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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last Day in the U S - Tuesday

Monday afternoon

Well thought I’d be saying “Hi from Mexico” instead I’m saying “we’re still in Arizona.” No problems just a slight delay.

Had a little excitement last evening. I’d just stepped out the door and there was a big BANG! What the?? I asked, “What the heck was that?”
“Don’t know.”
“How come I can smell beer? Wine? What is that?”
“Oh, oh. I know what it was,” The Driver said as he got up out of his chair.
By then we both knew – the first clue – the overpowering, by then, smell of champagne AND the copious amount of pink liquid running down the kitchen cupboards, microwave, stove, wall etc.

Yep the opened, sealed with a clip on cork, bottle of champagne that was stored on its side in an upper cupboard had popped it cork and blown itself all over the place. I will say it works really good cleaning the vinyl floor. There were only a couple of swallows left in the bottle. Oh well guess we won’t toast being on the beach in Mexico.

But to why we are still in Arizona. Mentioned that we had a “soft” tire – by this a.m. it was a flat tire. The closest place we could get a replacement was Nogales – 35 miles away. Started towards there then decided it wouldn’t be a good idea. So went to a tire place just across the freeway from us. Next to the Cow Palace. Well wouldn’t you know it closed sometime in October.

So we called our Camping World road service. They said they would have someone out to us with a new tire in 90 minutes. So we went over to the restaurant and had breakfast. No problem.

About an hour the guy showed up. He had the new tire but no way to balance it and no way to put air in it…..Okay. So we paid for the tire and drove back over the freeway to a garage that could balance it and put air in it. By then it was noon so we just went back to the campground and spent the night. Planning on an early start Tuesday morning.

My next blog update will be here Winter in Mexico in the RV as we will be in Mexico before I update again.

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