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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

198 days on the road and 2200 miles from home!

When you’re not doing much it is easy to forget to post.
It is cold here again this morning. Woke up this morning thinking we were on fire before it dawned on me what I was smelling, someone around here must have a wood burning stove. When I got up the first thing I did was turn the furnace on! Also thinking about turning the fireplace on and sitting in front of it and knitting for a while until it warms up in here.
The doctor called yesterday afternoon and said the culture did not show anything, probably because of all the antibiotics Bill is and was taking. So she renewed the antibiotics he is taking for another months worth – should be enough to get home. And told him to be sure to go to doctor when we get home. He says every day he feels better and has more energy daily. After going to CVS – luckily there was one close by, we went to Safeway’s picked up a few more things we can’t find at home then went to Mac’s Pub for a delicious dinner. Thanks Tom and Jill for taking us there last fall.
As I write this we are supposed to leave tomorrow morning BUT tomorrow is a BIG soccer game and it is on right around noon. So either we stay here one more day or only go a short way ‘cause we don’t want to miss it. Another Classico with Barcelona and Real Madrid.
Not much planned for today might do some much needed cleaning –vacuuming - while it is still cool out. Maybe a load of laundry before we have to turn the AC on. Then again might not do anything.
There is a small chance of snow at home again today. And pretty darn cold weather. We got a picture of our fish pond from our house sitter – looks like most of the fishies survived the winter.

We’ve been gone from home for 198 days – by the time we get home it will probably be a full seven months. Way, way to long. And we have a lot of stuff to do in the Alfa when we get home – should keep Bill busy for another couple months. Lots of little things that have become annoying. Drawers that won’t latch any more, drawers that don’t want to stay on their tracks. Lights that need replacing, little plumbing leaks, all the wood needs to be oiled. Etc. etc. etc. And everything in here needs washing – especially the blinds. 


  1. Too bad you can't run away from housework and maintenance stuff. Glad Bill is slowly getting back to normal.
    Keep well and warm.