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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A ride at 165 Miles Per Hour - WOW

Wednesday p.m

Today was a great day. This will be more pictures than writing.
Went out to the Las Vegas Speedway and took a ride in a race car.
The Richard Petty Experience. Three laps in a car at 165 mph

Signing up to take the ride.

Putting on my shoes after putting on the fire suit.

All suited up – helmet and Hans device around my neck.

Heading towards the car

Getting in the car. “Just swing your left leg up and over the door then put your other leg in.” Yah easy for them to say.

In the car getting the seat belts fastened.

Time to go.

There I am.

It was over way too fast.
Getting out – much worse than getting in. Couldn’t even get my head out the window. This old body just doesn’t bend that way.

Oh Yah – that was great. Finished too soon. I loved it.

Taking the suit off.

Strutting my stuff.

My Plaque – will go in a place of honor at home.

Next sky diving and parasailing! Oh Yah!

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