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Sunday, April 3, 2016

A new member of the family

And another new week begins. It will be a busy one as we are having company from Indiana. Our good friend Tom is coming out to visit with us. 
Yesterday we watched the big soccer game - Barcelona lost to Real Madrid. Nuts. We also watched the NASCAR truck race and Kyle #18 won in one of the trucks he owns. First time he has ever won at Martinsville. Got a beautiful Grandfather Clock as the trophy. Also kept busy running errands and getting things done in the RV. 
Happened to look outside at just the right time. Looks like there was a fire behind the mountain. But it was the sunset. 
So I turned around and looked out front. Wow. Lots of color. Should of walked down to the street for a view of the western mountains, but too lazy. 
So any way we have a new family member. A 29' Class C Jayco Grayhawk. Decided it was time to downsize a little. It has three slides. Two in the living/kitchen area and a bump out in the back for the bedroom. Bill already doing something to the outside. [Good thing the house across the street got moved when it did.]
 A look at the other side. We can only keep it in front of the house for a couple days so Bill is trying to get as much done inside as he can. I'll explain that later. 
They did not have one in stock with the entertainment center over the seats - so we got the one with a bunk. It will GO! And we will use that area for storage. Still haven't figured out how to do the transformation yet. The TV swings out - goes back flat for travel. On the passenger side is a sofabed  don't tell anyone - with cupboards above in one slide. On the drivers side another slide with the dinette. I don't know if we'll ever be able to figure out the camera/radio/cd/etc. etc in the dash. 
 These are not in any order - the bathroom lots of storage. Floor to ceiling cabinets on right behind shower. open cabinet by toilet, closed cabinet under sink and three medicine chest cabinets. 
 Another pic of the sofa and refrigerator. The windows have pull down night shades AND pull down sun screen shades. 
 The kitchen three burners, oven and microwave. Big drawer under oven. Also drawers - not so big under both dinette seats. 

Bedroom - cupboards and night stands (?) on each side of bed. That bedspread will have to GO ASAP/
 Back to the living room. Bill has lined the cupboards with indoor/outdoor carpet. For quiet and non slip. He also has added a couple of book cases.
 Getting ready to line the big drawer under the oven. 
 Both book cases by sofa. 
 This is a cupboard just inside the front door. it only had 3 shelves, now has four with carpet lining. Door to bathroom is seen on right. 
 Also has four good sized pantry shelves just behind the above shelves in hallway. Lined and ready for stuff.
 Added some cupboard units to closet. Still plenty of room for hanging clothes.
Still have lots to do, but a little at a time. 
Watched another NASCAR race today and Kyle won again. So now he has two clocks. Bill is calling me I think he wants to take another trip to Lowes for something. 


  1. Very interesting to line cupboards with the carpet - we used the rubberized shelving stuff and what a waste - it just rolled it around the dishes and canned goods. Guess what we need to do now? Do you recommend carpet over felt carpet pad?

    1. we usually use the kind with the foam backing - doesn't move and good sound proofing,.

  2. I have seen drawers like that. A lot of them waste space. You might be able to customize the dinette storage by making the cushions removable and getting rid of the drawers. Just use the front as a fake. Or even turn the space into shelves and make the drawer ends into doors! I'm sure Bill will think of something.

    1. Think I'll use the drawers for stuff like foil, baggies etc and the other as a desk paperwork type stuff. There is some room around them for small things but most of area has wires, boxes etc in it.

  3. Nice rig. Much easier to drive and economical. I don't see an outside exhaust fan... I had a convection-microwave unit in my rig, and I absolutely loved it.

    1. Will get about the same mileage but hopefully gas will remain cheaper - though now diesel here in Vegas is cheaper than gas...go figure. One thing it will do is allow us to go to state and national parks and more places in Mexico where there is only 15 amp electricity available. The Alfa needed 50 amps. Thank you.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you. Now if only a genie would come and put all the stuff away. More downsizing for us. Glad where we live there will be a community wide garage sale the end of this month.

  5. Your new home looks great! Lots of work, but it will be worth it. Changing it up and downsizing, eliminating stuff, all good. Maybe a trip to Canada?