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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Finally time and weather to take a walk again.

A good day for walking yesterday. No wind, no rain and not too hot. Managed 6400 steps. I cheated and took three short cuts on the way back to the house. How quick I get out of shape.
Our friend from Indiana, Tom, went home yesterday. I felt bad that the week he finally made it here was the week we got the new RV - so we were both either working in the RV, shopping for the RV or the weather was bad. So we pretty much just drug him around with us doing errands. No going anywhere fun. 
A big bush next to us that is just beginning to flower.  
A neighbors rose bush that puts out two colors of flowers. I checked under it as good as I could and only saw one bush. 
Lots of the wetlands ended up here in our community from the rains. As we drove by today we saw the groundskeepers cleaning it all up. 
A week or so ago I posted a picture of a "home" that was all ready to be moved. Today they finally got around to moving it. Getting ready to go out the front gates. 
Everyone's cacti are starting to bloom. A bee enjoying this flower. 
Another one with several blooms on it. 
This is our #4 son and daughter-in-law at a golf tournament, they posted this picture with the following caption - " Couples Club Championship/The divorce bowl. - AKA an excuse to wear obnoxious matching outfits." I thought it was funny. They are both golf nuts. 
Watched NASCAR over the weekend - my favorite driver Kyle Busch won both weekend races for the second weekend in a row. Only the 2nd driver ever to do that. Watching a soccer game now - well Bill is I'm just listening - Barcelona HAS to win to have a chance to win the Champion's League title. 
Weather is now beautiful, in the low 80s - but tomorrow the winds pick up again. No sense dusting today. 


  1. I love your new header picture. Did you use a tripod? Out in the middle of the street? Do you how long the exposure was? If your friend Tom is moving there, he probably enjoyed the "living there" aspect, rather than playing tourist.

  2. Actually I took it out of the car window - Maybe we were stopped at a light but I don't think so from what the picture is of. It is a cropped picture. Will post the whole picture next blog.