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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Odds, Ends and Interesting Things

Thursday morning
Been interesting around here the last couple of days. Very hot and humid with rain now and then. One of the rain storms brought a tornado in Trafalger about 15 miles from here. In fact we can see the radio towers in Trafalger from our back deck. For once it didn’t attack mobile homes it just took out some trees and an old barn. Thank goodness for that. And I’m glad I didn’t see the funnel cloud while it was out there. Would have been in the car heading out of Indiana.
Woke up yesterday morning without power. Went out sometime during the night and didn’t come back on till about noon. So we got the heck out of the house – went to Bloomington to the nice air conditioned Best Buy and looked at new phones – the DroidX looked okay but they didn’t have any in stock. Although…I wasn’t even sure we would be able to make a phone call on it. Let alone use all the “apps” and other goodies it has. (We have a cell phone now that we never use.) Then we went to Barnes and Noble to check out the e-book reader the Nook. Looks like a good deal but I have a terrible feeling that it could get really expensive real quick if I started reading a lot. Checked out the Kindle at Target too – didn’t like it at all – but supposedly you can read it in bed without a light being on. BUT it is hard to read outside because of the type of screen it has fades out in the sunlight. So home we went without spending any money. When we got home the power was on and it was nice in the house.
Also had gutter covers put on the gutters – without them the gutters just fill up with leaves and the water pours down the side of the house. So hopefully now the wind will blow the leaves off the gutter covers and the rain will go where it is supposed to go down the gutters and down spouts. We wanted trees and seasons – so we pay the price.
Was looking at the pond the other day and saw a small snake taking a swim. About as big around as my thumb and about 18 inches long. Just enjoying himself. Bill said he’s seen a big one in there – about six feet long.
Thursday afternoon
Bitchy the doe was around this week. The photo is her attacking her “friend”
This one was the one running - she has one blind eye
Got a catalogue in the mail – this is one of the things for sale in it. What every house needs – a gun concealing clock. I know where to order one.
Or how about “A lambskin pistol pouch with a hidden gun area. A fanny pack that packs heat.” Interesting reading – must be a country thing.

Got my sewing machine back today – that’s all I’ll say about it. Will try it out tomorrow morning while it is still a little cool.

Oh yes. It is raining now.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Memories are made of These

Rainy Tuesday a.m.
Started raining yesterday afternoon – and cooled things off pretty nice. Supposed to have more rain for the next several days along with the heat. The lawn and plants sure can use it. And I imagine the farmers are happy – as long as it doesn’t flood.
It did make for a nice sunset though. Because west is behind the trees we usually can’t see any colors. This is looking north towards Indy.

And this morning – same scene but with the morning fog.

Had company yesterday for dinner – nice to talk to a female for a while. Bill cooked – also nice.
Was walking through the house cleaning – yes cleaning – yesterday and was seeing all the things our kids have given to us or made for us over the years. At least what has survived the earthquakes and moves. Lots of memories here. And there are even more I didn’t take pictures of. In no particular order:

My Dad made this in Junior High - My Mom painted the edges before giving it to me.
My Zen candles - they are kind of weird shaped cause one summer in Vegas when we left for vacation we didn't leave the air conditioning running and they melted! Thanks Randy
The candle holders were made in wood shop by the boys - many years ago There are a couple more that aren't in the picture
Randy made this bookshelf in junior high - the little vase on the middle shelf next to the books Gil made in grammer school - either Kinder or 1st grade
An assortment of stuff - Randy and John
My Mom painted these
Made in school but don't remember who
John made this for one Christmas
We brought him home with us from our trip to South America
Thank you Dennis

The guilty parties
Randy did this when 7 years old - how do I remember that - it says it on the picture
Made in high school ceramics class - again handy Randy
Another of Randy's projects - one summer school

Gil picked up the two dolls for me in his travels
Made in wood shop
Paul gave me the minature table and chairs - and the LOVE was made in school
Two more candle holders - a friend of Bill's did the painting
Wow - journey through time. Love you all.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Can I Live With You?

Tuesday - Friday
Weather is HORRID!!! Temp is supposedly 76 but humidity is 88% - and no it isn’t raining. My glasses are fogging up as I sit here typing.
Have a couple of plumbers here to fix the leaks we found – both hose connections outside were leaking a lot. Just found out there are special types of outside faucets for here where it freezes in the winter. And we shouldn’t leave the hoses connected to them during the winter. Guess we should have figured that one out……
Continued to remain hot all week – high temps high humidity. Not pleasant. Bill says that by the time he waters all the plants the plants are already dry and he is wringing wet.
Friday p.m. Here’s a picture of humidity in the air – NO it was NOT raining.

On Wednesday we got a visitor – he just showed up at the door and wondered if he could move in. Picture is through screen door into garage.

Well here he is now – think he got his wish. They're watching a soccer game.

He is a Siberian Husky about 2 years old. Can’t locate any one who claims him so guess he is here for now. Took him over to be bathed and prettied up and got special dog food for him – groomer said, “He needs high protein and oils as his coat is dull and coarse.” You know that food is the most expensive kind. And then there are leashes, brushes, dishes, anti flea etc stuff. He is house broken, rides well in the car and pretty darn smart. Maybe too smart. Unless we can figure out how to keep him in the yard – he already unlatches the gates – he may be finding another new home. We call him Kyle. Don’t know if I want to be a responsible parent again.
Bill is getting antsy about hitting the road again. So probably will look into going to northern Indiana and Michigan for a while. Just a short trip.
We have found someone in Elkhart, IN that can fix the satellite stuff on the Alfa. So that might just give us the push to get going. So we’ll have to put all the stuff in Jennie that we “borrowed” from Alfie.
I got my new printer – works great but it takes four different cartridges of inks. It’s an office jet instead of an ink jet.
Just watched the TV weather – had to laugh - in Indianapolis the temp was 93 with a heat index of 101. In Las Vegas the temp was 111 with a heat index of only 105. Why can’t it be like that here?
Going downstairs now to watch the Truck races and it is cooler down there.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Company for Lunch

Monday a.m.
Had company yesterday for lunch – one real person, deer and turkeys – fed them all.
No picture of real person.
Are you taking another picture of me?

Today I should hear about my sewing machine – when I can get it back. Worked on some of the hand work on the quilt yesterday. Got about four feet of the binding stitched by hand then gave up – just too hot to do it. If I work on a few feet a day eventually I’ll get it done.
Spent some time out on the deck/porch yesterday reading. With the fans running it was really nice. Here are the new additions for out there. Bill made the foot stools – very handy guy to have around.
So glad they caught that "Barefoot Bandit" kid - can't believe that he is a Hero to so many. Last plane he took was from Bloomington about 25 miles from here.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Babies out Back and Gremlins About

Saturday about noon
The gremlins are busy at work around here. We figured the lightening strike took out the lamp post near the big motorhome. Then discovered the pump for the waterfall in the pond is not working either – both lamp post and pump are about the same distance from the tree that hot hit. Bill fixed the lamp but hasn’t gone in the pond (saw a big snake swimming around in there a few days ago) to pull out the pump.
Then the microwave went on the blink, then my sewing machine broke and now my big (could print 13” x 19” pictures) has quit working. Have tried everything I can think of to get it working and it just sits there winking at me. Crap.
Watched the race last nite – Kyle managed to win on the last lap. Today he should be so lucky. He is starting 33rd! Not good.
Found a new printer on line – same as I had and free shipping. Goody, Goody.
Late afternoon
Oh So Cute
Happened to walk out on the deck in time to see these guys. Took pictures through the screen so they aren’t really clear.
Where are you MOM?

Oh there you are!
Love them!

Friday, July 9, 2010

And Then the Rain Came

Friday a.m.
Was sitting reading about 4:00 yesterday afternoon when all of a sudden it got very dark, the TV went off, the wind came up, temps dropped noticeably and the rain came. Two weeks ago I didn’t think I’d welcome it so much. Stormed for about 20 minutes then let up to a nice gentle rain and it is still raining this morning. Temps dropped about 20 degrees in one hour - felt GOOD. Today will be very humid and still warm, but tomorrow is supposed to be nice.
Will probably sit in the basement doing hand sewing on my quilt and watching NASCAR on TV.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Thursday a.m.
Absolutely nothing going on around here – just too hot. Been in the 90s everyday and no rain for ten days. Later today we are supposed to get some rain and the temps are supposed to drop a little. Am glad it is not as hot as on the East Coast –
We had company for dinner on the 4th. Got to use the new BBQ grill. Found out if it starts smoking the smoke stays on the porch it doesn’t go out through the screen. Hummmm will have to rethink that situation. Maybe bring down a big fan to force it out. Or roll the BBQ out onto the nonscreened portion to cook.
Got a nice surprise in the mail. The home warranty we have on the appliances sent us a check minus the deductible for the cost of the new microwave. Yipee.
Have been going into Columbus almost daily. Nice air conditioned restaurants and stores there to hang out in.
Been staying inside with the AC on full time (hate to see our electric bill for this month!) and re-reading a lot of my old paperback books – some I read so long ago that I don’t remember any thing about them. Also been working on the quilt – putting on the binding I can do that with my old machine. Haven’t heard yet what the good one is going to cost to fix. IF I remember how I think I can do some of the quilting on the old machine too. But right now it is too hot to have it draped all over me to work on it. Bill put up the new lights in the laundry room so now it is waiting for me to paint it. Ha.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th - No Joy Here Today

July 4th a.m.
Our 4th of July table

And outside

Well there is no joy here on top of the hill today. Argentina lost – got whipped!- in the World Cup yesterday and Kyle smacked the wall while leading in the Cup race last night.
Our neighborhood philosopher kind of summed it up on his slate “Man plans - God laughs.”
Got some work done on my quilt between games and race. What I’m doing now I can do with my old sewing machine – did I mention that my good one is in for repair – I’m afraid for them to call me to tell me how much. Will be cheaper than buying a new one but still…….Back to the quilt – I’ll be putting the binding around the edges today, tomorrow, the next day … it’s a big quilt.
Going to be a HOT one today 92+ and of course humid. Good afternoon to turn on the air conditioning and sit under the fan and read my new book. Janet Evanovich new Stephenie Plum book. #16.
Bill is already outside watering his hanging basket flowers.

They dry out so fast in this heat. Next year I said we should just by fake ones then they would last more than one year. In the long run would be much cheaper.
Seems like everyday we have new things blooming. This is just one of the beautiful lilies that the deer didn’t manage to eat.

We enclosed the area where the ford is parked – now it looks like we have our own “covered bridge.”
Till later....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hot and Rainy June

Tuesday a.m. it's a cool 57 degrees out right now!
Been awhile since I’ve done any posting. Been busy and just not in the mood I guess.
First get the weather reporting taken care of. The month of June was the third wettest in history. It rained 24 of the 30 days. And I mean RAINED! Lots of thunder and lightening and inches of water. Lots of ruined crops in the lower lands. All but one day the humidity was up in the high 70s% which made it miserable out. For the last two days it has been wonderful – in the mid 70s with very little humidity. Today that is changing – heading for upper 80s with over 90 predicted for the 4th and humidity. Rain in the forecast for Monday. Last night it was cool enough to put on long pants before going into town. First time in a long time. Enough of that!
Our oldest son and his wife came to visit us from California for a week. Did some of the tourist things while they were here. Walked around the little town and even found some shops I hadn’t been in before. That's them in the back ground. Found a great rocking chair in the shope we had just left - so comfortable!
Them again - heading into another shop that sells garden and lawn stuff.....
Just some pretty flowers I saw downtown.
Then we took the “Studio and Garden Tour” Its when several of the artists around the area open their studio homes and gardens. Strange clouds we came across while driving through the country
Also some "yard art"
And a private covered bridge.
Really fun to do. Get to see a lot of the back country – read gravel roads and ruts – (took the mustange and it bottomed out a couple of times) and the shops where the artists work which is always interesting. Saw – pottery being made, great photography and stained glass studios, mosaic and wood working and oil painting. People are sure gifted.
While here our son helped install a new microwave. Ours went kaput and no one around here would even come out to look at it ‘cause it was a Daewoo. So this time we got a Maytag.
Bill and Dennis putting new one in. In the background is the high chair that was Dennises when he was a baby. Should I say - it is over 51 years old!
Our back deck is now finished – all screened in with a couple of ceiling fans (which son helped wire). So nice to be able to sit out there now and not be attacked by the wasps.
BBQ is new - while here Dennis put it together for Bill. Tablecloth is from Mexico - has been in the cupboard till now.
Got to watch a couple of fun things from there. A couple of does came by with their little, still spotted fawns – couldn’t get a good picture as they were pretty shy.
Then watched another doe and the three tom turkeys argued about who was going to get to eat the corn.
The deer finally won but there was a lot of chasing back and forth first.
More sights from the deck. The fish love to eat bread - there are zillions of them.
A couple butterflies enjoying the flowers.
The slow life in Brown County.
Bill has been watching the World Cups games - 2 a day since they began June 11 - they will end July 12! I've been working on my quilt - but that has come to a stand still as I broke my sewing machine...Took it in for repair yesterday - will probably be a couple of weeks before I get it back and I don't want to know what it will cost. But it will be much cheaper then buying a new one.