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Monday, July 25, 2011

Things are so much better - Good days and Bambi moments

Monday p.m.

Lots of pretty good things happening the last few days.
First and foremost The Driver is feeling so much better! In the last five days he has started driving again, we’ve been into Columbus twice to go to breakfast and shopping, registered the jeep here in Indiana and taken the jeep into the mechanic for some much needed work. He also has been out in the garage in his “toy shop” puttering around a little. His appetite is back with a vengeance – every time I look at him he is eating something. Good thing too as he has lost 25 pounds. Rough diet - not recommended.
He is signed up for cardiac rehab starting Wednesday. He is not looking forward to it but I think it will do him a world of good. For over two months he has been very inactive.
Of course watched the US Women’s soccer world cup games. Kind of wonder about them losing to Japan. They had so many chances to make goals and just missed them. Even in the end – missing three out of four kicks…….Glad for Japan though. They needed good news.
Went out to the mail box the other day and saw this beautiful lily growing there. It was about 8 inches across.
Didn’t plant it – don’t know where it came from. A friend told me it is a “surprise lily” that they are common here in Indiana. They tend to just show up – so – surprise! A couple more that were surprises too - they are called katsup and mustard lillies cause of the colors.
The weather has been horrid here. Up in the high 90s with lots and lots of humidity. One night at 10 o’clock it still was a heat index of 104. They call it muggly – certainly is. The good news is yesterday for the first time this month we had rain. Lots and lots of thunder and lots of rain. Really needed it – the poor lawn was getting brown. TV says it was just ½ inch but it filled the pond back up so think we had more than that. We went out to sit on the porch and just enjoy the cool breeze and the sounds and it turned into kind of a “Bambi” moment. The doe and her little fawn came up to eat and so did the two hen turkeys and their six little ones. Soooo cute. And the hummingbirds and cardinals were out in force – they were enjoying the rain too.
While he’s been recuperating I’ve been doing some beading – finished this necklace.
It was fun to do. Haven't added it to the web page yet  http://www.beadedcustomdesigns.com/
Might make another one in different colors.
There is a new bead shop that just opened in our little town but the hours are really weird – only open Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat from 3 in the afternoon to 11 at night. Haven’t been down to check it out yet – just too hot in the afternoon to go out.
This coming weekend is the NASCAR race at Indy. Also truck and nationwide races in the area. Hope the #18 has a good weekend. It’s going to be hot here again all weekend so I’ll just plunk myself down in front of the TV and enjoy – or not. Did you see the wreck Kasey Kane had a couple of days ago? Over the fence and out of the track. Wow! And he walked away from it.


  1. So glad you and the driver are getting back to normal and having some fun. Beautiful necklace. I don't wear them, but I appreciate the artistic talent that goes into making it.

  2. Hey there ! Am very pleased to read the "Driver" is doing better..we heart patients have to stick together :) anyway..glad to see you posting and doing that awesome beading.. God Bless Zeee