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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hobbies and Sports keeping us busy

Saturday p.m

Well it’s now almost sunset and another couple of days have gone by since I updated this.
Yesterday was pretty much a wasted day for me. Didn’t sleep well Thursday night – got up at 3:30!! and stayed up. Don’t know what it was but just felt icky all day. Lack of sleep maybe? Wasn’t even too interested in the NASCAR practice. Call the doctor!
Slept good last night. What a difference. We went into town this a.m. Had to get some pink material for a quilt I started last year and some ingredients for the paella I’m going to make Tuesday. And stopped for breakfast. Also some plants for the wood barrels on the bedroom deck.
The weather today is the pits. Gloomy until just about now and so cold - mid 40s -we didn’t spend much time in the garden department. Just grabbed some plants and left.
Then to Hobby Lobby for the material and some wood letters to add to our sign out front. And to Kohl’s to buy some new dishtowels and place mats. Exciting right? Well actually it was. When checking out the clerk told me I’d saved $39!!!!! And I only spent $20 WOW. I hadn’t noticed but everything I bought was on sale. Good timing. Maybe I should go back and save more money.
Before it started raining yesterday Bill got the rest of the flower boxes on the front porch planted and we have most of the hanging baskets. Starting to look pretty.
My big news is I maybe have a new camera. I say maybe ‘cause I’m not sure if I like it or not. Will take some getting used to. I’ve been playing with it all afternoon. Has a 24x zoom and takes panoramic shots and several other features I’m not sure I’ll ever use. We’ll see, have 10 days to return it.
Almost forgot I finally finished the necklace I started in Mazatlan. Turned out kind of pretty.

Bill has been in his shop working on Wood Spirits most of the afternoon. Put a fur hat on this one.
Took a short video of how he has to form the wet leather and then blow dry it. Now I just have to figure out how to put it on http://www.facebook.com/FantasyManorArtStudio
By gosh the link actually goes to the right page. Sometimes I surprise myself. Here it is in case I can't figure it out.

And I started to do a stained glass piece. The first time I’ve worked with the glass in over a year. Forgot how it gets all over the place when you are grinding it. In my hair and eyebrows and clothes. At least I haven’t cut myself yet. It is just a little sun catcher piece. I wanted something different for spring/summer.
Have a butterfly to do too. Bill took this of me. I usually won’t post any pictures of myself but he says turn about is fair play. I am always posting of him. EGAD I need to loose a lot of weight!
Well Barcelona lost El Classico to Real Madrid. Kind of a surprise. So guess they lost the championship this year. And the #18 qualified 23rd after being first in practice in NASCAR at Kansas.
Tomorrow it will be a year since our daughter-in-law Jeni passed away. Think of you every time I see my mobile you made me. And the copper wall hanging you did for us a couple of years ago. We will always miss you and love you Jeni –

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