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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quilt Show and Some of the Flowers around Here

Again several days have passed since I’ve been here. And lots has been going on – don’t know where to start. So first the weather. It has gone from high 90s with lots of humidity on Sunday to maybe it will make low 70s today. By Sunday it might get as low as high 40s! Had a little rain one day and are expecting quite a storm to roll in later today. Hope it waits until tonight as this afternoon we have to take Willie, the Jeep, in to get a new muffler. His sound has gone from throaty to obnoxious roar.

Took some pictures of some of the wild flowers that are blooming all around in the woods. They have such pretty colors. Yellows, whites, pinks and the Orange lilies. All are growing wild.

These grow wild all over - so pretty.
We took the convertible into town the other day. Sure is strange riding in it – sit so much closer to the ground then in the Jeep. And with the top down the experience is so different. All the smells of the flowers and new cut grass. Even the smells of the horses and big fat black cows. Such a peaceful setting. In the planted fields the corn is almost two feet high already. The farmers are really looking forward to the coming rain as this area is way behind on rainfall this spring.
Just wanted to share this. It a picture of the side of the house, the main floor – the ivy has a story to it. We’ve met a women here who grew up in this house, in fact her parents built it. She told us about the ivy. On a trip to the east coast her aunt visited Mount Vernon – George Washington’s house. While there she snipped off a piece of the ivy growing around the place and slipped it in her purse. When they got back here she stuck it in the ground. It has been growing like crazy ever since. At one time it completely covered the stones on this wall but was cut back to sell the house. But here it comes again.
Yesterday I took my quilt over to the Historical Center and it is now officially entered in this years quilt show.
Sign out front of show
My quilt
The show is June 1, 2 and 3. Can’t wait to go over there and see it hanging amongst all the beautiful quilts that will be there. The ladies that run the show are so friendly – every Wednesday morning they have a get together at the Historical Society where people quilt, weave and just visit. Sounds interesting and it would get me out and driving again.
AND believe it or not we’ve opened a booth in an Antique/Handicraft Mall……EGAD a job. Actually it isn’t really. After the booth is set up with our stuff – the people there do all the selling and collecting money etc. Be interesting to see if it sells. It opens tomorrow – So have to go over there early and get it set up. Today we’ll be making tags for everything.
I’ve almost finished one of the quilts I’m making. Just have to do the machine embroidery on it. And add the label. Took me awhile to figure out how to set up the machine for the embroidery – it’s been a couple of years since I’ve done any. First the laptop wouldn’t recognize the program and wanted the installation disk. Had to find that! Ended up tearing my whole “craft” cubby –a closet under the stairs – apart. It wasn’t in there. But I did find a lot of things I forgot I had. Then remembered the books and disks were in the big antique trunk I keep in my sewing area. And of course by then I’d remembered how to access the program and it was working fine – didn’t need the disk!
Was reading about a vaccine for Shingles – 1 out of every 3 older people get shingles! WOW – Think I’ll call the docs office and inquire about it. No sense getting something you can prevent.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Indy 500 Day

It is really weird - right now in fact since 6:00 this morning every local station [local for us is Indianapolis] is at the Speedway doing shows about Race Day. BUT when the race starts they all return to "regular" programing and not one local station shows the race!!! We are 50 miles from Indianapolis and can't watch the race until reruns later in today.  However - because we have Direct TV and that is what we use in the motorhome we have a special program - that of course we pay extra for - that gives us the major ABC CBS NBC FOX from both Los Angeles and New York. So turning to one of those station I think its ABC we'll be able to watch the race.
Guess it is blacked out here locally.
It is already hot out - we've got all the fans running and the AC on. 
Have to laugh - every year when we got to Mexico for the winter everyones says - aren't you afraid? Well no - aren't people afraid to go to the Indy 500 - there has already been a shooting there this morning!
Not going to do much today and what I plan on doing will be in the basement. Did some quilting on my quilt yesterday. And today have to re install the embroidery software in the laptop so I can get a pattern to finish the quilting. Took me a while to find the software - haven't used it in a couple of years. But in the mean time I can finish the hand sewing of the border. 
For any quilters out there - if you haven't used the fusable batting DO USE it - it is great. Had to do a little pinning but nothing like before - love it. It's been a couple of years since I've quilted and its like a brand new learning experience. I forgot to put on my "walking foot" when doing my stitch in the ditch. About half way through the job I remembered it. What a difference that made when I put it on. So much easier. And I forgot I have quilting gloves to wear to help with the moving of the material. .......Now I hope I can remember hjow to set up the embroidery loops etc.
The guys didn't show up to cut the trees yesterday. No surprise after all this is Brown County. He said the power was out at his house and he was moving his food to a friends. Okay!?
Bill was already outside this morning - watering and fixing a leak he found in one of the hoses. Of course the line was buried under all the new rock - so by the time he got the rock moved the leak fixed and the rock put back he was soaking wet and ready to come back in for the day.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Flowers made from Leather - new project!

We have had a couple of absolutely beautiful days – low humidity and lot to mid 80s – but that is gone now. Today it will be 90 something and the next few days will be in the high 90s with lots and lots of humidity. Hiding inside in the basement. Will work on my quilt down there and some more stained glass pieces.

Also maybe some beading – can do that while watching TV. Yesterday I straightened up my beading area and went through all my beads – OMG I’m going to have to bead for the rest of my life to use up what I’ve got. Found beads I’d forgotten I had – but of course the next project I wanted to start I don’t have that bead!....
Bill has been working on some new stuff. Leather jewelry. He’s made some flower pins they are beautiful. And he is really interested in what he can do.
Tomorrow (they were supposed to come last Wednesday) the tree cutting guys should be here. These are the trees we’re going to have cut. Sure hope they know what they are doing. Would hate to have one come the wrong way and go through the house.
And this is what the trees are doing. The darker park of the gravel is not shadow – it is sap from the trees. It makes a horrible mess. When you stand out there it feels like you’re getting rained on. It even manages to get on the jeep in the shelter!
Not much else going on. Went into town for breakfast and shopping but other than that just keeping busy around here. Sunday are two races to watch - the Indy 500 and NASCAR at Charlotte.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A couple of nice cool days - enjoying it while it lasts

Loving it! Two cool days in a row. But by Sunday it is supposed to be 94 with high humidity. They are worried about all the people going to watch the Indy 500 because of the heat. Don’t think I’d want to be in the stands.

Weirdest thing Sunday. Bill was outside watering the flowers when a couple of ladies drove by. They stopped to talk to him and next thing I knew we were giving them a tour of the house. Seems like one of them looked at the house to buy before we did and she was dying to see all the changes we’ve made to it. Very nice people. That happens a lot here. People just driving by then stopping to talk to us. Get to know a lot of people that way.
On Sunday Bill took my car – the convertible out of the garage and washed it and we took a ride into town. I really like that car and forget how much I like it when it sits under cover for so long. I need to do more driving. To celebrate Bill’s one year since heart attack we had McDonalds for lunch – we know - not good for him, but once in a while doesn’t hurt. He is really feeling so much better the last couple of months. Good to see him so busy with the planting and watering and hobbies. Even his leg doesn’t bother him that often any more.
Tomorrow we are supposed to get a couple of big trees cut down. They are poplars – Tulip trees – and they are the messiest trees I’ve ever seen. If you stand under them it feels like it is raining on you. They are right next to the driveway where we park and the sap is ruining the paint on the cars. The sap has already changed the color of the new gravel we just put down.
B spent most of yesterday dying leather for his projects – put a video of him doing it on http://www.fantasymanorartstudio.com/aboutus.php

Looks like he plans on being busy.
I forgot the camera would pick up the sound of the washer and dryer – so it sounds a little weird. Also posted it to the Fantasy Manor facebook page. Doing everything I can to get traffic to the web site. That’s a full time job. Posted a couple of pictures of our great grand daughters on my facebook page too. So cute – and one is almost one year old already!
The darn raccoons are getting up on the outside deck and draining the hummingbird feeders. Told them the other day they better stop or we’ll use their tails to decorate the Wood Spirits!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Planters, Flag Poles, Sewing Machines and Snakes.

Bill has his new planters built already and is in the process of painting them. He HATES to paint and it shows. By tomorrow we’ll have to go shopping for more plants. Will it never end? (as you can tell I started this a few days ago.) The planters are already finished and planted.
Getting ready to plant them

All planted
Another view of them
And I’ve spent lots of time on line and on the phone trying to find a part for my sewing machine. No one carries what I need any more as the machine is an older one – seven years???? – It has to be ordered from the factory “if they still make them” and will take a while to get here. Lovely. Can’t use the machine without the “stitch cards” as they regulate the stitches. Well that’s not actually true – I can still use the machine if I want to just use the ¼” setting for stitching - that card is still working and it is the one I use for quilting. But wanted to do a zig zag which is a stitch on another card – and No Way.
Finally found the stitch card for my machine. At a Viking Sewing place in the Joann’s in Greenwood – about 40 miles north of here. Almost to Indianapolis. Picked it up and it works fine. Thank goodness they still make them.
Got the “sleeve” for displaying my bedspread sewed on and mailed in my application for the quilt show. Exciting. It’s the first weekend in June. Also ready to start layering the two quilts I’m working on. Got a fusible batting this time. Hope it works as easy as it says it does. It will save a lot of time not having to safety pin it all together.
Brown County stuck again. Sitting reading the other night and poof the lights went out. They were out for a little over an hour. No idea what caused it. And I saw in the paper that there was a boil water day for a part of town south of us.
More fun country living. The pest control people were here for a couple of hours, spraying, putting up traps and mouse poison. Sure hope it works. I’m not afraid of them but I don’t like them. And those dam flying tiny moths that we fought all winter in the Alfa are flying around here too. Guess they can’t really be controlled.
Bill just hollered for me to come out back. The little snake that lives in the pond just caught one of the gold fish and was trying to eat it.
Saw this on a concrete bench at a yard art place the other day. It is for Jeni and John. It just really hit my heart.
“We could not say our last farewell
Or even say good-bye
For you were gone before we knew
And only God knows why.”
Today is just a putter around day. Both of us worked hard yesterday. Bill cleaning Willie from top to bottom inside and out. Says he found dirt from last year in him. I believe it. And I cleaned the first floor of the house. Vacuumed up all the dead bugs and cobwebs etc. Moved furniture and washed rugs. Today we’re just going to fool around.
Oh yes, almost forgot to mention. Bill got our new flag pole installed and up.

Seeing how much Bill has accomplished the last few weeks makes me really happy. He is feeling so much better lately. It was a year ago today he had his heart attack. Thank you God.

Our weather is beautiful today mid 80s. Maybe a little rain tomorrow – or not. But then it is going to get hot!! In the 90s for Memorial Weekend and the Indy. Speaking of races that All-Star race last night was a JOKE – hang in the back for most of the race then win…..Stupid format -

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Memories of John

Tuesday a.m.
Except for putting up the new flagpole the outside of the front of the house is done for another year. Reseeded and fed the grass yesterday – so now that we need a little rain it isn’t going to rain for a week. That’s good for all of the events going on at the Indy Speedway this week – practice etc.

Still working on the web pages – boy there is a lot to do if you want to be found. Working on both sites – Masks and Beading according to “them” I have to add stuff about Facebook, Google, twitter (how the heck do you tweet?) and I don’t know what else. I’m lucky I can figure out how to turn the computer on some days.
Went into town earlier and bought the material I need to add the piece to hang my quilt for the show – now I just have to hand sew it on in time to enter it. And Bill got more wood to build two more planters for the front side yard….I thought we were done out there! What with all the watering that needs to be done we won’t be able to get away from here for more than two or three days at a time this summer.
Also discovered some interesting things about leather jewelry on line. Sounds like it might be fun to try. Just what we need more “stuff”. I really like the flower with the butterfly sun catcher I made the other day. Thought I’d make some more in different colors. And I still need to do a bigger piece for the living room window to cover the crack in the window.
Wednesday a.m.
Today is a day full of memories for us. Our son John would be 47 today. Its been over five years and it is still hard to get my head around it. We miss him terribly. And he is a grandfather now! – Baby girl born to his son five days ago. I wish he were still around to enjoy her. Love you John
The flag pole is up and the flag is flying. And we are waiting for the pest control people to come and hopefully take care of some of the little crawly things. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mice and Bugs invade us every Spring - This season is no different

Monday a.m.
Just called pest control - we need them NOW - found mousey poops on my beading table in the downstairs work shop and Bill says they are chewing his leather in the garage. Joys of living in the woods. Also lots of bugs of all kinds. When I opened my eyes and saw one sitting on my pillow staring at me I was very unhappy. They will be here Wednesday.
Mother's Day was quiet. Kind of a gloomy day with gray skies until almost sunset. Went out to dinner in Columbus - half the restaurants here in our town were closed! On Mother's Day???
Talked to and got emails from my kids. They are all fine. Still waiting to hear when our next great grand baby will arrive.
Stayed up until one in the morning watching a soccer game on TV. Real Madrid won. Saturday night watched the NASCAR race. Pretty good ending.
Bill is outside now carpeting the front and side deck. It looks nice but don't know how it will hold up. We've finally got everything outside done. Just upkeep for the summer left. Lots and lots of upkeep. And of course now it has stopped raining and it is getting into the high 80s this week. There goes the water bill.
Got a lot of information from youngest son yesterday on how to optimize the web pages. Will try to do it a little at a time. - too much info at once for this old brain.
Still haven't cleaned the shot glasses but did get all the borders on my quilts. Next layering with batting and backing then quilting. Kind of changing mind about entering my quilted bedspread in the show in June. Found out I have to add a four inch strip to the top back so they can put a rod through it to hang it. Never thought about that. Sounds like a lot of hand work, unless I can just safety pin it on.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A little about where we live

Saturday a.m.

For some reason I thought today was Sunday and yesterday Saturday – Guess we did so much work around here during the week it just seemed to be a day later – or maybe it’s just that I’m getting old. No! I know what it was – the NASCAR races were on the wrong days. Usually the Nationwide race is Saturday and it was on last night. Yeh! That’s why I’m sooo confused. Good race last night and the Cup race is tonight. Doesn't take much does it?
Finally got my stained glass finished and hanging in the door. The butterfly and a heart with flowers. The new ones
A sunflower and another butterfly (these I have had)
And this one I really like the way it turned out. It is 3-d – a flower with a butterfly sitting on it.
Been into town several times this week – seemed like by the time we got home we remembered something else we needed! Got the front of the house done! All the new gravel in the driveway and the planters done. This is before - mulch and dead roses.
And this is now – quite a difference. Bill made the square wooden planters and the rest are colorful pots and as a whimsy our Morel mushrooms – can’t ever find any real ones so what the heck.
We’ve had weather from high 30s at night to mid 80s during the day. Winds and lots of heavy rain with seems like hours of thunder. Got to love Indiana weather. Today it is beautiful – mid 70s and no rain until maybe tomorrow night. The strawberries are blooming and starting to get berries.
We have some beautiful iris type flowers blooming in the pond. Sure wish they would last longer than they do.
Also pond is full of zillions of pollywogs. All that croaking we’ve been hearing out there must have been romance in the air.
I have the rest of the border for my quilts and the batting and the backing material. They are sure going to be colorful.
Before I forget we heard an expression the other day I’ve never heard before. We were talking to a guy about him needing a new car but he wouldn’t be getting one soon. According to him “I can’t afford yesterday’s ice water right now.” Kind of puts it all in perspective. More “down home” stuff. There was an article in our little paper about the joys of living in Brown County. It was funny….Going to quote part of it. “We have boil water warnings and power outages more often than many residents change socks. We like to think of these hurdles as opportunities for being creative. We do business our own way too. Many merchants just close their shops in the winter for a couple of months, or for a couple of day each week, or whatever they deem most beneficial to their livehood. Do you need permits for construction? ‘Not if you can get the work done between sunrise and sunset.’” The article ended “This isn’t the United States. It’s Brown County.”
We do live in a different place.
I have the new rechargeable batteries for my camera – have them charging now. Wonder how long they will last when I go into take a picture of everything mode. Speaking of – I almost always carry the camera with me – even if we’re just going into town. Well last weekend I didn’t – left it home. And coming home I sure wished I’d had it. We had forgotten that it was Spring Blossom weekend and that there was a parade scheduled. We discovered that when you live in a town with only two streets you can’t go anywhere during the parade. So there we were stopped at a corner watching the parade go by and me without my camera. Lots of kids walking by, the high school marching band (pretty good), wagons and tractors and some horses. Everyone was having lots of fun.
I’ve continued to work diligently on Bill’s web pages. Trying to get them to come up somewhere near the front in searches. Learned a lot more about “optimizing” pages then I ever wanted to know. And the companies that do it for you want mega bucks to do it.
BUT!!!! Maybe some of it is working because I actually managed to sell one of the necklaces off the jewelry pages! http://www.beadedcustomdesigns.com/ – One sale a year – that must be some kind of record.
This is another suncatcher I did – I’ve done a bunch of them. They are made in pieces so they twist and turn in the breeze.
Enough for now. Want to do some work on the quilt. And maybe get busy and clean the collection of shot glasses we have downstairs on the mantle above the big fireplace. Maybe.......

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lots of work being done around here

Wednesday a.m.
The old bones are yelling at me today. Brought home a bunch of potting dirt and plants yesterday for the "new look" out front. We got all the pots and planters settled in the rocks, filled with dirt and planted. I was too tired to even go outside a take a picture. Today parts of me I didn't even know I had are complaining. My fault - I just need to do things like that more often. 
We went into town yesterday a.m. to do three errands - get material for my quilts [I miscalculated by a whole lot], buy groceries [out of eggs etc] and get dirt and plants. So first, of course, we stopped for breakfast then went right to Menard's for the dirt and plants. When we were finished loading poor Willie there wasn't even room for eggs. So came home and got to work. Junior was at the house spreading more rock - all that is left is to put new gravel in the driveway - a every couple of years necessity. Today it should all be finished.
And the yard guy spread more mulch in the back around the pond. Speaking of the pond the water iris are blooming - need to get a picture of them. Beautiful. 
Bill has been working his buns off - good to see him so active again. Today I have to spray some "Deer Off" around. The suckers already ate my young day lilies! - That stuff smells so bad. Why do they eat the ones I planted and not the wild ones right across the driveway? 
Well going out to take some pictures of all the work done. Will post more later.
Also spent time on phone with SEO Optimizers???  for the web page They want a lot of money and still can't figure out what they really do that I can't. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Proud of our Son

Sunday p.m.
Just a quick post as we still haven't eaten dinner and it is after 8:00. Been busy the last couple of days, going into town and watching NASCAR on TV.
Just wanted to share this with everyone. One of our sons rode in a 100 mile bike ride in California yesterday. He completed it in 8.5 hours. This is him and his girlfriend at the start of the ride.
Ten years ago he almost lost his leg and his life to the "flesh eating bacteria" disease. He has come a long way.

Friday, May 4, 2012

House of the Flowers

Muggy Friday Morning

Sitting here working on the web site – adding more Wood Spirit pictures to it. Bill is really making some beautiful and fun ones. Using the fur and snake skin….
Wood Spirit Face
If you haven’t yet check it out http://www.fantasymanorartstudio.com/
A lot has been accomplished in the last two days. The lights are in downstairs and there is really lots of LIGHT now. And we did buy a new vacuum but still haven’t used it – in fact haven’t put it together yet. We’re supposed to get some cooler weather in a couple of days so will clean then. Good excuse right? I did clean part of the first floor this morning before it got too hot.
The old mulch has been taken out of the plant beds and the rock more or less put in. So that is progressing. Now we’re trying to figure out what to put in them to make them pretty. A wishing well? Hokey? A “water feature” To HGTV? Boulders and plants? How abut a great big cement turtle? Cute but too expensive.
And the gutters have been cleaned so when it rains it won’t be like Niagara Falls on the decks.
Got the new batteries for the camera and they are charging – wonder how long they will last….Putting them to use taking pictures outside the house. This is why we’re known around town as the house with the flowers.
And my flamingo solar lights. We bought them in Ajo at a True Value when we were there on our way home. Couldn’t resist them.
And took a picture of the empanadas.
That plate was heaping full. Put most of them in the freezer for whenever I don’t feel like cooking. We’ve already dug two batches out of the freezer. They go fast.
Boy today this computer just doesn’t know how to spell. Half of what I’ve written has been underlined in red!
Last night I was sitting reading and heard a loud noise out back. Lots of hissing, rustling and squealing. Went out to check – two raccoons were out there having a disagreement. Finally yelled at them to go away. Threatened them that we’d have their tails if they didn’t knock it off. [Not really] They left.
There was a comment about the town named Bean Blossom – we also have a small town named Gnaw Bone. And the street names here are amazing. Clay Lick, Hornettown, Graney Barnes, Greasy Creek just to mention a few.
Best get busy as I want to watch the Cup practice this afternoon. It took me three tries to spell CUP right – time to quit!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hot (anyway for me) and muggy morning in the woods. We had severe storms off and on all yesterday. One would come through then the sun would come out and soon another one would come through. Lots and lots of very heavy rain and hours of thunder. For one half hour period it never stopped thundering. There was a tornado warning for the little town of Bean Blossom – just a few miles east of us. And the news said downtown Nashville got 1” hail. Here we just had rain. I was afraid the pond would get so full the fishies would float down the hill. This is before the rain.

We had the yard cleanup guy pull all the weeds between the pond and the hill and put in mulch. But the way weeds grown here I’m sure they will be back soon. Our strawberry patch on the front side of the pond is starting to flower. Maybe this year we’ll be able to get a few before the chipmunks get them.
Junior’s men showed up in the afternoon to start working on the front planter. They were here about 10 minutes when one of the storms hit. Couldn’t work in it so off they went. Hopefully they’ll be back today. Not supposed to rain. They came back and have cleaned up all three planting areas and will be back tomorrow with the rocks.
At least yesterday all the flowers got a good watering – probably too much of a good thing. Just a few of the flower boxes on the porch rail.

It was a good sewing day yesterday so I was busy putting my quilt together – ready to put the last strip of blocks on it when I took a good look at it – right in the middle I’d put a block in upside down!!!! Lots of tearing out to do. Got it fixed this morning. And just got an ad that material is going on sale at Jo-Ann next weekend – 50% off and I need a lot for the borders and backing.
The electrician is here now putting the lights up downstairs. That will be nice for hobbies. He finished putting up the lights - OMG do I ever need to clean that area. But have to buy a new vacuum first. The old one took a crap the other day. (That's why the room isn't clean - sounds good to me.)
Yesterday during the storms I cooked up a storm – made five dozen empanadas. We both pigged out on them. Most are in the freezer. Haven’t made any for over a year. They are an Argentine dish – just little half circle meat pie like things. Good nibbles.
The batteries on the camera are used up already – going to get some rechargeables when we go to town later. Otherwise when we’re traveling I’ll be buying batteries all the time.
Headed into town after the electrician left - stopped for a meal, went to Menards and got money back from all the plants we bought last week that went on sale this week.  And went to Sam's Club - Then home. Tomorrow we have to go back to town to go to Wal*Mart for vacuum and groceries. Had so many new plants in car there was no room for anything else. Sure glad Bill takes care of them all.
Got up into the high 80s today - really, really warm. Bill is happier than a pig in slop and I'm peespiring"glowing" like crazy - turned all the fans on and the A/C.  Still fooling with the dam lights - I keep missing one step and have to start all over - anyway I was so hot my glasses fogged up so I had to stop.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life in Brown County

May 1st already.

I was remembering (do a lot of that as you get older) that when I was a newly married woman/girl I had a girlfriend who made up spring baskets and left them at the doors of her friends every May 1st. They we always so pretty. Funny the things you remember. We still keep in touch but unfortunately only at Christmas. Although we did stop by and see her and her husband of – has to be over 50 years – a couple of years ago when we were in Arizona. They had four kids and we had five so we did a lot of things together – going to parks, beach, scouts etc. She and I took cake decorating classes until – we had to bake a cake every week and take it to class to decorate it. It got so our families and friends hated the sight, smell and taste of cake and frosting. And then we took “stretch and sew” classes. Lots of t-shirts, dresses and I even made Bill a three piece suit – that he actually wore.
Life in Brown County! After several weeks of phone calls, phone tag, miscommunications etc. we are anxiously waiting for a few things to get done this week. Today “Junior” is supposed to come with a load of gray rock for the driveway AND some river rock and boulders for the front planters. Getting rid of the remaining barely hanging in there rose bushes. We’ll put plants in pots for color from now on. Then we have to finish the brick borders around them. That was supposed to have been done a couple of weeks ago.
Tomorrow an electrician should be here at 8:30 to put up the fluorescent lights downstairs. [Took several phone calls to find someone who was willing to come way out here for a small job.]
And Thursday the guy is supposed to come to clean the gutters. Have been talking to him for over a month – or rather to his answering machine. When he’s the only guy in town……
And of course it is supposed to rain most of the week. Rain and 80 degree weather – nice combination. This morning the fog is heavy – Could barely see across the street when I got up. And that reminds me – I still need to get those dam lights outside fixed so they go on and off themselves! When I finally get them working it will call for a celebratory glass of Chocolate Wine – a big one!
I have to share a laugh. We had company for dinner last week and were showing them the Wood Spirits that Bill is working on – especially the first one he made with the fur hat. One of our friends asked where we got the fur. The devil in popped out of my mouth. “Well going to Columbus the other day we saw a raccoon lying dead by the road. Bill stopped and we picked him up. He wasn’t mangled so……Looks good doesn’t it?” Talk about priceless – a few mouths were hanging open and could almost see the mind trying to figure out what to say. Had to tell them we bought it at Hobby Lobby and it wasn’t real. Or we might not get visitors again. Hummm? Was that raccoon in the paella?
Going downstairs now to work on stained glass. I want four new sun catchers for summer.
Will the rock get here today or not? Will we have light tomorrow? Will the rain water stop pouring over the gutters on to the decking?
A regular soap opera we live.