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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Detours, Internet woes and Races

Saturday p.m.
Oops forgot to mention – I got us lost between I-70 and the campground. So we took a short (couple mile) detour on a gravel – nice smooth narrow gravel - road. And then had to back track a little bit. I’ve got to watch those road signs – we were supposed to turn left at 140 – NOT at 40! Can’t blame that one on Gertrude. The farmer in his field probably wondered what kind of kooks we were out there in the middle of no where.
OH NO!!! The access to the Internet went away! When I finally got the nerve to check it out it turned out to be easy to fix. Well after climbing on the counter and banging my head on the open cupboard door – it was easy to fix. Just had to unplug it and wait a minute then plug the system back in again. Started working fine. I think when the power to the Alfa went out it just tripped it.
This is going to be a long winter – we’ve left home a month earlier than we usually do. Usually leave around the middle of November.
It is nice and sunny out but the wind continues to blow hard. If it’s still like this tomorrow we’ll stay another day – no reason to fight it we’re not in a hurry. Whenever we leave we will probably only go about 160 miles into Missouri.
Boy the Truck Race from Vegas is more of a demolition derby than a race. Tonight is the Cup race – have to watch that.

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