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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Good day - busy day - good food and friends.

Sunday morning early - woke up way before it gets light and went to bed well after midnight. And have to stay up until 2 a.m. to watch the news from Los Angeles to see a snipit of our son. Supposed to be on the 11 o'clock KNBC news. Might need a nap in there sometime.
A sports and busy day yesterday. Had to go into town to get a couple things for dinner and deliver a couple of books that friends had bought. Then got home in time to watch two soccer games. Barcelona played really good yesterday. Had their A team out. And Bill felt so terrible (out of breath) after getting home - he went to bed and missed it. Later on watched the Nationwide NASCAR race in Dover and Kyle won! Then we had company for dinner - Bill cooked dinner I made a pineapple upside down cake. One of my favorites. And after the company left I stayed up to watch the truck race from Las Vegas and Kyle’s two trucks finished 1st and 2nd. So he had a good day yesterday. Hope it carries over into today’s Cup race - he starts 2nd.
While we were eating dinner we had the doors to the screen porch open listening to all the nice nature sounds when all of a sudden gun shots rang out. Kept up for about 1/2 hour. Small gun, big booming guns and automatic guns. Guess someone was having fun. Sure sounded close though - but didn't hear any thumps or pings on the house. Or sirens. Joys of country living.
More beautiful weather on the way for at least next five or six days - then rain and a real drop in temperatures. The weather, even with the drop in humidity, still isn't agreeing with Bill though. The news says it takes the first frost to bring down the pollen counts.  Sure hope when we get out west he feels better.
Would you believe we don’t have the meds yet! We can’t pick them up until the 6th - then we have to arrange for another vacation override. The override that was “all taken care of” didn’t go through so we’ve been back on the phone with the prescription company a couple of times. So hopefully we’ll be able to get everything the 6th. Bill says we’re leaving the 7th.......with or without.
Had a kind of funny senior moment the other day. I was trying to take some pictures of the fall colors and my camera gave me a message “memory lock tab is on.” Huh?? Just used the camera the day before and all was well. So started pushing buttons and going through the menu - couldn’t find any memory lock info. We were in the car and I was muttering about my problem and complaining about not being able to find what they meant. Bill calmly asked, “Does that camera have a memory card?” “Well of course it does.” “Have you checked it?” Dah! Sure enough pulled the memory card out and the tiny tab was in the lock position. Moved it back and all was fine. Felt like a dummy. Bill grinned like a Cheshire cat.
And after we got home he decided he would start blogging too. Not sure how often he is going to post - he says when he sees or thinks about something interesting that he feels should be shared. His blog is Driving the USA and Mexico  He even joined Twitter! Which is kind of funny cause neither one of us knows what to do with Twitter.
Checking out someone else’s blog I came across a couple of interesting sites:
http://www.roadnow.com/  where you'll find the most complete travel information about local roads and interstate highways, including traffic conditions, weather, gas stations, restaurants, hotels and motels, rest areas, exits, local points of interest along highways and much more...
I think I’ll add them to my laptop so I have them when traveling. I used to have a factory tour book but it is so old most of the places are closed now.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Now we need something to calm us down!

The joys of getting older - we are both in the process of getting enough of our meds to last until we settle back down in the spring. We need 180 day supplies of everything. [If we stayed in the states it wouldn’t be a problem but if we do go to Mexico again we will need them with us.] So Bill spent half of yesterday morning on the phone with our prescription provider. No problem! everything would be fine. Oops - except two of them only had one refill instead of two left. Why? Well they can’t be filled for twelve months - only for six months at a time. Have to talk to the doctor. But with the others if we wanted them faster we could take the prescription numbers she would give us into the local pharmacy and they would fill them as she (the lady we were talking too) had approved the vacation override.
So off we went to the doc’s office AGAIN and told the receptionist what we needed. Oh but we needed to see the doc to renew a prescription. But we’d just saw the doc two weeks ago when he renewed them but not for enough months. Well we could get one months supply without seeing him again. That won’t work we need three months supply as we wouldn’t be back for six months. Finally it was agreed she would talk to doctor who would write prescriptions and call pharmacy. Then we went to pharmacy to drop off the numbers of the prescriptions that were approved. Oops - they can’t fill them without the written prescriptions. But we talked to the lady at headquarters and she said all we had to give them were the numbers. Well that’s not right - they needed prescriptions...but she would call and get them. Come back tomorrow and hopefully they had the necessary amounts to fill them.
So we came home with nothing and will see today if we get anything without more phone calls and doc visits.
Update on prescriptions - just got home from town - with no pills. Doc hadn’t sent the ones to pharmacy and pharmacy hadn’t filled the others. We went over to doc’s office and sat and waited until they opened after their lunch hour and waited to get written ones to take back to pharmacy. So back tomorrow. The exciting ways we spend our days here.
Last weekend were the outhouse races in town - completely forgot about them so didn’t see the race but here is one of the outhouses. Waste management entry. Appropriate.
Also saw a bunch of people on one of the corners so Bill pulled over so I could snoop. Turns out they were a bunch of artists painting one of the building in town.
Or maybe they were student artists.
And still trying to get a good photo of this lovely new sculpture downtown. One of these days we'll park and get a good look at it. 
We are getting right into this country living. While eating breakfast at the little local restaurant I was kind of listening to the guys in the next booth. Learned something new - at least to me. There are “milk bulls” ??- So I listened a little harder as I couldn’t imagine milking a bull! Turned out there are different types of bulls - some for milk cows and other for meat cows. The guy said he had a meat cow but used a milk bull to impregnate her. Guess it took cause he said he was keeping the calf. See what you learn living in the country. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cooking and fall colors.

Another nice day today. Yesterday I mentioned the Milanese Bill cooked. Here is the platter before I portioned them out into meals and sealed them with our Food Saver - one of the best things we’ve ever bought.
Went into Columbus this a.m. for breakfast, of course, and to go to eye doctor to get glasses fixed - yep it was their fault. Measured my pupils wrong??? So they should be ready in a couple days. Hope they will be okay.
Also drove through town to go to Office Max. I’ve been trying to get a picture of this tree for weeks. Finally no traffic so Bill could slow down. I guess the tree died so all the limbs were cut off - then some one built or carved tiny boxes on the limbs. Kind of intriguing. And lots of work.
Columbus is a pretty town - has some nice old buildings and interesting architecture. One of the buildings.
Tried to get some pictures of the fall foliage but this is the best one I could get. By next week it should be pretty.
Today we’re waiting for the gutter guy to come and clean the gutters. He was supposed to be here last month...this month, last month, all the same when living in the country.

We are getting closer and closer to heading back on the road. Just have to figure out which way we will go - south, west or north. Eventually all roads lead southwest. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Quilt is done too!

Weather is perfect - cool - dry - sunny! And Bill is feeling SO MUCH better. He even cooked pounds of Milanese today - most of it to be frozen and taken with us this winter.
We have even sold three of our print books - and another friend told us she wants one. And it is available in Ebook format now too. Took a while to get them up and running - available on Kindle/Amazon, Nook/Barnes and Nobel and Smashbooks. So not having to work on that all day gives me time to do other things. Laundry and cleaning - finally finished the whole house. By now first room needs dusting and vacuuming again!
And like finishing the cars quilt. It is all done and in a box ready to be sent to Arizona. Post office trip tomorrow. Here’s how it turned out. The pic is a little skewed but you get the idea.
 And the back - cars too.
Good little boys quilt - it won't show dirt!
Now to finish the stained glass angel I started. And figure out how to promote the book.
Going to take my glasses back in - don’t think they are right - the girl had problems measuring - putting the little black dots on the lenses - my eyes. She ended up with two dots on each lens and I think they used the wrong ones.

Great race yesterday. I almost stopped watching it when Kyle wrecked his car so bad. Started to watch the soccer game instead - but switched back to race and discovered he was still running! Somehow he managed to end up 8th. His car was more patches then car. Couldn't even make out the M & Ms logo. 

Friday, September 19, 2014


Wouldn’t you know it. Now that the furnace is fixed it is warm again. Got up to almost 80 today - go figure.
Had more than a few really cold days first though. More like the beginning of winter instead of the end of summer. Today was beautiful. Clear blue sky and puffy white clouds - perfect. And Bill even felt pretty darn good today. It is nice to see him smiling and active.
We had to go into Columbus this morning to run errands. Snapped a picture of this sculpture in town. I think it is cute. A few years ago someone used to dress the kids up for the season. Hats and scarves for winter and pretty bonnets for spring on the girls.
Also picked up my new glasses - either they are a little off or I have to get used to them. Can’t see the computer unless I hold my head up and look down through the lenses. Or move the screen further away from me.
Starting to think about getting the Alfa loaded up. Making lists of what we don’t want to forget. You’d think by now we’d have it down pat - but usually leave something home. But guess that is what Wal*Mart is for.
The trees are starting to shed their leaves and lots of them are turning colors. When we got home from town we had a surprise on the porch. OUR BOOK is here! It sure looks nice and is now available if anyone wants one. Ended up being 290 pages and I added some pictures. Maybe it was worth all the blood, sweat, and tears. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Book at Printer!

Monday morning and still very chilly here - down to mid 40s again last night. High yesterday just barely 60. Had to bring in one of the little heaters from the garage to warm up the den enough to sit there and watch the race. Left it on all night so that room is at least warm. The heater repair man just called - he is running late but will be here sometime this morning. Sure hope so - and hope he can get it fixed. This is the second repairman we've called. First just shook his head and left! Country living at its finest.
Bill has been wearing fleece sweats, t-shirt with sweat shirt over it and a beanie on his head trying to keep warm. And his hands are still freezing to the touch. And I thought with the cooler weather and lower humidity he’d feel better - but not so much.
The sun is shining today with no wind, but still cold out with rain expected later today.
Signs of fall are here - the leaves are falling and a lot of them are already turning color - I wonder if the colors will be earlier this year?
The new wood paito outside the basement doors is finished except to be stained. Looks really nice.
The book is at the printers!!!! - Whoopy - now time to work on the ebook versions - but taking a little break before doing that. Dreaming about it a night - means time to leave it alone for a while.
Took Saturday off too - watched two soccer games and two NASCAR races. All with good results.
Bill has a date with the cardiologist this Thursday and I should be able to pick up my new glasses around then too. I HATE going to a doctor of any type for anything. According to the eye doctor I've got cataracts and the beginning of macular degeneration. Wants me to see a surgeon. Well - maybe - when it starts to bother me. As of now I can see fine. So will pick up the new glasses and see how long they will last me. (The old ones were from 12 years ago.) This getting old crap is for the birds - but better than the alternative I guess. 
We’ve made arrangements already to have a house sitter this winter. So that’s good. Now we just have to figure out when we’ll leave and where we’ll go. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Big weather change

Boy when the weather changes in Indiana it really changes. After a couple weeks of 90+ by tomorrow - after it quits raining (according to the TV Severe Weather expected) - the highs will only be in the 60s for a week or so. Lows in the mid 40s! And Guess What! Our furnace won’t turn on. Called the house warranty service and they don’t have, or can’t find, any one who will come to this area - the joys of living in the country.
Here are the new covers front/back for the book - notice the new name.

It will be 6 x 9 in size - soft cover. 
This afternoon I’ll be getting the ISBN numbers and bar code information - then the copyright. Then off to the printer. Then have to finish the formatting for the eBooks. Never again.

Bill’s allergies continue to be bad - suddenly he has started sneezing and sneezing and sneezing - continually. Poor guy. We no longer buy kleenix he’s switched to toilet paper - there are rolls of it in every room. Some times I feel sorry for him and sometimes I just wish he’d stop - then I feel guilty for thinking that way.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cooler days ahead.

It has finally cooled down here...after a couple of days with 100 “feels like” temperatures. Rained and was drizzly most of today. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice. Never got above 75 here today.
Just a picture of the air “we can see.” You know it is humid with there is water dripping from the power lines and it hasn’t rained for a couple of days. Not kidding. Not just sun rays - it was wet out. 
Got a surprise yesterday - and didn’t have the camera with me. There were 17 turkeys in the yard. Most I’ve seen all year.
I think - think...I’ve got the book ready to be sent to the publisher - by middle of next week at latest. Then will work on getting it ready for ebook editions - each kind i.e. Kindle/Nook etc. has to be set up different. Come on people make it easier... And we’ve changed the name of the book and re-done the cover - I need to keep Bill from seeing it until it is back from printer. Turned out to be 280 pages long.

Watched a NASCAR race last night - my favorite driver led every single lap from start to finish. He needed a win - he’s had some rough weeks in all the races lately - trucks, nationwide and cup cars - very unusual for him. There is a Cup race tonight - hope he does okay but his car isn’t very good - starting 20th. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

No lookey-loos

An yet another month has gone by...only 119 days left in the year.
Hello from HUMID Brown County! - Had a good loud thunderstorm yesterday morning - a couple of inches of rain - glad we live on a hill. Today will be dry but then rain again for Friday and Saturday. Sunday the realtor is supposed to have an open house and it isn’t supposed to rain - I hope.
Not even any “lookey-loos” for the house. Pretty much figure we’ll try again in the spring - maybe lower the price then. Of course if Bill doesn’t fell any lessening of the allergy problem in the southwest there will be no reason to move.  We’ll see - no sense worrying about it yet.
Been working on the quilt. Got the backing fitted to it. And have done one quilting line. Might work on it a little today. If it stays cool enough down stairs - it gets hot sewing with the whole quilt draped around me. 
Also got the software program for the book - took two tries before my credit cards would let me purchase a software program from the UK. I’m glad they check but sometimes it is frustrating. It is quite a program - just have to figure it out - Serif Page Plus x8...Our friend here in town who has published a couple of books is helping me with it. So maybe by this time next week it will be off to the printer. And in the stores as an ebook.

Paul and Tina continue to become more well known - here’s a link to their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/ptsignalong?ref=br_tf
Wow - I just went to their facebook page and found out they've been in the Los Angeles Daily News - a nice article about them. 
So I am a bragging mom - can't help it.