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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

AAAGGGGHHHHH!!!! Snow in Flagstaff

Wednesday p.m
AGHHHHH! Yes that is a snow plow.
And this is snow!  We are going South - what happened?
How did we go so wrong? Oh Yah - Flagstaff, AZ is almost 7000 feet high.
It’s been a wild day from beginning in Albuquerque and ending 378 miles away in Cottonwood, AZ where we are at a Thousand Trails Camp. Left the campground at 8:30 this morning. No wind and sunshine. But there was rain in the distance and spots of sun on the mountains.
I like the very red cliffs in New Mexico.
Just a small village along the highway in New Mexico.
As I mentioned – sun and rain and a rainbow.
Crossing the Continental Divide.
Then going into Arizona.
We stopped to eat in the Hopi Travel Center near Holbrook, AZ. Restaurant needs a little tender loving care but the food was excellent. After we ate we ran into a downpour that stretched all the way to Flagstaff. Hard to see at times. And the wind picked up pretty good for a while.
Think this says it all.
We debated stopping in Winslow but we could see lighter sky in front of us and the weather map on the phone (yes I figured out how to do that) showed the storm moving over us to the east so we continued on to Flagstaff – where we ran into the Snow!!! Saw several snowplows on the move. But by the time we dropped down into the Valley near Cottonwood the sun was shining again and another pretty rainbow was out in the distance.
So we are in the Thousand Trails campground and will stay here for a week. Hopefully by tomorrow it will warm up again. Whoops it is raining again. Time to fix dinner then do another blog update about our visit to Old Town Albuquerque.

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