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Monday, November 30, 2015

Keeping really busy

We’ve had a couple of domestic days and a hectic one - just the first hectic one I’m afraid. Just one pile of stuff to be put in the Alfa. I take three bags out and four more appear inside.    
Didn’t we just get everything put away! Now we’re dragging it all out again. I’m tired all ready and just barely started.
The Alfa is out in front of the house, sure glad we don’t have many neighbors. Now Bill wants to leave on Wednesday - lots to do before then.
Saturday he was cold so he spent some time in the kitchen making crepes.
And yesterday he made lots and lots of Milanese so we can vacuum pack and freeze it and take it with us. First he soaks it in his secret sauce.
Then breads all of it. Notice the gloves, he doesn't like getting his hands sticky. 
Then fries it.
 Think we'll have enough?
I package it and put it away.
While he was doing that I made three more embroidered squares for my quilt that I won’t get to finish till we get home. 
I’ve already put everything away in the sewing room. It amazes me that I can’t write a grocery list because my hands shake so bad but I have no problem threading a needle on the sewing machine. Go figure. 

I don’t know what we did with all of last years Mexican paperwork and our Mexican Internet stick. Think we got rid of it all, maps, camping books, road routes, etc…Well we were thinking we weren’t going to go to Mexico anymore. Should have known better. Also can’t find Bill’s Mexican cell phone.
Went out to dinner tonight, have enough left overs for tomorrow. Hope to be on the road early on Wed. the 2nd.
We still have to make empanadas, go to market and bank and finish packing. Tomorrow should fly by.  

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

A Very Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone. We are going to have a roast for dinner as neither of us is crazy about turkey.

Yesterday went well - quite well. Compared to the day before anything had to be better.
We got a few more errands done without incident. More things checked off the “to do before we leave” list. No problems with getting Bill’s double refill supplies of his meds. Check off ü Went to Mail Box place and made a change with how our mail will go there. ü Then went to U.S. Post Office to buy stamps and put in a Temporary Change of Address. ü
I discovered this article on line about the new NASCAR Champion - well written and very interesting. Talks about when he realized he had a broken leg and foot after his wreck. Even if you don’t like racing it is interesting.
While taking one of my walks around the neighborhood I saw these colorful pine cones, thought they were kind of cute. Might gather some up next year and do them in different colors for the seasons. 

Finally got out and took another walk. Bill went with me part of the way We walked down to where the Alfa is parked and checked him out. Engine turned right over. Told him we’d pick him up on Tuesday and bring him to the house. Plans are to leave the morning of the 3rd. But as we all know plans are made to change. Bill cut off towards home as he was cold but I got in 1.3 miles. The wind was cold.
Sure hope that hurricane weakens before it hits Mazatlan which is right in its path. Glad we didn’t leave this week.
Think I’ll work on my quilt a little today, get some of the embroidered squares done. Spent part of the day with the sewing machine - while watching Parade. Kind of take up the whole room.
The machine working on a design.

I got four of the twelve squares done . They still have to be trimmed.
When the needle broke I decided to quit for the day. So put a roast in the oven for our Thanksgiving Dinner. Tomorrow is another day. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Senior Citizen Moments

Had an “oh my gosh” moment the other day. A couple of very dear friends had scares regarding their mother’s health in the last week or two. Both Mothers were hospitalized but both are slowly improving. My thoughts were “I’m glad I don’t have to worry about older parents and more.” Then it dawned on me WE ARE THE OLDER PARENTS! How did that happen so quick?
And then in the last couple of days I managed to prove the older/not too swift with the brain part. How to feel old and stupid in two easy lessons…Yesterday was a day I hope never to repeat. Actually today it is kind of funny. Yesterday I just felt stupid.
So - I’ve been complaining that we’ve been without our regular Internet since Friday - and I’ve been complaining to several people at the company…Well guess what - it was my fault - not the original loss of service but the continued loss of service. On Friday there was a major outage of service in our area and the service people got it fixed and up and running by Saturday morning. [for everyone but us] Why not us? Well on Friday when I called the company the tech person tried to walk me through fixing the problem on our end. She had me check power, it on. Which lights are on. Told her. Check the connection at the jack…So I crawled under Bills desk to find the jack which of course is way in the corner almost behind the desk leg. See the jack
well neither did I until I managed to crawl under there.
So anyway I found it - picture me without a flashlight and without my glasses scrunched under the desk. The tech told me to unplug the jack and plug it back in to see if that worked. So I did - but when I plugged it back in I plugged it in the telephone hole instead of the DSL hole. I figured if one hole didn’t work the other might. Until I took this picture I didn’t even see the words!
So, of course nothing worked. Tech told me to call back Saturday morning and set up an appointment. I did. For Monday morning early. Well no one showed up Monday. So back on the phone with several people. Several times. To make a long story shorter the repair man finally came Tuesday afternoon. It took him a few minutes to realize what was wrong and he fixed it - moved the plug into correct jack. I felt like an idiot.
My original work order was cancelled because when the major outage was fixed they figured my problem had been fixed. And I guess it had been if I hand’t of screwed it up. Dah.
While the repair man was here so were the cleaning ladies. I had seen the cleaning ladies pull up so I went out through the garage to show them the way in - they were new ladies and hadn’t been here before. Our son uses us as a training house. While I was talking to them the repair man came too. [All day Tuesday I had the cell phone in my hand waiting for the repair man to call and say he was coming.]
Went in the house and Bill went with the ladies to show them where to start cleaning and I brought the repair man into the computer room. He was done quickly and left. An hour or so later the ladies were done - an excellent job - and left. About a half hour later I went to get the cell phone. It wasn’t where I thought I left it. Looked around…CRAP - so I called it - could not hear it ring. Called it again walked all over the house. By now Bill was looking and listening too. Called it again - panic setting in - there goes the blood pressure! We both walked around listening in the house and outside in the garage. No ringing. Best guess either the repair man picked it up with all of his equipment or the cleaning ladies picked it up with their stuff. At no time did we think anyone stole it - I though I’d left it on the desk in the computer room where the repair man had been working - one cell phone looks like another. Same with the cleaning ladies I know they have phones. Mistakes happen. I got on the house phone with the Internet company - they tried to contact repair man. Bill got on phone with our son’s wife who would call the ladies. Luckily they didn’t get a hold of the repair man because the cleaning lady told our daughter in law she saw a white phone out in the garage on the counter. OMG. Yep there it was. I must have set it down there when everyone showed up. And somehow I managed to shut the ringer off. Talk about feeling like a double idiot. Many apologies to everyone.
So like I said “I’m the old parent now.” Do I need a keeper yet?
Guess Bill didn’t trust me around the stove he went out and picked up Chinese food for dinner…

Today we have a bunch of errands to take care of.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Great weekend -

Hello there - a great weekend here in Vegas. Cool enough for me and warm enough for Bill. Also great sports weekend for both of us. On Friday NASCAR Eric Jones won the truck driver championship and the owner’s championship for KBM [Kyle Busch Motorsports] On Saturday Barcelona soccer team tromped Real Madrid 4 - 0. And on Sunday Kyle Bush won the NASCAR Cup race AND the 2015 Championship. Nine months after breaking his leg and foot in a race. Missed the first 11 races but came back to win a total of 5 races and the championship.

Also made some banana bread from scratch that turned out really, really good. Going to keep that recipe for sure.
While I was glued to TV Bill was outside getting Willie, the Jeep, ready for his winter trip to Mexico. Cleaned him up inside and outside and started loading the stuff he carries every year.

Also managed to get all my prescriptions filled for the time we’ll be gone. Still waiting on getting Bill’s done as he sees family doctor again tomorrow to see how he is reacting to a new pill - replacing on old one. And it seems so far to be much better, fewer side effects. Then we are done with doctor visits. Except for me being put on high blood pressure pills we are both in great shape. Gee after the last six months I wonder why my blood pressure is high…First time ever in my many long years. Also my HDL - good cholesterol - is down for the first time ever. Guess I should not have quit drinking - read one alcoholic beverage a day helps raise HDL…will have to think about that. Also eating nuts.
The cardiologist checked Bill out, approved the change in the one medication and said enjoy your trip and come see me when you get back.
I was watching a Rice Krispies commercial the other day. Did any one but me ever get the three cloth rice krispies dolls - Snap, Crackle and Pop. They came as pieces of material that had to be sewed together and stuffed. And remember using Quaker Oats round boxes as doll beds. And hollyhocks as dancing dolls. Such a simpler life so many years ago.
Some show of fall colors here in Vegas.
Our Internet service went out Friday night - so waiting for someone to show up this morning between 8 and 12 of course. So I dug out the Verizon MiFi for limited use.
We’re going to have to get some things done in the next day or two as the temps here are going to drop to low 30s at night and low 50s during the day. Bill will be a popsicle.

AARRGG!! Been on the phone with the Internet service for an hour. Repair man was supposed to be here between 8-12 - no show. Somehow my ticket got closed out. Not a happy camper. So now we hope to have someone here before 9:00 p.m.  For sure, for sure…back to using our Verizon MiFi. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Short Posts

Our home Internet is out so using our Verizon which is great except I only have 1GB of data available on it. So either no or very short post until it gets fixed - hopefully Monday.
Cardiologist told Bill to enjoy vacation - keep taking meds and exercise and he'll see him when we get back.
Weather is beautiful - perfect for both of us. Barcelona won the Classico and next is an Xfinity NASCAR race - Kyle has pole.
All for now - going to go make some banana bread from scratch!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Crossing things off "get ready to go list"

Have spent the last few days getting things done that have to be done before we can leave for the winter. Little by little we're getting things checked off the list. Getting keys made for son, getting a mail box and a safe deposit box. All done. Getting our prescriptions filled for 180 days...kind of done. Seeing doctors and eye exams…kind of done. Last doctor visit is today, I hope. Went to Costco and Wal*Mart to stock up on stuff we can’t get in Mexico. WOW talk about a Hundred Dollar Store! After the initial shock I had to remind myself “It’s for 6 months - 6 months…” And we’ll still have some stuff left when we get home.
Speaking of Wal*Mart - we found Flat Iron Steak there this week. If you haven’t tried it do so. Very good flavor, very tender and not real expensive. So we stocked up and vacuumed packed them for dinners on the road.
I have a problem with my camera - it has a couple of blemishes on the lense When we were traveling I thought it was just dirt on the windshield but the pictures I’ve been taking from the back yard show the blemish quite clearly. So new camera, or get out my old BIG one that works great - it is just so BIG. Hopefully I can just get more or less the same camera so the batteries and chargers can still be used.
The weather the last couple of days and the next few is wonderful. Cool enough for me and warm enough for Bill. He even is walking with me around the neighborhood. It has been six weeks, already, since my surgery and I feel great. Well except for the little problem which just aggravates me.
No cleaning ladies this week - OH NO - I have to sweep and mop myself. But son said they will be coming next week so maybe I’ll just ignore things till then.
Is it just me or are the Carl’s Jr/Hardys ads getting to be just a little too much. Do you really need sex to sell hamburgers. Maybe it’s my age, I’m not hip anymore. But…
I talked about the dash cam last post - here is a video we took - it’s not the best as we were driving into the sun. But I’m learning how to adjust the angle etc. So hopefully they will get better.

Off to watch NASCAR on TV. Then later to the doctor and to visit our son to get our car charger back. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pictures from Vegas

Been out and about most of the day today. Running errands and taking care of more stuff so we can leave soon. 
Before all that though here are some pictures of last nights sunset. This is looking out back over the desert to the East. 
 Looking out to the side 
 Looking out front kind of south west. 
Have also done a couple of other things. You know all those "As seen on TV" things that sound so good and usually are a disappointment. Well we found one thing that lives up to its commercial It is Lazer*Bond glue. I had a couple of ceramic/china/glass figurines that got broken in the move. Have not been able to find a glue that would mend them. Bill sent away for the Lazer Bond stuff and it worked great - easy to use, bonds immediately after the lazer is shined on it. 
We also got a Dash Cam - just for fun - 39 at Wal*Mart. It works great (once I figured out how to use it - got a lot of my face scowling and my feet at first.) Here it is in the window. We thought/think it will be great for videos when traveling. Much steadier than trying to hold a camera. Tomorrow I'll try to post a video from today. 
 Just a person strolling down the street with her puppies. 
 We had to make a trip to "the other side of town" which took us across the Strip. Iconic statues and New York skyline. For a week day there were a lot of cars and people out. 
 No wonder people are using Uber - a taxi price list. 
 The new Arena being built behind New York, New York and the Monte Carlo. Doesn't look very big. And it isn't named yet. 
 We were behind this for a while - cannot imagine driving one in the traffic in Vegas. You can rent them from a place on the strip. 
 Here is what it looks like from the front - it is a SlingShot. Snatched this pic off the web. 
Reflections on the side of the Riviera Hotel - soon to be torn down. What a shame. 
 See all kinds of things walking down the sidewalks - Santa Mickey
And then we came home.  More tomorrow about all we've got done. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Snow on the mountain

By golly there is snow on the mountains around us. And today’s high is only going to be 50.
when the sun was on it earlier you could really see it. 
I got Bill to walk with me yesterday did a little over 1 ½ miles. Little by little I’ll increase it. After all I’m still convalescing. Today Bill wouldn’t go with me - just too cold and way to windy. So windy I cut the walk short. Coming home I had the wind at my back, practically was running.
Yesterday was a good day for cooking, so I fixed a good dinner - chicken breasts in wine, onion, lemon juice and olives, potatoes au gratin and asparagus. Looked and tasted good.
I found a pattern for a small Christmas quilt that looks fun to make. I’ll get to use the embroidery part of the machine for some of the pieces. And 19 different colors/patterns of Christmas material. And believe it or not I think I have all the material I’ll need - except for the backing.
Boy yesterdays race was something. Everyone was amazed about the rain in Phoenix. Six hour delay to start it and then it was ended before it was finished because of rain. But my driver #18 will make it to the last race with a chance of being the champion.
Back from our new family doctor - mostly good news. No problems with the blood work for either of us. But - doctor put me on high blood pressure pills (after the last 6 months I'm surprised it isn't higher) AND I have an infection so more antibiotics. They are sure going to hear about that at the surgeon’s office tomorrow. That’s once of the reasons I had the surgery.

Stopped off at pharmacy to drop off prescriptions and then went out to dinner. Home for night now - really cold and windy out. TV and book reading time. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Do you exercise?

Started out really cold - 45° this morning but turned into a really nice day - no wind. I joke about how cold Bill gets when it drops below 70° but it really isn’t funny. And I guess the changes in the temperature managed to give him a cold. He never gets a cold he gets a COLD. So is spending most of today in bed.
I on the other hand walked for my third day in a row. When I filled out all the paper work for the doc and one questions was oyes ono Do you exercise? And I checked the No box it started me thinking. Perhaps it is time I started doing something. So I got a map of the community (park) where we live and mapped out a mile walk - I know that isn’t very long but I had to start somewhere. So Thursday I walked the mile, yesterday just under the mile and today 1.3 miles. Meeting some of our neighbors as I do it. So far haven’t been able to talk Bill into joining me. If he will we will go out in the wetlands to walk. Also downloaded some “soup can” exercises - my plans are to be a good girl and do them.
About our trip to the eye doctor. We both got our exams - my sight has changed just a little as has Bills. Of course they won’t use my favorite frames - have to get new ones. The cheapest frames they had were $160 and of course all BRAND names. No thanks. Also according to our insurance papers progressive lenses have a copay of $65. They wanted $240 - just for the lenses. Will wait until we get to Mazatlan. As for Bill he uses bifocals and they would use his frames so the cost was $45. BUT when he tried them on he couldn’t see - got dizzy and almost fell over. So he told them to put his old lenses back in and refused to see the doctor again. Oh well - he’ll get his eyes examined by our eye doctor friend in Mazatlan and get the new lenses there. So that was kind of a bust.
Just for the heck of it we bought a DashCam - haven’t used it yet - has to be charged. Be interesting to see how it works - if it works. Only $30.
Next week will be busy for us - doctor’s appointments on Monday - hopefully all blood work turned out well and we can get our prescriptions written. Tuesday I have to go to the doctor’s office that did the surgery to see if there is anyway to improve on my problem so it won’t be so aggravating while we are traveling. Not expecting too much. And Friday Bill has an appointment with the cardiologist - sure hope he doesn’t insist on any tests that will further delay our getting out of here. Also next Saturday is one of the biggest soccer games of the year and on Sunday is the last NASCAR race of the season. Also need to arrange a few things to make being gone easier - mostly phone calls. Then of course start getting the Alfa ready.
Don’t know what got into the coyotes last night but they were very vocal for about ½ hour. Lots of yips and lots of howls.

I am about over my convalescent time - I will miss the ladies coming once a week to clean. How easy it is to get spoiled. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Winter weather - time to leave!

Another cool start to the day here in Vegas. About 45° out but the sky is blue and the sun is up so it is supposed to get to mid 60s by afternoon.
I finally made myself get out and walk - yes WALK - did a mile here inside the neighborhood. I mapped it out first then actually followed my planned route. Maybe tomorrow 1 ½ miles. Really need to start doing some kind of activity. Been sitting on my behind too much.
Two days ago it was really nasty here. It even snowed in part of the city - the North West part which is quite a bit higher than this area. Looking towards the bad weather from our yard, we had sunshine.
 Later the same day - the sun had just gone down behind the lower clouds. Thought it looked neat. We were on our way out to dinner.
I’m surprised we aren’t heading south yet. But it won’t be long. We go to the eye doctors today, see our new doctor for blood work results next Monday and the cardiologist for Bill a week from tomorrow. And as long as nothing comes up we should be on the road before the end of November. Our neighbor has offered to pick up our mail for us so that is taken care of.
So today I was looking at the maps, it is around 1,320 miles from here to Mazatlan. And we can do it in short days drives. Stopping along the way to visit with friends. Could take longer than two weeks to get there depending on how long we stop to visit people and places on the way down.

Yesterday our youngest grandson - son of our youngest son marched in the Veteran’s Day parade here in Vegas. He is only 14 but is really getting tall quick.
Saw the eye doctor yesterday and Bill is going to be able to get his new lenses in his old frames - thank goodness as he really likes the old one - they have sunglasses that magnetically fit on the frames. So today between NASCAR events we'll go over and get that done. They refused to use my old frames cause they are too old. So need to find some new ones. Whenever. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Off to see the vampires.

Yesterday turned out to be a good day. Bill even warmed up enough to take off his sweatshirt. Though right now at 7 a.m. the furnace is running. Today it should get into the high 60s then turn cooler again tomorrow.
It was cool enough Sunday that I made my chicken noodle soup. It turned out pretty good. But don’t think I’ll make it again. Cheaper to buy it. When did chickens get so expensive? Made enough for dinner last night and then froze the rest for when I don’t feel like cooking.
Good sports day Sunday. In soccer - Barcelona won, Real Madrid lost! And the #18 NASCAR car driven by Kyle Busch did good. He is 2nd in points going into the last two races. Karma made itself known when Logano blew a tire right at the beginning of the race and again at the end when Johnson won. First time I’ve ever rooted for Johnson.
Yesterday we got to meet our new family doctor. We both need our prescriptions refilled for the winter. The doctor came highly recommended but I wonder how he will like it when we won’t schedule a follow up appointment. At least not until we return from Mexico. Yep we are planning on going in the near future.
My post surgery problem seems to be getting better. Don’t know if it’s the pills or the body healing. Hope it is healing. Time will tell.
Well we met our new doctor yesterday and we both really like him. He spent all kinds of time talking to both of us. But he would not renew our prescriptions…not until he knows more about us. So we both have blood work scheduled this morning and then will see him again next Monday. He also recommended a cardiologist for Bill. So have to make that appointment.
How come time moves so slowly when you want food and drink? After seeing the vampires we’ll for sure go out for breakfast and so some quick shopping. But can’t stay out too long as today is the day the cleaning ladies come! 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Las Vegas Wetlands - Protected area

Yesterday was a beautiful day - clear blue sky and nippy temperatures in the a.m. So Bill and I decided to take a short walk in The Wetlands - the protected area behind our house. As part of owning a home here we received a key to the gate leading into the wetlands. The area has lots of walking and bicycle trails. We live about where the arrow is. The Wetlands is much bigger than this picture shows. It continues on both up and down. 
Just inside the gate. Our house has the palm tree. 
Looking down the bicycle/walking path. There are several dirt/gravel trails that lead off of this. 
There is a nice paved area with things to do - this climbing wall is bigger than it looks. The area around it is made of rubber. Feels funny to walk on. 
A very green part of the Wetlands. 
A BIG snake crawling across the park area. He is about 2 1/2 feet thick. 
His face at the other end. 
Continuing on down the trail. There is the Alfa.
A creek with quite a bit of flowing water in it. 
Just looking out across the landscape. We met a man on the trail who said he saw a pack of five coyotes one day while hiking. Probably the ones we hear all the time in the evening. 
Back towards the play area - the one on the right is a chipmunk? the other on the left is a frog. Good for kids to play on. The whole area was very very clean. 
And then we headed home. Next time we will walk further/farther.
I continue to feel better with each passing day - getting my energy back. 
Been looking on line for a really good homemade chicken noodle soup recipe. Sounds good to make with the cooler weather. Got the soup started - I hope it tastes as good as it is smelling. 
Bill is watching soccer - it still seems strange for it to be on so early in the day. And at 11:00 the NASCAR race begins. Only two more after this one. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

All the way to Argentina memories.

Better get this done as there is lots of NASCAR on TV today: truck, Xfinity and Cup practice and qualifying and the truck race this afternoon. I imagine there will be a lot of talk about the penalty for the wreck. Talk about overreaction. Anyways.
Been a couple of quiet days. Much cooler. Even turned the heater on and much to our pleasure it works like a charm. Warms the whole house right up. Yesterday and today - sunny but low 60s.
I did fix the pork roast with potatoes and sliced apples for dinner on my birthday. Turned out delicious. And I think I’ve figured out the oven. Seemed to keep the right temperature.
Yesterday morning I woke up with a lot of energy - four weeks since surgery and I finally feel myself. Did five loads of laundry, filled out the 13 pages of paperwork [each] for the doctor appointments next week. And then set up my embroidery machine. I’d forgot how fun that is. For the first time in years we are home for the fall season so I get to put out some stuff I made for the dining room table. This is kind of overkill but…
Bill has been playing with his air brush - learning how to make flames - he’s getting there.

Watch out Willie…run…
But back to yesterday. Here is what I embroidered on the sewing machine. A bib and three burp cloths.
Now I want to do something else - maybe something for Christmas.

I mentioned Bill is throwing bread for the pigeons - I hate pigeons - and carrots for the rabbits out in the yard. So here is the rabbit eating the pigeon’s bread. Who knew rabbits liked bread. 
Bill has discovered Street View on Google Earth and was wandering around Argentina - he found the campground we stayed at in 1978 El Griego - It is still there! In the book All The Way To Argentina I wrote quite a bit about El Griego. That is where we had our infamous restaurant.

Wrote all about our times in El Griego  - the book before we changed the name to All The Way to Argentina.
Quiet an improvement from when the boys helped build the original ones. 
in front of the restaurant 1978

the muddy road into El Griego

The restaurant.- just inside the gate.