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Monday, March 31, 2014

Flames in the Bus

Ended up not driving yesterday morning – took a bus. Bill had been awake most of the night because there were a couple of emergencies during the night with the accompanying noise of the drunk buddies. So didn’t stay long as he kept closing his eyes and ignoring me.
When I left I learned another lesson on bus riding. NEVER get in a bus with FLAMES painted on the ceiling!
Another ride to be remembered! Zoom Zoom. Also painted on the ceiling was the face. 
And along the walls women’s names – several women’s names.
A true alfa male. And to prove it he wouldn’t let anyone pass him. Finally another bus tried and the inevitable happened – CONTACT! So both busses slammed on their brakes and the other driver who stopped in front of us flew out of his bus and headed towards us. The door on our bus was already open as it was a 7 peso bus – no AC. The wronged driver came through the door, up the couple of stairs yelling and waving his arms. Our driver, surprisingly enough stayed in his seat, but he too was yelling and waving his arms – think I saw a few impolite gestures there from both side. Didn’t have to understand Spanish to get an idea of what was being said. After a final WORD! and waving of arm and finger the other driver got off and headed back to his bus. You can just make out the other bus stopped in front of us.
During all of this – both busses were stopped right in the middle of the street – no way to pass them. So more and more horns were blowing and yells coming from behind us. The Mexicans on the bus were relaxed and laughing. Us tourists were ready to run.
Our driver then reached out his window and fixed his mirror which had been hit and we continued on our way. The way the mirror was shaking I doubt it finished the day on its pole.
I went back to visit Bill later in the day. Got a 10peso bus and very sedate ride.
Bill’s bacteria count dropped again by half. So things were looking good about coming home soon. Then the situation took a dive. He kept complaining he was cold. It was not cold in there. Then he started to shiver – oh, oh, we’ve already been there once. Got nurse and sure enough he had a fever and was feeling miserable. I felt my heart drop into my stomach. One of those times when you just automatically pray. Doctors were consulted. Medication was given. He started feeling better. Even got hungry. No one but me seemed too concerned. Got assurances from doctors – that it was not a set back – could be fatigue and/or anxiety or just one of those things.
Anyway it was getting pretty late and the streets were deserted, shops so I left to come home. This time I got a Pulmonia that certainty was not in a hurry. Had a  v e r y  s l o w  ride home. And it was quite cool out. Wanted to turn the heat on when I got inside. But didn’t, I warm up quick.
Also got news from home yesterday – there is a minor leak from the roof – and again it is in my bathroom. At least this time it is over the tub. It will have to wait until we get home. And of course the next weeks there is rain, rain and more rain expected. Hopefully if it is not windy it won’t leak.
But other than that it was a great day yesterday.
My favorite NASCAR driver who had the pole, didn’t win the race yesterday but his brother did. I guess the #18 M&M car was a piece of crap for the race. He said he felt like he was driving on marbles – at 100 miles an hour.
And that’s about it – I do intend to drive in this morning and want to get there early in case the doctor comes in. Then will have to go to market on way home.

Until next time….  ;-)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Colorful Mexican Ceramics

Took my camera with me yesterday to take some pictures. So at least this blog will be colorful.
Rode a 7 peso bus downtown yesterday. It is always interesting to see how the driver has decorated the bus. Lots of religious pictures in this one.
Took a Pulmonia home – first class Pulmonia it even had doors!
Spent the day with Bill again. The bacteria counts went up a little yesterday, not what we wanted to hear. But docs assured him that was not unusual after a good sized drop the day before. They are still thinking he might be able to come home tomorrow. That would be nice. I mentioned the nurses and doctors are always asking me if I’m taking care of myself – well yesterday they even checked my blood pressure. Strangely enough it was lower than it usually is – for old folks we are pretty healthy neither of us has high blood pressure – mine is usually 135 – 140 staying just under Oh Oh. Yesterday it was under 130. The lower number is always good. I guess having Bill out from under my feet lowers my blood pressure. He didn’t think that was funny either when I shared my thoughts with him. Grumpy old man. And to make matters worse they brought him Cranberry Juice to drink. He doesn’t like it a bit – makes a fuss every time they pour him another glass. The nurse and I think it is funny as we both like it.
Speaking of the nurse…I think I mentioned that Bill’s meals come from one of the restaurants in town. He orders off the menu, they call it in and then go pick it up. Of course it comes in Styrofoam containers. The nurse refuses to serve it in the containers; he always transfers it to plates. Last night Bill wasn’t too hungry after the juice so he just ordered a ham and cheese sandwich – even that was put on a plate. Wish I’d taken a picture of some of the nice meals but haven’t had the camera with me.
While Bill was taking a nap yesterday I walked across the street to some of the shops – I’ve been eyeing this rooster and wanted a closer look at it. I LOVE IT.
Then I saw this giraffe – I WANT IT – but not at 3500 pesos – about US$250. They both are hand painted. Love the colors.
I am debating taking the car today, but then I’ll have to come home before dark. If I take the car I’ll take the laptop so I can read about the race as it happens today. And after the Cup race will be the truck race that got rained out yesterday. The #18 has the pole for the Cup race. And E Jones the 17 year old driver is racing Kyle’s truck.
Speaking of cars – how about this? Maybe I can get my Mustang painted like this…
I did start another knitting project – a baby afghan – so far I’m enjoying knitting it.

Best post this and get a few things done around here. Another hot day here today 85 feels like 89! Ick – glad the hospital is air conditioned.  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Snowbird in Mexico

Could not resist this picture – stole it off the web.

Cloudy here again this morning – hope it stays that way. At home it is raining with one day of sunshine tomorrow. But the temps are up in the 50s. So maybe – maybe – Spring is finally coming.
Can you believe it is almost the end of March – this has been such a fun month! Yes I’m being sarcastic. One of our sons called us yesterday and offered to come down here and drive the Alfa home for us – love him for that but hopefully Bill will feel up to it in a couple of weeks.
As for Bill – yesterday his bacteria count took another big drop – so maybe today it will be all gone. Wishful thinking. If it is gone and stays gone he will be able to come home on Monday. I told him that when we cross the border he’d better be wearing a long sleeve shirt as he has so many needle holes in his arms he looks like a junkie. He didn’t think that was funny. These days I get my humor where ever I can find it. Surgeon was in yesterday again. He’d got biopsy back looked at scan and is very happy with the way everything is healing – no more problems in that area. Absolutely no sign of cancer anywhere either.  Nurse also told Bill he has the blood pressure of a 20 year old.
I finished my shawl yesterday! Only took me six months.
So now I’m looking for another project – we have two great grandbabies due in a couple months – a boy and a girl – so maybe I’ll try a baby blanket.
No eventful rides yesterday – going in I got a 10 peso bus – with good AC and a calm driver and coming home a slow Pulmonia driver that loved US country music. If you ever get to hear the song “I’m not the man I once was.” Really listen to the words. Funny as heck.

Had another small invasion of ants again yesterday – they found all the crumbs on the table under the table cloth. Sprayed them with Windex – got rid of them and cleaned the table [long over due I guess]. Also went outside and saw their trail and Windexed it. The ammonia kills them and keeps them away. Hate those little things. They are so tiny and fast you think you’re seeing things at first.
I just remembered the book I am reading - compliments of B&N is about knitting a baby blanket and the pattern is probably at the end of the book. Will have to check. 
And so ends another day in the life of a snowbird in Mexico. Good title for a book.....

Friday, March 28, 2014

Still getting better just not fast enough

Another day in Paradise – a very hot paradise but at least the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Ended up taking a Pulmonia to see Bill yesterday instead of driving and it’s a good thing I did as I didn’t leave there until 8:00!
The doctors don’t like that the infection has leveled out and is not getting any better. So they were wondering if there was an abscess or pocket of infection somewhere that was hiding. So off we went for another ambulance ride – this time in the front seat with the driver – not in the back on a gurney. We went to a big modern diagnostic lab where he had to drink lots of water with a dye tablet. Then go through one of those big donut scanners.
Then back to the hospital. I was teasing him earlier that he should walk around outside some – he didn’t think that was a good idea with him carrying his IV bag and in his jammies. Well that’s what he ended up doing anyway. Did him good to get some fresh air. That test wasn’t till 4:30 so then I stayed around to hear the results. And the results – very good, no nasty little things showed up. Just some inflammation of the bladder. Which was to be expected with the infection. So…different antibiotics and MAYBE he’ll be able to come home Monday.
The medical Director of the hospital came in yesterday and gave Bill a good talking to about checking himself out last time. Told Bill it would not happen again! Just because one doctor says he can go home doesn’t mean he can. The Director is in charge and he will make that decision. He said he balled out the surgeon for telling Bill last time he could go home.
But Bill seems so much better now – doesn’t get tired every twenty steps or couple of hours. Eating good – joking with everyone – translating for other gringos who find themselves in there for some reason. One guy got stung by a sting ray – guess it was very painful.
Just checked back and he has been in the hospital for 16 of the last 30 days – seems like more than that.
Took an interesting Pulmonia ride home last night. The Pulmonia was parked right outside the hospital door – the driver was catching a nap. I knocked on his fender and about scared him to death. Eyes popped open and he straightened up in his seat – like “I wasn’t sleepin” So I got in and I have never had so fast a Pulmonia ride in my life. It took us about seven minutes to cover the six miles – through town, over the bridges and around the marina to the RV park. That is exciting when there aren’t any doors or seat belts in a Pulmonia and the seats are slick leather. I was hanging on to anything I could find. Kind of fun though. Doesn’t take much to amuse me any more.
Today I will probably finish my knitting project – the shawl. I’ve been taking it with me every day and working on it. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Send me some cool weather please

Oh My! I just looked at the weather forecast for Mazatlan for the next week – hot, hot, and hotter. Will be 88-89 for two or three days. Hopefully there will be an ocean breeze. It is 7:30 p.m. and I’m home already – tried just opening the windows in here but there is no breeze and it is still very warm and muggy out. Had to turn on the AC to get comfortable.
It is so quiet in here I turned on some music – right now it is cycling through a lot of Harry Belafonte songs. Forgot how much I enjoyed his music. Dating myself I guess.
Bill continues to improve. His blood work is all normal but still has some bacteria in his pp. But it’s down from 1600 to 70 – so like I said lots of improvement. He is starting to get antsy though – and got snicky about getting up and walking. There are two patients besides him in the clinic now and he didn’t want to be walking by their rooms and visitors…
Thursday morning - It is another overcast morning with no a whisper of breeze in the air. Lots of air you can see out there – muggy muggy. Think I’ll take the car this morning so I don’t have to walk to the bus stop -
Got a nice surprise via email today. Barnes and Nobel awarded me $45 in credit from some class action settlement I didn’t even know about. Goody goody – going shopping for Nook books later.
Guess I’d better get with it. I have to empty the tanks this morning – ended up standing in a half inch of water in the shower – ick. I was going to do it yesterday cause I heard the kitchen sink gurgling but forgot. Glad I know how to do it.
All done – treatment in and shower cleaned. Also saw where some tiny ants were checking out coming in up the water hose – sprinkled Ajax around them – stopped the trail. Now if I just had the courage to drive this beast I’d be all set. Well not quite.
Only [took me four tries to type only!] have about 10 more inches to go and the shawl will be finished. Started putting the fringe on the finished end last night. That’s going to take a while.
Time to get moving if I want parking – there are only four parking places at the clinic and an ambulance is in one of them. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Snow at home - 86 here - where would I rather be?

There is so much nothing going on it is hard to figure out what to write about. Also the last couple of nights it’s been late when I got home and didn’t feel like writing. Oh poor me!
So first off. Glad we aren’t home. It SNOWED there again Monday and Tuesday. Today and for the next couple of days there is RAIN and freezing temperatures. Here it was 86 yesterday but muggy. Today supposed to be 84 and muggy. Last night I took a Pulmonia home and the seat was wet with the humidity but the air was still warm at 9:30. All kinds of transportation for me here going back and forth. Drove Willie one morning when I went early enough to find parking. Taking busses still. Learned that it is not a good idea to take a bus between 3 and 3:30 as that is when the shifts change at the hotels. I got on a 7Peso bus, no AC, at about 3:15. The driver thought he was in a 1/4mile race. Every 30 to 40 feet a passenger waited so of course the bus stopped to pick them up. Then he tried to reach top speed before he had to stop in the next 40 feet for another passenger. First time I got car sick on the bus. Between the heat, the packed bus and the stops and starts – ugh!
Luckily I got a ride home from our friend Angelica who came to visit Bill.
Speaking of Bill – he is quite a bit better. His bacteria levels have finally fallen a lot – almost within normal range. His white blood count is all within normal range. He had a kidney scan yesterday and all is well. Also checked the prostrate area and that is healing fine. It’s just the damn infection. And he is feeling so much better – cheerful, not droopy and wants to be up and around. This time he is spending a lot of time out of bed walking around visiting with all the people who work at the clinic/hospital. They’ll probably be glad to see him leave.
And speaking of leaving – he WILL NOT check himself out this time. He will leave when the doctor tells him he can. They want to keep him for a couple of days more after the infection is completely gone. Just to make sure. So we’re probably looking at the weekend for the earliest release.
We’ve been talking about the infection and started wondering just when it started up. We’re now thinking it went on a long time before he got really sick as his energy level and has been down for quite a while. Also he kept thinking he had a cold or upset stomach off and on for a couple months. Bet it was just a low grade fever that he was able to fight for a while. Men are such MEN.
The RVs are leaving the park in bunches. Only about 20 left and three or four of them are leaving Friday. There is only one RV here in the back where the Alfa is – so this morning I asked them when they were leaving – glad to hear they’ll probably be here longer than us. Also the park handy man is staying back here in a fifth wheel. Makes me feel better.

Guess I’ve babbled enough with out anything really to say. I need to get on the road and head towards town. What will I ride in today?  Too late to drive – no parking. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

All our neighbors have left.

Another morning home alone. Getting tired of these. Right now 6:30 listening to 25 engines start and pull out. Why do diesel drivers think they need to run their engines for a half hour before they move on out. The exhaust is even beginning to seep in to here. About half of them are gone already. Guess they travel in two groups. Lots of the RVs in the front section of the park have left for home too. Soon there will be only a couple of us left here. I’m hoping that this time when he gets out of the hospital he will be feeling good so recovery time won’t be too long. The infection is going down daily and he is eating and sleeping well. And most important he isn’t just laying around in bed. He is getting up and walking around a lot.
I took the bus into and back from town yesterday. You never know quite what to expect – I think I mentioned there are air conditioned and non air conditioned buses running 10pesos for the ones with AC only 7 pesos for the ones without. But from the outside I can’t tell the difference. Yesterday morning I got on a 10peso bus. And the AC was working very well. Most of the bus drivers are kind of like race car drivers, speed up so they can hit the brakes for the next stop. Passing lots of cars, pulmonias, trucks etc. But yesterday morning I got the most laid back driver I’ve seen. He never got above 10 miles an hour, we didn’t pass anything, including bicycles. And before we got to my stop two busses that were way behind us had passed us.
Then on the way home I got into another 10peso bus. With another kind of cautious driver. About half way home he stopped and pulled over to the curb where a man was waiting. The guy got in. The driver stood up shook his hand and said “Buenos Tardes” and got off the bus! The new passenger sat down in the driver’s seat and away we went. Change of shift I guess.
Spent the day with Bill – I can tell he is feeling a lot better – more cheerful. We had hoped to watch the big soccer game between Barcelona and Real Madrid. [Before he ended up back in hospital we’d planned on going to the sports bar for lunch to watch it – what’s that they say about best laid plans] But it was advertised all over the TV in the hospital so we assumed it would be on. HA – nope – we had to settle for watching the score roll across the bottom of the screen every once in a while. Barcelona finally ended up wining 4 to 3 with Messi getting three goals.
The same with the NASCAR race in California – watching the leaders names scroll along the bottom of the TV. Saw the scroll giving top five drivers at lap 201 of a 200 lap race. My driver’s name wasn’t there. Nuts! What happened to him? Figured it was the end of the race. Then the next time it scrolled by it said “Kyle Busch won” WHAT!  Guess he had a really really good last restart and zipped to the front.
Before I left for the day I walked a couple of blocks to a farmacia to put more time on Bill’s phone. Just handed the clerk the phone with the number and gave her 200 pesos.
She asked me if it was TelCell and I said Si. Took about one minute and it was done. I'm learning so much.

We are thinking about going home a different way this year with the completion of the new road from here to Durango. Going that way into Texas will save us 400 miles. Friends of ours are going that way now and promised to send us details about the roads and places to stay overnight. There are no campgrounds going that direction. Might be interesting. That's it for now. Need to get ready to go if I'm going to drive. Thought I'd take Bill the laptop so he can read about yesterday's soccer game and I don't want to carry it on a bus. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

At least a week.

Sunrise this morning was beautiful – yep I was up early again. But did get a good nights sleep. Even turned the fireplace on for a few minutes just to take the nip out of the air. By this afternoon the AC will be running full blast.

Took my knitting yesterday when I was visiting Bill – got a lot done but lots more to do.
So – Bill…When he checked himself out of the clinic after the surgery he still had a little infection running around in him. I knew it – he claims he didn’t know…He left with a prescription of antibiotics. He followed directions and took them all. Not long after he took the last one – like half a day – he started running a low fever again. But didn’t mention it. Just said he felt tired. The next day we went out to breakfast (he took Tylenol before we left home – I didn’t know that] Came home and he rested a bit then we took a long walk around the RV park. When we got back to RV he mentioned being pretty tired. A while later he says “I think I have a fever.” WHAT!?! So the rest I explained yesterday. Got the antibiotics in the morning started taking them got to feeling bad enough to go to clinic. Where – Ta Da! - he will stay for a while. Diagnosis is infection is in urinary track again. And it is pretty bad again. Prognosis - he will be back on intravenous antibiotics for probably 4 or 5 days! When the infection is completely cleared up they will keep him an additional 2 days to make sure it doesn’t come back.  So we’re looking at least a week.
By last evening the infection was already starting to clear up some. They are running tests two to three times a day. Blood work indicates infection has not spread to other areas.  
While I was there last night the doctor he was supposed to see before he left the clinic the first time – when he checked himself out – came by and very nicely explained why he should not have checked himself out.
I drove to the clinic in the morning to visit a while then came home via grocery store. Took a nap and then returned for the evening taking a cab down and a pulmonia home.

Every day more RVs pull out and head north. Tomorrow the 25 rig  caravan back here with me will leave. So there will only be two of us all the way here in the back. 
So basically for the next week I'll just be running back and forth to the clinic and be trying to keep him amused. He is supposed to be up a lot and walking in the clinic - we'll see. Today he'll be watching El Clasico the soccer game between Real Madrid and Barcelona.  

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Deja Vu all over again!

Figured I’d better write something today and get it posted this morning before everyone thinks we’ve been kidnapped or something.
Been some changes around here since I last wrote.
Thursday morning we went across the street to the Torres for breakfast with a couple we met while Bill was in the clinic/hospital. They are here on vacation from Canada and he ended up in the hospital with Bill. He had pneumonia. But is feeling good now.
And Thursday afternoon we took a long walk around the campground visiting with everyone who is still here. Bill was letting everyone know how good he was finally feeling. He had even finished taking all his antibiotics in the morning.
By 6:00 that night things had changed. He was running a fever again and feeling crappy. So we called the surgeon and arraigned to have our friend Angelica meet him in the morning and pick up some prescriptions and instructions. It was a long night for both of us. He was up and down especially when his fever broke and he had to change all his clothes. By morning when Angelica came by to give us the perscriptions and instructions accompanied by her lovely Mama and Dad Bill was feeling a little better. But a couple of hours later not so good again. So around 4:00 yesterday we drove back to the clinic/hospital and that is where he is now. Back on intravenous antibiotics.  Lots of blood and urine samples collected to be checked out today. Because we drove there I left him there quite early – I do not want to drive after dark – the last thing we need is me racking up the car!  He is the only patient there so he is getting royal treatment. Everyone fussing over him.  Anyway I came home and could barely keep awake until 9:00. Had a very good nights sleep, with chemical help, and feel ready to face the world again.
Need to do a couple of things around here then I’ll drive downtown to see him. And hopefully know more about what the heck is going on. Think I’ll take my knitting this time to pass the time – and get that thing finished. I’ve had about enough of this crap for this year - tired of rolling with the flow.
Hum just looked outside it is very foggy out – can’t even see the front of the RV park. So guess I’ll wait until that burns off. Will probably make a couple of trips there today. One this morning with the car so I can go to the market on the way home. Then later in the day on the Bus so I can stay after dark.

So that is what is going on.  More later…..

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gotta roll with the Flow

 Still no power when we got up this morning. Went to heat my coffee on the stove in a pan and forgot I’d need matches to light the flame. It has an electric lighter. Then I forgot it was in the pan until I smelled burned coffee – ick.
I mentioned taking pictures of some of the plant life here in the campground. So thought I’d include this one tree today. I would have sworn the darn tree was dead. It has been just bare branches since we got here until last week.
Then it developed these little, about the size of my thumb, green balls on it.
Then when taking the picture of the green balls I saw the tiny flowers too. No idea what it is.
A couple of views from the restaurant last night. Right on the beach, good food and music.

When we got home from dinner still no power so turned the generator on for a while [us and everyone else in the back two rows – lots of noise and stink out there] to run everything for a while. It was a little after nine by the time we turned it off.  The Alfa can run on just it’s batteries for a while but last night we decided not to use the 12 volt lights so I decided I’d go to bed and read my lighted Nook. Got sleepy and put my head down and promptly fell asleep at 9:30! At one o’clock I was wide awake. Crap. So I got up and came out in the living room to read. Well that woke Bill up – so there we were both up in the middle of the night. It is amazing how dark and quiet it is in here when not much is running. I stayed up and he went back to bed but kept waking up asking when I was going back to bed. By four o’clock I finally got sleepy again and went back to bed and asleep. Got up at 8:00 and stayed up.
No sign of electrician or power company until about noon. The main breaker for the back of the campground had to be replaced but it was hard to get at. We got tired of waiting so unpluged the RV from our breaker and left. We went to the Centro Historico parked in our favorite lot and arranged for Willie to be washed while we went to eat lunch. He looked so happy when we picked him up! Had lunch at very busy Beach Burger. Found out there were a couple cruise ships in today too. Glad to hear that. Last week there were two of them in. Some businesses are starting to reopen between the ships coming back and the tourists coming to Mazatlan from Durango now that the new toll road is open.
On the way back from the Centro Historico driving down the Malec√≥n I had to take this picture. It is the Miramar condos where “El Chapo” Guzman – the drug lord was captured a couple of weeks ago. Every time we go by it someone is taking a picture of it – so of course I had to too.
Stopped at grocery store on our way home then wondered – will we or won’t we have electricity? Yippee! We did. Last week we were without water for a couple of hours and this week electricity. One thing we’ve learned about being in Mexico – you can’t let little things upset you. Eventually things work out.
And I’m diligently working on my knitting – I think I said it is a shawl and it is about half done now. Which is a lot more than was done a few days ago.
Bill mentioned that maybe we’ll be able to get on the road next week- I kind of doubt it. I’d rather wait here a little longer then wear him out driving. Last year we left Mazatlan on March 18th and got to Arizona on the 23rd. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another Mexico Adventure

Sitting here in the dark writing this. Well not actually in the dark but only because we have the generator running. Us and everyone else in the back two rows of the RV park.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Look who is out and about and with his hat even. Strolling through the empty back part of the RV park.

I was going to post some pictures of some of the different trees growing and fruiting and blooming here in the park but circumstances have changed my story.
This morning we headed out early to pick up the laundry because we knew another caravan was due in today and we wanted to make sure Willie was parked in his spot so no one else would park there.
Around 3:30 the RVs started to pull in. Another 25 of them. So we were entertained for an hour or so watching them park and get set up. And then POOF - no electricity. Guess that happens when 24 coaches all turn on their appliances, TV and AC at the same time. POOF. Only two rows in the park lost power and of course one of the rows is the one we're parked in. It is now 8 and there still is no power back here. Generators are running and tempers are rising.
We took off and went out to dinner hoping there would be power when we got back. The guard at the gate told us the electric company had been here - but guess they didn't do anything. So we'll see what tomorrow brings. If it stays off we'll move up towards the front of the park. TIM  This Is Mexico.
Well for some reason now I can't make the type larger. Gremlins all over tonight.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Caravan left bright and early

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to All – I’m even wearing green today. That is by accident through as I forgot it was the 17th until I opened the laptop and went on line. My green t-shirt is an alien from Roswell, NM. It’s green that is what counts.
6:30 a.m. and 25 RVs are starting up and hooking up and moving out. Why do they think they have to honk their horns as they leave? We don’t care and the other people are leaving with them. Won’t mind them being gone! But there is another caravan coming in in a week or so.
Yesterday I picked up my knitting – haven’t worked on it for quite a while. I should have taken it with me when I was spending so much time in the hospital visiting Bill. It would be done by now. After working on it for a while my fingers started to ache – guess I need to get used to doing it again. This project is taking me a long time because I’m not enjoying doing it. It is straight knitting using two sizes of needles and the larger size needle is awkward and uncomfortable to hold. But I’ve set my mind to finish it – of course it is a shawl so there is still a lot to finish – just so I can start on something more fun to do.
I’ve also decided next time we go to the store I’m getting some more vanilla air fresheners – I really like the smell of them.
After spraying the Windex the ants didn’t come back. Ugh! I hate the little crawly things.
Just found out there is another caravan coming in tomorrow. So enjoying our quiet today.
One quick trip today to drop off the laundry and go to WalMart again. Bill has gone walking a couple of times around the park today. Every day there is improvement. 
Do you remember these? It's a wonder any of our kids grew up.
Especially if you had the split seat in front. If you had to step on the brakes fast - seat back, car seat and kid all came forward. I got used to throwing my right arm out every time I had to stop. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vanilla Air Freshener = Ice Cream

Lately I’ve been craving cookies and ice cream. I’ll be sitting in my Lazy Boy reading and suddenly – hum I want ice cream. Well I finally figured it out. I put a new bottle of air freshener in the dispenser the other day. Sitting in my chair I keep getting whiffs of it – it is vanilla and sugar. Just the smell starts my mouth watering. We used to have a bourbon candle – I remember it made we want a drink. Seriously subliminally it really works. Maybe I should put in a “fresh air” one and it will make me want to go out and walk.
We had a small invasion of tiny black ants last night. Think they were coming in through the trash can door. So I sprayed that whole area with Windex and that’s the last we saw of them. Hope it keeps working. After seeing them I feel crawly things on me the rest of the day.
I mentioned the new mall yesterday. The completed anchor store, Liverpool, is a very, very high end store. Almost too expensive to even walk through! The second anchor store that should be completed and open this month is Sears. Something for everyone. I’ve only seen a couple of Sears here in Mexico and they were small stores. I hope it opens before we leave. I’m curious.
Bill cooked French Toast this morning for breakfast – tasted good – Kind of a comfort food.

On this lazy Sunday I picked up my knitting again. So I’m sitting in front of two open windows enjoying the breeze and listening to snippets of French and Spanish conversations float through the air. I have an eclectic mix of easy listening music on the stereo what more could a person ask for? And it got me to thinking about the last month or so. There is nothing like a health scare to remind you why you are with the person you’re with. I think in the last few weeks Bill and I have become closer- more aware – of each other than we’ve been for a while. We seem to want to keep each other in sight and within touching distance. Kind of nice feeling.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Breakfast at Torres

Bill seemed to have a better night last night – not up and down quite so many times.
This morning he got up, shaved and dressed and then stood looking at me. “What?” I asked. “You don’t have your shoes on,” was his answer. Duh. "Why should I?" Then he asked, “Are you going to go out to breakfast with me?” Well he didn’t have to ask twice. Got my shoes on in a hurry. We – he – drove us across the street to the lovely restaurant on the beach at the Torres hotel. Beautiful morning, sunny with a slight ocean breeze. Looking out the window right next to our table.
Good breakfast too – I had eggs over medium, bacon, home fries and wheat toast. Bill had an omelet, home fries and wheat toast. No pictures.
Looking out another window at a vendor sitting in the sand braiding a bracelet for sale.
This hotel has some of the most beautiful landscaping I’ve ever seen. There are all kinds of beautiful different flowering plants.

And many, many tropical plants. Never a blade of grass out of place. In case anyone wonders it is a Vacations International time share hotel.

Just thought to check the NASCAR Nationwide race at Bristol. My favorite driver Kyle won. That’s three wins in a row at Bristol. 16 total wins at Bristol in all series.  Just hope he does as good tomorrow in the Cup race. So far he’s not having a good year in the Cup cars.
The caravan is still here – I think they leave tomorrow or Monday. Not sure where they’ve been or where they are going. Tried looking up the caravan’s web site but it is all in French so didn’t learn much. When they leave we'll be the only RV back here again, except for the ones in storage. 

The lemons on the little lemon tree right next to us are finally starting to turn yellow. Before we leave they should be ready to be picked and juiced. 
Nothing else going on - there might be a nice sunset tonight - if so maybe we'll go across the street to admire it. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Another day another short outing

We watched a weird movie last night – George Clooney in The Men who Stare at Goats.  Or something like that. And then we were serenaded by our neighbor – he was playing his guitar and singing – very nice voice. He asked us if he was playing too loud and we told him no - that we were enjoying the music. 
A week ago this morning Bill had his surgery. He is anxious to get all his energy and strength back - driving him crazy to take naps. 
This morning we took a short trip to WalMart for groceries – Bill and Willie in parking lot. Of course he drove. You can tell he's not 100% yet - no hat!
This is the big new WalMart over here on our side of town. The supermarket side of the building.
Haven’t put many pictures in here lately so I took a few today. My poor camera must have thought I'd lost him. This is the apple display in WalMart. Just thought it was pretty.
And looking in through the door to the huge bakery. Unlike home they bake everything right here.
Picked up what we needed [and wanted like Ice Cream.] Even found Johnsonville Italian Sausages - so had to buy some. Then headed home. This is the big new Mall across the street from WalMart. It is really nice inside. With several restaurants outside.
And just some of the hotels and condos across the street from the RV park. The ocean is in front of the hotels. This whole area is pretty new and upscale.
Even more hotels are supposed to open within the next couple of years. And a Costco is supposed to go in by WalMart somewhere.

Spent part of the morning paying and checking out the bills that were automatically paid. Just realized the bill for February for propane was over $1100 – and part of the time the tank was empty because no propane was available. And that was keeping the house inside at only 45F. Sure hope it warms up in Indiana and stays warm. 
Going to have Italian sausage for dinner tonight and probably eggplant. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bill was driving Willie today

Back again – our TelCel GBs ran out yesterday afternoon before I got a chance to post. Got them renewed this morning.
Some excitement here in the RV park the day the caravan pulled in and we missed it. Seems like one of the long term RVs already here and one of the RVers from the Caravan got into it. The RV already here parks their car in the space next to them – but their car was in shop getting worked on so they put a chair in the space. The caravan RV wanted to park there and got mad when told the space was taken. So he parked on the other side of the RV that was already here. And proceeded to turn his TV up LOUD. He was asked to please lower the volume. He turned it up. So of course there had to be retaliation. On came the generator and up went the music on long term RV. BANG BANG on side of long term RV. Everybody outside in each others face. New RV driver brings back arm and hand to throw punch – long term RV wife grabs his shirt and pulls and rips it. New RV driver punches long term wife in face!!  How to win friends and influence people. Police were called…Caravan RV driver will get a warning ticket that will go into computer. If he gets in trouble again he will go to jail.  Our own little Peyton Place.
And we missed it all.
Every day more of the RVs that have been here all winter are pulling out and heading home. Soon there will only be a few of us left here.
Each day Bill improves – yesterday he was out walking a round a little and he is eating good and drinking lots of water. Still needs to rest off and on.
Today he drove Willie to the Gran Plaza Mall where the TelCel office is. We had breakfast in a real nice restaurant there then I went to the TC place to renew the GBs. Another new experience for me. Got it done okay. Then he drove home. Now he is laying down reading.
That’s about it for today. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Looking back - Looking forward

Looking back at the last two weeks I’m sure glad we decided to stay in Mazatlan this year. Would have hated to have everything happen in a little town without a hospital or a town where we didn’t know any one.
Also I learned that I am still capable of doing things for myself. I discovered driving here wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact this morning I kind of enjoyed driving to WalMart and back. I learned to dump the tanks – not rocket science I’ve just never been interested – why should I? Also using the ATM here – no problem and taking the pulmonias and busses. I can figure out where to get off, get my change and catch the right bus. And negotiate for the pulmonia and taxi rides. It is so easy to get in the habit of “Bill does that.” Just had to put on my big girl pants and do it. It’s good for me every once in a while.
It seems like this has been going on forever but actually it started three weeks ago yesterday when Bill woke up from his nap with a fever and chills. Then three days of seeing docs and not being sure what it was. This was not the doctors fault – it was lack of communication on Bills part. Once diagnosed things were on the 28th things moved right along. Again medical care was very good. Our insurance picked up all but our US$300 deductable and a small percentage of about US$1000.  Nine days in hospital, two ambulance rides – back and forth to operating hospital. 24 hour nurses – all kinds of doctors and blood work. Medicines and operation.
I cannot thank enough all of you who have given us good thoughts through out this – both here on the blog, on Facebook and via e-mail. It really helped both Bill and me to get through this adventure.  
Also our friends here in Mazatlan who came to visit and drove us around. And the people in the RV park who were concerned and offered all kinds of help. From rides, picking up groceries and offers to dump our tanks.
Please, please everyone out there who is a man or knows or loves a man – have him visit his doctor if he has any signs of enlarging prostrate. This is not something any one should have to go through.
Yesterday he went to the surgeon and got an all clear. Still has to rest and drink lots of fluid. No heavy stuff for four weeks. So maybe around the first week in April we’ll be able to start the long journey home. Hopefully by then it has stopped snowing in the Midwest. Just about time for the tornados to start.
This morning I went to WalMart while he was napping and got some groceries – including finally – my cookies. Then home for rest of day. Luis the barber just came by so I got my hair cut – it was needing it again. About US$6 with tip.
And then a 28 rig caravan came in and they all parked here in the back. So much for our peace and quiet area. They’ll be here five days. Hopefully they will be gone on tours a lot. Seem to be all French Canadians as all I hear spoken is French.
From now on we’ll just take it one day at a time. Each day he improves and gets his strength back – so soon he should be his old self. Raring to go. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Road to Recovery

Yesterday didn’t go too bad. He was up and about off and on all day – taking naps in between. He was on the computer a little bit and watched some TV.  But really tired again by 9:00pm. Just no energy. But both of us got a lot more sleep last night.
The sun just popped up over some dark gray clouds. Looks like it might be another overcast day – I hope so – so much cooler when it is. Well maybe not – I just looked out front towards the ocean and the sky is bright blue with nary a cloud in sight.
I see that at home in Indiana it will be in the mid 60s again today and then by Wednesday it will be back down to 35 with snow. Will winter never end?
It stayed nice most of the day – kept the windows open and didn’t need the AC.
We are now home from Bill’s follow up visit to the surgeon. All is well. He is supposed to drink mucho mucho water – no caffeine of any sort for a week or so. And get a good amount of rest. It seems like he is not having any of the minor problems sometimes associated with this type of surgery – but I imagine we’ll have to wait a few days to be sure.
He was so happy when he left the docs office we went out to dinner – his meal of choice - hamburger and fries at Burger King. Worked for me.
Our dear friend Angelica came over and picked us up and took us to the doctors office, she came in with us and translated everything the doctor said to Bill for me. Then she went to BK with us. Don’t know how we’ll ever repay her for her kindness, care and driving around. I want to thank her Mama too – there is nothing like getting a hug from Mama when you are waiting to hear how things have gone in surgery.
So on the road to recovery fully now. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Yippee not the right word

Yippee might not be the right word for his homecoming.  About 9:00 last night I told him I was going to call the ambulance and send him back to the hospital. No he wasn’t worse just my last hair of patience had been used up. 
Yesterday was a really long day for both of us. I made the mistake of driving to the clinic thinking I’d take the car home around noon and go back on the bus for the evening. As they say “the best laid plans…” Around noon just as I was getting ready to leave the surgeon came by and said Bill could get up out of bed, sit up and then walk around some. Then if all was well he could probably go home! Well Bill was ecstatic – he was getting sprung. So up he popped out of bed. Sat for a little bit then started walking the halls. And walking the halls and walking the halls. This after spending 7 days in bed and one day after surgery. An hour or so later the surgeon returned and said he could go home but he had to wait for Dr Velazco to release him. So we waited and waited – and he wouldn’t lay back down. And we waited. It was getting on towards evening. I’m not comfortable driving the Jeep to begin with and I surely didn’t want to drive it at night again with Bill as a passenger. 
So Bill told Dr Cruz – the clinic doctor – and Juan the nurse if Doctor hadn’t come in by 5:00 he was leaving any way. To make a long story short – no doctor and we left.
Had to stop and pick up a couple of prescriptions – antibiotics and pain pills. Then on home – right into the setting sun. I’m surprised I didn’t break the steering wheel I was holding it so tight. But we made it. The Jeep has been raised so it is quite a step into and out of it. Definitely not easy when you’re not feeling good. And then the steep steps – 4 of them into the Alfa. But he made it.
Got settled in, fixed something to eat and just sat for a while. Well once he sat down the active day caught up with him. Barely was able to get him into bed. Then he was too agitated to go to sleep. That’s when my patience went bye bye. Glad he doesn’t remember it.
Restless night but this morning he is feeling okay. Up and eating and checking out what I’ve been writing about him. – I might have to make myself scarce for a while.
He has to drink 4 liters of water a day for a while – he who hates to drink water. That will be fun. And tomorrow late afternoon he has to go for check up with the surgeon in the Centro Historico. We will take a cab! Or beg a ride from a friend.
After owning the Alfa for 12 years I finally learned how to empty the gray and black tanks. Not as bad as I thought it would be. But of course the hoses were already connected – all I had to do was pull a handle and push some buttons.
Another beautiful day here – it is a little overcast and there is a nice breeze blowing so we’ve got all the windows open and not needing the AC. Even at home it is supposed to reach the 50s or 60s. But will that last? Maybe winter is finally over – hope so.  
going to fix his favorite for dinner artichoke chicken and angel hair pasta with herbs (out of a box.) And hopefully he has a better night tonight.