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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jeni You Will Always Be With Us

Wednesday a.m

I started this yesterday morning and for the first time in days the sun was shinning. But by nightfall we were having more rain. The sky and the family have been crying. We lost a dear member of our family on Friday. It was very sudden - one minute she was with us and the next she was gone.

In December I wrote abut our oldest son getting married while we were in Vegas. He married his significant other of many, many years. She is gone now and we will all miss her terribly. She was an exceptionally talented woman and leaves us with many beautiful memories. She made this for us a couple of years ago. It is woven copper strips.

And last year when they came to visit us she gave me this mobile – it also is made of copper – the picture doesn’t do it justice.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rain and Technical Learning Curve

Saturday a.m.

Well rain and more rain – though today and tomorrow it is supposed to be scattered. Lots of thunder again last night. Power comes and goes as it pleases. If April showers bring May flowers we should have a bunch of them. Columbus to the east of us is already preparing for flooding. The rivers and creeks are all up to the top of their banks.
My computer is working good – I think – got one slide show redone and put on a DVD and it actually works to watch on TV. Since I quit work I’ve not kept up with the technical side of things. There’s all kinds of crap on this that I don’t know what it is. The programs I was wondering about yesterday are both e-reader programs???? I have my Nook so I just uninstalled them. One by one I’m trying to figure out what some of the other ones are and then – GONE.
We would have made a funniest video yesterday afternoon as we were trying to figure out how to connect the laptop to the TV so we can look at the Mexico pictures on the TV without putting them on DVD. We bought the cord to connect them but didn’t think about asking how to do it. I know! I know! It’s simple. Push two buttons on the TV remote and it is done. But it took awhile to figure it out. I was afraid I’d screw stuff up so bad we’d never be able to watch TV again. Now we’ll even be able to watch [on the TV] the movies we bought in Mexico that wouldn’t play on our DVD player but will play on the laptop. Some movies are recorded in Region 4 for Mexico only – instead of Region 1 the US.
I’m trying to let my hair grow out so I can get a perm. Don’t know if I can stand it that long. Right now I look like I have an old, badly used, string mop on my head.
Watched the Truck race last night – Kyle won. He has now led 20,000 laps in NASCAR and he is only 25. This afternoon is the Nationwide race if it’s not raining in Nashville, TN.
Some time today we have to run out to the market for the rest of the ingredients for my Paella tomorrow – forgot the frozen peas and need more tomatoes. Also I want to check out something I read – Friday they were supposed to tear down the old gazebo downtown – what are they thinking? It is part of the charm of the town.
No new pictures cause it has been so gloomy and dark out nothing would show up. Bill is still working with his leather and wood faces. Has finished a couple of really nice ones.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Hate New Computers!

A beautiful sunny day here in Indiana and what was I doing all day? Sitting up here in the computer room working on getting my new PC up and running. It's almost 9:00 and and I'm still not finished. New PC and new Operating System. My old PC was old so of course all the stuff (scanner, keyboard, mouse, programs etc.) were old too. Some things like the scanner will have to be replaced - no drivers for Windows 7 available. This new mouse makes a loud "click" when clicked and the keyboard has some of the keys in different places.
Had fits getting Photoshop Elements 3 - "not compatible" - and a couple of Microsoft products "you've loaded them too many times" loaded and working. But they are now okay. Of course all of my documents and pictures that I moved from the old computer to this one are now in different places so my slide shows and web pages can't find them. GRRRRR. Will fix them little by little as I need to.
And all the crap they load onto a new computer - just what are Blio and Zinio???? I don't want them! Some things I'm afraid to uninstall because I don't know what they are. Will look some of them up on the web tomorrow and try to get rid of them.  I still have to figure out how to change the way things look - all the type is too small. Has something to do with the resolution I think. Well tomorrow is another day - and it's supposed to rain so guess I'll try to finish things up. Probably dream about programs and computers all night.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Computer and No Power at House!

Wednesday p.m.

Just a quick note. Got my new computer today and was in the process of backing up all my files to my external hard drive when THE POWER WENT OUT – I love Brown County – No rain, no wind – just poof. Finally came back on and I finished the backing up so now its time to pull the plug and start the task of setting up the new computer. Doubt I’ll have it done before tomorrow some time.
Last night we had a powerful storm move through here. Lots of wind and rain. First the temperature went from the 50s to the 70s in about an hour at 9:00 at night. Weird – then the storm hit and today it is in the low 50s – kind of cold out. And got cold in here when the power was out.
So anyway will be back when everything is up and running again. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shopping and visiting in Columbus

Tuesday a.m.

Wow the rains came last night. Lots of thunder and lightening and lots of rain. Of course the power went off a couple of times. And the biggest surprise of all the Internet is working great.
I got mad Sunday and unplugged the modem for Hughes Net and forgot about it. Just before going to bed I noticed it and replugged it. It powered right up and has been working fine since then!!!! All day yesterday we could get on line and so far this morning it working – and it is even raining out! So I called the technician and cancelled our appointment for today but will call them back before the end of the week – to either reschedule –if it quits again – or cancel completely – if it keeps working.
But now I’m having a problem with my desktop computer….the DVD reading/writing drive has quit working – actually that happened before we left. Now the whole thing just keeps freezing up if I try to do two things at once. Grrrrr……

Well it is p.m. already
Had a busy day today – went into town – Columbus 20 miles away – [Nashville, IN has no stores just “galleries”] to do some shopping and managed to spend most of the day there. Was looking for a new computer – only one place in town to look and they only had two to chose from and the one I picked out they didn’t have in stock. So will have to go 20 miles the other direction tomorrow to Bloomington to see what they have.
Then we stopped in Menards and it took us over an hour to get of there – didn’t buy anything just visited with all the clerks who know us and wanted to know about our winter in Mexico. Almost like going to a big family reunion. The wonders of a small town.
When we got home I happened to look out the back on the screen porch and noticed a film of some sort on the glass top table out there. Curious I went out to check – it was ICE! Lordy! I thought winter was over.
Bought corn and salt for the deer but I haven’t even seen any in the woods since we’ve been back. Hope they show up. And it is almost time to go looking for the Morel mushrooms, I am determined to find some this year.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Our first days at home

Monday a.m.

Well what do you know – it’s not raining. We’ve been home eleven days and have had rain seven of them. Usually not all day and many times at night so hasn’t been too bad. Did get caught in a real gully washer when we went shopping in Columbus a day after we got home. Of course we got caught in the restaurant – started pouring, lightening and thunder – right over us. Lights went out for a minute or so. So we ended up kind of wet by the time we were done with our errands. Just a reminder of Indiana weather. Night before last it went down to 36 degrees – and snow was predicted! But turned out it stayed dry. Showers bring flowers.
Coming home was kind of a mixed blessing this year. Unlike the last two years the roof didn’t leak – that finally is all fixed. And from what I hear about the winter I’m sure glad we had a new roof and the siding fixed. Our house sitter had rented a place closer to where he works so he was only coming up here once or twice a week. And he didn’t notice that the drain in my newly painted (I painted it just before we left in the fall) had backed up all over the floor. Walked in down there and discovered the floor was covered with an eighth inch of dried gray sludge. Lovely! Had to scrape part of it up with a putty knife. The rest washed off. Then used the toilet in the bathroom down there and CRAP (not literally) it overflowed!!!!! [more about that later]
Throughout the house were lots of those pesky lady bug carcasses – every step went
“Crunch, crunch!” And the parts of the house that weren’t used were pretty dusty, and the floors all needed to be done. So we decided it would be money well spent to hire a cleaning service. [more about that later]
The yards from the bad weather were a mess. The biggest tree limbs had been cut up and taken care of but there were zillions of nuts, nut shells, small limbs and dead plants all over. Again we decided it would be well worth it to hire someone to clean it up. [more about that later] Are you getting the picture here?
Okay – first we needed a plumber. We have one of those “home warranty” policies – where you call them, they send someone out and it only costs the $50 fee to get the work done. We called them….Oh, but….they don’t work with any plumbers that go to our area!!!! Living in the country has struck again. Sooo – they told us to call someone around us, have them fix the problem, pay the entire bill and call them (the warranty co.) and they would reimburse us – probably – maybe – if they agreed with the charges. We found a guy in Martinsville – about 25 miles away who would come here. He fixed the drains. We paid him, emailed a copy of the receipt to the warranty company –as per instructions – and they called and said they would send us a check for the amount minus the $50. Good that was taken care of. Still waiting for the check.
There is only one house cleaning service here in town – the ones from the bigger towns on either side of us wouldn’t come – too far away! 25 miles?!?! So we made an appointment. Two girls would come and give us a “spring cleaning.” First off two girls didn’t come – one girl and her husband came. No problem. One of our sons owns a cleaning service and believe me he would have had a fit if he saw the job they did – didn’t do. Now wouldn’t you think spring cleaning would include dusting? cleaning the fronts of the cupboards in the kitchen? cleaning the sinks in the bathroom? None of that got done. I had to tell them to clean the counters and cupboards in the kitchen. None of the appliance fronts were cleaned. They mopped the wood floors with a very wet mop leaving streaks. The husband caught the fringes of our Chinese silk living room rug in the vacuum cleaner. They were here four hours – in eight hours I could clean this whole house better than they did. Needless to say I’ll be doing my own cleaning from now on.
The yard – oh yes the yard. Again finally found someone who would come here and do the clean up. He came while we were not here. Blew the leaves off into the woods and picked up the medium to large twigs. Did not remove any dead plants or any of the nuts/nut shells that will ruin a mower. But he did leave his bill. Haven’t heard from him since.
It's not like you can pick up the Yellow Pages and have a multitude of choices.
Where oh where is the one bedroom condo with the plastic violet I said I was going to get when I retired?
Speaking of the house – both of us had sore knees and legs the first few days we were home from climbing up and down the stairs. Finally getting so I can go from basement to top floor without being out of breath.
And the Internet. I mentioned it is only working when it feels like it. So called for a tech to come out. He can’t come until tomorrow – so what happened? Yesterday it started working fine. Should I cancel or not? Don’t think I will as I don’t trust it.
On a happier note - just a couple of pictures from outside. The side yard bridge, pond and the valley. The trees are really starting to get their leaves now.
And one of the red bud trees in the front of the house.
Bill has started to work with his leather. His equipment - leather, forms and dyes are all set up in the laundry room work space.
He has started working with the wood spirits. It will be a long learning process. But I think he is doing pretty good so far.

Used some snake skin on this one

I’ve finally finished the necklace I started in Mazatlan but still have to put it on the web pages http://www.beadedcustomdesigns.com/ And I want to make earrings and a bracelet to match it.
Enough for now – plenty more to catch up on later.
Forgot to mention - had another plumber come to change and fix a couple leaky faucets, upstairs toilet needed new guts to flush and my shower wouldn't give me hot water. All is fixed but my shower - it is waiting for a part. What is with this house and plumbing?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back Home after Winters Trip to Mexico

Sunday a.m.
Just a quick update to say I'll be continuing my blogging at this site until we travel again. Life here in Brown County still is an adventure for us "city people" always a challange to get every day things done around here. Like simple plumbing....or house cleaning....or fixing the Internet - speaking of which I'd better publish this RIGHT now before our equipment decided to quit working again. The technician will be coming Tuesday and hopefully it won't be raining so we can get this fixed. Maybe I should put Stanley up and see if we can pick up the signal???? Except the trees are leafing out now and so probably can't. We'll see how desperate I get.