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Monday, April 30, 2012

Another day gone by.

Oops - another day has slipped by without me posting. And almost didn't post now 'cause Blogger is insisting I change to Google Chrome - don't want to.
I've been working with the stained glass a lot the last couple of days. When I get started time just passes and before I know it it is evening.
Also sewing the blocks and strips on my quilts.  Now I have to pick out the border and backing materials for them. That's the hard part.
Today it got warmer out but had lots of rain. Good for the lawn.
Tomorrow we are supposed to get some landscaping help in the front. Not sure how it will look. Will have to take before and after pics.
Of course watched the NASCAR race Saturday night. Really enjoyed it. Go #18 - and his brother and his car won Friday night. Good weekend for KBM.
Another month gone already. Don't forget to back up your computer files if it isn't done automatically. Have learned about that the hard way.
Still haven't got the lights to come on when they are supposed to - try again tomorrow I guess. And thinking about making empanadas tomorrow -
That's it for now......

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Camera, Recipe for Paella and Rain OH MY

A cold rainy Saturday morning.

Lots of thunder and it is supposed to last off and on for seven days. Depressing.
This is a good day to spend in front of a nice fireplace curled up with a good book/nook. So instead I’m on the Internet – go figure. At least the Internet is working with the Verizon MiFi – with HughesNet it would be out by now.
Lets see  - what to say first. Okay my new camera, I guess I’m going to keep it. Still like some of the features of the old one better, but now I can use either one depending on what I want to do. The new one is a Fujifilm. It has wide angle lens, 24x zoom, a view finder so I’ll still be able to see what I’m aiming at in the bright sun. It has a feature where it will take one picture without flash then one of same subject with flash. Takes panoramic pics. But I prefer to use AutoStitch (free from the Internet - http://autostitch.en.softonic.com/ ) One thing I’m not sure about it takes four AA batteries –don’t know how long they will last. Think I’ll get the rechargeable kind that way I can have a couple of sets that are always ready to go.
A recipe for the paella – I used this one from again, the Internet. But I leave out the seafood and throw a couple other things in it – what ever is in the refrig. But it is pretty good. We picked up some saffron while in Mexico – it is so expensive here!
Bill has made an addition to our houses sign out front. Around here lots of people “name” their homes: Gnarly Woods, Oak Haven, Serendipity etc. so a while ago we named our house Fantasy Manor and Bill made a sign for out front. Well he has now added Art Studio to it.
Life’s little irritations. We have big old street lights out front at either end of the driveway that go on and off at dusk and dawn – or at least they are supposed to. They’ve been coming on around 5:30 p.m. and going off who knows when. I guess all the power outages around here has screwed them up. So for two days now I’ve been trying to get them on the right time. There are FOUR pages of directions and so far the lights are winning. Will try again later.
Watched the Nationwide Race last night. Finally KBM’s car managed to finish a race in one piece. And even WON it. YEAH! KBM is Kyle Busch Motorsports – and his brother Kurt was driving the car. Quite a night for the family. Now if they can both do okay in tonight’s Sprint Cup race.
Worked on my colorful quilt while watching the pre race shows. It is coming together pretty nice. Have several of the blocks and strips sewn together. Now I have to decided on the border and backing – of course I’ll have to go buy some material for that. And I just found out there is fusible batting now. No more zillions of safety pins holding the front, batting and back together.
Bill has been busy too – lots of Wood Spirits waiting to be finished.
Fantasy Manor Art Studio work shop
Added three new ones to the web site this morning. Two have fur hats and one a snake skin hat. Very colorful.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday a.m.

Playing with the computer this morning. Had to add a couple of necklaces to my jewelry web pages. Both were started in Mexico – one last year and one this year. Pretty slow in beading lately. Then had to republish a lots of other ones cause in the mean time I’ve changed computers and the pictures couldn’t be located! http://www.beadedcustomdesigns.com/necklaces7.php the last two on the page. Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with the web.
And Bloggers new design - I couldn't even figure out how to get in to make a post - well eventually I did - but it took a while. LEAVE THINGS ALONE when they work. New isn't always better!
Kept busy most of yesterday. Have all my quilt squares ready to be turned into triangles then need to decide how to place them.
Mentioning quilts I’ve been thinking about entering my big quilt in the quilt show this year. Not for judging – it’s not that good – but for exhibit. We’ll see if I have the nerve. I call it Brown County Autumn
Got my stained glass piece kind of soldered. Forgot how much the flux and solder stinks! Phew. When I finish it I'm going to do a hummingbird. I hang them in the windows on the front doors for the changes of the seasons. Just took my bunnies and Easter eggs down. And it's not time for 4th of July yet.
Bill worked out in the yard with the cleanup crew yesterday. Looks so much better now with most of the big weeds and downed branches gone. We were supposed to get a storm last night but it didn’t show up – all of it was north of us. And tomorrow it is supposed to get cold again. Low 50s during the day.
Then he made some crepes and carmel sauce. Yummmm.....The carmel is just condensed milk boiled until it hardens.
Watched Real Madrid get beat in their soccer match. So now neither of the Spanish teams will be going to the Europa Championship. And it was predicted they would be the two final teams. Oh well. The consensus is pretty much that both Spanish teams were tired/worn out. As they both played two important games in the previous seven days.
Tonight is a charity race for NASCAR drivers in Richmond. Will watch that. Hope my driver has a better race than he's been having this year.
Then the library notified me that an ebook I’ve been waiting for was in. What a great system. All done on line then loaded into my Nook and I’m good to go.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A busy day at home

Wednesday a.m.

After mentioning the radio station KORN I discovered we don’t have a radio in the house. Never thought of that before.
And the visit to the heart doctor went great. He pronounced Bill fit as a fiddle and doesn't need to see him for another year. Yippee!We had a really busy day yesterday. No, really we did. Bill finished up four new Wind Spirit of Brown County pieces. We got some faux fur at Hobby Lobby the other day and it really adds a cute woodsman look to them.

Brown County Wood Spirit
And I was doing laundry – I hate it when I let it got for a week. How do two people generate so much laundry? It was neat in Mexico when we just dropped it off and picked it up again all ready to be put away. And while loads were doing their thing I was working on my rainbow quilt. The light on my sewing machine is burnt out so I am using a clip on light. I think so far it gives me more light on what I’m, doing.
All the colored strips are together now so I have to decide how to put it together. The blocks will be shades of pink, yellow, blue and green.
We had company for dinner last night two couple of our friends from here. I fixed Paella.  We don't put seafood of any kind in it, just chicken and Italian sausages. Turned out pretty good.

In the afternoon we watched the soccer game – Barcelona lost!!!! It was the semi-final for the European championship! Chelsea was playing one man down almost the whole game but Barcelona just didn’t have their act together yesterday. Today Real Madrid plays a Bayer Munich (sp?) for the other spot in the final game.
Been playing around with the camera – liking it better now. Took this out the front window of the Jeep on the way into town. Turned out pretty good. Like driving through a park.
Helmsburg Road Brown County, Indiana
Again playing around with the camera. Checking out the wide angle and flash and other parts of it. Took this pic from the computer room looking towards the living room. Bill built the bookcase – It takes up the entire wall. Can just see the stained glass windows in living room. I made the quilts a long time ago. In fact the one on the left is the very first one I made in a class at JoAnns in Vegas.
And then Bill picked the camera up and took a picture of me just after he told me he wanted more changes of the web pages.
What thoughts are going through my mind?
Blogger has changed it's format again. Why do companies keep doing that? Why not leave things that work alone!?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Why I'm like I am.

I saw this on a friend's facebook page and thought it was pretty funny:

Me behave? Seriously? As a child I saw Tarzan almost naked. Cinderella arrived home after midnight. Pinoccho told lies, Aladdin was a thief. Batman drover over 200 miles an hour. Snow White lived in a house with 7 men. Popeye smoked a pipe and had tattoos. Pac Man ran around to digital music while eating pills that enhanced his performance and Shaggy and Scooby were mystery solving hippies that always had the munchies. The fault is not mine! Did you have this kind of childhood and love it? Hope this makes you smile.
There is an FM station here with the call letters KORN - do you suppose it plays classical music? Not.
We both worked in the shop (basement) yesterday. Bill working on Wood Spirits and me working on my glass project - until I managed to cut my finger - that was only a matter of time. Today it is ready to be foiled. Hope our foil is still good and it sticks okay. I also cut the final colors for my rainbow quilt into strips.
Watched the race yesterday. Too cold to go outside much. Bill did finish planting the petunias and some hostas (sp?) green plants that come back every year, in the barrels on the bedroom deck.
When we were in Ajo I bought a couple of flamingo [yes, flamingo] solar lights. They are little but cute. Put one out yesterday but it didn't come on last night. Need to check out why. Maybe I turned it off instead of on.
It was a good day for having the oven on so I fixed a roast and potatoes yesterday. Turned out really good. The night before Bill fixed dinner. Breaded chicken filet with onions and peppers and parsley potatoes. Two good meals in a row - and good leftovers for today.
Today he goes to see the heart doctor - its been a little over 10 months since his bypass. So just a regular check up. Maybe a stress test??
Colder than blue blazes out again and winds up to 30mph - at least the sun is shinning so from inside it looks warm out.
Still playing with the new camera - going to take it for a ride today and see if I can snap decent pictures while moving. (I can with the old one)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hobbies and Sports keeping us busy

Saturday p.m

Well it’s now almost sunset and another couple of days have gone by since I updated this.
Yesterday was pretty much a wasted day for me. Didn’t sleep well Thursday night – got up at 3:30!! and stayed up. Don’t know what it was but just felt icky all day. Lack of sleep maybe? Wasn’t even too interested in the NASCAR practice. Call the doctor!
Slept good last night. What a difference. We went into town this a.m. Had to get some pink material for a quilt I started last year and some ingredients for the paella I’m going to make Tuesday. And stopped for breakfast. Also some plants for the wood barrels on the bedroom deck.
The weather today is the pits. Gloomy until just about now and so cold - mid 40s -we didn’t spend much time in the garden department. Just grabbed some plants and left.
Then to Hobby Lobby for the material and some wood letters to add to our sign out front. And to Kohl’s to buy some new dishtowels and place mats. Exciting right? Well actually it was. When checking out the clerk told me I’d saved $39!!!!! And I only spent $20 WOW. I hadn’t noticed but everything I bought was on sale. Good timing. Maybe I should go back and save more money.
Before it started raining yesterday Bill got the rest of the flower boxes on the front porch planted and we have most of the hanging baskets. Starting to look pretty.
My big news is I maybe have a new camera. I say maybe ‘cause I’m not sure if I like it or not. Will take some getting used to. I’ve been playing with it all afternoon. Has a 24x zoom and takes panoramic shots and several other features I’m not sure I’ll ever use. We’ll see, have 10 days to return it.
Almost forgot I finally finished the necklace I started in Mazatlan. Turned out kind of pretty.

Bill has been in his shop working on Wood Spirits most of the afternoon. Put a fur hat on this one.
Took a short video of how he has to form the wet leather and then blow dry it. Now I just have to figure out how to put it on http://www.facebook.com/FantasyManorArtStudio
By gosh the link actually goes to the right page. Sometimes I surprise myself. Here it is in case I can't figure it out.

And I started to do a stained glass piece. The first time I’ve worked with the glass in over a year. Forgot how it gets all over the place when you are grinding it. In my hair and eyebrows and clothes. At least I haven’t cut myself yet. It is just a little sun catcher piece. I wanted something different for spring/summer.
Have a butterfly to do too. Bill took this of me. I usually won’t post any pictures of myself but he says turn about is fair play. I am always posting of him. EGAD I need to loose a lot of weight!
Well Barcelona lost El Classico to Real Madrid. Kind of a surprise. So guess they lost the championship this year. And the #18 qualified 23rd after being first in practice in NASCAR at Kansas.
Tomorrow it will be a year since our daughter-in-law Jeni passed away. Think of you every time I see my mobile you made me. And the copper wall hanging you did for us a couple of years ago. We will always miss you and love you Jeni –

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm Back - MiFi has new SIM and working fine [fingers crossed]

Went to town so now will finish this.

We are starting to get the summer flowers up around the house. Have about ½ of the hanging baskets we need. And some of the flowers for the flower boxes on the porch rails. Just a beginning here.
Some of the hanging baskets and the flower boxes on the rails that need to be planted.
One step each day and soon it will be done. The guy to clean the gutters is supposed to come – more like WAS supposed to come a few days ago. Called him again. Love living in the country. Also the guy to clean up all the downed branches in the yard. And all the leaves left from last fall.
Well between when the yard guy left and company for early dinner we zipped into town to the Verizon place. I got a new SIM card and everything seems to be working fine – anyway right now. They say if I continue to have problems they’ll give me a whole new unit. I’m glad to know that but prefer to have no more problems.
As we headed into town I noticed that the old barn I posted a picture of a couple of days ago has almost fallen completely down. Must have been the wind we had after I took the first picture.
And for the purists in the crowd here is a picture of a well kept barn.
This is a beautiful place all buildings are painted black including the pasture fence. And they have some magnificent horses. The black barn reminds me of Kentucky where we saw quite a few black barns.
While we were waiting for the yard guy Bill planted most of the flowers into the boxes. They look so pretty. They are wave petunias so they will hang down over the rail when they start growing.
Also got a couple of big ferns for the pots on the porch. This time of year taxes the budget. And speaking of which – our miracle of miracles our house taxes went down this year by over $400! – But on second though that might not be good news – the value of the house probably went down too. Don’t plan on moving anyway.
I’ve mentioned a couple of times our neighbor who has the big slate on his fence – he is always writing a saying, thought or message on it. I love the one out there today – “I’m not over the hill yet but I’ve got a good view.” Yep that’s where I am too.
Yesterday while in town Bill picked up a bunch of paint for his leather.
The ladies in the paint department were happy to see him leave I bet. And we found out that they can no longer put a dab of the paint on the lid of the can. A while ago when they were still doing that a lady claimed the wet paint got on her clothes and ruined them and the store had to buy her new clothes!!!! Now that is just crazy. She knew the paint was wet! But then the lady knew the McDonalds coffee was hot too. I wonder about this world.
Well Barcelona lost the game to Chelsea yesterday. About five minutes into the game Bill predicted they would lose. He said they were playing like they were tired. Only lost 1 to 0 but still a loss. And they have another BIG game - El Classico - on Saturday. Sure hope they win that one.
Just a picture of the clock downtown and one of the blooming trees.
Bill working on a new mask. It should be different when he is done.

Fantasy Manor Art Studio

Problems with MiFi - I don't believe it!

Thursday a.m.

I don’t believe this…..we are now having problems with the MiFi – last night it quit working altogether … it has done this a couple of times before but come back on almost right away. Talked to tech support – only solution – go to Verizon store and exchange sim card it must be bad. Grrrrrrr….The dam thing is kind of working this morning – except it won’t let me publish my last web page!!!!! And it is cutting in and out. So guess that means a trip into Columbus this afternoon. We’re waiting for the yard clean up guy to come by this morning. Going to try and publish this now. Will add more if it works.
Took me five tries and a couple of hours to get this posted.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Flowers Blooming

Wow just been watching the space shuttle on the back of the 747 landing in Washington. Amazing that they can even get in the air with all that weight. Beautiful landing. Makes me wonder if the pilots were nervous or if it was “just another day on the job.”

Finally ordered my shelf stable milk yesterday. Here is some information about the milk.
“Hershey's UHT milk can be stored at room temperature for months before being opened. Once the package is opened it requires refrigeration. Using a state of the art ultra high temperature pasteurization process the milk is aseptically packaged free of any contaminates and labeled with a Best Used By date.”
It is really great if you only use a little milk every once in a while – don’t have to run to the store and buy a quart when you only want 2/3rd of a cup. Some Kroger’s carry it but ours stopped sometime over the winter.
A couple more of the clematis are blooming – they sure are pretty.

Coming home yesterday I took a picture of an old building that has been decaying more and more each year. It is almost completely fallen down now. That is a dogwood blooming behind it. I was always going to take pictures of it during the change of seasons – but guess it is too late now.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Winds and Power Out

Monday p.m

Meant to get this done this morning but we went into town for breakfast and shopping instead.
The sun is popping in and out today but the wind is still blowing pretty strong. Winds were worse yesterday and a tree must have fell down somewhere in the woods as suddenly we were without power. Not an unusual Brown County happening. It was off for about two hours. And while we were in town this morning it must have gone off again as all the clocks were blinking when we got home.
Yesterday we took a trip to the west to the bigger town of Bloomington [Indiana University is there] to try to find shelf stable milk. Checked out three of the bigger grocery stores there but couldn’t find any. Guess I’ll have to order it on-line from Borden. It is regular homogenized milk that has been vacuum packed and can be kept in the cupboard for months. I’ve kept some for over a year. I like the 8oz packages because once the package is opened it goes bad just like regular milk within a few days. We don’t use much milk so the small packages are ideal for us.
Just went out to get the mail. Opened a bill from HughesNet for our last month of service. Only $5.00??? humm – then I looked at the account number – not mine. I knew closing that service went way too easy. Have to call them to figure out what is going on. Grrrrr.
And another surprise – our little water company has finally moved into the 21st century – they have gone on-line. So I went to their site to set up my billing – can’t do it because I have a credit balance. Can only do it if I owe them money so will have to wait until I use up my credit. Someone is knocking ont he door and Bill doesn't seem to be answering it - so got to go now..... 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rain and Cold Yesterday - Sun and Warm Today

Sunday a.m.

Rained off and on most of yesterday, sun finally coming out in time to set. Did find out that the MiFi does slow down if the storm is hard enough. When it was raining hard and the wind was blowing and the skies were making noise the MiFi slowed down quite a bit. At least it didn’t go off.
One period when it wasn’t raining I walked around the edge of the forest looking for mushrooms – morels – didn’t see any.
To steep and wet to venture very far down. Bill would never find me if I slid down the hill.
Saw plenty of other mushrooms though.
Don't eat these mushrooms - fungus
I know they grow out there as everyone else can find them. Guess I just don’t know how to look for them. The walk also rubbed in how much work we should be doing outside. Today would be a great day to work out there. The weeds would come right up the ground is so wet. Some how it just doesn’t sound fun anymore. Looking up at the house
Watched the NASCAR race from Texas last night – boring race – and long race. At least the #18 made it to the end without something going wrong. Maybe his luck is turning around.
This coming week will be soccer games – three important ones coming up with Real Madrid and Barcelona. Playing others and then each other.
I finished my baby blanket yesterday and Bill spent a lot of time in his leather work shop.

Just a cuddly fleece blanket Love the colors

Leather mask in progress

Fixed eggplant parmesan for dinner turned out pretty good. Next time I’ll know what I’m doing and it will be better. Didn’t have enough tomatoes and spices this time.
Had a sip of the new chocolate wine after dinner. Don’t like it as well as the other one I had. Not as creamy tasting. But don’t get me wrong it was gooood. I won't throw it away!
Just printed a couple of stained glass patterns I want to make – haven’t played with the stained glass in over a year. That’s one of those things you have to be in the mood to do. Also tried out my “Texture” printer paper – gives the photo a watercolor look. Took me a bit to figure out how to set up the printer to accept the paper but it turned out a nice picture. A little more muted then when printing on canvas. I think I like the canvas better.
Today we may go on a search for the shelf stable 8oz cartons of milk we like. Go to Bloomington and check out the three big grocery stores there. If we can’t find it I’ll end up ordering it on line I guess. It should be a nice day for a ride – supposed to be in the 80s.
Bill got up this morning around 4:00 and stayed up – playing on the computer. Now he is back in bed. Wish I could take naps like he can. If I do then I am up all night.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spending time walking around town - Nashville, IN

Saturday a.m.

Raining outside, thunder has been rolling in the distance for hours. No lightening here and the thunder is just a low rumble. Light rain but it’s supposed to last most of the day. North of us – north of Indianapolis they are predicting lots of nasty weather with up to 2” of rain. Better them than us.
Yesterday was such a nice day we went into town, our little town of Nashville, and just walked around acting like a tourist. I’d forgot what a neat little place it is.
Came across a guy who does chain saw sculpturing – he is working on this. It is huge.
When I turned around to say something to Bill he was gone! I walked around the little shops in that area looking for him……Couldn’t find him. Waited in front of the restroom for a while thinking he might have gone in there….didn’t come out. So I made another tour of the shops then back to the car to see if he was there. Nope. Well crap! Now I was getting worried. Back to the restroom, could he have gotten sick and gone in there? So I stopped some poor unsuspecting man and asked him to go in to check for me. He looked at me a little strange but went in. Came back out “No one in there ma’am.” He sure hurried off after that. Another tour of the shops and there stood Bill looking for me as if I were the one who disappeared! He had walked off and gone into a leather shop that was around the corner and was talking to the people there about his masks. [I’m going to put a bell on him.]
One of the shops off the main street. See the grass on the roof?
In another section of town we found these ladies – the ones with the hats on.
They were acting like they lived in the town about 100 years ago. Talking to people and asking questions. One guy walked by – he was dressed in overalls, plaid shirt, boots and had a bushy white beard. One of the ladies went up to him and asked him if he was the guy with the still nearby. The look on his face was priceless. It turned into quite a conversation. The ladies – actors – are something new – hope they keep it up all year.
Right on Main Street in front of a couple of the galleries and candy store sits this old man and his dog. He is a manikin.
I know he talks when someone passes him but I jump just the same every time I go by. He gives a little history of the town and the building he is in front of.
It was a nice outing. Saw a couple of people we haven’t seen since last fall. And went to the Hoosier Artist Gallery where local artists have a co-op to display their creations. Bill got an application to fill out as they want more artists. He is starting to get serious about this – almost turning it into a JOB – horrors!
Before going home we stopped at the local IGA and picked up another bottle of Chocolate Wine – a different brand from the one I had – have to check it out to see if it’s as good.
The road up to the house on the hill – the trees are almost fully leafed out. Won’t be long. We're just up around the corner.
The morels are supposed to be ready for picking – they are $32 a package in the IGA – a small package. I really need to go look down the hill and hunt.
Added another page to Fantasy Manor Art Studio web site – hum without the “Art Studio” it kind of sounds like a site of ill repute. Added these little 4” x 4” pins.
They are made of leather.
A good day today to stay inside and putter around.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Frost and Flowers

Friday the 13th – and here I thought today was Saturday until I went on-line. Wasn’t there a Friday the 13th a few months ago too? [looked it up it was in January] No wonder Bill went back to bed.

Finished up working on the web site yesterday. Except for new items it is finally done. All SEO stuff done, new text navigation buttons that are set up so I only have to change them in one place and they’ll change on all the pages when published. Here he is working on a new mask
And the mask – it isn’t anywhere near finished yet but it will be pretty.
At least it is warmer here today – well that is relative….It’s about 42! He had a doctors appt yesterday morning at 9:00 and there was frost every where. Almost enough to look like snow on the roof. Good thing the Alfa is back in storage or we might be heading south again today. Going down the road into town here is frost in a field.
And the outside temperature – at 9:00 a.m.  With the sun shinning brightly!– Got really cold over night.
About docs appt. All good news. He’s good to go for many more years.
Went into town for breakfast and shopping after that. Ended up buying some hanging plants for the front of the house. Very pretty ones – only need about 20 more!
Then to Hobby Lobby – that is a dangerous store to let us loose in. Got some material to make a baby blanket – another great grandchild on the way. And some textured printer paper – supposed to make photos look like pastels or watercolors when printed. We’ll see….anxious to try it.
Took a quick walk around the house this morning - and a lot of our outdoor plants are blooming. And there are lots of buds ready to open. Hope we don't have another frost.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Tried to change picture in header and can't get it to be the right size - wants to be small instead of reach across header. Will try again tomorrow - had enough computer today.

Well came back a little later and it works fine now - except I can't change colors of font -
Wrong team won soccer game  

Sunshine, woodpeckers and soccer game

Wednesday a.m.

Beautiful day today – blue sky puffy white clouds – no wind but cold. Had frost last night. And “they” say frost again tonight then a warming trend. Goody.
looking towards Indianapolis 40 miles away
Again spending the day working on http://www.fantasymanorartstudio.com/ web pages. Almost finished. Except he is busy down in the work room designing masks – which will have to be added when they are done. No rest for the weary.  A couple works in progress.

We are both experimenting with the painting of the leather – I need to stay away from it though as it is addictive and I have enough hobbies without getting into another one. Do need to go to town and buy some "medium” to mix with the paint to help it spread smoother. Always some little thing we don’t have – closest place to buy it is 20 miles away. Fun of living in the country.
Speaking of living in the country – I saw a censes map from 2010 – there are only 15,000 people living in the whole of Brown County!!! I guess we’re lucky we even have a McDonalds. Here’s the line to it – worth checking out. http://projects.nytimes.com/census/2010/map?nl=todaysheadlines&emc=thab1
I’ve set up a facebook page and twitter account for Fantasy Manor but now I can’t find them. Grrrrrrr – I know they are there – also need to learn how to add pics to twitter. Being dragged screaming and kicking into the 21st century I guess. Just finished reading I should also set up a blog for that site…..When will it stop?
Saw some deer out back this morning – they were looking up at the porch as if “Hey where’s the corn?” So threw some out but it scared them away. Lots more squirrels this year than last and the chipmunks are out and about too.
While looking at the view I heard a wood pecker tap, tap, tapping out in the woods. Since we painted the house they’ve stopped making holes in it thank goodness. Guess they don’t like the flavor of the paint. Or maybe the paint just sealed it and keeps the bugs out too.
Good smell coming from downstairs. Went down to check. Bill is baking. He loves pie crusts – not pies – just the crust. He spreads just a taste of jelly on them and bakes them really really brown. Weird! If and when I ever bake a pie he eats all the crust from the edges leaving the pie itself for me.
He also is baking one of his masks to dry and set it. Complicated affair the mask making. [Yum dinner - cooked cow hide - NOT]
This afternoon is what should be a very good soccer game so we’ll stop everything and watch that.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting some work done Inside and Out

Surprised to see how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything. Does that mean I’m getting old and forgetful or just been really really busy…….

Weather has been pretty good – about what we’d expect for this time of year. Cool but sunny – no rain expected till next weekend. But frost warnings for the next couple of nights. Glad we haven't bought any outside flower plants yet.
I got to thinking (?) the other night – we left Alfie [a class A RV] and Jennie [a class C RV] parked right next to each other in the storage lot – what if they get real cozy and we end up with a Class B? Maybe we should make sure they are at separate ends of the lot. Just pondering……
Mentioned we were watching old Doris Day movies last week. The clothes were so pretty then. And the movies were “cute” – can you imagine if today a movie was advertised as “cute” – no one but us old geezers would go to see it.
I’ve been working nonstop on Bill’s web site. Got the whole thing redone and the old one redirected to the new one. Everything I read about getting your web pages found suggests having Facebook and Twitter accounts! So guess I’ll have to try to drag myself into the brave new world and see how to do that. I don’t even understand the language about setting them up. But my thing is why would anyone happen to look at them? How would they find them? Is it worth pulling my hair out doing it? Bill has been busy working on a couple masks – they are very neat. Can’t wait until they are finished. They still have to be painted and decorated - this is just the first step.

Shaping the leather with a hair dryer
Yesterday we got outside some cleaned up the deck outside the bedroom and put the indoor/outdoor carpet down and brought the furniture out of the garage. Looks nice – still needs to be fastened down but he is letting it stretch first.
the peeling painted deck
Carpet down looking towards bedroom

looking out
Now we need to add a little bling to it.
And a picture of the parrot we got in Mazatlan for the screen porch. Looking into the woods out back.

We’ve been into town a couple of times – such a pretty drive through the countryside more and more trees are getting their leaves. Even the horse and carriages are out our little town.
And that's about it for now. Will try and be better about keeping this up. I also need to finish the necklace I started in Mexico. Off to to laundry and take pictures and make information cards for Bill's stuff.