprint the photos – or print new ones and somehow sew them right over the old ones. With some kind of border – rick rack or something – need to go to JoAnns and look around. Just getting the photo material and ink for the pictures is going to be expensive I don’t want to have to redo the whole quilt.
Noticed on our way to town this a.m. that the lilies are blooming in the woods. So pretty.  
Whew – time to go back downstairs where it is somewhat cooler.
Talking to the insurance company about getting the windshield in the Alfa replaced...

Monday, June 16, 2014

Muggly weather coming!

Cold weather around here the last few days – even had the heater on to take the chill off. And in a day or two it is supposed to be up in the 90s – ugh. In fact – it is now afternoon and the AC is running – tomorrow forecast 91 and high humidity! Same for next day.
So today I’m getting a few things done – laundry and cleaning and re arranging inside the kitchen cupboards. I found stuff I haven’t seen or thought of since we moved in here 7 years ago. Probably never used it all the time we lived in Vegas either. GoodWill is going to get a bunch of stuff. A few things I'm not even sure what they are for or what they go to. The kitchen cupboards are supposed to get a facelift – new facing and cupboard doors within the next month. Not sure when so wanted to empty some of the stuff out. I’m pooped now.
I was kind of thinking about replacing my laptop – the one I use when we’re traveling – it is getting older – the right and left “click” keys don’t work anymore so I have to use a mouse – that I am forever misplacing. So we went into Best Buy to check the new ones out – found a nice Toshiba – which is what I have now – and at a good price. But –I HATE Windows 8 so asked if I could replace it with Windows 7 – No problem – but it will cost $100 for a copy of Windows 7 AND $120 to have it installed. Guess I don’t want a new laptop that bad. Why do software companies think they have to keep messing with things that work? We have a problem with W8 because it wants to do so much on-line “in the cloud” that it runs through our monthly Internet amount in days...very few days!
I have finished proofing the book – actually that will never be true. And we’ve given it to a friend to read. I’m interested in her reaction. After checking a couple of “Free” editing sites on line I realize how much more there is to correct – and by the way the free sites are not free – none of them. They are just free for a trial edit of 500 words or so. That isn’t much help. Now I’m learning the difference between a forward and a preface…I have a whole new respect for writers!
Been watching lots of World Cup games on TV and of course the racing I like to watch. And cooking – cooked Bill a roast with potatoes, onions and carrots and an orange cake for Father’s Day. Watched NASCAR - Kyle's rear hub broke early in the race so he was pretty much done for the day. They got it fixed and he got back out on the track but was 30 laps down. Not a good weekend for him. Also watched Argentina's World Cup game. Better than the race. 
Doing necessary cleaning and knitting only a little bit left to finish. I’ve even cut my fringe already and have four of the panels sewn together.
Think I’ll just sit down the rest of the day – well after I get the last load of laundry out, folded and put away. Want to watch the USA World Cup game later.

Just looked out the window and all the squirrel corn is gone – but they’re going to have to wait until I feel like going out there and replacing it. Now that I’m sitting down doing this my get up and go – got up and went!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Are we there yet?

Just a very quick note - The World Cup started yesterday and of course we watch the first game. I sure hope the referees are better for the rest of the games. Brazil was "given" one of its goals by a very bad penalty call.
Today there are two games and all kinds of NASCAR racing. That means two TVs will be going most of the day. Haven't decided yet who will be watching where. I probably will take my knitting and go down  into the basement and watch NASCAR there - even in the summer the basement feels too cold for Bill - especially now that summer isn't really here. Very damp and cool around here, we've had rain off and on for several days, supposed to end this morning and then lower humidity and by Monday up into the 90s! That I can do without. The other alternative is I watch and knit in the regular room where we regularly watch TV and Bill retires to the bedroom to watch TV there - that way I can run back and forth during commercials. Big decisions to be made.
I finally finished going through The Book and making obvious corrections - spelling, grammar etc -
Now he is rereading it - and probably making more additions and putting back in some of the expressions I took out. Doubt if it will ever be done. We also remembered an incident we both forgot to put in - so that will have to be done. And I worked on making a cover for it. The colors are off a bit but I had to take a picture from the computer screen into the camera and then back into the computer - but you can get the idea. Red, white and blue - not purple.
I've been checking out editing programs - for free! They are free if you only want to check out 200 words. And it is scary how many writing both of us make. Though some of their suggestions I don't go along with, but a lot of them I more or less agree with. 
We asked the Frito Lays representative at WalMart to order us a case of Queso potato chips - he said he would and they'd be in Wednesday - yesterday - but we haven't gone into town to see if they are there - sports on TV you know. We love them, buy them all the time in Mexico and in some stores in the southwest of the U.S. They are the Ruffles brand from Frito Lay.
Tomorrow is Father's Day and Monday our oldest son will be 56!!!!
How did I get old enough to have a son that old? Though the last couple of days I've felt that old or more. Been "kind of" under the weather. When you feel just icky enough you don't want to do anything, but not bad enough to crawl under the covers and pull the blankets up over your head.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spending time in front of PC and TV

Boy I didn’t realize that it had been so long since I’ve blogged. Time flies when you’re having fun – or just keeping busy futzing around.
I’ve been spending a lot of time on the PC editing – trying to edit – the book. Having mucho problems with the pronouns and tenses. Like who’s telling the story? Oh well…guess I should have paid more attention in English class. Or maybe I did pay attention and have just forgot it all.
Also been spending lots of time in front of the TV watching soccer games leading up to the World Cup – the first game of the actual Cup is tomorrow. I can see there are going to be a few conflict of interests coming up with soccer games and NASCAR!  Good thing we have more than one TV.
It has been raining off and on for over a week. In our area nothing severe – just lots of rain. And the ground is so saturated some of the big trees in the woods are coming down. However about 60 miles southwest of us a tornado touched down yesterday afternoon. Have not heard about any damage.
We saw some wild turkeys the other day, the first we’ve seen this year. Only three or four of them – there used to be a big flock (?) of them. But that was before Thanksgiving.
And we did stop in town to walk around a little the other day. I was looking for a yarn shop I thought was there – didn’t find it. But did see even more wood barn quilts for sale! These – have stitching marks on them. Interesting idea.  Didn’t see a price but did notice they aren’t weatherproofed.
Also watched the chain saw carver guy at work.
One of the trees on the side street must have died and he carved it into “Abe Martin” a cartoon character that is Nashville’s mascot.
http://www.browncountystatepark.com/abemartin.html some fun interesting info about Abe Martin and his creator. 
Yesterday we went into Bloomington, the town to the west of us, and had new tires put on the Jeep. Ouch - And went into a “half price” bookstore. Lots and lots of books. And the paper backs were only $1 each. So we stocked up.
Also went to O’Charley’s for lunch – their rolls are delicious. The waitress even gave us a couple to bring home.

I’m still plodding along with my knitting – will probably finish the fourth panel today – then just one more to go and then putting it all together and fringe it. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bugs, Rain and Book

Boy rude awakening this morning – lots of heavy heavy rain and lightening and thunder. Some real house shakers. 9:00 now and it has passed by but reports are we a due for Severe weather this afternoon. Hail and high winds. So guess we’ll button up the Alfa and bring in the slides. No point taking chances.
Yesterday we had “air you could wear” or as they call it here muggly weather. Kept the doors closed and the AC on most of the day.
Bill cleaned the throw rugs from the Alfa yesterday – we even found the rug cleaning machine we forgot we had! And once it was pulled out of the dark dusty corner and cleaned up it even worked. Today if they’re dry I’ll spray them with Scotch Guard. And he worked inside too repairing some of the drawer latches and runners. Going to be like brand new soon. I was looking at the quilt out there - thinking? about making a new one – until I counted the pictures – there are 38 of them. That’s a lot of expensive photo quality cloth. We’ll see.
While on the subject of quilting – I was surprised to see that “our” Wal*Mart in Columbus was carrying yardage again. Glad to see that. Gives us a little more choice since the two good quilting yardage stores in the area closed. Still have JoAnn and Hobby Lobby.
Got a start yesterday when I went to get in the car to go to town. Remember the big green moth? Well his Daddy was on the car door. Wasn’t going to touch him so I eased by him and slowly opened the door, got in and SLAMED the door shut – he took off. And this morning out front are Mom and baby. Looked them up – they are Luna Moths.
In case inquiring minds want to know...
“Luna Moths are members of the Saturniidae family, also known as the "Giant Silkworm Moths." They are huge moths, with a wingspan of four and a half inches. They have a white body, pinkish legs, and huge pale green wings. The hindwings have eyespots and long tails. They fly, only at night, in Spring and early Summer.” Very interesting moth.
Yesterday I took this picture of one of our Peonies – it is huge and what a delightful smell.
Is any one else getting tired of hearing about Donald Sterling’s problems? Who cares? He’s a rich jerk forget it already.
On a lighter note we passed the corn fields going into town. Corn is growing in leaps and bounds.
WOW – house shaking [had to delete the ffffff] it made me type thunder and a deluge – guess the rain wasn’t over yet.
Bill has decided that the journal of our drive to South America in 1978 with all the kids should be turned into a book. He’s been after me for years to flesh it out and submit it for publishing. And I’ve been resisting – just plain too lazy to do it. So while we were in Mazatlan he started working on it – using the web page as background. He has finished his typing and is having me review it. I’m only part way through – it’s taking me a long time. Really having problems with the past and present wording and first or third person. Never was really good in English. But anyway – maybe some day it will be an actual book.

Want to get the computer turned off as the weather is worsening and here in Brown County we tend to loose electricity if some one sneezes in the woods so……

Monday, June 2, 2014

Lazy Days - well not quite that lazy.

Lazy couple of days – can’t believe it is June already – seems like we just got home from the winter – Oh that’s right we just did!
Beautiful few days here – the humidity is not sky high and the temps are in the low 80s. Sky is blue and the birds are tweeting.   Need to go out front and replenish the corn for the squirrels.
I continue to knit – now have three of the five panels done. Maybe it will be done by graduation instead of her wedding.
Also continue to do things around the house that need deep cleaning. Like the refrig and freezer in the garage and the tile floors – they are down on the knees and scrub type floors. Hate them.
Watched a lot of NASCAR over the weekend. Kyle won the truck race Friday AND the Nationwide race Saturday and had a good car for the Cup race. But got put into the wall ¼ of the way in. So I took a nap during the rest of the race – woke up just in time to see Jimmie Johnson win –
Staying home today and going to put all the CLEAN stuff – curtains, rugs, chair covers back in the Alfa as we are thinking about taking off some time next week to go to Dayton, OH. Depends on the weather some. Bill wants to visit the air museum there again. We’ll see.All put back together except for the long throw rugs which still need to be cleaned - another day..
Also brought in the load of books we collected on the trip and re-arranged our book shelves up in the computer room. Bill made the shelves for me a couple of years ago. Love them! They fill the whole wall floor to ceiling.
Had to have the pest control guys back out – we suddenly had an invasion of carpenter ants! – They found the nest out in the back behind the house – an old rotted tree stump - and treated it. Also have to cut some branches that lead from the ground up to the garage. Their super highway! Only seen one or two inside since then. Hopefully got them before they did too much damage.
Spoke too soon  about the weather - think there is a storm blowing in. Wind has really picked up, the sky is gray and the temperatures dropped a lot.
This didn't turn out real well because the sun was coming right in the front window but you can get the idea. Part of the road we take going into our little town. 
I'm baking an apple pie and it is about time to take it out of the oven. You notice I said "baking" not making. Marie Calendar made it. Smells so good.